Monica Lewinsky – standing proud ++ Linda Tripp ++ Hill & Bill

Monica Lewinsky, emblematic of the pre-#MeToo victim-blaming era is stepping out boldly to be the face of a fashion promotion linked to a “get out to vote” campaign. After the personal vilification and slut-shaming she went through as a young intern after her liaison with Bill Clinton was exposed in 1998 she became suicidal, was landed with huge legal debts and then went underground for a decade. She re-emerged having taken a Masters degree at the London School of Economics and started her fight back first with a Vanity Fair interview and then a Ted talk in 2015. She said she had been the most shamed girl that ever lived, “patient zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously”, pointing a finger at the internet’s power to hold public hangings by humiliation.

  She was born 23 July 1973 12.21 pm San Francisco, and has a 10th house Leo Sun and Mercury in Cancer with Mercury square  an excitable Uranus Ascendant opposition Mars in Aries. She is a fighter by nature which will have helped her in her comeback. She shares a Taurus Moon with Bill Clinton, which in her case is square a 4th house Jupiter and widely her Leo Sun. Her emphasized Moon may have been one factor in her becoming a public target. She wrote: “my trauma has been a microcosm of a larger, national one. Both clinically and observationally, something fundamental changed in our society in 1998 … the scandal had an epigenetic quality, as if our cultural DNA has slowly been altered.”

  Clinton’s Saturn in Leo is conjunct her Sun, a hint of his seniority in age and his Mars Neptune is conjunct her 12th house Pluto – so he would have a pull of glamour but was also a dominating force. Their relationship chart has an aggravated/unfair treatment Mars Saturn conjunction sextile Venus with the composite Uranus conjunct the Sun and square the composite Moon – on different agendas, disruptive.

  When the scandal broke in 1998 her Progressed Mars was opposition her Sun for a collision-like shock; with tr Uranus square her Moon and about to crash into her SA Mars opposition SA Uranus – an upset on an epic scale.

   She does have tr Pluto opposing her Sun this year and next as she sets out on her next phase. Tr Jupiter through her 8th at the moment points to a successful transition into better times with success ahead. She deserves it.  Europeans scratched their heads over the whole fandango wondering what all the fuss was about. Only in sanctimonious, hypocritical US did it become an impeachable offence – and the end result was to nearly bury a 22 year old who was hardly the instigator. There are several women from that time including the one who snitched on her who should hang their heads in shame.

Add On: Linda Tripp, a White House secretary became friendly with Lewinsky and then set her up by wearing a wire to record what she said about her sex life. According to co-workers Tripp was not well liked or trusted, was a gossip and keen to be in the know.  Upset by comments about her appearance after the furore attracted press attention Tripp went for cosmetic surgery funded by an anonymous benefactor and later bought a home in upmarket Virginia.

 Born 24 November 1949 8am Jersey City, NJ, she had a 12th house Sun Mercury in Sagittarius with Neptune in her 10th and a troublesome combination of a bad-tempered, can-be-destructive Mars Saturn in Virgo and an opinionated Pluto in her 9th. Plus a likes-money Venus, Moon, Jupiter in Capricorn in her 2nd house.

  Lewinsky’s Pluto was conjunct her Midheaven so she would perceive her as a threat. Their relationship chart had a competitive composite Sun square Mars and a distrustful Saturn square Venus Neptune.

Add On: Hillary’s relationship chart with Monica has a competitive composite Sun square Mars and a oneupmanship tussle from Jupiter trine Pluto with the composite Pluto being conjunct the Sun and South Node. So an underlying struggle for control. One might wonder about Monica’s mother issues with her focal point Moon. And her Moon is square Hillary’s Mars Pluto which is a toxic crossover.

  Hillary, of course, has father issues with a truly mind- boggling collection of Saturn Pluto Mars in Leo on her IC. She is more than used to high tensions in her home life.  Bill’s glitzy collection of Mars, Neptune, Venus and Jupiter in Libra fall in Hill’s 5th house so he would bring an element of fun into her lifeas well as a child. His Moon is conjunct her North Node in Taurus in the 12th – so there will be a deep, hidden connection. She’s not a lady for letting go with six Fixed planets and her relationship chart with Bill has a chained-together Saturn Pluto conjunction square Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio. There would be compensations though the composite Sun square Uranus does point to a need to lead fairly independent lives.

