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  1. Neptune in Pisces is really strong. You have no idea any more what’s true and what’s not.

    This morning I open The Guardian, and I immediately see two titles: “Wellness is a multibillion-dollar cult. Now I see through it” and “I had abs. I was in the best shape. But I was miserable”.

    (Also could be Moon now in Sagittarius squaring Virgo, the sign of health, well-being and self-care, so thus the negative slant.)

    To quote Alabe.com once more:

    “Neptune void in Pisces
    Trends are unclear. Not everything is known, there is much to suspect. The fabric of reality seems to be ripped asunder. Faith in leadership is low. Social and economic conditions are unstable and subject to devaluations. The future looks uncertain and no one is taking any chances. Beliefs about reality are challenged. Some feel overwhelmed, even flooded, literally and figuratively.”

    Maybe all this will be swept away, the wellness, the meditating, the breathing, and we will have to start again, once Neptune is in Aries.

  2. It will be Marvin Gaye’s birthday on 2nd April, and the anniversary of his shooting (by his father) on 1st April (1984). So I was curious to see this on the BBC website:

    “It is 40 years since Marvin Gaye died in Los Angeles – shot dead by his father in the middle of a violent domestic dispute.
    But his music is still streamed and downloaded around 20 million times a month, and his classic duet with Tammi Terrell, Ain’t No Mountain, has been streamed more than a billion times.
    So the value of a cache of audio tapes containing new material recorded by Marvin Gaye could be huge.” BBC 30th March 2024

    What’s interesting, astrologically, is his Saturn (history?), 19 Aries, awaiting that April Solar Eclipse in Aries. He also has an MC 8 Aries (he gave his birth time as midday according to astro.com), so the Libran Lunar Eclipse was on his IC. Tr Jupiter in financial Taurus is crossing his natal Uranus this week. Taurus would also be associated with music, and perhaps his beautiful voice, and unusual musical talents and creativity. The ‘cache’ in Belgium also includes stage costumes and personal notebooks.

    The lyrics for ‘What’s Going On’ (1971) remain relevant today:

    “Father, father
    We don’t need to escalate
    You see, war is not the answer
    For only love can conquer hate
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some lovin’ here today”

    • @Jane, sad reminder!

      Interestingly, my Marvin Gaye story involves finding all these Motown, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder vinyls my dad had stacked away I found when I was a teenager. I was spellbound. Interestingly, he never listened to these when I was older, and I was thinking that these were from around the time my dad and mom were dating and young couple.

      My mom died before her first Saturn Return when I was 4. I realize I have no idea of what my mother’s musical tastes were, but then, her family wasn’t that musical, unlike father’s. But now I’m thinking my dad just never could listen to certain music again after my mom was gone.

      • Sometimes music really does lock one into a certain time, a certain person. It’s very potent. Thanks for sharing your story, Solaia. Wishing you a happy Easter weekend.

        • I felt that way during the mid-1970’s, dealing with no job, no $$ yet had enuf to buy the occasional Joni Mitchell record (well before CDs were available). Her music and lyrics helped me thru some dark times.

  3. It’s becoming too silly…and right before Easter.

    “Donors to new Trump fundraising outfit can obtain ‘Ultra MAGA’ status with maximum contribution”

    ” The highest level of contributions to the Trump 47 Committee – as the joint fundraising committee is known – is called “Ultra MAGA” and is designated for individuals who donate $814,600, the current limit that one person can currently donate to Trump 47.

    The other levels include:

    “Team Trump 2024” for those who donate $250,000.

    “Team America First” for $100,000 contributions.”

    “Club 47” at $50,000.

    “MAGA 24” at the $24,000 level. ”

    MAGA Bible not included 😉 I’m glad this is the upside in his astrology.

  4. Marjorie – I seem to recall you saying you like to explore the roots of movements. Having been taken to a vegan restaurant by friends earlier this week, it seems there are some firm dates available.

    Donald Watson* coined the term and set up The Vegan Society as an offshoot of vegetarianism. His first newsletter can be found in the Wayback Machine and is dated at its bottom to 24 November 1944. There are others involved but he seems like the driver and it’s interesting that he didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, was an atheist, conscientious object and so on. Clearly someone who had thought about the best way to live but also perhaps no moderation.

    * Born 2 Sep 1910 in Mexborough, Yorkshire


  5. Both Elizabeth Holmes and Sam bankman appear to have Pisces moons – be interesting to see how that might have led to illusion / lying / reality disconnect

  6. Can you look at the chart of Tik Tok? Will it be banned and what will the implications be? Is META also going down in the future?
    Hope so, i’m honestly so tired of Zuckenberg…

  7. Would you have a look at MacKenzie Scott, 7 April 1970 (no birth time), San Francisco? Wondering what drives her extraordinary largesse.

  8. I encourage anyone interested to look at the result of this Tuesday’s Alabama special election in a deep GOP district. Now that’s a tsunami….good lord!

