Julian Assange – and his Uranus set him free ++ Stella Assange

Julian Assange appears to be on his way home to Australia after a US deal in which he pleaded guilty to one count of espionage, carrying a sentence  of 62 months in prison, with the five years he has spent in a UK prison counting towards it. James Clapper, who was US director of national intelligence when Assange leaked documents in 2010, told CNN: “I actually think this came out pretty well… critical to this was his plea of one count of espionage. The law enforcement and intelligence community would not have bought into this without that. He’s paid his dues. There was a damage assessment done at the time – there was concern but I don’t recall direct proof that assets in Afghanistan and Iraq supporting or helping US were exposed.”

  Born 3 July 1971 around 3pm Townsville, Australia (biography) he has an 8th house Cancer Sun square Uranus. His liberating and rebellious Uranus is being triggered by the coming October Libra Solar Eclipse as well as his Solar Arc Midheaven; and his Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct this Neptune and Ascendant at the moment moving to oppose his Saturn in 2025.   The transition won’t be easy with a discouraging SA Saturn square his Saturn at the moment which is being pressured by tr Pluto in trine to Saturn till late 2025.  But tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter this August and on and off till early 2026 will make freedom taste very sweet.

Add On. Assange married the mother of his two children in Belmarsh Prison on 23 March 2022. Stella Assange, 20 November 1983 Johannesburg, South Africa, is a Spanish-South African lawyer and human rights defender, who has been working on Assange’s various cases since 2011. She has her Scorpio Sun conjunct his Jupiter exactly as well as conjunct his hope-for-a-better-society Neptune and opposition his Saturn – for hard work, high hopes and a few disappointments. Her Sun is also in a competitive and argumentative square to his Mars and her obsessive and possessive Pluto Saturn in Scorpio sits on his Moon which is not exactly warm and cosy. Her idealistic Neptune is opposition his social-butterfly Venus in Gemini which sits in a seductive square to his Pluto.

  A complicated relationship which has thrived on publicity with a composite Sun square Mars Neptune and to a degree the crisis-nature of his situation.  That repeats in the wedding chart with a passionate but disruptive Mars Venus square Uranus and an obstructive Saturn conjunct the Venus.

 Relationships which thrive in high crisis situations often flounder when they enter calmer waters. The wedding chart will sag in 2026/27 with tr Neptune Saturn conjunct the Sun.

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  1. I was an active supporter of Wikileaks up to 2010. I stopped after I saw how the leaks were managed, and the stories about Assange. Much of what was on the net at the time about him has been expunged, but some remains. This is a long read and if anything too kind, but anyone here still hero worshipping this guy has a duty to read it, pull the wool out of their ears and backtrack.


    For the astrology, scorpio moon in the 12th and neptune in the 12th on the ascendant is not the sign of an honest man. His wife, on balance seems to have the upper hand from the synastry and being a scorpio with her neptune opposing his venus she is capable of betraying him.

  2. I find it difficult to find sympathy for Assange. His hacking career started in australia at around 16yrs old. He got a mere slap on the wrist because of his ‘difficult childhood’. While a few of his actions during his life could be argued they fall in the legitimate whistleblower catagory, most appear to be decidedly self serving, designed to create chaos while thumbing his nose at any sort of sense of accepted protocol.

    • I’m with you. He did so much damage to so many innocent people. I have no sympathy for governments covering up war crimes and screw-ups, but Assange acted as an agent of the Russians to plant their puppet Trump in power to wreak havoc and chaos in the west. The case was badly handled all-around. He was probably punished excessively, but he’s as bad an actor as the agencies accused of wrong-doing.

      • Heard. And now he’s freed and can interfere with our election again.
        Strange and confounding timing on behalf of our government.

        • I sincerely hope that Assange will not be allowed to get loose on the web again, some sort of containment would be advisable as the public do not know what his intentions are, but on past form if he were to return to the same activities then the unpredictable could still happen. Surely some form of security on the web can and should be put in place. He is now technically free and needs to find new employment.

  3. My Dad was born the 4 July 1929 and in his younger days he was a right rebel against authority, often to his own detriment. Still this taught his family how to diplomatically handle authority and limit contact with them.

  4. ‘all the comments about his attitudes to women or his ingratitude to the Ecuadorean government are overwhelmed by the fact he has been held in solitary confinement for upto 23 hours a day in a high security cell ‘

    Those comments are talking about what happened before he went to prison, and sexually assaulting women isn’t an ‘attitude’ to women.

