JLo and Ben Affleck – $20m love shout out ++ ‘Diddy’ Combs

Jennifer Lopez’s latest offering has reviewers scratching their heads. “This Is Me … Now: A Love Story review – JLo’s bombastic ode to love and herself” says one. “The bonkers, star-studded musical-biopic-fantasia-mess proves Jennifer Lopez can do whatever she wants,” says another. “JLo’s musical tribute to Ben Affleck was wildly overblown. But this behind-the-scenes documentary is an engrossing insight into their introvert-extrovert romance.”

A self-funded $20 million dollar celebration of the rekindling of her romance with Ben Affleck is stratospherically ego-centric (from her point of view) as well at times evidently as surprisingly self-effacing.

  “It is a film that bristles with the occasionally unbearable tension that exists between her demands as an exhibitionist and his needs as an introvert.” “We’re just two people learning how to compromise,” he says on camera, veering between overwhelming happiness and extreme discomfort. All the more bizarre since the reason for their first split was “the massive amount of scrutiny around our private life.”

  That she is a Leo is hardly surprising though so is he – so clearly they are sun sprites cut from a different cloth.  She was born 24 July 1969 New York, no birth time. Though midday would give her a 10th house Sun Mercury square Saturn in Taurus on one side and trine a colourfully exuberant Mars (Moon) in Sagittarius sextile Uranus Jupiter in Libra. She has a passionate Venus in social butterfly Gemini square Pluto with possibly a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune. Maybe her Sun Saturn are what give her this seemingly desperate need to be in the headlines constantly.

 He was born 15 August 1972 2.53 am Berkeley, California and has a 2/3rd house Leo Sun in an upbeat trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. But his Saturn in the 12th with Pluto and Uranus in his 4th may be what put the brakes on his attention-grabbing Leo Sun. He also has a Scorpio Moon.

  She is going through a challenging phase with tr Pluto opposition her Leo Sun and then Mercury this year and on till 2026; with tr Neptune Saturn opposition her Uranus Neptune in 2025/26 as well.

  Their relationship chart has a strong Jupiter which always helps to bring mutual support, optimism and smooths round rough edges; plus a passionate Venus square Pluto. But there is also a composite Saturn opposition Neptune which sets up worries, making for a constant fear the connection is not doing well. Pluses and minuses – it will sag a touch this year with tr Neptune hitting on the composite Venus Pluto and tr Uranus colliding with the Saturn Neptune in 2025 – there will be anxieties ahead. Ben Affleck’s Sun/Moon midpoint, his close relationship signifier, will be less than delirious this year with tr Neptune in opposition through into 2025 with this autumn’s Lunar Eclipse rattling it as well.

 Their wedding chart from 16 July 2022 has a Cancer Sun conjunct Procyon (rise and fall) opposition Pluto, inconjunct Saturn, trine Neptune and sextile Uranus North Node – so it was always going to be a complicated whirl. Their composite Jupiter may save them. But if her birth time is circa midday which seems likely then her Sun/Moon midpoint is square her erratic, unpredictable, constantly changing Uranus Jupiter and also catching tr Neptune oppositions come 2025/26.

  I never trust overblown declarations of everlasting love from celebrities. A touch like Hello weddings it can put a blight on what follows.  

Add On: The rapper Sean Combs known as Diddy has been landed with yet another lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault – all of which he hotly denies, though he did pay off a former girlfriend.

 For two years around 1999, he and Jennifer Lopez were an item, breaking up eventually because of his infidelity. She has never alleged any physical abuse during her time with him.

  Born 4 November 1969 New York, he is a determined Scorpio Sun Mercury opposition Saturn in Taurus with a can-be-ruthless Mars on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius trine Pluto and Uranus. It would be a stormy and tricky mix with JLo with his Mars opposition her Sun and his Sun opposition her Saturn. Their relationship chart has a controlling/dominating composite Sun Pluto square Mars with an inflammatory Mars square Uranus; plus an unkind, one-sided Mars trine Saturn.  Not a healthy mix.

