J.K.Rowling – on Labour’s women problem

J.K.Rowling has taken no hostages in her full-on attack on Keir Starmer for Labour policies on the rights of women in the transgender debate and his failure to defend the gender-critical Labour MP Rosie Duffield who has, like her, faced credible threats of violence over her views. She said the party had ‘abandoned’ women and she would ‘struggle to support them’; adding she had a “poor opinion” of Sir Keir’s character and claimed he was “dismissive and often offensive” of women’s concerns about sex-based rights.

  The Labour stance on self-ID is muddled and flip flopping; and plans to ban conversion therapy would risk stopping parents, teachers and therapists from “comforting and counselling” children and adults “in gender distress”.

Rowling’s birth time is unverified at 9.10pm 31 July 1965 Bristol, England,  but she undoubtedly has the rebellious, boundary-pushing Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn and square a confident Jupiter in Gemini. With her Jupiter in an enthusiastic trine to Mars (on this birth time deeply buried in her 8th) and square her Moon.

  What is intriguing is that her attention-demanding Leo Sun is exactly conjunct Starmer’s ‘leadership’ Leo North Node opposite his Saturn and square his Neptune for a complicated clash. Brought to a head at the moment since her Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Neptune and her Solar Arc Uranus is exactly square his Sun. Plus her Mars may be conjunct his Libra Moon.

 Starmer, 2 September 1962, no birth time, Southwark, England, also has the mould-breaking Uranus Pluto conjunction strongly in his chart conjunct his Sun and opposition his Jupiter.

 Their relationship chart has an inflammatory, aggravated, competitive composite Sun Mars conjunction opposition Saturn suggesting a real dislike on both sides. She could have a damaging effect on the vote and will continue to cause waves through July, August and the autumn and throughout 2027. She won’t give up.

 Rosie Duffield, 1 July 1971 has her Cancer Sun exactly conjunct Starmer’s Mars – so another clash. And that does not look like dying down anytime soon either with tr Pluto square the composite Mars till late this year and tr Uranus upending the composite Mercury, Venus into 2025; followed by a sinking tr Neptune conjunct the composite Saturn in 2026/27.

  Not that Labour were ever good about women having always had a fairly macho working-men’s-club culture.

See previous Trans posts 12 April 2024 – and where it started 10 March 2024.

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  1. Reply to LisaV Your comment about the right wing press and me apparently being brainwashed is very rude. I had the misfortune to live with a man who, unbeknown to me, had wanted to be female since the age of 8, when he stole his sister’s clothes out of the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom and dressed up in them .His mother had told him he was unwanted,he was messed up in the head and thought that if he looked ‘pretty’ he would be blissfully happy .He behaved like an @rsehole when dressed in male clothing but was all sweetness and light when in female clothing and put on a silly voice He hated women ,what he was doing seemed to me like the depths of mysogyny.I tried to tell him that women do not look pretty when being sick whilst pregnant or whilst having a heavy painful period, whilst mowing the lawn or cleaning the kitchen floor-he didn’t want to do any of that thoguh,he wanted the best of both worlds.As a man he had had three sons and now he wanted to be a woman and look pretty .This is what is so worrying about Keir Starmer ,he talks absolute twaddle and yes I do believe he doesn’t like women very much Why has Labour never had a female leader ? God help us when people like you vote to get Starmer in power on Thursday.This country will be a much more dangerous place for women.

  2. “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

    James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

  3. Keeping an open mind does not involve letting your brain fall out. And balance and/or holding a position of uncertainty does not mean giving equal weight to sense on the one hand and nonsense on the other.
    The media loves gladiatorial (binary) punch ups – all heat and no light. Yay versus nay. Flossing teeth is good for you – find an adversary who will argue the opposite.
    There is often clearcut evidence for one point of view so cluttering up brain space listening to those who refuse to face reality is a waste of energy.
    We can all be guilty of confirmation bias and all be wrong at times. But when evidence mounts to indicate a change of view is required, attacking the evidence or the messenger to shore up false beliefs is damagingly counter-productive.
    I lived through the whole recovered-memory-is-claptrap debate. Study after study corroborated its existence and initially all were discounted as ‘methodologically flawed’ by those 1) of ill agenda; and 2) those with closed minds who found the prospect of letting go the security of familiar opinions and having their minds changed too scary.
    Keeping an open mind is not easy especially when the ranters and ravers pitch in but it is important to make the effort however imperfectly.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. The whole thing is fraught. I always thought it was fascinating in my college dorm how all the women synced up with their monthly cycles. We would get in sync with each other just by living together. That is something a transgender would never know, experience, understand.

