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  1. Steve Bannon began his 4-month prison term today, for contempt of Congress. After listening to an interview with him on “This Week,” he is still very bad news.

  2. The Supreme Court just ruled on the immunity case in Trump’s favor today.

    I guess this means it was ok for Trump to do whatever he wanted, then I suppose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (should she take Biden’s place) can do whatever they want too now that Presidents are seen as “above the law” in the eyes of SCOTUS.

    What does the astrology suggest for all of this mess? Are we really headed for a fascist takeover?

  3. Three days apart – June 24 and June 27, 2024 – in the two Cancer countries of North America – Canada and the United States – two leaders experienced critical moments leading to great pressure on both to resign.

    On Monday the 24th, there was a by-election in Toronto in what was considered to be a Liberal Party stronghold. However, the Opposition Conservatives won in what was viewed as an unofficial referendum on the continued.leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A staggering 69 per cent of Canadians, including many Liberals, have been wanting Trudeau to go because under his leadership, 70 per cent of Canadians feel that the country is “broken”. Only the Liberals’ coalition with the third party New Democrats keeps them in power. Trudeau has been refusing to step down even though Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada and then of the Bank of England, is reported to be ready to take over as prime minister and Liberal leader.

    On Thursday the 27th came Biden’s fiasco of a debate with Trump and calls for his resignation.

    In both countries, cronies around these leaders — cabinet ministers afraid of losing their positions in the case of Canada — are supporting their boss and the status quo.

    Marjorie, might you see any similarities in patterns in the cases of these leaders and their situations?

  4. Hi Marjorie and all. Getting my head out of USA Politics for a moment. I am making plans for moving states if I have to, depending on how it all goes down. Curious if you can look at the big cycles coming.

    Pluto moving into Aquarius
    Neptune Moving into Aries
    Uranus moving into Gemini
    Saturn into Aries
    Saturn conjunct Neptune at some point (a new cycle)

    and what it all means.

    Is it the rise of a surveillance state?
    Is it the rise of technocrats pulling the strings and controlling everything
    Rise of Mob states with Rule of Law no longer meaning anything
    Won’t the women get tired of the men mucking it all up?
    Do the Aliens show up?

    Curious what we think these longer cycles will bring. This summer are showing two outer planets at Critical Points – Neptune in PIsces at 29 and Pluto in Capricorn at 29. Ending Cycles?

    We cannot expect things to be the same. How do we prepare and get ahead of what is to come. Can we even get a lead on that?

  5. Is there any meaning that so many planets right now are either peregrine or either in detriment (Jupiter and Mars) or fall (Uranus) and that the only one domiciled is Neptune? What does it mean for worldly affairs and our everyday lives?

  6. If the reviews of the first Presidential Debate yesterday are anything to go by with Trump apparently winning by 67%, and lots of criticism of and concern for Biden even by his own party it’s not looking good for the US Election and the world. Why are they not more firmly encouraging Biden to step aside? I can’t recall if he has a stubborn, headstrong chart but given what is at stake and who could potentially win he needs a rethink

    • Stubborn??? To the nth degree and beyond. Four planets in Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and a Taurus Moon.
      I have never liked his chart which is nothing to do with politics.
      The only thing is a total car crash for the Dems. Will review tomorrow when the dust settles a touch.

      See previous post: Joe Biden – ignoring the shipwreck of age
      2nd July 2023

      • “ Also exactly in July 2024 Trump’s relationship chart with the USA has the composite Jupiter at 26 Leo which tr Uranus will be square – which is impossible to say which way it will go. Great relief that he is out of the running – or a lucky break for him.”
        You wrote this October ‘23. Seems the debate was – yet again – the latter!

      • Could you also look at the alternatives to Joe Biden?

        I have seen the following names bandied about on Twitter.