  9. Something I noticed that connects the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, Uranus/Mars/Algol, and the Aries Eclipse is Sadiq Khan, and his role as Mayor of London.

    “The chart for his first swearing in 7 May 2016 hints at considerable setbacks later this year into 2025 which may or may not be connected to the results of the forthcoming election.” (Marjorie, February 2024)

    Chart for the first Swearing In, 7 May 2016, has Moon with Algol at 26 Taurus, Sun 17 Taurus, Mercury 20 Taurus. Khan’s natal Saturn is 21 Taurus. It seems all that Taurus hasn’t manifested in initiatives to improve social housing stock, but may be connected to revenue-raising schemes instead.

    April’s Aries Eclipse aligns with the 2016 Mayoral Uranus, 21 Aries. The 25 Pisces Lunar of September 2024 hits that swearing in chart’s Pisces South Nodes, and Chiron at 24 Pisces. Khan’s natal Mars is 22 Virgo, Pluto 27 Virgo.

    The way both the eclipses, and the Uranus, Jupiter and Algol themes keep cropping up across various charts for diverse individuals and locations is quite striking. Maybe it all suggests some kind of change of gear moment in our collective experiences/unconscious?

    • Following tonight’s news about the unbelievably revolting amount of raw sewage being dumped in Britain’s rivers and seas “go swimming, get hepatitis” (ITV news), I looked at Marjorie’s post on the water companies, June 2023. And there are the eclipses, and the Uranus/Mars/Algol lineup too in the Water Act, 1989 with its S Node 26 Leo, Moon 23 Leo, and Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn square October’s Libran Solar Eclipse. That eclipse also squares Thames Water’s Venus 10 Aries (selfish money?!), Saturn/Neptune 13-14 Capricorn. The Lunar Eclipse in September aligns with the MC in Pisces. Thames Water has Uranus 5 Capricorn, squared by this week’s Libran Lunar Eclipse. The company is in deep trouble.

      Of deeper interest I think is that Saturn/Neptune conjunction of 1989, and subsequently the triple conjunction with Uranus in Capricorn. As Marjorie wrote:

      “I suspect we have still not grasped the scale of the changes wrought by the late 1980/early 1990 triple conjunction which crossed the UK Sun. Historians looking back may well point to that as a key turning point – and not in an upward direction.”

      October’s Libran Solar Eclipse is not in a particularly pleasant Saros Series. But perhaps it is on course to open up a much closer look at what’s being going on since the late 80’s.

      • I couln’t resist looking at the Great Stink of 1858. And there’s Neptune, 24 Pisces, with the Lunar Eclipse this September at 25 Pisces, and Thames Water’s Pisces MC. Saturn moved that summer from late Cancer into early Leo, Uranus entered Gemini. Here’s something from June, 1858:

        ” It is the receptacle of the excreta of near three millions of persons; dwellings, factories, laundries, streets, pour their liquid and solid refuse into its current; a navy of active steamboats employ their paddle-wheels in stirring the mixture, and the sun – great agent of fermentation – sets the mass into a work, so that from Teddington to the Nore, the Thames breeds pestilence for all who traverse its surface, pass over it, or live within reach of the air that has wafted over its stream of putrefaction.”
        London City Press, 19 June, 1858

      • Jane, when Birmingham Corporation was intending to purchase the Birmingham Waterworks Company in 1875 social reformer and politician, Joseph Chamberlain said to a House of Commons committee:

        “We have not the slightest intention of making profit … We shall get our profit indirectly in the comfort of the town and in the health of the inhabitants.”

        Makes one long for the days when those in power aspired to serve the people, rather than rip them off and bleed them dry while poisoning the waterways and rewarding themselves in the process.

        • Thanks for that lovely quote, VF. Really, practically makes me want to cry! Health and comfort eh? These days, it seems those are not for everybody.

  10. You know, I remembered earlier, before Aaron Taylor-Johnson, my pick for this week was Kate Garraway. I wonder if I’ll be able to be free enough to say something about her situation. I wish her well and may her troubles soon fade away.

  11. “‘Make America pray again’: Trump reveals he is selling Bibles”


    OMG. Has he really lost it? Has someone changed the recipe for his daily cheeseburger & fries? Will he begin selling his shoes and Bibles bundled together as an election appetizer?

    The night television network opportunities are endless. Ginzu knives, expired bottles of Oil of Olay. GI Joe action figures of Cadet Bone Spur.

    How many presidential candidates had to resort to such fundraising methods?

    • Haha, I read about in the huffpost this morning! Apparently it is bound in tan coloured leather and costs $60 a throw. Trump has said, ‘All Americans need a Bible in their home and I have many, it’s my favorite book’, before claiming that in many ways the Easter story reflects his own life, because like Jesus he has endured terrible persecution at the hands of the deep state.

