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  1. Hello from California!
    Marjorie, can you please look at Bird Flu (I’ll look to see what you’ve already covered.)

    The virus has now been found bc in milk. Pasteurization kills it, but there are concerns it could spread to pigs & combine with other flu viruses.

    • So sorry Marjorie I wrote in haste I should have said please would you be able to look at Frank Field, many thanks. I wonder whether he had it him to be Prime Minister , he seemed to have such good ideas which were thwarted by many lobbies.

  2. The incident today in London when 5 horses from the Household Cavalry were spooked and bolted. Two, a black horse and a grey/white horse, covered in blood ran wild in the city injuring 4 people and smashing into buses and cars. It was a dramatic and disturbing sight and I wondered about Neptune’s close proximity to the fixed star Scheat which Jane has said is associated with the winged horse, Pegasus. Mars is currently conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Yesterday’s full moon in Scorpio which in turn made a T Square onto Pluto in Aquarius also saw a protest from the far right in London.

    I couldn’t help but think of the tarot card imagery from ‘The Chariot’ where one white horse and one black horse pull in two directions.

    • VF – a little spooky isn’t it? I wonder if this is another of those symbolic, dream-like moments? I remember the white stag in Liverpool. I hope the horses are okay now, such magnificent creatures. Yesterday’s protest march on St George’s Day also featured a man riding a white horse. The Cosmos seems to be hammering home a visual message in some way.

      Poseidon (Neptune) was a god of horses, along with his other rulerships. Father of Pegasus with Medusa’s blood….Mars and Neptune plus Scheat, 29 Pisces, is something I’ve been wondering about for a while. Not as dramatic, perhaps, as Mars with Uranus and Algol (Medusa) in the summer, but links the story of Pegasus, Medusa, and Neptune/Poseidon somehow. I think the Rider-Smith-Waite deck Chariot image relates to Hindu mythology, with the design of the chariot itself.

      It was the late Queen’s birthday on 21st April. Last year we saw that symbolic photo of her with those two beautiful white horses.

      Really, much to ponder. But horses are wonderful symbols of beauty, strength, and power in many mythologies. I’m sticking to that, and avoiding thinking about any Biblical symbolism!

      • Oh, I’d forgotten about the rider in a red cloak on a white horse at the protest, how uncanny! I also immediately thought of the white stag in Liverpool. I drew up a chart for this morning’s incident today and there is a Sun/Moon opposition T-squaring onto Pluto in Aquarius in the 8th plus, perhaos underling the idea of division, Gemini rising.

    • Quite a bizarre event. My first thought was the phrase “nothing to scare the horses”. Except something did, maybe an omen that bad things are around the corner.

      FWIW Scorpio full moon actually happened in the early hours of this morning – less than 8hrs before they broke loose.

      • Thanks very much GD and VF. I hope there’s nothing to scare the horses heading our way! A burst of wild equine energy to capture our attention? In one further thought – the whole St George, St George’s flag, man dressed as a Crusader riding a white horse, and so on got me thinking about the Crusades. Obviously, they may have relevance to what’s happening across the Middle East now as well.

        Interesting to see that Pope Urban called for the first Crusade on 27 November 1095 (JC). Uranus 21 Aries, aligns with April’s Solar eclipse. Pluto 6 Aries opposes the earlier Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Chiron, 10 Aries, opposes the autumn Solar Eclipse this year. Nodes 0 Pisces. Neptune 29 Cancer. The Moon was in Scorpio that day.

        It all finally unravelled on 12 May 1291 (JC), with the Fall of Acre. Saturn was 19 Aries, Neptune 5 Libra – this spring’s eclipses mirrored again. Pluto was 8 Aquarius, Chiron 10 Aries. Nodes 0 Virgo.

        • That’s really interesting Jane – I was thinking about the crusades too – and what a surprise to find Aries playing such a role in the preaching of the first crusade by Pope Urban. It got me thinking about the astrology yesterday and today and the line-up of NN, Chiron, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Aries as well as Mars/Neptune in Pisces and oddly, an unaspected Saturn in Pisces – apt, considering the horses broke through their boundaries so to speak.

          It also got me thinking about how St.Edmund was the original patron Saint of England, an Anglo-Saxon king and Christian martyr. It was during the 3rd crusade that Richard I went to visit the tomb of St George in Lydda and afterwards won a battle against the ‘saracens’. He aligned himself with the saint as an example of a holy warrior, seeing in the saint’s story the medival ideals of chivalry and nobility. In 1350, Edmund was replaced officially as patron saint by St.George.