        Gavin Newsom – born on October 10, 1967 in San Francisco, California.
        Gretchen Whitmer – born on August 23, 1971, in Lansing, Michigan
        Michelle Obama – born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois
        Pete Buttigeig – born on January 19, 1982, in South Bend, Indiana
        (all info above from Wikipedia)

        Personally I think the US is still not ready for a non White Straight Male/Pale Male Stale president. I am inclined to think that a Newsom-Buttigeig or a Biden <> ticket would be best placed to win against Trump. This is not the time to get adventurous on DEI candidates.

        The priority should be to win against Trump and have a candidate who would be able to get votes from non-Trumpite GOP voters and independents.

      • Thanks Marjorie
        Yes very fixed chart indeed. Also read your January 2024 write up on Jill. Very interesting too.

        You said in the July post ‘he will rev up his engine confidence-wise from late February 2024 with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and that returns late May to mid July,’. So he revved the engine but ….. (to be fair some are saying the moderator gave Trump more leeway, etc). Biden need to actually drive as if he is in a Formula One race for the second debate otherwise Dems may be eating cooked goose.

      • Interesting solar return for many reasons but I like to look at the SR Moon to see the timing of events by progressing the Moon 1 degree per month. And right on time the 23 Aquarius moon is conjunct the 0 Pisces Saturn right now. Moon is ruling 12th house of secrets which I believe is revealing Joe can no longer keep his dementia a secret.
        I think the debate being the earliest general election debate ever was a kill shot to get him to step down in time for a replacement to run. All the news channels are falling in line and agreeing, doesn’t matter if they are liberal or conservative. Have never seen anything like this.

  7. Can you tell us something about Daniel Křetínský (9 July 1975 (age 48), Brno, Czechoslovakia) and his former business partner’s, Petr Kellner’s, daughter Anna Kellnerová (26 November 1996 (age 27), Prague, Czech Republic)? Křetínský has been expanding his presence in the UK, and Petr Kellner (20 May 1964, Česká Lípa, Czechoslovakia) was a Czech billionaire who died, in 2021, in a helicopter crash.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Marjorie,

    Would you mind taking a look at Bolivia? There was just a massive (failed) coup d’état attempt by Bolivian Army General Juan José Zúñiga Macías yesterday (Wednesday, June 26, 2024).

    How does the astrology look for Bolivia for the upcoming years? I know they’re having their elections next year and President Luis Arce is facing a massive economic crisis as inflation is beginning to spiral out of control. Also, former President Evo Morales, who is a major Vladimir Putin ally, insists he’s going to run again despite having been accused of at least 2 cases of statutory rape, corruption, and being prohibited from seeking another term by a 2023 Constitutional Court ruling.

    In other words, Bolivia, right now, appears to be a hot mess (both politically and economically). However, I’m curious to know what the astrology suggests.

    Any thoughts or insights you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Chris Romero

    • I second the request for insight into Bolivia. It’s a fascinating, beautiful country. When I was there twice in the ’80s, inflation was so bad the exchange rate for the dollar went from a million Bolivian pesos to two million in one day. Exchanging $50 US resulted in a stack of paper money eight inches tall.

      • @ Nicole Sours Larson,

        I have a good friend from middle and high school who was born in Miami but raised in Bolivia (her father is Bolivian and her mother is American).

        In 2004, during summer break from university, I visited Bolivia for almost 3 months (June, July, and August 2004) after being invited to stay with my friend and her extended family in LA Paz.

        It is a very lovely country but since I’ve lived here in Florida for most of my life, I wasn’t used to the high altitudes…and I kept feeling like I was having an asthma attack (I had severe asthma as a child and as a teenager) even though it was just a lack of oxygen because of the high elevation.

        Despite having stayed in Bolivia for 3 months, we never left the city of La Paz…so, I didn’t get to explore much of the topography…nor did I get to visit any of the iconic archeological sites.

        However, I did get to explore the markets and some of the museums and beautiful colonial Baroque cathedrals in La Paz and I enjoyed that.

        I was on a budget at the time and I also wasn’t used to such high elevations…so, staying in the city was probably the best decision at the time. I would like to visit Bolivia again though and journey outside La Paz.