    The whole experience of childbirth and delivery – is fraught and dangerous. Before modern medicine many did not survive. My sister had 8.5 pound twins (each) that were breach and facing each other. Without modern medicine non of them would have made it. (there were no fertility drugs – nothing like that – fraternal twins run in the family – Gemini) A transgender will not know this experience ever

    An then have to take said child and get it to an adult – the time, love and investment, more – children do better with a father and a mother. They just do. Why is that controversy.

    A lot lot of it is virtue signalling. Cause of the day. I suspect some of it is not accepting of perhaps a gay sensibility. When someone tries to cram ideas down my throat, I get suspicious. deeply suspicious.

    I hang out with a group of teachers at time. All left. I am a centrist btw. I cannot say anything about this whole transgender so I don’t. They have bought into the ideology and police anyone in their presence. Friends on the right – I cannot say anything there.

    I have Al Rescha rising (fixed star). Weaving things together.

    Fraught. Fraught. Fraught. I have so appreciated this safe space that you have provided to discuss Ideas. I learn things here.

    In USA- on both sides – there is always a lot of virtue signalling going on – on both sides of the aisle – for the cause of the day and the latest bandwagon. You have to dig deeper to understand what is really going on.

    • You’re welcome. I am quite allergic to group think and really really hate people trying to mess with my head and tell me I am wrong and their often blinkered obsession is right.
      Complex thinking is all about being able to handle uncertainty. Often two opposing views can be right in their own way.

  5. Jumbled thoughts:
    I remain astonished at the heat generated by this subject with people constantly misunderstanding what others are saying.
    Stonewall and associated fanatics brainwashing kids into believing they are transgender. Evangelicals brainwashing kids in the other direction. NB. Brainwashing per se does not work and any attempts are damaging.
    Pointless arguments about the use of language – what is a woman???? An obsession with labels (tribal identity?). An obsession with language (coercive control of other people’s thinking). Throwing a hissy fit if not referred to as ‘they.’
    Drag queens and drag comedians have always been popular and accepted – so why all this bile and venom over transgender?
    Certain topics do tend to attract a motley crew of resisters who under normal circumstances would not go within a mile of each other. Years ago a friend who worked for UN health running a campaign to bring down maternal mortality, which you could not imagine anyone being against, said it pulled together a lobby of far left and far right opponents all arguing against it for disparate reasons.
    This recent transgender obsession does feel like a social contagion – a cultural mania that flares up and distorts thinking. Neptune in Pisces may have exacerbated it but the fanatical Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn in the 1990s saw the start of this recent wave. With the historical forerunners, see post John Money, 26 June 2023, being rooted in Pluto in Cancer especially with Pluto square Uranus. Pluto = transformation, destruction + Cancer = women.

    • Thanks Marjorie. There’s an almost religious feel to much of this I think, echoes of witch hunts, Reformation, and so on. The obsession with language might link to the Jesuits and their style of analysis and argument – “how many angels on the head of a pin” kind of thing.

      For the UK, which is only a small part of the larger picture, I noticed that the UK t-square could be involved. Neptune in sexuality Scorpio, Venus in ‘humanity’ Aquarius, Mars in stubborn, sometimes subjective, Taurus. JK Rowling’s own Neptune, 17 Scorpio, and her ascendant, 15 Aquarius, links in to this. The Gender Recognition Act was given Royal Assent on 1st July 2004, and came into effect on 4 April, 2005. In 2004 Neptune was 14 Aquarius, making a yod with Jupiter in Virgo, and Saturn in Cancer – both ‘female’ signs, with the independent harvest goddess of Virgo, and the universal mother of Cancer. Boundary bending Neptune in the Water Bearer moves uneasily between its water-bearing work, and the airy realms of Aquarius, close to the UK Venus.