    ‘If the US was committing atrocities against innocent civilians in the war in Iraq, then those innocent lives deserve justice and we are entitled to know the truth about what is being done in our name. As far as the law is concerned, it matters not what someone’s moral character is like. ‘

    No one here has said whistleblowing is a bad thing. The moral grandstanding of some replies here is dissapointing and I have always been anti extradition in this case. Men doing good things does not mean we get to dismiss the bad things as irrelevant. Rape, ignoring journalistic standards and absconding ( by choice) to avoid bail in self inflicted purdah isn’t just a moral failure.

    He released some documents, he caused a whirlpool of destruction and upset from his selfish attitudes the rest of the time. The documents were so unproffessionally dealt with (by him), many of the rest of the Wikileaks team disbanded or were sacked by him at the time; real journalists he worked with were told to f off for asking him to stick to journalistic standards. He was also known for sexually harassing his female staff, has at least 4 other children he has nothing to do with; one from impregnating a 16 year old. He fought a vicious legal fight against her after not lifting a finger in support until she left, for over a decade to try and win full custody. He used his hacking talents sometimes just for petty revenge of those he crossed, and had a hand in getting Trump elected by witholding only documents relating to Trump while releasing those that showed Clinton badly, which no actual person working for the common good would do, they would release them all.

    I followed it all at the time. There was a biography released without his approval after the writer stated he was not going to write a hagiography, so he was sacked. His chart shows self importance, duplicity, and is short on humanity, he reminds me a little of Rasputin who also had Jupiter with Neptune on the ASC.

    • “The documents were so unproffessionally dealt with (by him) … real journalists he worked with were told to f off for asking him to stick to journalistic standards.”

      This is the bit which always sticks for me. Sticking half a million documents on a website isn’t journalism. He can’t have spent any time sifting, redacting or prioritising any of it.

      Compare this to the Panama Papers where Wikipedia states “Journalists from 107 media organizations in 80 countries analyzed documents detailing the operations of the law firm. After more than a year of analysis, the first news stories were published on April 3, 2016, along with 150 of the documents themselves. The project represents an important milestone in the use of data journalism software tools and mobile collaboration.” …NB that’s 150 out of 11.5 million!

      Astrologically I find it interesting that this is coming to an end as Pluto finishes up in Capricorn – it had barely entered 18mths-2yrs before when the data was put on Wikileaks in April 2010. Being of the same age as him, I am very aware of how much different my life and attitudes are between when I was in my late 30s and now in my early 50s.

    • The fact you don’t like someone does not mean it is OK for the government to lock them up in a high security prison for 5 years in solitary for 23 hours a day without trial. The people who have been attempting to convict Assange are not remotely interested in his sexual behaviour or the fact he is narcissistic and arrogant. The fact they continued to pursue the case against him after the Swedish sexual assault case against him was dropped shows that fact. Similarly the authorities were not remotely concerned whether he followed good or bad journalistic practices . The US and UK governments would have treated him the same way if he had been a saint. His crime in their eyes was embarrassing western governments by releasing information that showed that they had consistently lied and misrepresented a number of issues including the murder of civilians in Iraq by US and British forces. Their response to that situation was to then abuse international law by trying to essentially abduct an Australian citizen from a third country, the U.K, using an entirely discredited and one sided extradition treaty. In many respects it was just a legalised version of what Islamic Jihad did to John McCarthy in the Lebanon 1986. The sheer hypocrisy of the way the West and the US in particular has behaved in such matters is one the reasons it is so loathed by people on the streets of the Middle East and other parts of the world. The issue here is not Assange’s character but the way supposedly civilised and democratic governments behave when people including their own citizens cross them. At that moment the full weight of the states power is used to completely crush the individual.

      • HF I could not have put it better myself, it is the crushing of the individual, anyone who crosses the states’ power loses their rights, quite worrying, they obviously felt the need to hide gave them carte blanch. I daresay there are other cases.

