Brexit – the taboo topic

Brexit is one topic which has mysteriously been blanked in the election run up despite well over 50% of voters thinking it has been bad for the economy. Keir Starmer is on record as being against rejoining but economists are clear that going back into the EU single market and customs union would remove some of the obstacles to growth. This week Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow chancellor said in an interview “We would look to improve our trading relationship with Europe, and do trade deals around the world.”  EU leaders, beset by their own multifarious problems, are said to be determined not to allow a Starmer government to “cherry pick” its way to a preferential economic relationship without paying into the EU budget and accepting freedom of movement.

 The UK/EU 1957 relationship chart shows both discouragement and resistance initially into early 2025 as well as positive pressure for change with tr Pluto trine the composite Pluto until late 2025. With a more significant realignment from tr Uranus conjunct the Pluto in 2026 and then square the Uranus – though it is by no means certain this would indicate amiable cooperation.

  The UK/Maastricht Treaty relationship hints at much the same of downbeat influences into 2025 along with high-tension, outspoken negotiations.

 The Brexit referendum chart is also showing signs of a radical shift exactly now with a non-Tory government presumably about to take over – as the Solar Arc Pluto closes the square to the Uranus to exact. There will be ructions and aggravation into early 2025; and from 2026 tr Neptune Saturn in Aries will square the Brexit Sun hinting at an undermining of the 2016 vote.

  There does look to be movement in most of the relevant charts hinting at the very least at challenging negotiations on a topic the Tories would never go near.

  Much will hinge on ‘black swan’ global economic hits coming in 2025/26 which will change attitudes. And internal pressures within the EU, with Germany’s economy sagging, France in meltdown and populists getting the upperhand.  

  Seems unlikely but Pluto trine the Pluto on the EU/UK relationship chart might bring a shift of sorts.

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  1. Transiting Pluto is in Aquarius in the 1801 in the fourth house Money and Home politics? That is why the politicians are not talking about it. A taboo subject. Best left hidden. Also in the Brexit Solar Arc Chart, Uranus in the tenth house of rulership is squaring Pluto in Aquarius in the eight house, Political groups unwilling to bring up the main things that is harming Britain’s trade, their money and taxes. In case it harms their chances of winning. Uranus in Taurus ( ruling the throat) doesn’t want to about or remind anyone of their individual loss of Freedom and how much is has cost them.

    • I really wish I was not dyslexic. should read: “Political groups are unwilling to bring up the main things that are harming Britain’s trade”.

  2. Personally I hope relations will become much closer again as it only strengthens external threats to the U.K. and EU if the two are divided. I think freedom of movement is less of a bogeyman now the public have started to realise stopping it led to increased immigration not reduced in the U.K. and from communities less happy to assimilate into U.K. culture. The very term freedom of movement is misleading it only allows three months of free movement and if you are not self supporting after three months you can be asked to leave. Just the U.K. government never enforced it. Ironically now immigration is a hot issue in the EU, U.K. concerns of 2016 may well be addressed anyway. The cancer elections in U.K. and France will revolved around homeland and who can live in that home.

  3. Brexit was one of the worst things to happen to the UK since the advent of peacetime, after WW2. You cannot hope to change an institution by leaving, standing on the sidelines, wagging your finger at it and shouting ‘you’re doing everything wrong’ and then expecting to be respected amd listened to. That doesn’t work. If you want to change an institution, you have to do it from the inside. No political institution is perfect but you have to work with what exists and try to modify it as you go along if you can. Re-joining is a must, I think, and Verhofstadt is on record as saying he would love the UK to rejoin so make it happen, I say. When the UK was a full member, everything just worked. Now that it isn’t, nothing really works anymore. The people who voted for brexit were then the ones who were shouting the loudest when the supermarket shelves were empty or the prices went up threefold. You made your bed, lie in it and stop complaining, it is what you voted for after all. Pity everyone else had to get sucked into it too.

    The only part of the EU I have never agreed with sonce its initial concept and inception is the currency. A nations currency is part of its personality and identity and removing that is, in my opiniin, akin to homogonising people and nations as you can’t do that. One size never did fit all.

    • Time will tell when and how there is a meeting of minds with the EU again, the EU is changing as well and is under pressure, the euro is one contentious issue but so are other rules and regulations, maybe leaving will enable this country to sort out some internal problems before approaching the EU.

  4. How much damage the Conservatives and wretched Farage have done to our country. Depressing to read, but not surprising. Even more depressing that so many still see fit to vote for the wreckers.

  5. The obvious answer would be for the UK to become a member of the EEA, like Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein. However that is also fraught with difficulties as this article explains: “”. It’s not going to happen anytime soon. Sadly, IMO.

    • I am not a Lichtenstein expert, but know Norway and Iceland pay hefty for the privilege, and are also part of the Nordic agreements preceding EU. I’m currently working at a company that has the Nordic HQ and logistic center in Malmö, and it’s easier to ship goods from there to Norway than Finland, because of the geography.

      I always thought logistics would be really bad for the UK, too, after the Brexit, because we are not living in a marine transport World any more for many goods.

  6. The chart for the incoming British government is going to have a Pluto Mercury opposition so I don’t think it will find negotiations with the EU or anyone else easy. I notice that the Moon will be conjunct the 2016 Referendum Sun in Cancer and the 2018 EU Withdrawal Act Sun in Cancer on 5 July 2024

    Starmer is probably going to win by a landslide due to FPTP which might give him a free hand in the matter but the result of the General Election may flatter his administration as the victory will be due more to the divisions on the right of British politics than any huge swing in the popular vote in favour of Labour. There is also the not insignificant issue that European politics is moving in the opposite direction to British politics at the moment.

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