      When the Act came into effect, the Sun at 14 Aries opposing Jupiter,13 Libra – sitting on the UK Nodes, representing connections, and ‘the people’ perhaps? JK Rowling’s natal Mars is 17 Libra, close enough to this I think. Chiron for that date was 2 Aquarius, so tr Pluto is pressing ahead towards that now, which may be another catalyst in the ongoing chaos. UK has just had its Nodal Return as well.

      Curiously, the Sexual Offences Act, 1967 which decriminalised male homosexuality, had Mercury 14 Cancer, square Saturn 12 Aries, aspecting the UK Nodes. Neptune 21 Scorpio was just passed it’s UK Neptune Return.

      Also, of potential relevance – the sensational Victorian trial of notorious cross-dressing gay men, Boulton and Park, opened on 9 May 1871 – with tr Pluto 18 Taurus, opposing UK Neptune, and having travelled through the UK t-square. There was a Uranus in Cancer square Neptune in Aries square at the time. Boulton and Park, or ‘Fanny and Stella’ as they called themselves, were found not guilty of ‘unnatural acts’.

    • I don’t see it that but hey …. Everyone has a different perspective and personal history which impacts our particular view

    • I think a lot of people are really confused and don’t truly understand what’s at stake. I have a 40-something neighbour who is a member of a White Witches Coven or something similar that meets on full moon every month to celebrate female power and all that. So I was completely taken aback when she accused me of being a ‘terf’ because I said I thought J.K. Rolling was right to draw attention to the real issues. It has to be said that she is a sun Pisces and presumably is being hit by the current transits. But it made me realise that there are probably many more people who are defending the cause against their own best interests because they don’t truly understand what it means for women’s rights and safety. All of it is about boundaries and accepting differences, IMO. I do most definitely support JKR and my neighbour is still not speaking to me, although I am more the generation of her mother which might also be a factor.

      • @ SuHu Now that is something to think about a white witch coven meeting under the moon, I hope they wrap up well, we would not like them to catch cold. No I am not being sarcastic just practical, the world in all its varieties never ceases to amaze me

        • My point is that you would expect such a group dedicated to empowering women in whatever way they find appropriate would have more insight but apparently it’s not about that at all, just swimming against the tide, being ‘alternative’, whatever that means. A lack of discernment, IMO.

    • Marjorie, as you say re the mania which began on the Uranus Neptune conjunction in the 1990s, I wonder when it will calm down. It’s a long time until the separative Uranus Neptune opposition when that might signify it. Can anyone enlighten me when exactly that is due ?

      • Perhaps I am being overly pessimistic and things might calm down sooner with the Uranus Neptune sextile in August 2025.

      • In case anyone is interested, doubtful but you never know, the next Uranus Neptune opposition is in 2080 with Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Leo.

        • I’m hoping things will start to die down. I think “trans” is the new “emo” and, in time, there will be other ways that disaffected youth can languish and develop shocking personas to protect them from the pain of growing up.

          In the mean time organisations that want to push vulnerable youngsters further down the road of no return should be barred from schools.

          • I hope you are right, but unfortunately the situation seems to be rather more complicated. The WHO, UN, EU and Soros are all promoting trans as if it is a naturally occurring part of being human, quite how it can be ‘natural’ when drugs and surgery are required to sustain it I don’t know, but that’s a lot of powerful organisations involved for just a passing craze.

  6. People say JK and women like her are transphobic but to me it is the other way around, these activists and politicians world wide including the UN have tried to eliminate women as a protected sex class.

    • Jane quotes below the stats from reputable sources; 320 trans and gender diverse people compared to 89,000 women and girls murdered worldwide Oct 2022 to September 2023 speaks for itself.

      Yet …. ….. here we are. As if all the rights that women who could have fought for, still fighting for, are being hijacked. Trojan horse.

