Israel – under siege with few options ++ Sinwar and Haniyeh

Whither Israel? Fighting a war of attrition against Hamas in Gaza which is exhausting its military, damaging the economy, never mind denting its international reputation with thousands of Gazans dead and injured, it is now threatening to take on Hezbollah based in Lebanon. Uttering threats could be seen as a deterrent but a miscalculation could prove disastrous.

Hezbollah is “armed to the teeth, better trained and better equipped than Hamas”  with an estimated 30/50,000 fighters available and a similar number in reserve, plus between 120,000 and 200,000 unguided missiles and rockets, plus attack and reconnaissance drones. Any Israeli attempt at a solution would require “the whole of the IDF’s available forces”, allowing only a limited presence in Gaza and a security presence in the West Bank.

Hezbollah is regarded by Tehran as its forward defence line, the staging post for an attack on Israel should it ever carry out raids on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  Netanyahu has still not issued any post-war Gaza plans and a military occupation of the Strip is an unattractive option for a variety of reasons. Hamas is depleted but will probably survive as a crime syndicate and guerrilla movement.

   Nothing looks settled or remotely like a solution to Israel’s siege situation with the disruptive tr Uranus crossing the 8th house Israel Taurus Sun one more time from mid this December to mid March 2025 and then moving to an explosive square to the Israel Mars from June 2025 into 2026. With a discouraging run thereafter of tr Pluto opposition the 10th house Moon in 2026/27; Solar Arc Neptune eroding confidence as it opposes the Uranus and then is conjunct the financial Jupiter between 2025 and 2028; and a directionless SA MC conjunct Neptune in 2027.

  But what is worrisome in the shorter term is what will happen across July/August this year and on. With this July having an explosive and destructive Mars conjunct Uranus conjunct Algol in Taurus midmonth.

 The Hezbollah chart, 16 February 1985 (if accurate) has tr Uranus opposition the Saturn and square the Sun this August and September, on and off till early 2026 – so will be in a state of high tension with sudden changes. And challenges.

 Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal chart has tr Uranus square his bombastic Mars in Leo from 9th July into early August, again October and late April early May 2025.  That is when his relationship chart with the Hezbollah ruler Hassan Nasrullah also looks inflamed with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto for a major upheaval.

 The Hezbollah/Israel relationship chart is under a dark cloud this year and next with tr Saturn square the composite Mars and opposition the Uranus Pluto. That chart has a fated yod of Venus opposition Neptune square Chiron – which is being upended particularly this August and again December to March 2025 and on.

  In the midst of all the flux and chaos Netanyahu hangs on. His Government chart, 29 December 2022 4.30pm will be rattled this month, more so in August, with dashed hopes from tr Neptune Saturn moving into Aries from May 2025 onwards. But there is nothing that looks like a definitive finish at least not until 2026.

 His personal chart, birth time being accurate to the minute, has his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Midheaven by 2026 – but that could come earlier (or later) if the time is out by five minutes or so.

  Gaza is to all intents and purposes destroyed, its people starving, dead and injured, lacking all basic facilities – and sliding down the news agenda since public compassion has a cut off point when no solution is in sight. All a deeply depressing morass.

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Add On: Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader inside Gaza, 29 October 1962 (wiki) is at higher risk than usual at the moment and on alert in July with the Mars Uranus Algol conjunction opposing his Venus in Scorpio. His relationship charts with Israel and Netanyahu are particularly jolted this month and again in August – and on into 2025.  

  If his birth date is accurate, then 2026 might look to be his moment of greatest jeopardy – but that should be treated with caution.

 Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas Party leader who lives in Qatar, 29 January 1962, is more unsettled with Israel than usual this July and on and off into April 2025. He is looking increasingly pressured and discouraged in 2025/26 with tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn; and devastated around late 2025 from SA Pluto conjunct his Neptune.

  These birth dates could be iffy but on the face of it looks like dragging on and on.

8 thoughts on “Israel – under siege with few options ++ Sinwar and Haniyeh

  1. I googled a loose question about what might happen with Israel. Wasn’t looking for answers just wondering who might be doing intelligent interviews about it. I was startled at what came up – repeated reference related to Armageddon and biblical prophecy. I wasn’t thinking of anything like that. Does the astrology show anything in particular related to that?

    • The evangelicals have been wittering about that since the beginning of time – so I suspect every time the war drums beat a little louder they get themselves in a lather about the Second Coming. Sigh.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. It does help somehow to see the astrology for this desperate situation.

    One thing I noticed is the 2nd October Solar Eclipse at 10 Libra cropping up on these charts –

    Netanyahu government – Chiron 11 Aries. Plus the September Lunar 25 Pisces close to Venus, 22 Pisces.
    Netanyahu natal – Mercury 9 Libra (ruling MC). Plus MC 22 Virgo opposes the September Lunar Eclipse.
    Hezbollah – Mars 10 Aries, Venus 11 Aries
    Israel – Neptune 10 Libra in the 12th house of self undoing, and hidden enemies. Hidden enemies here could refer to terrorist activities I suppose? The Solar Eclipse is just days before the anniversary of the original Hammas attack last year, a very sensitive date.

    With the pressure of July and August, and that Uranus/Mars/Algol energy, it looks like a fraught few months in the run-up to the eclipses in the SS 8 South series. According to Brady, this series is about “separation and loss. To be parted. Physical injury is also possible through over-straining one’s strength.”

  3. I look at Hezbollahs chart and my first impression is hard edged grim cruel and joyless.
    My second look confirms it and putting the obvious ideological streak aside, money seems to be the driving impetus, and power of course.

  4. I’ve worked with Israelis in aerospace and microchip sectors. Unrelenting, their opinions/attitudes are fixed to the death, with no room for compomise or fair solution.

    There are better, easier countries to work with but that region is locked until a nuclear or final solution is provided. Probably instigated by both sides – Israel and its “perceived enemies”.

    Not a happy place to be at any time.

  5. Accurate and depressing description. What will happened to the civilians hostages who are hidden somewhere in Gaza ? And Sinwar that is no where to be seen ?

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