Christine Keeler – a ghostly election presence

As the Tory Party heads for what looks like being a humiliation, a name from the past intimately connected to another electoral embarrassment has surfaced. Christine Keeler, a young model/showgirl had affair with John Profumo, secretary of state for war, along with a simultaneous fling with a Soviet naval attaché which nearly brought down the Tory government under Harold MacMillan. Profumo lied in the House of Commons about the affair (which seemed a bigger sin than the security breach) and resigned when he had to own up. Macmillan retired shortly after through ill health and the Tories lost the election a year later.  

  She is now dead but her appointments diary for 1962 is heading to Sotheby’s for auction.

  None of which is of much other than historical interest except that her chart is vibrating with intriguingly similar energies to the present. Born 22 February 1942 11.15 am London, she had a Pisces Sun on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune. But what ties her into the Tories and this election is her Uranus and Moon conjunct Algol in Taurus with  Mars Saturn in Taurus close by. Both the Tory 1867 and 1912 charts have strong Taurus planets which her potentially-destructive Algol and Uranus would rattle up.  This mid July’s conjunction of Mars, Uranus, Algol will also trigger her chart.

 It was a shameful affair with the establishment throwing shade both onto Stephen Ward, the osteopath who organized the girls and parties – who committed suicide; and Keeler herself who ended up unjustly imprisoned for six months for obstructing the course of justice and perjury in another case. Profumo skulked off to ‘do good works’.

  Her post-prison life was not prosperous with two failed marriages and relative poverty.

  The Tory Party 9 May 1912 chart showed up losses in October 1964 though the result was close as Harold Wilson defeated Alec Douglas Home. Tr Neptune was opposition the Taurus Sun and square the Solar Arc Pluto which was also blocking the Sun. Though oddly enough transiting Jupiter conjunct Algol was just over the Tory Party Saturn Sun which clearly worked on Jupiter’s tendency to amplify minuses as well as pluses.

  At the moment the Tory Party 1912 chart is bedevilled by a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Sun/Saturn midpoint and a lengthy undermining from tr Neptune square the Pluto this year – but nothing like as strongly undermining as in 1964. As ever with elections hindsight may bring illumination – or not.

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  1. Thank you Marjorie. I love a ghost chart! This scandal was indeed shameful as you say. The establishment is still trying to cover things up in similar ways, sometimes with horrible success – at least for a while.

    Tr Jupiter in chatty, media Gemini is heading for Christine Keeler’s Jupiter return, crossing her ascendant and conjunct her Black Moon Lilith this week. Seems appropriate for news about an appointment diary! Curious, too, to see that poor old Stephen Ward was born 19 October 1912, and had Jupiter 13 Sagittarius, conjunct the Conservative Party’s Jupiter Rx. Both opposing CK’s natal Jupiter. Stephen Ward also had Venus at 22 Scorpio, trine Neptune for scandal, and also perhaps his profession as an osteopath. It opposes Christine’s natal Saturn, and the Saturn for the Conservative Party chart. Ward is also having a Nodal Return, his natal nodes being 12 Aries/Libra, close to those for the UK itself.

    • Just to add – and for extra thought-provoking spookiness – Christine Keeler died on 4 December, 2017. Full Moon on 3rd December was 11 Gemini, square Neptune 11 Pisces. There’s her natal Jupiter, 11 Gemini. A frequent visitor in charts for the end of life, as we’ve discussed before.

    • She was a Pisces Sun in the 10th with a Moon in Taurus in 12th house. Also her Sun/Moon midpoint is in Pisces at 14 degrees; conjunct South Node opposite her North Node in the 5th. She would have be beguiled with romanticism and money, even if it was a Tory or not. A model and showgirl – fifth house North Node. Her Neptune was her guide and very strong in her chart. As she had Sun and her Sun/Moon midpoint in Pisces; along with four planets in her 12th house. She may have been vulnerable, yet also attracted to a film star life and meeting famous people. Taurus is ruled by Venus – which is her 10th in Aquarius. Uranus is in Taurus, which rules Aquarius. the house of groups. Taurus rules the throat, one could argue in the 12th, the home of Neptune’ drugs nebulous and escaping through group activity. This may have just been part of the adventuress side – to her hidden nature – and those involved with a political twist? I don’t understand the political link with the Conservative’s Chart to hers. Surely Profumo’s Chart would have been more interesting? A chart with Taurus in the 12th and Pisces Sun in the tenth could easily be linked to drugs, others people’s money and gratification. Saturn/Mars would also show older men.She wanted to be a Model and perhaps even famous? Sadly, she became embroiled by her own vulnerability. In that era women were still being used, by the 1970’s we were becoming a bit more used to men’s flattery. Vulnerability is often the cause of these sad cases. Yes she may have been used, although the adventurous and not really being aware of the consequences side, is in her chart. If we believe in Astrology and Natal Charts, then we have to believe that no-one can be blamed completely by being in that place at that time?

      • Profumo’s chart on shows a very fixed chart, with plenty of Aquarius. His Mercury,25 Aquarius, Jupiter 26 Aqua, and Nodes 27 Aquarius all connect with our current Uranus in Taurus transit, and the approaching Uranus, Mars, Algol line-up in July. Born on 30 January, 1915, he was considerably older (and infinitely more powerful) than Christine Keeler. Clearly, neither wisdom nor restraint had accumulated with age!

    • Keelers ghostly natal chart is being quite strongly activated at the moment as the 2024 General Election approaches. Mars is going to be moving over her Mars/Saturn at 22 Taurus in the next few weeks and while Uranus is conjunct her Moon/Uranus at 25/26 Pisces. Neptune is currently at 29 Pisces opposite her natal Neptune at 29 Virgo. On 5 July 2024 Mercury will be exactly conjunct her Pluto so she may be sending a message from the grave to the Conservative Party on that date.

      When the first leaks of the Profumo scandal started to appear in the British press in July 1962 Mars was transiting over Keeler’s Mars/Saturn/Uranus/Moon stellium in Taurus and Saturn (the male establishment) was conjunct her Mercury (media gossip etc). The north node was also about to cross her Chiron.

      Keeler’s chart has links to a number of British charts with her Sun at 3 Pisces conjunct the Pluto in both the 1066 and 1801 charts and her Mars/Saturn conjunct the Neptune in the 1066 chart and her Moon/Uranus conjunct the Sun/Mars/Mercury in the 873 King Edgar chart.

      Strange how her chart still echoes in the life of Britain even though she is gone.

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