          • I know they celebrate St George’s Day in Spain, but not sure why. Also thanks for Richard 1st. Well, I looked up his chart on Astro.com – and there’s Moon 19 Libra for the April Solar Eclipse, and Saturn 9 Libra conjunct BML 10 Libra, for that tricksy Solar in the autumn. He also had Jupiter in 28 Aries, square Uranus in Capricorn (8 September 1157 JC). Appropriately for his Lionheart nickname, he had Leo rising.

            St Edmund, official dob 25 December, 841. And, patterns….that date shows Uranus 9 Aries, square Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn. So there’s October’s Solar Eclipse coming up again. Pluto was 25 Pisces, where Mars is now. Chiron was 28 Pisces, conjunct our current Neptune. Nodes at 22 Libra mean April’s Solar Eclipse was on the S. Node.

            How these apparent ‘coincidences’ chime through the centuries is quite amazing.

          • @Virgoflake and @Jane

            In the Mediterranean St George has been seen since old as a semblance on earth of Michael the archangel defeating the dragon

    • Seems to have been caused by builders dropping concrete down a chute in Belgravia near them – not sure what that is symbolic of. Too much renovation.
      Oddly enough although the horses are generally traffic proof, the riders are often not that proficient. And it is easy enough to get bucked off when they get spooked.
      The white horse with blood down its front did look a touch alarming.

      • Thanks Marjorie. I didn’t know that about the riders. I’ve been on a bolting horse myself, but managed to stay on somehow – a miracle as I’m really not a brilliant rider or anything. Only terrifying afterwards, when you realise it has stopped.
        For me, the symbolism of galloping riderless horses on the London streets was quite dramatic. Maybe Jungian, maybe a touch of the ancient Roman signs and portents!

    • Completely unconnected but in a similarly bizarre event the sails of the Moulin Rouge windmill in Paris fell off last night.


  3. The Rwanda bill got passed late last night. It goes against all advice and attempts to set aside international law which will surely bring many more expensive law suits for the government. It seems to be nothing more than a grandstanding gesture intended to shore up the Tory party’s fortunes as elections approach. It is still mercury retrograde so I wonder how long it will last before it is quietly shelved as unworkable. I feel for those who will fall victim to its unintended effects but it also highlights the real problem of a lack of effective cooperation with neighbouring countries. The French are only too happy to see unwanted refugees leave on perilous journeys. Hence little investment in deterrence there. Similarly the Rwanda solution is too far removed from their world of survival for potential illegals to even realise the risk they run of deportation to a hostile third country. So as a deterrent it is also unlikely to work. People who are desperate are often unaware of the fact that there are less risky and less costly alternatives but tunnel vision sets in. And the UK government seems to have the same tunnel vision which allows no room for other options. How long before common sense prevails, I wonder.

    • I’ll wait till it gets Royal assent – possibly today and do after that. The whole notion was surreal in the first place and gets weirder by the moment.

      • Thank you Marjorie, the Rwanda bill seems to be another masterpiece of dreadful outsourcing, will it become another Post Office which is one of the most notorious, no doubt the mania for outsourcing leaving responsibility to third parties or not, will claim yet more victims

    • Not sure it’s a grandstanding gesture per se.

      One of Rishi’s five promises was to “stop the boats”. So he needs to find a way to achieve that as it’s what he asked voters to judge his government on.

  4. Re the recent eclipses, and flooding in Dubai, I was interested (and horrified) to see this:

    “Two years ago, P&O caused outrage on both sides of the Channel by sacking 786 crew and replacing them with agency workers.

    Last month, ITV News and the Guardian reported that P&O was still paying some of its agency crew average hourly rates of £4.87 – even lower than the £5.15 an hour P&O told a parliamentary select committee was its lowest pay rate in March 2022.

    The new law also compels ferry operators between the UK and France to pay their crew at least the French minimum wage of £9.96 an hour.” ITV.com

    Marjorie wrote about P&O on 18 March 2022. P&O World is owned by the Dubai government. Sheik Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, has his natal Moon’s North Nodes at 20 Aries, square Sun 22 Cancer. Dubai 1820 has Moon’s South Node at 5 Libra, where the recent Lunar Eclipse took place.

