Posie Parker – a cause to fly for ++ Hirschfeld, Ellis, Money

Posie Parker has made a name for herself travelling round the world promoting her gender-critical views (defined by birth sex) and lobbying against trans activists. She has faced criticism since her talks have attracted racist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi and far-right anti-LGBT groups.

  Born 13 June 1974 12.40pm Taunton, England, she has a 10th house Gemini Sun conjunct South Node trine Uranus and square Jupiter in Pisces (and probably Pisces Moon). With an influential and ultra-determined Pluto square Saturn Mercury in Cancer and on the midpoint of a Mars in Leo trine Neptune mini Grand Trine.

  If I was being negative (never having heard of her before) I would say over confident, attention-grabbing with a hard streak.

  What did intrigue me though I don’t know what it means is her Sun at 22 Gemini, the same as Donald Trump, which is hardly inspiring. But it matches JK Rowling’s Jupiter at 22 Gemini and Suzanne More, another gender-critical journalist, with Venus at 24 Gemini.

  JK Rowling and Suzanne Moore’s views seem more than reasonable where Posie Parker has a feel of a ramped-up zealot without much discrimination. Or maybe she found herself a bandwagon because she liked attracting publicity.  

What is it about the toxic arguments in vogue these days which exaggerates the difference and creates extreme caricatures of the other side? JK Rowling as I understand it has never voiced anything other than sympathy for people who are genuinely gender dysphoric and has merely argued for defending women’s safe spaces.

ADD ON: Magnis Hirschfeld, 14 May 1868, Kolberg, Germany/Poland and Havelock Ellis, 2 February 1859 8.15am Croydon, England – were early sex researchers who stimulated discussion and controversies at the turn of the 19th into 20th century up and the two decades thereafter.

  Hirschfeld, like Freud was a Sun Taurus with an Aquarius Moon and Ellis a New Moon in Aquarius. They launched their theories when the febrile Neptune Pluto in Gemini was in full spate, stimulating new ideas, not all of them overly sane. And continued on through Pluto in Cancer (1914 onwards) which transformed the face of the feminine, released women from domestic servitude to some degree because of WW1 but also had an emotionally destructive effect. Ellis’s work was picked up by Freud. And in later years sex researcher John Money pushed the term ‘gender identity’ and argued that sexual identity is socially constructed which he set out to prove by mutilating two patients who in adult life committed suicide.

  See John Money – manipulating gender boosted his career post June 26 2023. He was a peculiarly unpleasant Sun, Mars, Pluto in Cancer trine Uranus.


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  1. Very interesting – would be interesting to look at Alfred Kinsey too, of The Kinsey Scale fame.

    “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior of the Human Female (1953) are known collectively as the Kinsey Reports. Together, they sold nearly a million copies and were translated in 13 languages. The Kinsey Reports are associated with a change in public perception of sexuality and considered part of the most successful and influential scientific books of the 20th century.”

    • Have a look at previous post on John Money 26 June 2023 an adherent of Kinsey. They were a rancid bunch the sex researchers on the whole, at least some were in this century. Will stick Kinsey on the to-do list.

  2. Fix star El Nath (The tip of the northern bull horn) is at 22 Gemini. And also Al Hecka (the tip of the southern bull horn) at 24 Gemini. Al Hecka name has been changed to mean heavenly gate in 2017. Astrologyking website has some basic write up on these 2 fixed stars.

  3. Years ago I mixed with a London arty and ballet group of friends of all sexual orientations and persuasions. What was relaxing about being in their company was there was no judgement, only an unconditional acceptance of who people were. None of them were strident for their cause/identity, merely content to be in company where they could be themselves.
    What puzzles me about this recent trans mania phase is the evangelical/bullying quality of it. Autistic, abused or mentally disturbed children being told they are transgender as if it would magically cure their unhappiness. The almost religious fervour about ‘the cause.’ The toxic rage that emerges when faced with dissenters or sensible arguments.
    Seemingly rational people being pulled into idiotic arguments about language – woman, penis etc? Really? We are arguing about labels when the crucial issue is children being abused/brain washed and vulnerable women in prison/domestic violence shelters/rape support groups being menaced by those exploiting the naivety/cowardice of politicians and civil servants.