        Another interesting thing I experienced when I stayed in Bolivia was that I often came across many Indígena Bolivians who couldn’t speak Spanish.

        I can speak some French and Spanish, but I encountered many Bolivians in La Paz who could only speak Indigenous languages such as Aymara, Quechua, or Guaraní.

        My friend told me many Indígena Bolivians from somewhat insular or secluded rural communities would often travel to La Paz and other major cities to sale their wares in the marketplaces.

  9. It’s reductive but … England manager Gareth Southgate – Sun Virgo, Libra moon. It really struck me watching Southgate interviewed how passionless he is when he speaks. Just constantly trying to be emotionally neutral. No wonder the team isn’t fired up to win – he seems more interested in protecting his Generaion Z players’ feelings from the boos. Maybe it’s his Virgo planets (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Pluto) helicoptering into rescue.

    • Good point GD. I haven’t looked at the astro for this Euros. Southgate does have Nodes 2 Pisces, conjunct the UK Pluto, so reflects something about the UK as a whole perhaps? Watched some of Georgia vs Portugal tonight. Georgia won with such energy and passion…..that does seem to be missing from England. On many levels!

      • He seems to be a polarising character despite having done nothing to offend anyone other than get the job! And all he has done since is give the England team its best run of tournament football ever.

        My feeling has been that England is suspicious of intellectual types, especially in football. It has shown over the past five years they’d prefer someone like Boris Johnson who inspires hope (and delivers nothing) than someone who is realistic.

        I suppose Pluto at 2 Pisces loves to dream?

        • Yes, you’re right about suspicion of intellectual types in football (and elsewhere). I recall the endless ‘humour’ around Eric Cantona’s intellectual, sensitive forays into poetry and acting. And the discomfort and amazement around Tony Adams reading Shakespeare. What they make of Mbappe studying classical flute for some years is anyone’s guess! Is it fear? Snobbery? Tiresome whatever it is.
          I like Gareth Southgate. I don’t know what’s happened to defuse the spirit of the team this time, but obviously it isn’t too late at all, yet. Worth noting that Harry Kane has Mars 20 Virgo, so Saturn is only one degree away from the exact opposition. Perhaps not ideal?

          • Don’t forget Graeme Le Saux having a university education and reading The Guardian! It’s not just the players – think of English fans attitudes towards the Germans because they are cool-headed and successful. For some there is real hate and jealousy erupting. English football thrives on tribalism – all heart, no head. Fans complain about prices yet still buy the tickets, replica shirts and Sky. It’s all pretty low on taking personal responsibility and high on living vicariously!

            This team has seemed lacklustre but I’ve rarely seen England do well in the group stages of tournaments over the years. I suspect team building takes a bit of time but that said, they played poorly in the friendlies in the buildup. There is always hope when it comes down to the knockout stages and the opposition won’t just be able to play for a draw.

          • Ha! Forgot about Graeme LS! Shocking! And the astonishment in some quarters about Arsene Wenger’s Economics degree, and multi-lingual skills….On some level we have lost the idea of a Renaissance human being who might be good at more than one thing. The desire to downplay intellect is also quite an Establishment trait – possibly linked with the UK Mercury in jokey, sporty Sagittarius? I think, unfortunately, of Boris Johnson – a very well-educated man who simultaneously showed off his classical knowledge, yet played the clown – to his own detriment.

            Perhaps, also, we lost sight of the hinterland within most human beings – a place of contradictions and nuances that exists inside us all?

            Hoping England manage to pull together anyway. There are some fine players.

          • Goodness – watching England is like a form of masochism! The agony and raised blood pressure we go through when England play in a big tournament seems to be part of our national fate. I couldn’t help think of Neptune in the last few minutes of the Zodiac because everything with England is last minute. Mercury is trining that Neptune today but on July 2, Neptune goes retrograde. Now, I think I need a stiff Gin.

          • Suggest you make it a double VF!!