  He’ll stay bullish over the next two years but will nonetheless be trapped, infuriated and seriously rattled in 2025 and beyond.

7 thoughts on “JLo and Ben Affleck – $20m love shout out ++ ‘Diddy’ Combs

  1. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck:

    I have her birth time as 5:49am- (in my files) I don’t have a note as to the source. Her SP Venus is conjunct Ben’s Sun right now. This film is a love letter to both her husband and to her on growth in relationships.
    I lived in LA for 37 years and worked with many people in show business. To quote my friend the late Peter Falk, ” Parker, most people do not ever finish their projects;getting your film finished is an accomplishment in of itself”. (Peter supported a documentary I did finish on Art Models-). I share this, because I am amazed how little people realize what it actually TAKES to get a film from idea to screen! The drive MUST be there- or it isn’t going to happen. Even the critics who get paid to write their opinions- have never made a film!!!!! It takes 500 percent and hell of a lot of money, and a ton of people to get ANY film to the screen. I loved Jennifer’s film,( and Ben’s *he is in it-and you won’t even recognize him). “This is me… Now”. It is innovation, out of the box, future thinking, FUN, wildly romantic, with a ton of humor- and its is also a commentary on people who are learning how to love themselves, (ALL OF US). Like all innovators- she is ahead of her time. And how disciplined she is ! She’s 54 and you wouldn’t know it by her dancing moves! BTW…you won’t find one person in Hollywood that isn’t call ‘difficult’ – by someone- somewhere. She and Ben both have Scorpio moons- strong passions about the projects they produce. Hats off to Jennifer and Ben- for not giving a rats ass what people think, and loving each other and their art! My goddess, the film has an entire “cosmic council” with Jane Fonda (playing a Sag) and Sad Guru, plus Neil deGrass Tyson (who thinks astrology is hogwash). It is simply FUN. And as far as the two love birds ties go- I think the love between them is real, and lasting. The Venus conjunct Saturn tie is LONG lasting (they have it exact in Gemini- 2nd time around w/ them is a keeper). They mirror each other with their Suns and Moons. No one understands a Scorpio Moon better than a Scorpio Moon. I am their PSA for this film. Watch it and smile. (or not). The documentary about the making of it- gives you a thimble of what effort it took. I saw that last night, and have even more respect for them both- Maybe because I am a Scorpio Sun- I get it.
    Parker Mcp

  2. Ben Affleck always look miserable in pictures with Jennifer Lopez. Dancers and people who worked with her (one of whom I know) says she is narcistic, always rude, condescending to staff and the people in her videos as well as underpays them.

    Never was a fan of hers and always felt Jennifer Lopez was seriously power hungry, needs constant attention and could be very dominating.

  3. I knew the birthdate of P Diddy rang a bell … Marjorie did a write-up on Matthew McConaughey a couple of years ago.

    Astrologically interesting that McConaughey starred in The Wedding Planner with J-Lo which was released in January 2001 and therefore would have been filmed in parallel to when she was dating P Diddy.

  4. As narcissistic as she is, she’s making her own movie on love. A lot different than her ex P. Diddy now being in trouble in a very disgusting and horrific way. I wonder about when she was with P.Diddy. She carried the gun into the night club in nyc and then he shot it inside the club. They were both arrested and she cried her eyes out at the NYPD station. She stayed with him one more year, then broke up. I have to believe he abused her, too, becuase P.Diddy is such an abusive monster. Especially to women

  5. She probably never got over him preferring the other Jennifer. And I expect that he has difficulty saying no. And that he has never worn the pants in either relationship. I don’t expect that it will last. But maybe they will surprise me.

  6. I don’t know how I would describe her behaviour in this relationship. She seems clingy, intent on getting her own way, treating him almost like a child in a few glimpses of the camera from the past months, and full-on unrelenting in pursuing this fantasy, almost unaware of the reality.

    He, on the other hand, seems lost and troubled.

    I don’t know what’s keeping him with her, but there must be something. She isn’t at all appearing of giving him what he needs. In terms of beauty, they really seem like to gorgeous people. And I like them both.

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