    • Thanks for posting about Magnus Hirschfeld Marjorie. And I agree about how relaxed things used to be in those ‘arty’ circles – until relatively recently. The anger in this whole current debate is astonishing to me, and yet another example of how any semblance of nuance has been stifled across a range of topics. There is no room for any kind of experimental feeling, everything must be nailed down, medicalised, and labelled. Exploring or gradually evolving is not allowed it seems. It is puzzling how this has arisen during Neptune in Pisces, although Pisces can be fanatical I know.

      I also wonder about the more mysterious side of Capricorn, where Pluto has been travelling. The fish-tailed goat symbolism is surely in there somewhere? We tend to focus on the mountain climbing goat, but it emerges from the unconscious sea, which is also its home or birthplace. Maybe what’s emerging from our collective unconscious to be examined in the light of day is what some of this turmoil is all about.

      • Jane, Thanks for that. I’m brain dead today but there is a thought lurking at the back on my addled mind which fits what you are saying about lack of nuance and labelling and arguing at cross purposes. Hope after a night’s sleep I might get clearer.

        • Wrestling with Neptune in Pisces here – yes, I’m nailing jelly to the wall!

          However, musing on what Hugh said about Mercury I thought of Dionysus – androgynous, shape shifting, and called ‘twice born’ because in the myths he is born from his mother, who was killed, and then Zeus, his father – sewn into his father’s thigh during gestation. An Eastern god (foreign to the Greeks) of theatre, wine, and ecstasy, he was brought up as female. His mythic female followers, the Maenads, tore men and animals to pieces in fabled frenzies of worship that symbolised the adult Dionysus’ own dismemberment and subsequent rebirth at Eleusis. Dionysus is one of the dying and resurrected gods in various myths. He was worshipped in the Middle East, and according to Tacitus was once god of Jerusalem.

          Anyway, I then found an interesting (long and dense) article by Gary Crawford (garycrawford.net) on Dionysus and Pisces which cites a number of authors who have explored the Dionysus theme – including Joseph Campbell, Liz Greene, Richard Tarnas and others.

          “The many layers of duality found in Pisces can also be found in Dionysus, as Liz Greene and others have noted how he embodies concepts such as redeemer/victim, savior/devourer, yin/yang, intuition/reason, sacred/profane, creative genius/madness, and passionate love/passionate anger. Yet instead of trying to rationalize this duality, separate the concepts into a bi-polar analysis, we can remember that Dionysus is whole and embodies these concepts integrated together within his holistic self, not separated. To Liz Greene, the idea that Dionysus embodies an “ecstatic unity with natural, undying life” and a “seeking of union with the divine” that paradoxically mixes “the holy with the vicious and sadistic,” can be explained through his connection to Pisces because in the sign of the fish “these two opposites live side by side” and “each generates the other,” much like the interplay between good and evil.”

          Somewhere in all of this I think a theme may be surfacing.

          • Thanks. Definitely think whacko Nep in Pisces with its boundary dissolving would be part of it. Have put a long ramble up above which may or may not spark off thoughts.

          • Jane, fascinating about Dionysus. The deity was portrayed by the Ancient artists as feminine, youthful, long-haired and beardless unlike the other Olympian Gods who, with the exception of Apollo are depicted as muscular with full beard. In Euripides’s ‘Bacchae’, the deity appears as a feminine stranger, a kind of priest as the straight-laced patriarch Pentheus, a stickler for law, order and logic interrogates the god who he sees as a dangerous threat to the state. Attempts to imprison the god are futile, since Dionysus is a god and has the power to shapeshift.

            Pentheus’ outlook is particularly rigid, but at the same time, there is part of him that is intrigued and fascinated by these women who are able to abandon themselves through wine, ecstasy and mania. Dionysus devises a plan in orderthat Pentheus can climb a pine tree and spy on the Bacchae and persuades Pentheus to dress as a woman, with long skirts and a wig. In fact in the play, Pentheus is quite entranced and engrossed at his own transformation, even delighted. But henceforth, Pentheus is an unknowing sacrifice. While the Bacchantes are in a state of wine-induced mania, his own mother mistakes him for a young mountain lion and the women tear his body limb from limb, decapitate him and his mother brings his head back to the palace, while still hallucinating and under the influence of the god’s power.