            Seemed to me like Southgate has imprinted his Virgo caution with his Saturn in Taurus possessiveness
            (wanting to hang onto the ball and save his substitutions) with his Libra moon’s hesitancy to make a decision or assert oneself. Always just waiting for the perfect moment.

            So much of the Slovakia game spent with England just passing the ball backwards or sideways, hoping something would open up, but each time holding the ball too long thereby missing any opportunity to force the pace of play. Consequently rarely forcing corners, throw-ins, set pieces or putting their keeper/defence under any pressure.

            Unlike the ITV commentary team, I actually thought England had more attacking chances than in the group games but it wasn’t much to write home about.

          • Yes, and speaking of Saturn, my sister and I were messaging about how it was like watching a bunch of very old men going for a Sunday walk in a park for 90-odd minutes – a bit like the American election in fact – then seemingly out if the jaws of a humiliating defeat, we were saved by the Bellingham. From then on it was like biting down on a strap while having a leg amputated until the final whistle. God knows what is going to happen with the Swiss.

          • GD and VF – agree it is emotionally exhausting! And bewildering. My heart sank so many times it must be at the bottom of the ocean by now. Kept thinking of the Saturn tr opp Kane’s Mars. The Georgia/Spain game was amazing. Didn’t see all because we had to eat. But Georgia’s spirit, and Spain’s expertise were a pleasure to watch.
            The Swiss are well organised (!), but if England actually steps up they should win. However, this is one tense week for the UK so who knows. Funny that our main rival politicians are all cautious, rather nerdy types, as is dear Gareth……

          • “Funny that our main rival politicians are all cautious, rather nerdy types, as is dear Gareth……”

            Glad you should mention that Jane because when I wrote my initial post on the 26th, I ummed and ahhed about making the comparison between Gareth’s Virgo Sun, Libra Moon to Keir Starmer’s Virgo Sun, Libra Moon !!

            When the commentators were making reference to the Iceland defeat – given it occurred the same week as Brexit; I thought a defeat to Slovakia would bookend nicely with the upcoming General Election. Of course the Swiss could still achieve that.

            You know there is an astrological saying that when you overdose in one sign (in Gareth’s case Virgo sun, mars, mercury, pluto) you end up in the opposite sign. Too much Virgo detail ends up becoming Piscean confusion (plus emotional overwhelm and martyrdom if you’re watching it!)

    • I thought the Moon is what counts? One’s emotional nature? I notice Libra Moon is more concerned with diplomacy and calm, let’s be nicey nice and conduct ourselves in a specific way. In general circumstances that’s fine but I wouldn’t think of passionate and firey. Does he have any fire in his chart or where placed if he does?

      • JenniferE – I think your comments are right – especially about Libra moon going for diplomacy and nicey nicey. Bear in mind they do this because they want to avoid the conflict and arguments that would rouse strong emotions. It’s not they don’t have emotions; it’s just that like all air sign moons they don’t like feeling them.

        Southgate doesn’t have any fire – but air signs can inspire – they have ideas that can make fire burn brighter. But again, he has Virgo Mercury-Pluto so he’s not going to come up with any innovative or exciting ideas for the team.

  10. For when you have or want a lighter topic to analyse, Marjorie, can you have a look at the chart for John Sholto Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry (born in Florence, Italy on 20 July 1844 according to Wikipedia)?

    He was the creator of the Queensberry Rules that form the foundation of modern boxing. But he is far more famous for his younger son, Lord Alfred, having an affair with Oscar Wilde, and his persecuting Oscar Wilde through the courts, which led to Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment.

    He seems to have had a singularly bad relationship with all his sons, his eldest son and heir committing suicide (and he may also have been gay), him assaulting his second son, who eventually succeeded him, in public and physically spitting on him from his deathbed, and his third son being the Lord Alfred who had a lifelong feud with, because of his (Lord Alfred’s) homosexuality.

    I am going to guess a particularly afflicted Mars (both his own affection for boxing and aversion to homosexuality), possibly in an aspect with unconventional Uranus. Annoyingly, I don’t have a birth time, but I would guess that his fifth house was badly affected.