  7. The Tories did not cause the Pandemic This is never mentioned, whoever had been in power during Covid would be being voted out now. Covid 19 and China’s role in it seems to have conveniently been forgotten.There are also two recent wars ,still ongoing.

  8. Yes Marjorie,absotuely re children and Stmewall.Children are confused enough as it is at puberty ,we should not be messing with their heads and confusing them further Trans is also trendy so you can imagine the scene where one child thinks they want to change gender so one of their friends follows suit …No,no and no

  9. I have never thought that JK Rowling hates transgender people, she (and I and many others) hate the way Keir Starmer has apparently tried to deny that women exist and said that 5% of women have penises ,no they don’t.Why couldnt he define a woman ?? The fact that you cannot actually alter your gender due to chromosomes is consistently being ignored and denied . What Starmer said, and apparently believes, is just ridiculous I hope no women vote Labour ,if they acknowledge being female ,they shouldn’t vote for the man who comes out with this kind of nonsense and clearly doesn’t like women very much either.

    • No, Labour haven’t tried to deny that women exist. Quite the opposite. You are clearly getting your lies from the right wing tabloid press, probably best to stop reading that rubbish.

      • Unfortunately most people just seem to repeat the chat from their own echo-chamber instead of really thinking deeply about the people involved.

      • I think Starmer is playing to all galleries. We should look at policies he is proposing rather than what he is saying.

        The crux is in the reforms that labour are proposing to Gender recognition act 2004 which conflicts with the Equality Act! Few journalist have raised questions but such is the apathy towards tories that labour has got away without giving any explanation like in most of their policies.

        Either Starmer is lying or they haven’t thought through what they are proposing. Either way it doesn’t sound promising for the incoming govt.

        • Absolutely This is Blair getting in all over again .Things can only get better No they can get much, much worse Starmer doesn’t think becasue he doesnt have much to think with tbh He will be dangerous as PM

      • Actually Labour have said different things. They have said it’s wrong to say only a woman has a cervix. They have said some women have penises. And more besides. These things erode what means to be a woman and therefore threaten the hard-fought rights of women and girls. They have tried to row back from these inconvenient claims, half-heartedly, to woo the voters. But many are sceptical.

      • Reply to LisaV Your comment about the right wing press and me apparently being brainwashed is very rude. I had the misfortune to live with a man who, unbeknown to me, had wanted to be female since the age of 8, when he stole his sister’s clothes out of the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom and dressed up in them .His mother had told him he was unwanted,he was messed up in the head and thought that if he looked ‘pretty’ he would be blissfully happy .He behaved like an @rsehole when dressed in male clothing but was all sweetness and light when in female clothing and put on a silly voice He hated women ,what he was doing seemed to me like the depths of mysogyny.I tried to tell him that women do not look pretty when being sick whilst pregnant or whilst having a heavy painful period, whilst mowing the lawn or cleaning the kitchen floor-he didn’t want to do any of that thoguh,he wanted the best of both worlds.As a man he had had three sons and now he wanted to be a woman and look pretty .This is what is so worrying about Keir Starmer ,he talks absolute twaddle and yes I do believe he doesn’t like women very much Why has Labour never had a female leader ? God help us when people like you vote to get Starmer in power on Thursday.This country will be a much more dangerous place for women.

  10. In 50 years’ time, when more and more of the Earth is desertified and uninhabitable and climate change is seriously threatening the possibility of sustaining life on Earth… I can’t help wondering if we are going to question why we even spent one hour of our time discussing gender issues…

  11. Rowling is just passionately defending women’s rights which seems to have been lost in the pushing of the trans agenda. What’s glearing to me is that it’s still predominantly men at the forefront of this conversation about trans women having the right to share women’s personal spaces. Is there a stat for that? Hmmm……..!

    That’s what majority of women are up in arms about; not their right to be who they want to be but their right to share our spaces without our buy in. Why are men making that decision for us when we don’t agree with it? The comment below about the stats for trans in women and men’s prison is very interesting and telling.

  12. If we can calm the ranting and raving, some of which have ended in the bin, what has not been mentioned is the damage done to kids – Stonewall and the like brainwashed them into damaging medical and mainly irreversible medical procedures – all because? What? They had an obsessive drive to increase the trans population. Why? That is a question which has never been satisfactorily answered.

