Baltimore Bridge – the star spangled banner trembles

A Baltimore bridge has entirely collapsed after being hit by a container ship in a “mass casualty event” with up to 20 people and several vehicles having fallen into the river. A container ship hit a column on the bridge at around 01:30 ET (05:30 GMT)

The bridge is 3km (1.6 miles) long and is part of the major orbital that encircles Baltimore. It is named after Francis Scott Key, former USA Attorney for the District of Columbia, author, and amateur poet, best known as the author of the text of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

 The accident happened a day after the Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon in the 10th conjunct the South Node on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Saturn Venus sextile Jupiter Uranus.

  The bridge was opened on 23 March 1977 with that chart having Solar Arc Jupiter square the Pluto for an extreme event. There is also a yod of Solar Arc Uranus sextile North Node inconjunct Solar Arc Mercury, Algol and Jupiter – sounds obscure but these ‘travelling’ yods do crop up as significant.

 Baltimore was incorporated on 31 December 1796 and that chart has the Solar Arc Pluto square the Capricorn Sun, and a panicky Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Saturn as well as tr Saturn opposition the Uranus tugging on the accident-prone Uranus Mars opposition.

  Francis Scott Key, 1 August 1779, had a determined Leo Sun opposition Pluto with tr Pluto about to conjunct his Pluto for his first (posthumous) Pluto Return. And he had an accident-prone Saturn Mars in Scorpio conjunct Algol and Capulus which is catching tr Uranus opposition the Saturn exactly at the moment. As his namesake collapses in a gruesome spectacle.  How extraordinary (his astrology I mean).

  Does seem not only a tragic accident but slightly spooky in terms of its symbolic significance.  

The Star Spangled Banner

“Oh, say, can you see

By the dawn’s early light

What so proudly we hail’d

At the twilight’s last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars

Through the perilous fight

O’er the ramparts we watch’d

Were so gallantly streaming?

And the rocket’s red glare

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof through the night

That our flag was still there

O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free

And the home of the brave?

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  1. I lived in the DC Metro for 18 years, and I have been on that bridge many times as well as having been to Baltimore many times. I understand that the cargo ship that his the bridge was the size of a Nimitz class air craft carrier, and that the ship lost power twice, and was going too fast. The bridge basically did not stand a chance. The interesting thing was the time was 130 AM which would have minimized loss of life, and the state police received the mayday call before the ship hit, and they were able to close the bridge. The pour souls who went into the water were construction workers – though they are still trying to determine who else was on that bridge.

    That was a complete collapse in a spectacular fashion. With the eclipse as well Boeing announced a complete change in management – so something is going on with transportation, and I need to look deeply at the chart, I know that maybe in addition to the eclipse the upcoming Mercury Retrograde is at play – Mercury representing transportation and ocean going ships.

      • Inmmigrants have traditionally done jobs that the local people are not happy to do, probably fairly well paid, but unsocial hours, as in the case of the bridge workers.

    • Boeing…”Boeing announced a complete change in management…” Not entirely correct. He’s the natural fall guy…sticking around only to vest his bonus and stock holdings. If he dropped dead tomorrow, Boeing would not be any wiser or better.

  2. I know that bridge well. When we lived in the DC area we kept our boat south of Annapolis and would take our (power) boat to Baltimore Harbor at least once a year. Just before we would pass under the Key Bridge, with a clear view of Fort McHenry, we would always pause by the mid-channel buoy, painted red, white and blue in the stars and stripes pattern of the US flag, and recall Francis Scott Key.

    The buoy marks the location of the British ship where Key was imprisoned on the lower deck when he spotted the flag flying over the fort and wrote his poem that became the national anthem. Thus the bridge’s name also commemorates Key’s imprisonment on the ship.

    We always felt dwarfed by the height of the ship. It’s hard to imagine it collapsing.

  3. The first four lines of the anthem describe what actually happened! It was there last night and now it’s gone! Amazing! Thanks for this Marjorie.

  4. Which awful news to wake up to today!

    I see the solar arc sun of the bridge opening chart is at 19 Taurus which is very close to its natal moon at 18 Taurus, and which are both taking a hit from transit Uranus at 19 Taurus.

    The solar arc mars of the bridge chart is a degree off from the upcoming Aries solar eclipse.

    And the ceres of the bridge chart is 4 Libra which is within orb of the lunar eclipse. I’ve noticed ceres is usually involved in significant events like births and deaths. The bridge chart sun is 2 Aries too which was definitely being activated by the eclipse yesterday.

    Scary stuff!

  5. I live in Baltimore and sail the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We have sailed under that bridge an endless amount of times. We periodically have tall ships from around the world sail into the Inner Harbor, sailors on the yardarms to greet the city. We sail out to the Key Bridge to salute their arrival and departure.

    The Port of Baltimore is an important economic engine to this area and the roadway across the bridge is essential to commuters.

    Business will not be booming for awhile. A catastrophic disaster for our City.

    • It’s a wonderful, fascinating city, Lisa, that receives too little credit for its bounties, overshadowed as it is by its neighboring cities. My sincere condolences on your city’s significant tragedy and loss. We spent many happy extended visits at marinas in the Inner Harbor and Fells Point, exploring the city on foot and by public transportation. You have a delightful zoo and public markets, too.

  6. Awful and extraordinary. Currently, news is, understandably, confused.

    I noticed that the minor fixed star, Tureis, was aligned with the Lunar Eclipse. It is at 5 Libra, in Carina – the Keel of the Ship. Argo Navis (The Ship) was/is a large constellation of stars, split into three by an astronomer in the 18th century. The constellations are now Carina, the Keel; Vela, the Sails; Puppis, the Stern. Watery Neptune in Pisces is now opposing fixed star Markeb, 28 Virgo, in Vela, the Sails.

    As for the startling astrology, I think the late Dennis Elwell might have been interested.

    “Now it is obvious that if what is symbolised in the heavens at any moment can be readily adapted to human nature, dung beetle nature, horse nature, ideas nature, and the nature of widely different enterprises like launching ships or signing agreements, then it must exist in a highly plastic and indeterminate condition. Unpalatable though it may be for those astrologers who equate the heavens purely with psychology, what is written there is not yet written in terms of human nature. Everything we know about the planets, signs, etc., tells us they are sufficiently multiform to be accommodated to the potentialities of whatever vehicle is available” The Cosmic Loom, Dennis Elwell.

  7. Seeing the footage it’s just amazing. Gone in seconds.

    The pictures we now see in daytime initially leave you wondering how the engineers expected a bridge to be supported by those thin concrete columns UNTIL you realise the size of everything involved. There’s four lanes of traffic on the bridge and the boat is 300m long. Tugs next to it are barely bigger than dots.

    As you point out the transit of Uranus opposite Francis Scott Key’s Saturn is quite extraordinary for its symbolism

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