Princess Anne – one thing after another

Princess Anne is in hospital for minor injuries and concussion after what appears to be a horse-related incident at her home with reports saying it is not serious.

  She always did look in for a high stress four years from 2022 when Queen Elizabeth died – when her Solar Arc Sun was conjunct her Mars in Scorpio; with the Solar Arc Sun/Pluto midpoint conjunct her Mars now; and her SA Pluto conjunct Mars by late 2026/early 2027. Plus transiting Pluto square her Mars this year and on and off till late 2025. Which is not to say this accident is more than a standard horse mishap of which all riders have more than several. But she is clearly in a high stress few years with King Charles undergoing cancer treatment and the Princess of Wales also hors de combat at the moment. And this is one more thing.

  She will get a morale boost come this August/September and more on and off into early 2026 from two of her Jupiter midpoints. But she does look marginally directionless this year with her Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct her Neptune; and revising her career plans (or being forced to) by tr Pluto square her Midheaven in 2025/26; and will be stuck come late 2026 into 2027.

  The changes ongoing within the Royal Family and losing both her parents in 2021 and 2022 have taken their toll on a life that seemed endlessly resolute.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. Have you ever looked at Princess Alice (anne’s paternal grandmother)? I do wonder if some of Anne’s toughness and ‘just get on with it’ attitude are somehow linked with Alice, who had a remarkably tough life.

  2. With that stellium in Virgo on the South Node and after the Neptune conjunction /oppositions, that NthNode in Pisces in the 6th is crying out for sleep retreat and relaxation for her own healths sake.

  3. I think everyone agrees that the Princess Royal is an incredibly hard working in her public duties but she is also very kind to people in a private capacity, which we don’t read about. I wish her well and woe betide any doctor who tells her to slow down. A magnificent lady!

  4. An amazing lady who has done so much good in her life so far If only she was our Queen .I wish her well and hope she recovers fast The fact that she cannot recall what happened is a bit woirrying

    • Concussion does that to you. It is often underestimated how much impact it has. I suffered similar about 18 months ago and thought I could pick up my life a week later. Boy, was I wrong. I have still not remembered what happened at the time of the accident and it took six months to be able to deal with ‘normal’ stimuli such as moving images and social interaction of more than a few minutes. It depends how severe her concussion is, of course, but if there was any bleed to the brain I imagine she will be out of action for longer than she would like. Maybe months. All adding to the woes of the RF in general. Who is going yo pick up the slack now?

    • Yes it is worrying. I hope MI5 and Special Branch are looking into this. I know everybody assumes it was the horse. But frankly the injuries from a horse knocking you with its head and being kicked are completely different. Yet they are making them out to be the same.

  5. Poor Lady. She has it tough at the moment, all the family do in one way or another. She is a fighter, though, and even though, behind the scenes, there may be tough moments, she won’t let them get the better of her. I hope she recovers well and quickly.

  6. While her Scorpio Mars in the 1st gives her that admirable stalwart attitude, it’s been under huge stress, squared by transit Pluto this year – I’ve been experiencing this on my Moon and sympathise – a painful transit with the loss of both parents, her brother’s cancer treatment as well as that of her Niece in law. Also interesting that she has sustained a head injury (Mars = the head + 1st house) and I do hope she makes a full recovery since she is admired for her resilience, vigour and no nonsense approach to life.

    • Thanks. I somehow sailed over the tr Pluto square Mars since I was so hooked into the Solar Arcs – have added. Lord she is under pressure.

      • Thanks Marjorie. As VF says, she is admired for her resilience, vigour, and no-nonsense approach. But that Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Nodes in Virgo can’t be easy to live with, and she’s perhaps more sensitive than her public persona suggests. Neptune has been opposing it all for quite a while, and hasn’t quite finished with her South Node yet. It caught my eye, as it is so close to Scheat, in the constellation of Pegasus, the beautiful flying horse.

        • Blimey – Virgo moon conjunct Saturn and Mercury. No wonder she’s lauded as the hardest working Royal – she’s trying to deal with all her anxiety by doing stuff. A less Royal VirgoMoon would be scrubbing the bathroom or putting up shelves. I bet she enjoys grooming the horses, maybe a bit of mucking out when she can.

          • Interestingly, her Moon 14, Mercury 18, Saturn 18 Virgo coincides with her father’s Jupiter 10 and Saturn 18 Virgo conjunction, square PP’s Gemini Sun 18 in her 8th house. Her Uranus conjuncts his Pluto/Mercury in Cancer, his Moon 15 and Neptune 11 of Leo on her Pluto 17 which lies in his 12th. Her Pluto on his Ascendant. His Pars Fortuna on her Neptune in Libra. The synastry is quite striking and indications of inheritance with the 8th and 12th houses involved in the synastry. They are alike in many ways.

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