    • I think Stonewall have magnified the trans situation, at a tragic cost for young people, to raise their own status, funding and their influence in so many companies, organisations and even schools. It has become a cult-like influence than none may challenge.

    • US Pharma Giants are at the heart of this. Please read about the billionaire heavily invested in promoting this ideology through funding of institutions and public bodies – Jo Stryker. These are some excerpts from various websites:

      “Jon Stryker of Stryker Medical Corporation. Stryker Corporation sold $13.6 billion in surgical supplies and software in 2018. Stryker is the founder and president of the Arcus Foundation, which primarily supports great ape conservation efforts and LGBT social justice, and has awarded over $500 million in grants.”

      “The lineup of Arcus-supported organizations advancing the cause is daunting: Victory Institute, the Center for American Progress, the ACLU, the Transgender Law Center, Trans Justice Funding Project, OutRight Action International, Human Rights Watch, GATE, Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA), The Council for Global Equality, the U.N., Amnesty International, and GLSEN. The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), in partnership with Advocates for Youth, Answer, GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), has initiated a campaign using a rights-based framework to inform approaches in reshaping cultural narratives of sexuality and reproductive health. Sixty-one additional organizations have signed a letter supporting an overhaul of current curriculums.”

  13. I do not understand JK Rowling’s hatred of transgender people. Especially her claims that they are the biggest threat to women. Transgender people make up only a small portion of the population. The biggest threat to ALL women is men. Most women are killed by men they are close too-intimate partners, Exes, or in some cultures fathers and brothers in so called “honor” killings. I have worked w/ two individuals who transitioned, one MTF and the other FTM. They both went through extensive counseling before they transitioned and both were much happier afterwards. The hardest part was occasionally forgetting and misgendering and/or using their dead names. Neither of them threatened me or anyone else. However, the number of times I or my friends have been threatened or harassed by men is huge. Men, especially angry men w/ guns are the biggest threat to all women.

    • And I do not understand the constant promotion of this fallcy that she ‘hates’ trans people, but then so many who claim this never read her essay.
      ” Men, especially angry men w/ guns are the biggest threat to all women.’
      And that is precisely the point she is making.

        • The awnser lies, crystal clearly, in your response. A circular argument. Angry and dangerous men are the problem, obviously I agree.
          Therefore why are you so very keen to incarcerate them with vulnerable women, because they claim they identify as a woman for whatever reason,a claim that is essentially unproveable and cannot be challenged?

          Remind yourself that in the UK, ‘trans’ are the safest demographic here. Multiply more safe than gay people,other minorities and most definitely, women.
          That youre sympathy is entirely with a small group of largely men who claim special treatment is the issue.

  14. I won’t vote for a party unless I can be certain they would uphold the sex-based rights of women and girls. Keir Starmer doesn’t convince me at present. I look at the way he and the party has treated Rosie Duffield. It doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  15. In light of the Labour announcement on proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, there’s a very good post by lawyer and academician Dr Michael Foran on this.

    “Labour has announced an intention to simplify the process by which someone can change their legal sex. It has also committed to maintaining the exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 that make it lawful to operate single-sex services. It may not be possible to do both of these things at once.”

    Labour has got this wrong. You have to clarify the Equality Act to make it clear a gender recognition certificate does not mean a man should be regarded as female for discrimination law purposes before making changes to gender recognition.

    Starmer is saying everything to appease everyone. I just don’t trust him.

    • Thanks Ann. I know who to blame when the rest of the services my family (and millions of people in this country) relies on are desecrated!