        • Astrologically I feel this has been the leitmotif of the entire Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces period. If the authorities (Capricorn) can convince people that an individual opponent is bad in any area of their life (Neptune manipulating mass sentiment) then they feel free to obliterate them (Pluto) entirely or else make them disappear from public view (Pisces/12th House incarceration). It has been at core of all forms of centrally controlled and driven cancel culture in all its varied forms. Assange’s chart picked up these influences with his 12 House planets of Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon sitting opposite a disputatious Saturn in Gemini

          I dont think it is any coincidence that real progress in the case began when the Australian High Commissioner in the UK first visited Assange in Belmarsh in April 2023 just after Pluto went in Aquarius. The moves by the Australian government to get Assange’s case resolved stalled in July 2023 after Pluto regressed back to Capricorn but picked up momentum again in 2024 after Pluto had gone back into Aquarius. In February of 2024 the Albanese government supported an Independent MPs motion in the Australian Parliament calling for Assange to be returned to Australia which is what really gave impetus to the diplomacy which led to yesterdays events. Of course, there are other factors in play not least the fact that geopolitically Australia is now a lot more important to the USA than the UK government who basically supinely just did whatever Washington told them.


          • I am dubious about Pluto in Aquarius being good for individual rights, I think it will be, probably, be beneficial for the collective, but that will lay the ground for the entry of Neptune in Aries in 2026, Aries being more geared to the individual, and the shift of Uranus into Gemini, dominated by ideas. Just a thought.

          • Pluto is aways about the use and abuse of power. With Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus the cardinal energy lay with the state and government, the masses were pushed backwards and forwards by their emotions and feelings while the money men tried to turn the world upside down while growing ever richer. Pluto will still be about power in Aquarius but it will probably be in the form of mass movements exercising it over individuals and minority groups. As the movement of the of Neptune and Uranus to air signs I expect ideas to become more important. Interestingly the cardinal energy will lie with Neptune which is the collective even though it is in the sign of the individual. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Presumably it will be individuals ideas moving the masses rather than just emotions. Karl Marx wrote and published the Communist Manifesto while Neptune was moving into Pisces from Aquarius but his ideas did not take root as a mass movement until the First International which happened in 1864 when Neptune was in Aries. As the Encyclopedia Britannica states

            “Marx’s political isolation ended in 1864 with the founding of the International Working Men’s Association. Although he was neither its founder nor its head, he soon became its leading spirit.”

            With regard to Assange I believe those in authority came to realise that his continued incarceration had become pointless and counterproductive. The message to those leaking secrets about the punishment they could expect was made long ago and was not added to by mindlessly continuing his iimprisonment. Worse the negative impact it was having in Australia was damaging geopolitically as the country is a key ally for the USA in the Pacific where China is seeking to extend its influence. In terms of rationally using power (Pluto in Aquarius) the relationship with Australia was far more important than whatever Assange had done in the past or was likely to do in the future. This was why the plea bargain was agreed. Everything else was entirely secondary.

          • Not forgetting Chiron which entered Aries at the start of the pandemic, because it sort of paves the way for Neptune and one of the traits of Chiron in Aries is the current phenomenon of competitive victimhood and a plethora of labels which define one’s particular kind of victimhood.

          • From Hu(i?)gh Fowler’s post above,

            “(Pluto in Aquarius) will probably be in the form of mass movements exercising it over individuals and minority groups.”

            This is what I have been saying all along. Apart from death and rebirth, Pluto can also signify power and wealth, and power arising from wealth (words like plutocracy, etc).

            Pluto in Aquarius will mean power moving to collective groups (Aquarius) from the state (Capricorn). Thus it is likely that states will become irrelevant or powerless, but that power will not move to the people or to individuals, but to tribes/groups of people. That will make individual rights much harder to maintain, as tribes (not in the sense of extended families, but in terms of groups of people tied together by loyalty to specific values)may not be as amenable to judicial control as states are.

            Imagine living in a mafia (literally) state or in Germany under the Freikorps during the Weimar Republic, etc.

            I had mentioned in an earlier post some time ago that Pluto seems to affect not only the sign it is in, but its opposite sign as well and that there are signatures of Pluto passing through traits of both signs.

            Pluto passing through Leo started with WWII, had some violations of human rights in the process, and ended in the 1950s with the creation of the EU. It is not impossible that something similar could repeat.

            1939 was also when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied parts of modern Ukraine, albeit that the territory was then part of Poland and was occupied by the Soviets and given to Ukraine. But it was certainly mostly Russian aggression on the territory of modern Ukraine.

    • I fail to see what is moral grandstanding here. Do you not think that Iraqi citizens deserve justice? Regarding women and girls, I suggest you research the case of the horrific Mahmudiyah rape and killings, committed by 5 US servicemen during the occupation of Iraq.