    People working for P&O have reportedly been working twelve hour shifts, seven days a week, for up to 17 weeks at a time. Along with whatever the eclipses stir up, perhaps the approaching Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune – close to troublesome fixed star Scheat – represents the fight of the seafarers for fair pay and working conditions? Scheat in Pegasus is much associated with events connected with water and the sea.

    • He’s not a sympatico individual for sure. And I think has some kind of building permission kerfuffle going on in the UK at one of his country estates.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any further astrological updates regarding Armenia, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine? I’m asking because I’ve noticed a lot has happened these past few months with regards to these 3 nations. However, unfortunately, news about Palestine, Israel, and Iran keep soaking up all of the attention.

    For example, Armenia, once a staunch and dependent ally of the Russian Federation, appears to have become disillusioned by Russian Federation and has recently begun pushing for closer economic, defense, and diplomatic ties with the European Union and North America. I also read that Armenia decided to leave the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (which is led by Russia) and Armenia even began sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to Politico Europe, Russia has also removed its military from Nagorno-Karabakh.

    As for Ukraine, the U.S. House of Representatives finally (and successfully) passed the much needed aid package yesterday (Saturday, April 21, 2024) and it is expected to pass through the Senate very soon.

    And as for the Russian Federation, it appears things are going from bad to worse. According to the Scottsbluff Star-Herald, the number of Russian soldiers trying to flee Putin’s war has skyrocketed – thousands are seeking asylum in Kazakhstan, Lithuania, France, Germany, and elsewhere.

  6. The New York Times has an article for 300th anniversary of Kant’s birth “Why the World Still Needs Immanuel Kant”.

    Kant was birth data:

    22 April 1724
    Königsberg, Kingdom of Prussia
    Kaliningrad, Russia).

  7. I found the arrest record and birthdate of the man who set himself on fire outside the Trump trial yesterday.
    Max Azzarello
    St Augustine, Florida

  8. I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick to death of Trump, Taylor Swift, Meghan’s jam saga, electoral and economic mayhem wherever you look and churning chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere.
    Rant over. Will reluctantly do a Trump retread.

    • Sometimes I feel like saying something similar, but then when you look around here, Trump, royals, UK politics – those are the most visited threads, at least by the number of comments. No matter how many times you write about these matters, they will always be popular.

    • Sorry Marjorie!
      I know it would be healthier to look away.
      Many compliments on your amazingly effective use of midpoints.
      Are Noel Tyl and Everton the best sources for midpoint work?

  9. Taylor Swifts new album dropped today Marjorie and as expected, it spills the dirty beans on her exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy plus longtime nemesis Kim K. I would love to see their synastry chart with TS.

  10. Hi Marjorie,
    For what it’s worth in terms of birth data regarding Trump’s hush-money election interference case, in the words of Justice Merchan, “the trial will begin Monday at 9:30 AM.” (Monday, 22 April 2024, New York, NY)

    Of course, the crucial jury selection phase began this past Monday, April 15 at 9:30 AM.
    Nevertheless, the 22nd trial phase chart could be interesting to glance at as the proceedings unfold.

    (Assuming the trial phase starting time holds in the wake of this weekend’s electric Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and Sun square Pluto (blocks, challenges for leaders, anyone?). Already, a protester self-immolated outside the courthouse today.)

    • I notice the jury selection started during Mercury retrograde and trial will start while it’s still retrograde. That usually means nothing comes of it.

      I also notice Jupiter conjunct his midheaven at end of month when Mercury goes direct again which could bring him luck. But Uranus is up there too, bringing surprises? Not sure how long the trial will last, they did jury selection in record time tho. To me, this is the weakest of all the cases but interested to hear what Marjorie sees.

      • Wow. Wasn’t thinking about the retrograde.
        My first-ever astrologer advised never to hire a lawyer during Mercury retrograde. Of course, it would follow not to file a lawsuit during Mercury retrograde either. And especially not during Mars retrograde.
        Notwithstanding Team Trump’s countless dilatory motions (including essentially refiling the same motions multiple times), litigants can’t really control when proceedings begin.
        It will be fascinating to watch how this all plays out, astrologically, legally, and politically.

      • Alabe.com:

        “Applying Jupiter Conjunct Uranus
        Unusual and interesting trends get attention during this transit. It’s even possible that a kind of revolution, or at least a liberation of ideas, may occur now. Positive developments, changes, and reversals may be happening in many fields, including religion, sports, law, and transportation. Court rulings made now will be perceived as progressive, if not controversial.