  16. Starmer appears to be rushing something that should not be rushed. Maybe it is his Sun/Uranus midpoint quincunx his Saturn in Aquarius, along with his Sun/Pluto conjunction, pushing him to be authoritative and to get things over with – too quickly? Or just dogged male determination, however, he has appeared to have picked a fight that did not need to happen. It is interesting to see his Virgo/Earth planets play out in his chart, as they are the only three that are grounded. Yet they are also a formidable trio of planets. Uranus/Air Sun/Fire, Pluto/Water. His Sun/Pluto may be his drive, yet can end up be hotheaded at times, or even volatile. I have it on my IC; you have to learn to manage it. With Uranus conjunct his Sun, there may well be a tendency to go the opposite way to what may be the best policy. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, which is in Libra/Air trine Saturn in Aquarius/Air. Starmer likes to win and be the leader, yet sometimes can be more in the realm of judging people, rather than listening. JK Rowling’s Pluto/Uranus, will rattle Starmer’s way of doing things. She has challenged him. Rosie Duffield’s chart is dispersed and will not have the power to get to Starmer, whereas JK Rowling’s, Venus, conjunct his Uranus and Sun/Pluto will.

  17. We have had 14 years of the Tories, they have killed off everything that is good in this Country. Keir Starmer is a decent man and has said live on television that men have a penis and women have a vagina. What he doesn’t like is the way this has turned toxic probably by someone in the Conservative Party. There are plenty of women in the Labour Party who he listens to, and will make sure women’s rights are first and foremost in the agenda. I much prefer him to the buffoon Johnson and the right wing Tories who have taken over the party. By the way read the article in the Times about Keir Starmers early life, it is truly enlightening, he has worked for everything in his life under the most tragic circumstances.

    • Totally agree Julie. There are a lot of people who
      have weaponised the ‘trans debate’ and these artificially created culture wars are just really disguised hateful conservative rhetoric (the last throw of that dice before the age of Aquarius settles in?).

      Yes there is totally the need for the protection of hard-won separate spaces for women and we need to look at how we compare candidates in sport – maybe size could be a better separation overall the way it is already in some sports. But it is shocking that Rowling’s views exist (especially on X where she posts almost daily about trans – obsesssed!) alongside the views of Tommy Robertson and Laurence Fox who recently has encouraged the burning of the pride flag. Out of interest I looked at the figures a while ago of trans prisoners in English & Scottish prisons (who were not born the same sex as the prison they are in) and they were something like 6 and 7 respectively. In the whole of the prison estate, and most of these were trans men (FTM) in men’s prisons.

      The trans people I know would never use public toilets, especially in this current climate of hate. And what’s interesting is that predators have often used the ‘dressing up as women’ device to attack women but let’s be honest these are not trans women they are straight male predators.

      • FYI Some 268 prisoners in British prisons are currently recorded as transgender, a rise of 17 per cent in one year.

        The vast majority (225) were born male, up from 187 male-born transgender prisoners in 2022. The female-born trans prison population stayed the same at 43.

        • Thank you Jane for shining a light on the reality for women in prison. It is deeply upsetting how many middle class women are willing to ignore the impact on women prisoners. A genuinely vulnerable population, most have suffered DV and sexual assault, and to be locked up with a male sex offender is nightmarish for them.
          Their stories are awful.

        • They might be recorded as trans but the crucial point is the majority of them are not in women’s prisons. If you had bothered to read my point properly that’s what I said.

      • “And what’s interesting is that predators have often used the ‘dressing up as women’ device to attack women but let’s be honest these are not trans women they are straight male predators.’
        That is the whole point!
        That is precisely what ‘Terfs’ have been saying for two decades now, and exactly the point JK Rowling has been making.
        Nor are they artificially created culture wars, more academics have been fired and careers destroyed over this issue in the US that during the whole of McCarthyism. And the same has happened in the UK, Rowling speaks for the women without a platform who have been silenced.
        As to the accusation that it is shocking that both she and Laurence Fox agree on biological reality, I think you will find that that is a very large very broad swathe of humanity who accept biological reality.
        I share the knowledge that the Earth is round with some very unsavoury characters, am I to be damned that for instance the Mafia and I both observe the sky is blue?
        And terf means trans exclusive radical feminists, and the people who alerted us to the enroachment of womens rights were all left wing lesbians, with Julie Bindel writing the first article flagging up the issues in 2004, she has not stopped recieving death threats ever since, and has had event after event cancelled or protested by violent tras.
        As to Rowling she recieves 1000s of death and rape threats everyday from those who demand ‘No debate” and “Be Kind’

        • Yes well then don’t conflate ‘straight men in women’s clothes for the purpose of attacking women’ with genuine trans people who are the ones who have had to deal with the backswing of this. And trans people, especially of colour, often cannot get sent other employment other than sex work and are routinely murdered the whole world over. Direct your anger at the perpetrators (straight men in dresses for the purpose of sexual assault) Not at other victims.