      • This is Neptune in Pisces all over. It is all about feeling and emoting over the victims of war, oppression etc while not looking at the institutions, decisions and processes that caused it. When an individual highlights what has gone on the immediate response is to find a means to destroy the character of the messenger as though that in some ways makes any difference to the message. The truth about Assange is that the West was entirely comfortable with his hacking and leaking about police executions in Kenya, corruption in Arab governments, Tibetan unrest in 2008, oil scandals in Peru. Indeed for most of the 2006-2010 he was aided and abetted by the western MSM in that activity. It was only when he started exposing similar things about western governments operations in Afghanistan and Iraq that it was decided to terminate his activities by any means necessary.

    • And yet he never released documents showing how the governments of Russia and China abuse power and hurt their citizenry. Make it make sense.

  5. I agree with the intention of what he did and I think very few people deserve solitary but he displayed a ken for victimhood far before his stint in Belmarsh, and he bit the hand that fed him at the Embassy the moment everything was not to his liking despite the effort they made for him. He has a reputation of using others for his own ends, if you read up on him and his wife will see that in due course. Turns out she was his solicitor originally, it wasn’t long before she was out there pushing the poor familiy man story which pulls on more peoples heart strings than single data activist cooped up in 5 star embassy. I do wonder if that was his plan.

    But there is no point in trying to make anyone that’s bought into his dream of it never being him responsible for some of this situation see otherwise, maybe those people should check their charts and see if it ties to his as a great example of how we get hoodwinked by others through our synastry with them.

    • Bang on.indian journos idolise him…want his fame ..use his sob story of wife n kids suffered…but want all fame without jail…celebs r narcissts…they love being in news and it’s addiction.,using others when it’s fading is daily for them

    • Perhaps there was no plan. Perhaps this is the story of a handsome, intelligent, articulate man who thought maybe the West was more serious about freedom of the press than it turned out to be, and an intelligent woman lawyer, who fell in love when they got to know each other. “How we met” is not just a Romantic Comedy conceit, people sometimes really do meet in unusual circumstances. As for the marriage heading for difficult circumstances, this is practically guaranteed. He seemed happy in the plane –despite the fact that the miserly Australian government made him charter it for over half a million US dollars, as he was forbidden from flying in a commercial plane. But there have been several suicide attempts, and clearly the years in confinement will affect his psyched his health, probably all his life. Not only that, their relationship developed in extreme circumstances, where every exchange had a concrete purpose, and all meetings mattered immensely. This fits his natal Saturn, which is an exact conjunction on the DESC, and indicates delays and limitations, separations in relationship, but also gravitas and perhaps connections that can last a long time. Saturn on the DESC or the 7th is the typical “we’re chained” aspect. Now they’re going to have to come down to earth, as all couples do, and learn to make pasta together, and decide who buys milk and toilet paper, who takes the trash out, who walks the dog. And she may have to be the breadwinner for a while. Not a role we ever imagined for authoritative, nervous, focused, Julian Assange. Some couples who meet during war, or on siege conditions, don’t survive the peace, the lack of intensity. The change of pace will require great effort for Julian, as Saturn in Pisces goes rx in his 4th and opposes Solar Arc Mercury in Virgo in the 10th. Not only that, the October Solar eclipse at 10 Libra will conjunct his 11th house Uranus in 9 Libra. It rules his 4th, and might bring about unusual circumstances at home, not to mention technology, — I imagine Assange will live under surveillance for a long time. Uranus in the 11th house of wishes, friends, human rights, is squine its dispositor, Venus in the 7th, so the aspect may affect his relationship. The squine aspect, 135°, divides 360° by 24, so it’s the 24 harmonic which, according to some astrologers, denotes change of trend. Indeed this aspect may have been the trigger leading to his freedom if the Eclipse on Uranus is active already. Eclipses are supposed to be active 6 months in advance, so this is not far fetched. Uranus is square the Sun in the natal chart, which is disposed by the Moon in Scorpio in the 12th of prisons. So the upcoming eclipse on separative Uranus affects his Sun and Moon. Anyway, the Eclipse is an ongoing phenomenon and it may have further effects on his home life (Aquarius on the IC) and his relationship/family through the squine. And all this may aggravate the effect of his Solar Arc Saturn in Cancer 22, which will exactly conjunct the natal Mercury in Cancer 24°, which rules his 7th of marriage.

