EU – into stormy seas

  The EU is bracing for a rocky ride ahead if the French election swings to the far right with Marine Le Pen and her protegee Jordan Bardella leading the charge. Leaving the EU and the eurozone no longer feature on her RN party’s electoral manifestos and polls do not suggest an outright majority for RN. But it will probably be the largest force in the national assembly. France might well be unable to engage in EU decision-making with a hung parliament; and if the right holds sway it would affect climate, migration and gender equality policies.

 The EU, 31 December 1957 11pm Brussels chart, is floundering through tr Neptune (and Scheat) square the Midheaven and opposition the Ascendant this year and on and off till early 2026 – inducing indecisiveness about direction and an undermining of its image. And there will be extreme stress with almost unsurmountable obstacles as the Solar Arc Pluto opposes the Moon and squares Uranus through mid to late 2025. With a disruptive, applecart-upsetting tr Uranus square the Pluto by 2026 and on.  

  The Maastricht Treaty chart, 1 November 1993 12 am Brussels, started showing unease as Macron decided on a snap election with tr Uranus opposition the Mars Pluto and that will continue to cause upsets and disruptions across the New Year and into March 2025. Tr Pluto will continue to bear down on the 1 degree Taurus Midheaven through this year till late 2025 in square, causing a forced shift in direction. With cataclysmic turbulence through 2028/9 as the Solar Arc Uranus Neptune is conjunct the Saturn and square the Mars Pluto.

  France’s relationship charts with both the EU 1957 and EU Maastricht do hint at major disagreements this year and on. With the EU;  tr Uranus squares the Saturn this month and opposes the composite Pluto this July onwards into 2025; and then opposes the Mars in 2025/26. That looks very fractious. France with Maastricht – has much the same with aggravation this month and into early 2025 and a tug of war for the upper hand.

 Germany is also on high alert and edgy. With the EU 1957, there is a composite Venus opposition Uranus square Mars opposition Moon all in early Fixed signs which is being forced through grinding change with high frustrations peaking in 2025/26 but extending on till late decade. With the Maastricht Treaty and Germany relationship chart 2026/2027/2028 look nerve stretched and highly disruptive.

  Italy is faring no better in finding contentment  within the Brussels monolith with tr Uranus in late Taurus causing havoc this year and next to both the Italy/EU relationship charts.

  Nothing settled anywhere. The irony is that some of the above may be a direct result of Macron’s ill judged calling of an election. He is robustly pro-Europe but may unwittingly have set in motion events which will undermine his European ideal.

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  1. It took me some time to find the following: from 1922 the Paneuropa League headed by Count Coudenhove-Kalergi had been advocating a United States of Europe, after the 2nd WW Jean Monnet and others propelled the project further, then there was Jacques Delors; the ultimate aim has always been to create one area under one government.

  2. Simultaneous to reading this post I came across Jacques Delors who helped revive the
    French economy in the 1980’s. An economist and politician, he went on to head an
    unprecedented two terms as president of the EU commission. His commission forged
    today’s Euro economy. If his birth time of 12:30 is correct, he has Black Moon and the
    Sun conjunct at the Midheaven. Born July 20, 1925, Paris, France. Source, Astrotheme.

  3. How good ideas can go badly wrong! The rush to expansion, centralisation and conformity have signed the death warrant of the modern EU. And Macron’s ‘big decision’ may well rock the euro to its foundations. I say that, because of all major EU economies, France is the most exposed to foreign lenders; with more than 50% of its debt in their hands. The moment they get a clear sign of instability, they will do whatever is necessary to protect their positions. And next week, a new Labour UK government will inevitably commence negotiations with Brussels for closer ties and co-operation. And the way these things work, informal discussions will have already been ongoing for some weeks. Proof, if proof is needed, that parallel universes really do exist.

  4. “The irony is that some of the above may be a direct result of Macron’s ill judged calling of an election.’ Along with Sunaks equally rash call which could destroy the Conservatives and has fuelled Reform.
    Neptune is Sagittarius generation showing its reckless tendency to gamble and unrealistic optimism.

    • Rishi only had a choice of timing, because the election had to be called by the end of this year, at the most January 2025.

      Macron took a huge leap of faith, as France didn’t need to have an election till 2027.

      The two are not the same.

      • Certainly it was a case of timing for Rishi, yet it wasnt expected till November and it has been called out as rash by most commentaters. Of course not the same but similarly impulsive.

  5. Another significant chart for Europe is the Treaty of Accession effective 1st May 2004 which saw the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia join the EU. This was the start of the EUs great “Drang Nach Osten”. Again it is a chart with difficult aspects with Pluto at 21 Sagittarius opposing Venus at 21 Gemini and Mars at 25 Gemini and squaring the Moon at 19 Virgo. I note that in the run up to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in February 2022 the Maastricht Treaty Solar Arc Pluto Mars was at 22/23 Sagittarius triggering that accession treaty chart. No surprise to find that transiting Uranus in Taurus was conjunct the Sun/North Node on that 1st May 2004 chart and that Pluto was conjunct its Chiron when the Ukraine war started.

    • Thanks Hugh, the Treaty of Accession chart sounds interesting and viable. Funnily enough, I was looking at 2004 for the Gender Recognition Act, 1st July. Tr Saturn is now squaring that year’s Pluto, and maybe testing some of the decisions that were put in place twenty years ago.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. Amazing how the horrible chart for Maastricht links to France, 1792 and it’s Mars 26 Scorpio, Uranus 21 Leo, and Pluto 21 Aquarius. Plus the echoes in the other composites you’ve posted here. The Maastricht MC/IC also connects with the revolutionary French Jupiter 2 Scorpio opposing Saturn 0 Taurus – Pluto is already pushing on those. The Euro seems to have two charts. 1999 has Neptune 1 Aquarius, while 2002 has Moon 0 Leo, Neptune 7 Aquarius ( So, also under Pluto’s transformative pressure.

    Not sure what to make of it all, but the French Revolution was on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, and we could see Maastricht as a pivotal moment in modern European history. The French Revolution also unsettled many other countries, not least because they did not want the same thing happening in their own nations. The Uranus/Mars/Algol line-up appears to be planning all manner of upheaveals.

    • It is hard to imagine a worse chart for Europe than the 1993 Maastricht one. It picks up some very harsh aspects right through to 2036 when a Pluto transit of 20 Aquarius makes an opposition to a Saturn/Mars conjunction at 19 Leo. This occurs within 3 degrees of the natal Saturn at 23 Aquarius and square the Pluto/Mars conjunction at 24 Scorpio opposite Moon at 24 Taurus. There follows a number of Pluto/Mars transit aspects in 2037 rounded off by a Pluto at 23 Aquarius opposition Mars at 23 Leo in July 2038 which hits the Maastricht chart almost exactly. Let us hope Europe has moved from that ill starred chart by that date and has a new more benign foundation with which to work

  7. Really scary. Fascism is on the rise. I guess the inevitable question: how do the outer planet signatures compare with the 1930s?

    • In the 1930s Uranus was in Aries/Taurus, Neptune in Virgo and Pluto Cancer/Leo. The next few years will be a different set up with Fire/Air dominant rather than Fire/Water/Earth. Pluto is in Aquarius until 2043 so it’s a long lasting influence. I almost certainly won’t live to see another Pluto sign shift.

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