          • But it’s worth noting that statistically, mtf transitioners retain similar patterns of criminality to other men.

          • I do, and you have ironically underlined the whole issue, men are larping the system just as feminists warned, and since no one can know who is ‘genuinely trans’ because anyone can claim it without question, and if you do question youre either a ‘bigot’ or in the case of female prisoners can have time added to their sentences for questioning their validity. And since trans identifying males have a higher rate of sex offending than non trans identifying males and are in for sexual assault often of minors, then why on earth is it acceptable to you that women should be put at risk unnessecarily.
            Its very strange and disturbing.
            The backswing was also warned about because of this incredibly cavalier disregard for Womens rights and childrens safeguarding.

          • “Three hundred twenty trans and gender-diverse people were killed this year, says a new report.

            The Trans Murder Monitoring report tracks murders reported in the media each year, this year’s report includes deaths between Oct 1 2022 and September 30 2023.

            The vast majority of those killed (94%) were trans women or trans-feminine people.

            Most were Black, and many were sex workers too. 80% of those killed were of trans people affected by racism, an increase of 15% from last year.

            Many of the victims were young. The age group with the most victims was 19 to 25 years old. Overall, those between 19 and 40 years old made up three-quarters (77%) of those reported killed.

            Almost three-quarters (73%) of those tracked happened in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the epicentre of the problem being in Brazil, where nearly one-third (31%) occurred.” Forbes.com, 2023

            89,000 women and girls murdered worldwide in 2022 – UNWomen.org

            These are interesting, distressing figures. Something to think about anyway.

        • You are right. Anyone who has ever taken a college level biology class knows that women have the XX chromosome combination. Men have the XY chromosome combination, and are shot full of testosterone which makes them aggressive from a very young age. This is why education and good fathers are so important. No matter how much you cut on yourself this is a biological reality. The only group who really has an argument to make are those with XXY, hermaphrodites, or with hormone problems.

          The sad thing about all of this – is many are more comfortable dealing with a transgender child than a gay child. Some of the stories of the detransitioners are heart breaking.

          I am on team JKR. I am in the USA. It is not safe to speak about any of this here. So, I don’t.

      • Size of what Jane? Hands, feet, backsides, brain.

        Woman’s sport; fighting for funding and representation in a male dominated field. Different biologly, physiology, lung capacity,
        heart capacity, strength but, somehow you want to fly in face of the great Martina Navratalova, Sharon Davis, Paula Radcliffe, Dame Kelly Holmes and others, because you think we should change it all up, twist ourselves into pretzel like shapes, to accommodate MtF transgender people.

        Do women matter at all in your world of are you too busy being kind.

    • It’s all the flip flopping Julie. He’s obviously still appeasing the more radical party elements otherwise why would he be proposing a ban on conversation therapy? I am not convinced.

      • The main problems with conversion therapy — which is widely banned in the US — are that (a) it’s usually imposed on young gay people by conservative Christian/fundamentalist parents refusing to accept their kid’s sexual orientation and (b) it doesn’t work and doesn’t change the individual’s orientation.

        People forced to go through it have said conversion therapy made them feel worse about themselves and made them feel more confused and rejected by their family and society.

    • @Marina. That really is the crux of the problem: you have all these kids suddenly saying that they have Gender Dysphoria, even though that ailment is extremely rare. I think at this point the Transgender movement is a social contagion and in some way is actually hurting legit transpeople and invalidating and also co-opting their mental condition.