            The shapeshifting, the mania, the ecstasy, the taking of wine as ritual as well as the fluidity of gender and the abandonment of gender roles in this myth is essentially and undoubtedly Piscean and Neptunian. As you say, it’s worth re-reading Liz Greene’s chapter on Pisces in her ‘Astrology of Fate’. But it’s also interesting that a strictly patriarchal society such as Ancient Greece was fascinated by the female experience. In the myth of the prophet Tiresias for instance: he is on Mount Cylene when he comes across two serpents copulating. He strikes the snakes with his stick and in the process offended Hera (which, let’s face it wasn’t difficult – she was rather thin-skinned!) and she turned him into a woman. As a woman Tiresias became a priestess of Hera, married and had children, but after seven years of service, Hera changed Tiresias back into a man. Both the Greeks and the Romans embellished Tiresias’s time as a woman and Tiresias becomes a kind of liminal figure, a link between man and gods, male and female, blindness and sight, the earth and the underworld, the present and the future.

          • Thanks VF – even more seductive layers to contemplate, which are also enlightening ones I think. So much to be found in those ancient myths, and how they just keep on re-enacting themselves through time. I wondered, too, about the eunuch priests of Cybele, who wandered about as holy beggars of a kind, dressed as women. A Roman castration clamp was found in the mud at the Thames shoreline, and there was a temple of Cybele somewhere near London Bridge.
            Pisces and Dionysus is still swimming in my mind. As is the goat-fish of Capricorn. Recovery of the liminal state of consciousness in our current world will be most welcome. Sometimes it all seems like one gigantic toddler tantrum these days.

          • Oh yes – the Roman cross-dressing, castrated priests of Cybele/Magna Mater known as the Galli. Cybele’s consort was Attis who had castrated himself while in a state of religious frenzy. Attis is portrayed as young, whereas Cybele is mature, fertile and voluptuous. She is often accompanied by lions.

            Roman authorities were offended by the Galli because they rejected Rome’s gender norms & regarded them with suspicion and mistrust, but the cult was popular due in part to ordinary people’s curiosity and partly (I am assuming here) because worship involved a plethora of musical instruments, sounds and vibrations, pipes, flutes and free dancing which helped to produce an ecstatic response in the followers, a release perhaps from the strict norms of Roman society. The Galli costume was lavish and bright – the garments usually yellow in colour, a turban was worn, sometimes a crown of laurel, jewellery adorned their wrists in the form of many bracelets, hair was worn long and was often bleached and of course cosmetics and makeup were beautifully applied.

            Evidence of the Galli can even be found in Roman Britain – altars to Cybele as well as Attis have been found near Hadrians wall. In 2002 in Catterick, a Roman buriel was discovered. The individual was male, but had been dressed in women’s garments and jewellery. The man was a Briton, the jewellery had come from Whitby and the individual was wealthy. Archeologists think that this individual was a Gallus.

    • There is very little evidence of what you claim is happening in women’s spaces, just tabloid headlines to stir it up.

      In fact most of the research suggests that trans women particularly are much more likely to be subject to violence (and sexual assault) in prison as well as being more likely to have poor mental health and less access to affirming treatment and support. Even a brief look at the research on Google Scholar confirms this.

      • Established media and the legal system are complicit in this deception. They use the preferred pronouns of the attackers which further obfuscates this recently established phenomena.

        Reading a publication like REDUXX, will show that these cases are not merely lurid exceptions but an alarming trend. REDUXX reports on the very many cases of predatory men (trans) in what were exclusively women’s spaces.

        The “detrans” reddit is also eye opening. It now has 52,000 members.

        Be forewarned, the heartbreaking entries by de-transistioners are sobering reading. There are indeed irreversible harms done under the guise of “gender affirming” care.

      • Woke bro weighs in to school us all in feminism. Some of us have been fighting on the front lines to protect women’s single sex spaces.
        Transwomen’s murders tend to be Brazilian sex workers, who work in a risky environment.
        Transwomen sex offenders (hugely over-represented) get housed in women’s prisons. You don’t care about that?
        Women’s sports are being taken over by transwomen. You don’t care about that?
        There’s lots of evidence.
        I’ve always supported transwomen, most of whom are perfectly reasonable, but they aren’t women, they are transwomen. The vociferous transactivists are making their lives worse.

        • You know nothing about me, my gender or anything else other than the words I have posted. I have read your responses to other people on this page and you are just rude, aggressive, assumptive and call people names when you don’t like what they say – partly why we have no debate any more and just people like you shouting from the extremes.

          So fascinating what you wrote about “supporting trans women”. Trans people don’t need heteronormative pity any more than they need anyone’s permission to exist.