      It will be a challenging time for both, and they may not survive as a couple, although Mercury, the ruler of the 7th being in truly loving Cancer might lead him to discover strength, happiness, and safety in his marriage. Let it be so. But no matter what happens, I honestly don’t see how any of this points out to her finding out she was hoodwinked.

    • His behaviour at the Embassy and at friends accomodation was an embarrassment and his behaviour towards women, dire.
      He is no Edward Snowden, but still its good that he is free.

    • As Marjorie pointed out in a previous post, Assange is born five days after Elon Musk. Both seem to have issues with their childhoods and their fathers. They have Mars conjunct NN in Aqua making them rebellious along with another three planets in air. Then they’re trying to offset that with sensitive but egocentric Cancer suns and difficult moons. And they both engender that same love-us / hate-us tribalism. They both seem to have a God Complex

  6. Fascinating. Across the Atlantic, at around the same time Tommy Robinson was arrested after speaking at an event in Calgary, Canada.

    • He was arrested for previously entering Canada on someone else’s passport. There was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He knowingly sent there obviously thinking the rules don’t apply to him and was arrested.

      • Wee Yaxley-Lennon managed to start a fight in the kid’s swimming pool at our local Centreparcs. You literally cannot take him anywhere. (Moon in Aries opposition Saturn/Pluto in Libra, T-square on Mars in Capricorn – enough said)

      • If what you say is true, it’s a wonder he was admitted at all.
        His three hour interrogation, on entry to Montreal, would have been an ideal opportunity to bar his entry.

        He’s presently under an arbitrary order to hand in his passport, remain in Alberta (staying south of Red Deer) and report thrice weekly to the federal authorities.

        Extraordinary and peculiar measures, are they not?

        • He would have to actually enter Canada for the outstanding warrant to be carried out…. Different authority to interviews at the airport / granting or refusing access to a country

          • It’s the same bunch, Canada Border Services Agency CBSA, who detained him and are now restricting his movements.

  7. Interesting that Assange and Rosie Duffield were born only two days apart, she does not have any of the slyness and ego I find with Assange. Pleased he has a deal but his treatment of the Ecuadorean embassy who took him in and the women who made complaints against him, shows someone who wants to be a lightning rod with Uranus sun, but also loves to project victimhood while demanding so much of everyone around him with Scorpio moon and to some extent Neptune and Jupiter in the 5th. I think he may have narcissistic inclinations and see he now has a wife to fulfill those needs, I wonder how long they will last when he has to start living a boring life.

    Rosie I have much more time for.

    • In the modern world, it’s a strange relationship if you’re marrying someone who you’ve never lived with, or at least gone on dates or been on holiday with. And then to have children with that person!

      Mrs Assange (Stella) is listed as born 20 Nov 1983 in wikipedia which gives her a Scorpio Sun exactly conjunct his Jupiter. And she probably has Taurus moon but it could be early Gemini – that would play into his Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. As signficantly her Libra Venus is conjunct his Libra Uranus.

      But she also has Saturn in Scorpio which might have some intimacy issues hence as a prisoner he would make a good choice of partner as he can’t get too close. Her Saturn is probably conjunct his moon and trine his sun.

      Neither of them has much earth for stability – his Pluto, possibly her moon. All of which probably says she sees it as a great romance story.

      She is just beginning to have her Pluto square Pluto. And with 4 planets in Sag being opposed by Uranus when it goes through Gemini, I think she may have the scales fall from her eyes.

    • I would think 23 hours solitary confinement in a Belmarsh Prison high security cell for 5 years with just one hours exercise a day means his victimhood has been earned the hard way. Given he completed his 12 month sentence for skipping bail in May 2020 I would think the excuses for incarcerating him in such an institution after that date were pretty threadbare. The UN monitor believed the way he was treated by the British legal system was tantamount to psychological torture. It is a bit rich for the U.K. to criticise other countries for Human Rights violations when it behaves in this way. After such long confinement first in the Ecuadorean embassy and then in prison Assange is probably going to find it hard to adjust to freedom.

      • Assange looks old for his age, the various incarceration periods in several guises have definitely left a mark, maybe freedom and living with his family may give a sense of balance, a strange story.