      A lot of these young people are influenced by social media, TikTok being the biggest culprit in the rise of this. They’re at an age where you’re still finding yourself and they’re getting fed misinformation about what it is being Trans. There are people saying you don’t need Gender Dysphoria to be Trans which is a ridiculous notion because that’s what it takes in order to change your lifestyle to be the opposite gender. This isn’t simply a feeling but a mental condition which I doubt a majority of these young people even have.

      A lot of young girls think of becoming Trans of escaping the hardship of being female and more often then not a lot of these young girls were sexually abused and believe by turning into a Transman or a Non-binary that it will keep them safe from men’s intentions or how they look at them sexually. It is not. It is giving the Patriarchy more power over you and invalidating your fellow women. There’s a lot of internalized misogyny and fetishization of Gay Men from these Neo-Transmen and of course the heavily porn influence fetishization and stereotypes about women that Neo-Transwomen tend to favor that they try to emulate.

      The Trans Community has not put up guidelines on what makes someone truly Trans. When you have a bunch of TikTokers telling you that if you simply “feel” Trans (which is as nebulous as it gets when it comes to anything) than you are that gender. Which is downright stupid and dangerous and is simplifying a complicated mental condition.

      I do think Trans people exist and they should have basic rights like any other person, but i’m getting the sense more from their Activists that they don’t want equality but superiority and that women should just shut up and deal with it, no questions asked. Women have been oppressed for centuries far longer then them. Women are the original Oppressed class. So we’re exchanging one oppressor to another.

      They’re validating a demographic like teens that hasn’t dealt with real life adult issues and are sheltered by their parents and are easily influenced by others, they are doing a great disservice in not speaking out against these Social Media people who spread this nonsense.

      I think when you turn 18 you can take all the hormones and surgery you want, you’re an adult deal with the consequences of your decisions, then so be it. But to aimed this at children is downright evil. If they’re questioning their gender give them mental help, cloth them in the opposite gender clothing that they want, but do not push surgery and hormones on a still developing mind. And once they turn 18 and think they truly are trans, they should get surgery, hormones and mental help along the way.

      They are treating this like some type of fad like with the Punks and Emo Goth kids from back in the day. But at least those were a more fashion focused thing, in this one they’re including surgery and medication which is something that will have severe and irreversible consequences that they don’t realize because they only see rich Transpeople who gets tons of surgery and have the money to do it and think they’ll pass as them.

      While I agree with J.K. Rowling I do feel she needs to slow down with the constant tweeting about this topic. It’s tiresome. The TRA’s are doing a good job in deterring people from supporting them in the long run with their fascist-like tendency to shut down conversation about questioning this movement.

  18. Have all our ‘leaders’ had their brains addled by trying ‘grass’ or similar when at university??? they are mostly the right age!!!!
    I am of the older generation who stuck to beer and we all seem just that bit more sensible!!!!!

  19. With all polls predicting Big majority for labour party, I feel very uncomfortable at this prospect. To me Labour party seems a big unknown.

    As someone else commented in one of your posts, I too might spoil my ballot or vote Tories. At least you know where they stand.

    • SIGH!

      Honestly the masochist blindness is shocking, I mean you would vote for the people who have wreaked havoc on the country because you know where you stand with them. I DESPAIR!

      We women fought for the right to vote so you could just throw it all away. SPEECHLESS!

      • “We women fought for the right to vote so you could just throw it all away.”?

        Is it because you don’t agree with my choice?

    • Along with many women I know, I will vote Labour because the Tories absolutely have to go. The trans/women’s spaces, women’s sports issue will rumble on. Labour are in a bind about this, as are all left-leaning parties, the Greens, the LibDems similarly want to promote trans rights without having really considered the impacts on women’s rights.
      For me, Trans is not a problem, but Self ID is.

      • Thank you for the most accurate and insightful comment on this whole situation. Exactly, the issues around self ID, and protecting women’s spaces are the real discussion – not whether trans people have the right to live. Too often people’s own prejudices project out on to others without people really thinking of the impact on those affected. In over 50 years I have never knowingly come across a trans person in women’s only spaces in London. There is a trans person who I occasionally see in the early morning on the high street but the hysteria suggests that there is a man in women’s clothing lurking in every changing room & toilet waiting to pounce. That is not my experience.

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