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  1. The only reason Monica, a lowly intern and volunteer, had access to Clinton at all is that there was a long government shutdown when the Republican Congress refused to fund the government. This was one of the many power struggles between Democrats/Clinton and Republicans, in this case the sleazy amoral Newt Gingrich, which sent the paid professional staff home for weeks.

    The volunteers, specifically Monica in this case, unusally provided support services to the president and got close to him when normally she never would have had the opportunity. In many ways this scandal was the product of another Republican dysfunctional powerplay with Gingrich trying to exert control over Clinton.

    Gingrich lost that struggle, too, as he was ultimately shown to be a hypocritical, petulant child — and serial philanderer worse than Clinton — eager only for his own power, like most of the current crop of Republicans. But he set in motion most of the disgusting powerplays and brinkmanship ploys we’re still seeing play out in Washington now. The only favorable thing I can say about him is that he wasn’t (then)a traitor like Trump, but he definitely set the stage for and still enables Trump.

      • El Aznar – she was an anonymous, star-struck young woman of 22. You can see her adoration of him in photos showing them together. He was an enormously powerful, charismatic, President, aged 49! She didn’t go running to the media either. Plus, worth bearing in mind, she was one of many women who had liaisons with Bill Clinton. There is no equality in this story. The ensuing fuss in the US was incomprehensible to many. We must wish her every success, she deserves it.

  2. She was really raked over the coals, and unfairly, and I’m glad to see she’s come out of this ahead.

    But what I wish for her is a career. She’s smart enough to have a good one, and be done with all this I’m-A-Victim stuff.

    Yes, society has made her one, but to take the next step and see herself differently, already, would be a smart move. Glad her future looks bright.

  3. We were living in the Washington, DC area at the time and Monica was holed up in the very protected Cosmos Club, where he’s a member.

    People were so vicious about her for a long time that even women who happened to be named Monica came in for vile ridicule, as if they were guilty by association.

    However, EVERYONE loathed the traitorous Linda Tripp, who deserved all the nastiness she received.

    I’ve come to admire Monica Lewinsky enormously in recent years for her resilience and ability to transcend the scandal and remake her life. She was treated so unbelievably badly.

    • It’s my husband who’s a member of the Cosmos Club and occasionally saw her there; her California attorney had reciprocal membership at the club and lodged her there to protect her from the ravening media.

  4. She was naive and seemingly eager to embark on an affair with Bill Clinton but the punishment inflicted was completely disproportionate to the transgression. He was temporarily humiliated but her life and reputation were destroyed thanks to Linda Tripp and Republicans like Newt Gingrich, then involved in an adulterous liaison, Bob Livingston, who was forced to resign when several of his affairs were made public, and his replacement, convicted child molester Dennis Hastert. I admire her resilience.

    • I agree it was disproportionate.

      With Leo Sun in 10th opp Jupiter, Aries descendant with Mars and Moon in 7th, Uranus on the ascendant – I doubt anyone could have talked her out of getting involved with the most powerful man in the world even though he was married.

      Uranus in early Aqua / Pluto in Sag through 1995-97 would have made transits to her Leo Sun, Libra Pluto, Sag Neptune when the relations were going on.

      Transiting Neptune would have been opposite her Leo Sun when it all came out into the open. Have to say that was the worst transit I ever experienced – absolutely ripped me apart like no other transit before, not even Pluto.

    • @SMS I tend to agree that Monica was young and naive and yet she could so easily have got rid of the evidence, so why did she not do so?

  5. Interesting to note Lewinsky’s Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries on the descendant, square to MC and Part of Fortune in Cancer. It’s a tender sign to have on the Midheaven with that Leo Sun.

    Chiron in Aries is a major significator of struggling with a sense of self. That was certainly made manifest through the relationship with Clinton.

    Good for her, all power to her.

  6. Something similar had happened to Nan Britton, who was Warren Hardings young mistress — and with whom he had an illegitimate daughter. After his death she wrote a tell-all to try and get herself out of poverty (Harding had secretly left funds for her, but the person he entrusted stole the money). She was completely scorned as a liar and moved to the Midwest, living up until 1991. Just a few years ago DNA tested on her grandchild and one of Harding’s relatives revealed to truth.

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