          Normally I would suggest therapy though in your case I fear it may already be too late.

  4. The Queer culture in the 1920’s in Germnay was part of my grandmother´s youth. Then by the time she was pregnant with my mother, she and other Jewish women wan’t allowed to rest on a park bench anymore – which is one resaon why she struggled to the UK and my mother was born here (just).
    But Granny didn’t take to being an English housewife and it was only after she was widowed that she came into her own. When I was little in the 1970s she used to laugh with had a friend who was an antique dealer and she described him as a “queen” who “only liked men and old women like me who can¨t do it anynore”. This was my introduction to homosexuality. She loved comedy and all the British comic actors whose populaity has helped Britain to be a less homophobic place. In the 1980s she absorbed all the lingo of the new lgb movement and urging me to “come out” – which I did ( although not only because she ordered me!)
    Fast forward and generation and I wish my grandmother was still alive to help deal with this transchild thing as one of my siblings are have shunted their child into it. They and their friends ( several of whom all seem to have ´transkids`) organised a “coming out” party for this child as a 12 years old (!), encouraged binders speach therapy lesson so the child now comes across as a kind of stilted anxious boy-clone with none of the freeness/wildness they had a few years ago. Old pictures have been thrown away and no-one is allowed to communicate with the child unless they affirm her as male. It is all very very weird and nothing to do with gay / queer cultures of either the 1920s or 1980s.
    So I understand how people with a wide range of backgrounds and motivations and are all engaged in trying to end this madness. Its interesting the thing about Gemini as that is also where my grandmother had her sun. I think phenomenom of the UK as “terf island” is fascinating and that it may have to do with our comic tradition of laughing at sitcom characters who think they are something that they are not.
    I feel for all the children and yourng people caught up in it and I hope they find a way out without damaging their bodies and futures too much.

    • Trans culture is actually anti-gay as they don’t believe in sex just gender. You are not allowed to be same sex attracted. it is social contagion, especially amongst young girls, where the stats have exploded.
      I totally understand why young girls would not want to become women. But parents who affirm, allow puberty blockers, surgery, double mastectomies are unwise and needy (transhausens by proxy). As a parent myself, young people are constantly trying on new identities.
      You must be very worried for your niece.
      The UK is unique in its feminist response to all this. Kellie-Jay Keen is being smeared by the woke left as right wing but I think she’s incredibly brave. I don’t agree with everything she says but she is a refreshing voice.
      Keir Starmer and the Labour Party have been cowardly over this whole issue. It comes to something when the only politicians that have dared to be truthful are Conservatives.
      Much of the interesting feminist dialogue is now being held by conservative women, Louise Perry and Mary Harrington, as well as the old lefties like Julie Bindel, Suzanne Moore, JK Rowling. It seems there is no longer left and right. I identified as part of the left but now I’m not so sure.
      I do think the shift into the Aquarian age, where identities are not so traditional, is part of it, astrologically speaking. And will perhaps be turbo-charged by Pluto in Aquarius, revealing ultimately the darker side of new sexual identities (for instance the trans cat torturer and murderer). Once Pluto has had its way with this movement, we will see what emerges at the other end.

      • Kellie-Jay Keen – one always wonders when people change their name or use a nickname or pseudonym – are they trying to erase something from before? I digress but KJK does appear to be stoking up controversy to attract attention – one would assume she would use any ‘topic de jour’ to do similar. More presumably about creating a profile for herself as Hopkins, Owen, Farage and Yiannopoulos have similarly done. No real interest in the politics or issues, just keep the fire blazing and the money coming in. Thus I would refrain from connecting her with giants like Suzanne Moore. Also maybe you could try not to make great sweeping generalisations about others the way you have in your opening line. It is not becoming nor a sign of intelligence. This is after all a page which promotes a curious discussion around astrology as it impacts life, not really a site for trolling people.

        Thank you.

  5. Fascinating topic. Thank you Marjorie.

    It is also very strange indeed, considering how it’s based on a physically real body being mismatched to a soul-like and subjective gender.

    Remarkably, other types of body dysphoria don’t require you to affirm them. Is it not dangerous to agree with an anorexic and their delusions? Have anorexics ever been treated with liposuction or other similar interventions?

    Each country or jurisdiction which has completed a systemic review on this phenomena has halted use of the so called puberty blockers (gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists) as well as curtailing many of the other excesses of the affirmation model.

    Does Neptune in Pisces factor in somehow?