  11. Hi Marjorie. Would you please look at the chart for The Heritage Foundation and their Project 2025? It’s a 900 page road map for a second Trump term and it’s surreal and frightening. Thanks.

  12. “Marjorie
    1st February 2024 at 8:02 am | Reply

    Larry and Visitor 2, Could you put a finger on roughly when you think the rot set in and standards fell. It was well before Pluto in Capricorn for several industries I can think of. Trying to track what astro-wise accompanied the shift.”

    I googled for that classic Seattle billboard “will the last person leaving seattle pls turn off the lights”. It was dated Apr 16, 1971, located next to Sea-Tac Airport.

    With constant new churning of DOJ action against Boeing, I was curious also about when things started circling the drain.

    • From an old reddit thread:

      “The “Boeing Bust” as it was called still has its effects today, even after the 1990s Microsoft boom and 2010s Amazon boom.

      During the midst of the early bust, Seattle was just coming off a series of bond measures to build new infrastructure projects, called “Forward Thrust”. One of the major items, a subway system, couldn’t quite get the supermajority in 1968 needed to pass and raise $385 million in local taxes that would be supplemented by a $800 million federal contribution. They scheduled a second vote in 1970, but then the bust hit and no one was interested in taxes for a “useless” system.”

  13. Russia blaming Ukraine for the Dagestan terrorist attacks, ignoring the blatant religious wars in that region. Russia also blaming US for the dead in Crimea due to “US anti-missile collateral damage”.


    I doubt that many believe Putin’s claims but he has to provide news and bread for the audiences.

  14. A general comment about safety and Neptune in Aires.

    If Neptune in Pisces was all about immunity and hormones, Aires will all about the head and its contents, see Princess Annes concussion today and all those in Greece etc, So please please wear hats as the temperature rises and keep your head out of the sun, most especially children who overheat much quicker.
    Just seen a baby with heatstroke today, unbelievably distressing

  15. Marjorie, have you ever studied the chart of David Wynn Miller, born Sep 17, 1949 (sorry no time) US citizen, leader of a tax protester group within the sovereign citizen movement and Creator of “Quantum Grammar”, a language purported to have legal effect == Russel-Jay ¤ Gould is still alive after so many years of facing the courts for many topics but I do not find any birthdate for him. With Pluto entering Aquarius late Nov 2024, I guess these kinds of groups (all over the world) may blossom for more correctness & decency in many fields (at least in the USA and with domino effect on Europe, NATO, Vatican and more) Thank you!

    • FYI…I followed that movement quite briefly back in the mid-90’s. Discovered too many tongue-twisting legal propositions to remain interested. None of them panned out. Easier to move to another country and drop off the radar.

  16. Could you please take a look at JK Rowling and the trans issue with regards Keir Starmer and the Labour Party. The NEC who govern the Labour Party, and who have trans members – are not helping. Starmer is seesawing and women are becoming frustrated. As a result, JK Rowling seems to be getting a lot of support as women feel Labour is eroding women’s rights and children’s safety.
    Thank you.

    • 2nd that, although its hard to pin down dates for trans insurgence, 2015 Uranus Pluto square and also the ingress of Neptune in Pisces is relevant.
      I’m almost certainly going to spoil my ballot for the first time ever, though the danger is a hung parliment.
      Green Party having undue influence on this issue is to be avoided at all cost. If only they had stuck with their remit, but to gain power they have allowed in dangerous people without safeguarding and compromised their values.

      • I have written twice on your threads, that it may be a Hung Parliament. I just feel this Election is not a done deal. A Pluto transit in Aquarius is going to throw up some unusual shocks – especially in the UK fourth house 1801 Chart. Ruled by the Moon – people – and the house of home/rulership (Capricorn). Most women are becoming spooked by the language being used. Pluto has not completely left the UK’s fourth house Capricorn yet. It has one more return; soon. The last kick for making changes happen, before Pluto moves completely into Aquarius. Maybe the last kick is the toughest?

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