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  1. Hi Marjorie

    It just dawned on me that Trump’s first criminal trial will be held on 25 March in New York, the day of the 2024 Libra lunar eclipse. The eclipse Moon (5Lib07) will be exactly conjunct his natal Neptune (5Lib51) and square his natal Mercury (8Can52), ruler of his Gemini Sun.

    Do you have any thoughts on whether this is significant or not?

  2. Have been giving some thought to Nikki Haley. Her parents are Indian, both born, raised and educated in India. In that country, astrology is taken seriously–it’s almost an integral part of the culture. I’m just wondering if Haley is being advised astrologically by her parents/family. She is hanging in there against all odds vis-a-vis Trump. Perhaps she’s being told that her stars are looking good a few months from now. I think Marjorie said her prospects are stellar over the election. The astrology could explain why she’s toughing it out against Trump when all others are folding their tents. Just a thought.

  3. Tell us about war this year. Another astrologer predicted plenty of war this year. What makes this year so belic? How’s the war in Gaza going to end? Give us some predictions!

  4. I was not watching, since I was at the city center running errands, but I would say around 12.22-12.24 pm from the news logs. In fact, saw the either Niinistö or Stubb transiting from the Parliament to the Presidential Palace. A 6 car convoy and they didn’t even stop the traffic. One of those moments I feel extremely privileged to be living in Finland, I used to work on that route for 6 years, actually even when Niinistö swore in in 2010, and there were minimal inconveniences.

    • Check another log. So, would say, Alexander Stubb first term: March 1st, 2024, 12:24 pm Helsinki.

      President Stubb is born April 1st, 1968. No TOB, unfortunately, even if Stubb wrote a very popular autobiography in 2017 after leaving Finnish politics and mentions he was the heaviest baby delivered at the training clinic in 20 years. Also, he mentions his mother wanted to name him Aleksei, but father, despite being a hockey sponsor and later scout for many teams, and admiring especially Czechoslovakian players thought it sounded “too Soviet block”. Also an interesting tie to Navalny.

  5. Interesting astrological moment today, March 1st:

    Finland, which I think again topped Freedom Index with a perfect 100 score, has a new President, Alexander Stubb, taking the office the same moment Alexei Nalvalny is buried in Moscow.

    Also, for all you Brits, our new First Lady Laura Innes-Stubb is originally a Brit, born in Solihull, January 25th, 1970. She is a lawyer with a prominent career herself, latest as the Head of Global Compliance at Kone. I know some people who’ve worked with her, and they have good words.

  6. FYI Marjorie
    SCOTUS has decided to hear Trump’s presidential immunity case. Oral argument are scheduled for the week of April 22. Some legal scholars are suggesting decision could come as late as June but they can make decisions much faster if they wanted to.Bush vs Gore took only 4 days. It would be interesting to see your analysis of special Council Jack Smith and judge Chutkin for that time period. Thanks vm

  7. It is interesting that Pluto has only been in Aquarius for a month of so. Yet what is emerging in the papers and media is intolerance of group think. Like the Black only audience, Politicians forming new groups and Palestine and Israel. Perhaps every now again, could you please put up a major country’s chart; primarily just looking at Pluto and any major aspect. As each country is being opened up to Pluto furies, there will be intolerances emerging. Aquarius rules the 11th of groups. Already cracks are appearing and groups are venting what they like and don’t like

  8. The February 28 1974 UK election was the culmination of a winter of crisis and ended in a hung Parliament and a surprise defeat for Prime Minister Edward Heath. It would be interesting to read your take on the astrology of that period and any correspondences with the current UK picture. Should have posted this earlier in the week but it just occurred to me!

  9. Could you have a look at architect and model, Bianca Censori, currently married to Kanye West, Marjorie? She is a Capricorn, born 5/1/1995 in Melbourne, Australia. There has been much speculation that she is under coercive control in the relationship, but it would be interesting to see what her natal chart can reveal. Thank you.

  10. Hi Marjorie
    If you’re so inclined please have a look at Lee Anderson. Even without the whip he continues what is arguably hate speech.

  11. Royal Mint has released new commemorative coins for the late, great megastar George Michael which will no doubt sell out widely due to his huge fan base . But as far as collectors items go, the more profitable coin is the Peter Rabbit 50 pence peice according to a media report.
    Peter Rabbits creator, Beatrix Potter led an extraordinary life and was beautifully creative. Any analysis of her natal chart Marjorie is welcome (or George Michael’s).

  12. A PBS pledge drive has re-aired the BeeGees documentary, In Our Own Time, and it leaves me wondering how Robin and Maurice could be so different being born only 35 minutes apart, with both having the same moon and ascendant.

    Could you do a analysis of these talented brothers?

  13. Hello Marjorie.

    Google’s AI project has revealed some remarkable biases lately, the have coincidentally also taken a bit of a dip in value.

  14. Hi Marjorie,

    You ‘ve written about gender critical women versus the trans activists before. How about Kellie Jay Keen aka Rosie Parker. She has started a new party ‘Let women speak’ which will field candidates in the forthcoming election.
    She’s glamorous and fiesty. She attracts controversy and is a good speaker.
    In Australia or New Zealand she had tomato soup poured over her blonde hair, an iconic image, blood on the blonde.
    At the same time she claims she is not a feminist.

  15. Marjorie, Could you take a look at the chart of journalist Bryony Gordon please? She seems to reel from addiction to addiction (and writes a book about each of them) and also suffers mental health issues linked to these addictions. Does her chart reveal any peace and stability for her in the future? Many Thanks.

    • She has a troublesome and aggravated Mars Saturn in Virgo square Neptune which will make her neurotic and simmering with the unfairnesses of life. Plus Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo – very Mutable and scattered. She might be better when Neptune moves into Aries and off her Mutable planets

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