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  1. Another person with an interesting family dynamic – I bumped onto her yesterday in The Telegraph – is Alice Carrière.

    And I see you wrote about Barry Keoghan, last year, I believe, and perhaps some time in the future you could profile Jacob Elordi, who chart from what I glimpsed gives a whole new layer to the public persona.

  2. “The Castle Bravo explosion took place on March 1, 1954 in the northern part of Bikini Atoll, one of 29 coral atolls in the Marshall Islands. The explosion yielded the energy equivalent of 15 Megatons (or about 33 billion pounds) of TNT, or 1000 Hiroshima bombs. The blast evaporated an island, forming a deep crater in the Bikini lagoon.”

    “The detonation took place at 06:45 on March 1, 1954, local time (18:45 on February 28 GMT). When Bravo was detonated, within one second it formed a fireball almost 4.5 miles (7.2 km) across. The Bravo Crater is located at 11°41′50″N 165°16′19″E. ”

    Would it be useful to examine the natal chart of this “test” in context of potential 2025-2027 conditions?

  3. Hi Marjorie, can you do a write up on Thailand please? There are more and more electronic and automotive manufacturers moving and setting up regional head quarters and factories in Thailand. The current cabinet was sworn in on 5 Sept 2023 (no time) and King Rama I Coronation 6 April 1782. Thailand practices sidereal astrology.

    • There are lawsuits flying around after tv presenter Dan Wootton was cleared by the police so one treads delicately.
      ‘The Metropolitan Police examined allegations that he used fake online identities and offered money to others for explicit material of themselves. Last July, he told viewers he had made “errors of judgement” but strongly denied any criminality. GB News has not commented, but Wootton currently remains suspended because of a different matter.’
      Born 2 March 1983 in New Zealand, he has a Pisces Sun square an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius. Plus an upfront, enthusiastic, can-be-highly-sexed Venus Mars conjunction in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct Pluto). Impulsive with not great judgement.

  4. Just looking at the uproar in the Commons today after Speaker Lindsay Hoyle broke with precedent (concerning amendments to Gaza ceasefire vote).

    The moon went into Leo at 1:40pm and was then opposite Pluto in Aqua at 3:37pm.

    Looking at the BBC timeline, it reports a 1:38pm (while moon was VOC right at the end of Cancer) that Hoyle announced his decision. The afternoon and evening has seen scenes ‘escalate’ and play out.

    I wonder though if this is an early sign of what we can expect with Pluto in Aqua? Breaking with longheld precedents and traditions. Especially with the moon moving into the oppositional sign of Leo the ruler-by-its-own-belief

    • Hoyle is quoted as saying “The Speaker has decided to select both the government and Labour amendments to the SNP motion. He said: “This is a highly sensitive subject on which feelings are running high, in the House, in the nation and in the world. “I think it’s important on this occasion that this House is able to consider the widest possible range of options.”

      Although opposition amendments would not usually be selected like this, his opinion is that this “reflects an outdated approach”, he added.”

      That last line seems very Pluto in Aquarius – even if it is within the confines of the current political setup

      • Interesting GD. But what a shambles. Pluto is opposing UK 1801 Jupiter in Leo, trine Uranus in Libra. The Sun was/is conjunct UK Pluto in Pisces today. So that UK Yod is activated. Balance was not achieved when trying to work out those fractious energies!
        If the House of Commons chart works – January 20th, 1265, it has a stellium in Aquarius, 6-25 degrees. there’s a Saturn 21 Taurus conjunct Mars, 23 Taurus that may blow up in some way with tr Uranus, or the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in April. Possibly worth watching that chart?

        • They’ve been talking about how the actual Palaces of Westminster buildings have been in a dangerous state for years. But, unsurprisingly for politicians, they can’t agree on what to do.

          I wonder if we might not see something physically happen when these transits come into play.

          This Guardian article makes the point that MPs are loathe to move out of the building while the work is carried out because it might “indelibly change Parliament’s culture”


          • Possibly Parliament’s ‘culture’ needs a change?! I wonder if the date for the Victorian buildings might be useful? The whole place is fascinating, but it is a dimly-lit, creaky Hogwarts too – with a real rodent problem. It’s gothic qualities are alluring, a bit like St Pancras Station. Rather romantic, but it is a Victorian fantasy of Medieval England. Hmmn.

          • Indeed Jane – physical change could commit people to rethink how the chambers operate. And with any change of layout, you might then get change of behaviour.

            They are amazing buildings when you look at them. I would never have guessed less than 200 years old.

            Here’s a date If found for the foundation stone … ” Work started on building the river frontage on 1 January 1839, and Barry’s wife laid the foundation stone on 27 April 1840.”

            From Wikipedia’s Burning of Parliament “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_of_Parliament”

            It seems the old buildings burned down 16 Oct 1834

            Not much leaping off the page about those dates from a quick glance at the ephemeris. I will try and dig more later!

          • Of interest – fire destroyed both Houses of Parliament on 16 October, 1834. Neptune was in and out of Aquarius that year, but at 28 Capricorn in October. Sun in Libra trined Uranus in Aquarius, 22 degrees, and Nodes in Gemini 20 degrees. So the Leo Saturn for UK 1801 was challenged by Uranus – old and new, Leo and Aquarius, what a shake up! Saturn in Libra was conjunct the history/karma linked South Node for 1801 as well, with Pluto in Aries two degrees off the North Node – transforming ‘direction’ with Aries fire?