    How might the recent trans phenomena compare to other social contagions or discredited medical practices?

    Another comparable physical treatment of mental illness was the infamous lobotomy. António Egas Moniz, shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine of 1949 for the “discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses.

    LGB activists said the kids are fine, just the way they are. You don’t have to be concerned if they are gender non-conforming.

    The TQ then came along to say your children are defective and we’re here to correct their abnormalities with drugs, clothing, accessories and multiple surgeries.

    “We will look back with horror at this mutilation of children done in the name of medicine” Suzanne Moore

  6. The problem with J K Rowling is that she didn’t just make her point and leave it at that, she kept on and on on twitter hammering it home especially during lockdown. The reality is that the gender / trans issues are being hijacked by the right-wing when really there are other more pressing concerns in most people’s lives, and this hate-filled rhetoric has led to the targeting / attacking / murder of young people around the would.

    It seems to me with Pluto in Aquarius (the only sign not given a gender) and the wider age of Aquarius we are in that blurring the binaries are part of the future, whether we like it or not.

    • To be fair if was the fanatical element in trans activism which blew a tiny demographic issue into a piece of mainstream toxicity. So the whole argument got out of hand.

    • “… with Pluto in Aquarius (the only sign not given a gender) and the wider age of Aquarius we are in that blurring the binaries are part of the future, whether we like it or not.”
      I just don’t see Aquarius in that way. The sign is quite conservative at times. But then it’s co ruled by Saturn.

    • “Blurring the binaries” has happened for many centuries, and is found in many ancient cultures. I’m not sure about Pluto, specifically, in Aquarius to be honest. I think it’s worth considering the work of Magnus Hirschfeld (14 May 1868) and his extensive work on gender, and sexology in Berlin. His Institute was set up in 1919 – a year with Uranus in late Aquarius opposing Saturn in Leo. Pluto was in the early degrees of Cancer. An exhibition of some of his photographs showing a Sexual Transitions Wall happened in Germany in 1922. There was an exhibition fairly recently (To Be Seen) about queer culture in Germany between the wars, the article and photos online are enlightening and fascinating. Nothing much new under the Sun!

      “This “adaptation therapy” or “milieu therapy” aimed to help people adapt to the queer milieu that suited them, instead of repressing their identity. Many important people from the gay community, such as Lili Elbe, were treated here. Homosexual writers such as André Gide and Christopher Isherwood visited the institute. People who today would be considered intersex were also counselled. From the beginning, the Nazis were disturbed by liberal sexology, Hirschfeld, and his institute. Many of the institute’s employees were, like Hirschfeld himself, Jewish. In 1933, Nazi students and SA members demolished the institute; Hirschfeld was on a world tour at the time and remained in exile in France.” artblart.com – Queer Culture in Germany between the wars

      J K Rowling has made a number of fair points on this subject, which requires more open, calm, discussion generally I feel. She has left-wing views on many things. I’ve known a few trans women, both through work and socially. They range from academics, to burlesque dancers. One regrets her transition. The fierce activism trend of recent years is bewildering to some of these individuals. But they are currently very afraid to speak out, except in private. That is a terrible state of affairs, and very sad.

      • I have four friends with trans children and have known a number of trans people, both women and men, who have transitioned or are the process, with positive results.

        Some are activists, most not. My sense is that they all want just to live their own, most authentic lives, without focus or interference from the outside world. They certainly don’t deserve to be the target of so much scrutiny and hatred such as they’ve received from the right-wing.

        • Totally agree! And this is whet people forget in these so-called culture wars (which I think are orchestrated to distract people so they fight between themselves and miss the real corruption happening). At the heart of all this are people’s lives.

    • JK Rowling has been the voice of reason and sense. She didn’t ‘hammer it home’ during lockdown. Are you American? It’s only Americans and their Butler influenced academic culture that are saying this kind of thing.
      It’s not hate-filled, it’s concerned.
      The statistics on trans murder are almost entirely based on Brazilian sex workers. Until the Brianna Ghey murder, there were precisely zero trans murders in this country for some years. Whereas a woman is killed every 3 days in this country. But hey, nobody cares about that do they? That’s just normal life eh.