        Emphasis mine.

        Although, I wonder if this will be relevant by the end of the trial or whether it has meaning because it happened around the beginning of the court proceedings.

  11. Fun trivia: yesterday I was doing some reading on feng shui and bumped onto the Sanxing, the three deities Fu, Lu, and Shou, who govern wealth, status, and longevity.

    So remember how we talked about that runner who crossed the whole of Africa after a difficult past he got away from, and I mentioned the star Canopus?

    So god Shou (Longevity) presides over Canopus, the brightest star in the constellation Carina.

    People usually use little statues of these three Chinese deities to bring more energies of wealth and abundance into their homes.

    • Of course, just to clarify, it’s pretty much true that just if you put these three figurines – in the correct order – in the correct corner of the house (usually that is the south-east), it is unlikely that just that will suddenly cause the gates of wealth to open and a ton of gold and money to pour into your life. The figurines might just be that proverbial cherry on the top of the cake.

  12. @El Azna, I read somewhere that POF is really not about fortune but about the body.
    Best tedious way to score a bargain is 1. Track prices, for a while(there are always trends) , 2. Put into online cart and wait. 3. Fastest finger first when price dropped (this is the part I usually failed). I usually only end up with that was a good price and I missed it.
    Might be my Mars aspects.

    @Virgoflake, what about Neptune – Mercury aspect? In the past, trading routes were via sea. Now imports/exports are still mostly sea routes.
    Charles Munger had a Neptune square Mercury in out of sign Scorpio (off memory), which I still find very intriguing.

    • Yes, I’ve read something similar, fortune is not literally fortune, but Anthony Louis successfully used it in a few of his elections.

    • Good point – as someone with an ancestry of merchants, and having studied their charts to the best of my ability, my paternal side has a repeated Moon/Neptune aspect across the financial axis of Taurus/Scorpio running through the family like letters through a stick of rock, and of course my Scottish ancestors left Scotland and moved abroad (overseas) to seek their fortune. Neptune can also be resources such as oil, gas or chemicals. One of my great grandfathers ran an iron foundry, which may be another reason why we have the Mercury/Mars in Scorpio cropping up in every generation, going back 4 generations.

  13. So – when the Arab Spring started on 4th Jan 2011, there was a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 27 Pisces with Mars at 21 Capricorn.

    On 20th April 2024 we’ll have a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus, with Neptune at 28 Pisces.

    I know Israel has it’s Sun at 23 Taurus.

    But is there something connecting Islamic states to 27/28 Pisces? The fixed star Scheat is at 29 Pisces and is something to do with drowning – and floods have arrived in the Middle East as a result of Neptune getting close to it. So they must be more sensitive to 27/28/29 Pisces than the rest of the world.

  14. Which house, or any other indicator, in a natal chart rules a person’s buying and selling stuff and something in life? I guess how good at trade you are or how you are always able to find a bargain or be lucky in purchases. Something like that.

    • EA – Mercury is the planet of commerce and financial astrology uses its positions and retrogrades to track the markets and to trade. Mercury is the planet of merchants. My paternal side were merchants going back several generations and I have a great grandfather and grandmother both with Mercury/Mars in Scorpio and I also have Mercury/Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd!

      • Yes, Virgoflake, that is why I thought perhaps the ruler of the 3rd house in a natal chart, as well as Mercury itself, because the 3rd house should be also trade, no? But I did a brief Google search and, as you mention markets, that is precisely what came up and, of course, the 5th house, which is speculation. So perhaps also condition of the 5th house and its ruler.

        • Yes, the 5th comes into play because as you mentioned it’s linked with speculation, so the sign on the cusp is significant and the presence of Jupiter, Venus, the Sun there is traditionally seen as favourable. The 11th house also relates to assets, mercantile speculations and gains. Interestingly, the 11th house is often depicted in medieval and early modern illustrations, woodcuts and engravings as a wheel of fortune, indicating the house’s association with financial gains, income, profits and inheritances. The 11th house is about so much more than just friends, networks, groups, etc particularly in Vedic astrology.

          • Thanks for that info about 11th house. I have a few planets in that house. One is a degree or two near the 11H cusp but in 10th (some say it counts and others say not). Please share what else Vedic astrology says about the 11th house?