      • Are we really certain that’s leather and not nauga-hide or recycled vinyl seat covers?

        While enjoying the ancient paintings in the Louvre, years ago, I chanced upon an eleventh-century painting of Christ at his cricifixion. What impressed me most was not the gold-leaf trimmed frame but that he was TIED to a tree, rather than nailed to a cross.

        What would bring the painter (name not recalled) to consider THAT representation of a crucifixion, and not the “traditional” image of a man nailed to a cross?

        • @ Larryc I believe one of the art critics view is that Jesus Christ has joined earth which is also suffering, I too forget the name of the artist, sorry.

        • I don’t know that one, larry. The first known depiction of Christ’s crucifixion is kniwn as ‘The Alexamenos graffito’, a 2nd century example of Roman graffiti in which Christ is shown on the cross with the head of a donkey. The words, ‘Alexamenos worships his god’.

          The two thieves are conventionally tied to their crosses, often with arms twisted as opposed to Christ, because (we were informed at my Catholic school) the thieves, earth bound went unwillingly to their deaths, whereas Christ goes willingly to his.

          Trump has addressed the problem of the gold edged pages of his Maga bibles sticking together on his ‘God Bless the USA Bible’ today. Honestly, having glanced at the website, I have to say that satire is most certainly dead.

          • Good morning, VF and Virginia. Thanks for your postings and comments. I looked thru all my Louvre pics…but never took the time to snap that particular painting. I’ll hv to take another trip across the pond soon! I did snap a few of 12th century with gold leaf on the backboard and canvas.

            The general reaction to the MAGA Bible: not good.

            “Responses to Trump’s social media announcement called the endorsement “sacrilege,” “heresy” and “borderline offensive” and cite lessons directly from the Bible that suggest taking advantage of people’s faith for money should be condemned.

            “It is a bankrupt Christianity that sees a demagogue co-opting our faith and even our holy scriptures for the sake of his own pursuit of power and praise him for it rather than insist that we refuse to allow our sacred faith and scriptures to become a mouthpiece for an empire.”


            ‘Nuff said. 😉

        • It is said that in, I believe 100bc that there was a prophet that came out of Egypt seeking to become the Messiah. And he was stoned to death and his body put in a tree. His six disciples were stoned to death as well.

          Being stoned to death and put in a tree was what happened to false prophets. It was also noted that this man was the man that Jesus Christ was supposed to have been emulating. So there is some historical element to the painting. Though it is not clear as to whether the artist thinks that JC is a false prophet or that it is the Jews that think this.

  12. Hi Marjorie,

    Any words of precaution for people with 19deg factors in their chart during April eclipse?
    I’ve been reading lots of warnings from different astrologers. Is this eclipse really that significant?


    • Nope it isn’t. There seems to be an unhealthy urge to catastrophise and hype up panic and fear at the moment – not just astrologers but everywhere across politics and the media never mind the twitter-rantosphere. Eclipse are always challenges but this one despite a fractious Mars Saturn is not as bad as some in the recent past and we survived them. Depending on what planet is involved there will bedifferent effects. Will do a run down tomorrow.

      • Marjorie, I’m very very interested because being conjunct transiting Chiron and North Node, it’s a triple whammy for my natal Moon 17deg in 9th.

        On the edge of my seat for the next 10 days cause so far not so good

        • Jennifer, I am in the same boat as you – very anxious.

          I have Pluto 19deg Libra, North node 19deg Virgo and Neptune 19deg Sag, Sun 18deg 42 Capricorn.

          • Thanks @ Ann, your aspects except the trine as such demand action. My conjunctions work both ways smoothly and challenging. I’m looking at the house all this energy is congregating and what I need to do. Useful for you to do too and try to understand. Let’s at least learn and prepare. Must be better than sitting and waiting. It’ll be okay.

  13. Recently fired former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel(Mitt Romney’s niece) was just fired again by NBC. Lol. Apparently there was a large uproar from the staff about her hiring, led by their star Rachel Maddow who went on a half hour tear on her show about the hiring decision. Now McDaniel is considering a lawsuit.
    Maddow’s birth details are available. Apparently it’s easy to access the birth info of famous people born in California.

    • The Califirnia Birth Index is supposed to be used to make changes with regard for example name changes in the case of adoption or if say the parents of an unmarried couple later marry and wish to change their child’s surname to that of the father.

      Birth indexes are prone to mistakes and abuse and as such these organisations don’t accept responsibility for any mistakes that emanate from their end. So not necessarily factual. It also allows relatives to make changes, which shouldn’t be allowed. A relative changed my middle name., which is how I know it was interfered with and by whom.

      It is also not available to those outside of the United States. For example if you have lost your birth certificate and need a replacement.

  14. What are the stars looking like for Aaron Taylor-Johnson and do all the previous Bonds share something astrologically?

    I’m interested perhaps in Lazenby in particular.

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