Pisces plus Mars allergic to Pluto – Rebel Wilson, Giovanni Pernice

Australian actress Rebel Wilson is not backing away from her claim that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is an “asshole” who misbehaved when they were filming together in the 2016 movie The Brothers Grimsby and is attempting to prevent her from publishing her memoir, which includes a chapter centered around his alleged misconduct. His camp has denied her “demonstrably false claims,” saying they were contradicted by “extensive detailed evidence etc etc.”

  And there is another row raging over Strictly Come Dancing with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice in the spotlight after his celebrity partner in the last series Amanda Abington exited claiming health issues and said she had been left with “PTSD” after her experiences in rehearsal and on the show. Debbie McGee on the other hand said her experience with him was positive.

  Given that lawyers are front and centre of both disputes nothing that follows should be taken as a commentary on the guilt or innocence of either side.

 Two astro-aspects intrigue me. Both Rebel Wilson, 2 March 1980, and Amanda Abington, 28 February 1974, are Sun Pisces – and Pluto is involved in the synastry. Rebel has her Sun in Pisces opposition Jupiter Mars in Virgo so will be exuberant and reactive with a Sun Mars; her Mercury in Pisces opposes Saturn (Moon) in Virgo square Neptune, so she is highly Mutable, inclined to go off on in all directions at once. Plus an emotionally intense Venus in Aries opposition Pluto.

  Her Pluto is conjunct Cohen’s Libra Sun Mercury Uranus conjunction and trine his Mars in Aquarius – so his wilful, defiant, mischievous, over pushy streak will press her Pluto button and send up her hackles when she feels pressured or manipulated. Their relationship chart has a composite Mars opposition Algol which will get rattled come this July. And has a chilly, defensive composite Venus opposition Saturn in a high tension, needs-space square to Uranus which is also getting triggered this year and on till 2026.

 Amanda Abington has her Sun Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Gemini opposition Neptune – again highly Mutable which is nervy and highly strung. Pisces plus hard Mars aspects are a tricky combination. She also has an Air Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini trine Jupiter trine Uranus.

  Giovanni Pernice, 5 September 1990, describes himself as a perfectionist and is renowned as one of the toughest of the professional dancers in training but was glowingly described by Debbie McGee after her partnership with him. He is a Sun Virgo square Mars and trine the triple conjunction of Saturn, Neptune, Uranus in Capricorn. With his Pluto sextile Saturn and probably trine a Pisces Moon.

  His Pluto may oppose Amanda’s Taurus Moon and his Uranus Neptune square her Pluto which is inconjunct her Sun and trine her Mars – so she will be hyper-sensitive to being controlled.

  Debbie McGee, 31 October 1958, on the other hand is a Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune in Scorpio with her Mercury in Scorpio opposition Mars in Taurus. Giovanni’s Pluto is conjunct her Jupiter and his Sun widely conjunct her Pluto. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun, Pluto, Venus conjunction tied into Neptune trine Mars and square Saturn – so a heavy Plutonic experience but one which her Scorpionic temperament found to be positive.

  Not sure what the conclusion of all this – and it is not to excuse bad behaviour –  but relationships are tricky and what suits one person will raise another’s hackles.

  And you do NOT get PTSD from Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals.

8 thoughts on “Pisces plus Mars allergic to Pluto – Rebel Wilson, Giovanni Pernice

  1. Debbie McGee was a professional dancer before she met her husband. So how did she ever qualify as the amateur partnering the professional dancers in Strictly Come Dancing?

  2. Giovanni, like all the Virgos I know zoom in on every single detail, which can be very tiring for those of us who are more laid back!

  3. I agree with Marjorie PTSD is not something likely to happen after dance rehearsals. ‘Strictly’ Celebrities are made well aware of the amount of work necessary to perform in front of millions. Any excuse for not wanting to keep up, rehearsals are filmed!

  4. Took a peek into Giovanni’s relationship with Anton.

    Anton’s Uranus–Pluto is on Giovanni’s Sun–Mercury, maybe opposition Giovanni’s Moon.

    There is Mars opposition Uranus.

    There is Mercury square Pluto.

    And Mars opposition Neptune.

    There might be a Moon conjunction Venus.

    At first sight, it doesn’t look too warm and jovial, there are these outer-planets aspects, but should be looked into closer.

    • Unaspected Venus conjunct Jupiter in the composite could be the key, but there also might be a composite Moon conjunct Mars.

  5. And, by the way, I don’t think I would call him a Sun square Mars: it’s an aspect with an orb of more than 10°, and I usually à la Hamaker allow for 8° for Sun and Moon. All the rest usually get 6°.

  6. Why is it that every time I look at photos of Giovanni, I get this feeling of discomfort from him? Could be the shy Virgo, could be the difficult Pisces Moon. Opposite Sun. So perhaps someone whose parents divorced or he saw them as opposites or in a clash. I haven’t read his full biography. But then these remarks make me uncomfortable, because I feel as if I’m prying and maybe I don’t want to know.

    I can see the Venus in Leo. Very Italian. Two countries I find very Leonine are Italy and Montenegro.

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