          • Wow, I’m learning so much! Thank you. I had this idea this morning if it is in some way possible – and now I’m a bit hesitant if it is too much work – to pick a time and date (election) to buy something online and have that purchase come out as a success, perhaps even more than you thought. Maybe the item arrives earlier than you thought, it is better than you thought it’d be, maybe it was even more of a bargain or in other way financially successful a purchase. You maybe get a surprise gift from the seller! That sort of thing.

            I was more thinking of picking a good Moon aspect to a benefic, a good condition of the ruler of the ascendant, maybe I saw on one blog a nice aspect to the Part of Fortune from a benefic or chart ruler.

            But then you should also have such a chart have a good aspect to your natal chart, and stuff gets complicated quickly, and I was more going for an easier, cheatsheetish kind of way that cannot go wrong.

          • 11th House is, by definition, the house of companies (association of groups) and partnerships, the bedrock of commerce.

            Also, given that it is opposite the 5th House, any planets aspecting the 5th will almost certainly aspect the 11th.

            In the case of Pluto going through signs, I had also thought that the opposite sign is also activated to some extent. When Pluto was going through Cancer (~WW1 & InterWar period, homelands beings destroyed and new ones being created), Capricorn was also impacted (fall of monarchies across Europe). Likewise with Leo & Aquarius (WWII, but also formation of new communities, such the EEC, in its immediate aftermath), and Virgo & Pisces (improved health care in the 1950s and 60s, but also increased use of drugs for both medicinal and recreational purposes).

            TBH, the current rise of the far-right across the world does not surprise me at all, given that Pluto is exactly opposite where it was at the start of WWII, when Nazism was its apogee, with it being widely supported even in the US (before it entered the Allied side in 1941).

            Returning to the main topic at hand, it makes sense that the 5th and 11th Houses would be intertwined when it comes to commerce.

            Re Jennifer E’s question below about the 11th House in Vedic Astrology, among other things, it is considered the house of the elder brother(s), sibling(s) and elders of the same generation.

            The 3rd House, equidistant from the Ascendant in the opposite direction, is the house of younger brother(s), sibling(s) and elders of the same generation.

            You can use this to see if your relationships with your elder siblings & cousins is markedly different to that with your younger siblings.

          • Thanks UM. Very interesting regarding the rise of the far-right and Pluto in Cancer/Capricorn.

            Indeed, the 11th house is associated with the sign of Aquarius and thus the planet Uranus. Both the 11th, 5th and the 8th, as well as aspects from Mercury to Uranus appear in the natal charts of successful gamblers. For instance, Edward Thorp, Blackjack expert and mathematician has Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune stellium in Leo/Virgo in the 8th in trine to Uranus in Aries and a Yod on his Moon in Aquarius.

            Billy Walters, sports better has Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius.

            Phil Ivey, considered the best poker player in the world has a Cancer Moon in the 8th opposite Mercury/Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd, Pluto in the 11th – Pluto can represent great riches and wealth – and Uranus rising in Scorpio on his Ascendant. His Uranus both trines his 8th house Moon and squares his Aquarius Sun, giving him an instinct for knowing when to take risks and when to hide his intent. He also has a Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Jupiter/Uranus, even in difficult aspect tends to give ‘luck’ for want of a better word, and I remember reading once that the aspect which crops up most regularly in the charts of Lotto winners is Jupiter quincunx Uranus.

            El Aznar – good luck with your purchase!

          • Before I say anything else, I think I’ve read that 11th house is the house of wish fulfilment. I think.

            Thank you, Virgoflake! With that beautiful energy you sent me, I think it will go superswell!

  15. Hi Marjorie the latest in a long line of Tory scumbags floats to our attention, one Mark Menzies 18.5.71 in Irvine. I’m sure that must be some compelling astrology around his downfall and all the attendant machinations which go with it.

    • The surprise is that he hasn’t fallen or been pushed onto his sword before now if you read his wiki entry. Scandals galore.
      He is a Sun Saturn in Taurus just like the Tory Party. His Sun Saturn are in a stubborn trine to Pluto and opposition a scandal-prone Jupiter Neptune conjunction. His Solar Arc Mars is opposition his Pluto at the moment for a dead halt.
      Not a shining star in their firmament.

  16. Caitlin Clark (born January 22, 2002) is an American professional basketball player for the Indiana Fever of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). She played college basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes and is regarded as one of the greatest collegiate players of all time.
    She has made women’s basketball more popular than the men’s with millions of new viewers tuning in. She is presently an American sporting
    I was just inspired reading an article about her. Marjorie, would you take a look at her chart?

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