      • No not American and not based there, and not sure how you can casually smear a whole nation just for it to fit in to whatever narrow belief system you have ….Nex Benedict is the most recent name to be in the news but most attacks and killings are not covered – Here is a small list of trans people murdered https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_killed_for_being_transgender Totally agree with Nicole above, this is not a competition about numbers, it’s about trying to stop the hate-filled heteronormative rhetoric that has led to many people being murdered for their identity …

    • For goodness sake’s. There’s absolutely no truth that JK Rowlings words have resulted in the murder of young people. The hate-filled rhetoric was directed at her for stating the obvious, that women are female and they matter. I was on Twitter at that time and the abuse she, and other women, received and continue to recieve is appalling and does nothing to futher acceptance for transexual people.

      Sex is a material reality. Recent studies show the changes happening in the female brain during menstruation. This brings new scientific understanding to how women funtion and may point to new ways to manage menstural difficulties. I’m certain Pluto in Aquarius will herald in new medical and scientific discoveries.

      • it is so fascinating how people ‘interpret’ what is said… I never said that J K Rowling’s words led directly to trans peoples’s death – I actually agree with some of her points but her relentlessness in making them has contributed to a climate of ongoing hate which dehumanises people and makes them vulnerable to abuse – do you really know what’s it like to be discriminated against throughout your life for your sexuality, or your identity …. I doubt it.

        People don’t realise how much they project of themselves onto ‘the other’ …. There is so much more going on the world in terms of war and genocide, huge government corruption, inequality …. Yet people are constantly returning to the trans ‘debate’ which has been hijacked by so many people who just don’t have any ‘skin in the game’ – As Nicole said so eloquently above just let these people live their lives, and stop trying to tell them what they can and can’t do. As that just becomes another form of control and fascism. The world is changing rapidly regardless of what we think (or are directed to think).

          • What a comeback!
            I am floored.

            That’s why there really is no discussion about things in this age because things quickly reduce to this (point-scoring). Our own human frailty is what stops us from seeing what others are going through. People miss the points over and over because it doesn’t fit their fixed narrative. Instead the amygdala kicks in and we just want to be on the winning side.

      • JK Rowling did a marvellous thing when she set up a privately funded rape crisis centre for women: she funded it. Because the one that was on offer that came out of the public purse, was run by a trans woman who called the women clients bigots because they objected to men who self identified as women being ‘victims’ like them. When it appeared they were there for more sinister reasons. It didn’t appear that they were there because they had been raped or abused or even bothered to be anything than what they were which were men. Which implies as I said earlier that they were there for more sinister reasons.

        Don’t get me wrong, I know men can be raped. But it is highly inappropriate to bring a man in among traumatised women. Real male rape victims need their own crisis centre. But they like women need to be protected from those that have a cruel agenda.

        Children should have the right as well to be protected from those that have an agenda. There is a law that is supposed to prevent them from being indoctrinated. But this seems to have been ignored in recent years.

        From my point of view the world has turned itself on its head, and for no good reason. Now we have trans women breast feeding with the help of chemicals. And although there are claims that it is just the same as mother’s milk, this has been proved to not be true as there is a risk to the children exposed to the chemicals developing heart problems.

        What a world we live in, when the needs of the trans woman is put ahead of a baby.

  7. I always remember Woody Allen’s comments about her name (though I think there is an even funnier one I can’t find right now):

    “The auteur credited Taylor with proposing Posey play the unhappily married professor Rita.

    “I didn’t know her. I mean, I knew the name. Everybody knows the name because it’s such a silly name,” Allen quipped. “It was a very provocative name and it was actually Juliet Taylor, my casting director, who said that she had just run into Parker and chatted with her somewhere in Europe, and that Parker seemed to her a very good possibility for this role. And as soon as Parker came into our cutting room where we interview actors, the second we saw her, Juliet knew, but the second I saw her, I thought she would be absolutely perfect for it. And it turned out that she was better than perfect. She made a contribution to the role far in excess of what I wrote. Very often you’ll write a character and you write it, and it’s OK, and then you luck out and you get an actor or actress who brings something to it and it’s suddenly — and you get the credit for it as the writer and director — but the truth is, the actor has brought some kind of flare or personality to it, way above and beyond the relatively bland character that you wrote.””

  8. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and is supposedly the planet associated with transgender issues. Gemini itself has a mutable dual nature as in classical mythology one of the Dioscuri had a human father and one a divine father. One wonders if planet placements in that sign trigger a response to the issue of gender fluidity. There is perhaps a need to recognise a third or non binary gender identity in law as has happened in some civilisations in the past and is done in some countries of the world.

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