        • I don’t know what will become of him. Personally all the comments about his attitudes to women or his ingratitude to the Ecuadorean government are overwhelmed by the fact he has been held in solitary confinement for upto 23 hours a day in a high security cell at Belmarsh by the British government for 5 years on the flimsiest of grounds. People who have committed bigger crimes and have many more character flaws have not had that sort of treatment. The British government and the British justice system has not come well out of this process. In the end they and the US government have turned a flawed individual into a martyr.

          • Agree with Hugh. As far as the law is concerned, it matters not what someone’s moral character is like. His confinement does not sit well with our notion of ourselves as a free country. This whole mess is yet another ‘evil’ from the Pandora’s box we and the USA opened when we invaded Iraq. When Assange was being dragged out of the Equadorian embassy, I personally felt ashamed to see that event happening in our country. If the US was committing atrocities against innocent civilians in the war in Iraq, then those innocent lives deserve justice and we are entitled to know the truth about what is being done in our name.

          • It is worrying that the law can be applied in such a harsh manner, I have a feeling that we were never told the whole truth either of his disclosures or the relentless way in which he was pursued. There may be more to consider either way, but the whole episode has been an unedifying spectacle. There was a great deal of muddying of the waters just something that happens when governments have to keep certain facts under the radar, dealing with such reckless behavior must, at times, a nightmare for the authorities, but like I said I think we, the public, were never informed fully.

      • True ..i have seen people get sick when they freedom after such long periods.body takes time to get used to normal sunlight and fresh air

      • Yes. It will be interesting to see what he does next, how relevant he is now especially to Australia. Yeah, I’m an Aussie! (Which is not to say he won’t be). Some of the reports have talked his case being a constraint on Australia’s relationship with USA/UK. Moving on seems to be the theme for them, perhaps not for Assange. I wish him and the missus luck on the outside, hard to find privacy with the daily mail taking photos of them buying shoppos at Woolies or going to the beach.

        • Jen, you say

          Some of the reports have talked his case being a constraint on Australia’s relationship with USA/UK. Moving on seems to be the theme for them, perhaps not for Assange.

          Very interesting comment. Outside of the astrological triggers for his release, no one except you, has brought up the issue of WHY the United States’s Department of Justice made this decision so suddenly, –in such a Uranian fashion–, after the extraordinary prosecution it had committed itself to for almost 2 decades, and the threat of incarceration for life. Uranus, so prominent in the US chart and history, squine Assange’s Venus doesn’t give you the mundane aspects, the synastry between the Assange and the United States, and the reasons why this happened.

          What we know, is that Assange’s Sun is conjunct the US’s Sun. This is a question that I think about often, as my Moon is also conjunct the US’s Sun, and asteroid America is conjunct my Sun. Do these contacts have a mundane import, and if so, to what degree and how? We can’t all be imbricate in the US destiny. But what are the markers?

          As for Assange: I think the US needs allies now that it may be on the brink of escalating the war against Russia, which as it turns out is not only existential for Russia (bases in its border, etc.) but for the US, which is 50 trillion in debt. Draw your own conclusions. When attitudes about Assange changed in Australia, the value of prosecuting Assange was trumped by the advantages of acquiescing with the Aussie government and keeping the peace with an important ally.

          Thanks for your comment, and please, mundane astrologers out there, comment if you have any ideas. Comments about Assange’s journalistic integrity, when he is NOT a journalist –Wikileaks was not a newspaper– seem to me a bit of a distraction, frankly, literally beside the point. Assange’s liberation is too important an event to be viewed under the Me too lens only.

          But for those interested in hoodwinked lawyers and sordid romancers for narcissistic payoffs, there is an interesting HBO series with Colin Firth and Juliette Binoche called The Staircase, available for streaming now. It leaves the matter of the hoodwinking up to the viewer, but Juliette does a pretty stupendous job of prefiguring just what Erika imagines the wife that awakens after she realizes she was duped, and as Eddie Murphy puts it in his Saturday Night Life book “kicked in the butt” by love, goes through. We will never know. I mean, what will a desperate man do to go free given the extremity of the carceral system in most countries?

          The mundane drama taking place in front of us has many facets–

    • That is why time and place of birth is so important in astrology.

      It gives us the relevant houses, which would explain why people with the same planets in the same signs are so different.

    • Knowing Closelyan indian celeb in journo in same playing victim card…i can say their spouse r their fans n when they get reality check they r pushed into oblivion where none can reach them…NDA or what but the celeb uses her name n kids name for public sympathy but she is never seen or heard since a decade….these r women who idolised n thought blessed to b their wife but truth is extremely ugly

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