            When 2nd WW Blitz bombs fell on the Houses of Parliament, 10-11 May 1941, there was a stubborn stellium in Taurus – Sun 18 Taurus, Mercury 23 Taurus, Venus 24 Taurus, Jupiter 26 Taurus, Saturn 18 Taurus, Uranus 25 Taurus. That’s transiting UK Saturn, and fantastical UK Neptune in Scorpio. All square onto tr Mars in Aquarius. Pluto, meanwhile, was 2 Leo. Nodes had reached 0 Libra.

            Let’s see what, if anything, happens this spring with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, then Jupiter return for the Blitz, with Pluto 2 Aquarius, then Uranus/Mars/Algol in July. There’s a UK Nodal return in May as well. Can’t help feeling the Cosmos is dropping some heavy hints!

          • Thanks GD, I was mulling over my reply when you posted those dates and did not see it until afterwards. I’d say the dates are relevant, or at least resonant.

          • Nice work Jane. You’re much better at linking these dates together than I am.

            I noticed the 28Cap Neptune on the burning down chart and that it would be transited by conjunction/sextile around now by Pluto/Neptune.

            I was also interested to read up on the House of Lords which I thought had been accumulating Peers at an unwieldy rate recently due to multiple PMs (among other things). Actually not as bad as I expected. Currently sitting at about 800, there was a reduction in 1999-2000 when life peerages were abolished taking it from around 1300 to 650. Transiting Neptune would have been in the early degrees of Aquarius with Uranus heading towards the mid-degrees.

            It would certainly seem like Pluto in Aquarius is going to be interesting for Parliament.

          • @GD and @Jane Architecture does have an effect on people, there were many Victorian schools which reinforced the system of heavy discipline on children, some of the modern buildings, not all, are on the other hand quite constructive in instilling a sense of pride and belonging. Your comments re Westminster point to a need to shake off some of the muddle and nostalgic look to the past, Saturn obscured by Neptune ?

    • All too typical of the Westminster tribal bubble.
      John Crace in the Guardian: –
      “Everyone wanted a ceasefire. Only they wanted their own ceasefire, not anyone else’s. While people die in Gaza, the UK parliament goes to war over the ceasefire.”
      “While more men, women and children were dying in Gaza, all UK parties were using the conflict for marginal, parochial gains. Just lip service to a higher calling. All claiming they cared only for bringing the war to an end. All so detached from reality they couldn’t even see they were lying to themselves.” “If only MPs were capable of self-reflection they would be in a downward shame spiral.”
      Alex Massie in The Times add his brickbat suggesting the “ SNP’s parliamentary manoeuvres are chiefly a tactical manoeuvre designed to embarrass the Labour Party.”
      “The SNP’s manoeuvres are transparent. They are all about dividing and, perhaps, weakening Labour. You may think there is something unsavoury about using so much human agony and tragedy overseas as a wedge issue to try to save SNP seats at the general election here at home. If so, you would be right.”

  5. Hi Marjorie, I was wondering if you could take a look at the chart of Gonzalo Lira, who passed away last month during his imprisonment for his critical views on the Ukraine conflict.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Donald Trump announced his vice presidential candidate “shortlist” yesterday in a townhall with FOX News. He said Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, and Tulsi Gabbard (the once fake Democrat who used to simp for Assad and Vladimir Putin) were all considerations.

    I remember your posts about Ron DeSantis – you did mention he would have a challenging early 2024 but his luck could change by mid year. However, I remember you also warning there could be a lot of tension between Trump and DeSantis as well. So, it will be interesting to see if DeSantis gets the VP slot after all the drama between himself and Trump.

    Anyway, just for fun, I was wondering if you would take a look at the other candidates I listed whom Trump is considering (particularly Kristin Noem and Tulsi Gabbard…since Republicans have been desperately trying to win back the educated white suburbanite woman vote).

    Any thoughts or insights you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. The supremely talented Samantha Moreton won the coverted BAFTA fellowship award last night.
    Her heartfelt speech was eloquent and beautiful.
    I would welcome any natal chart analysis. I know she had a diffcult early start in life, growing up in foster and care homes.
    Refreshingly, she is not the usual nepo baby or privately educated Brit actor type which often dominates hollywood.

  8. I was wondering if I could make a case for a story on Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen and her fight with her children from her first marriage over inheritance, but also then about the relationship with her parents that she might have had.

    I saw it on Italian news the other day; it seems to be a saga that has been going on for some time.

    But as I was reading about it, I bumped onto the story of Marella Caracciolo Agnelli’s brother, Carlo, a prince (Marella was a princess as well), a duke, a newspaper founder and publisher, with rich love life and interesting relationships with his heirs.

    • The Agnellis are a story for themselves. I’m not too fond of the nickname, but they are called the Kennedys of Italy. Gianni and Marella had a son, Edoardo, who converted to Islam and died young. His death is humanly tragic and his story astrologically interesting.

      Astrologer Alessandro de Cesaris gives these birth data on his LinkedIn:

      “Pertanto si prendono i dati astrologici di Margherita Agnelli, che sono: 26 settembre 1955 ore 8:14 e nasce a Lausanne in Svizzera. Poi si prendono i dati di John Elkann che nasce il primo aprile del 1976 a New York. E poi prendiamo quelli di Lapo Elkann che nasce il 7 ottobre del 1978 alle ore 3:00 del mattino sempre a New York.”

  9. On a softer note, I chanced onto the Walker Brothers video “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” in league with your post of them. “Scott Walker – walked his own road”


    A good song!

  10. What is the prognosis for Pakistan Marjorie? Imran Khan has won the vote over 80%. Relatives of ours were working in polling stations with 82% for Khan and the returned votes were shown on screen as 40%. Seven days later the country is working on autopilot with the military holding the peace. There is no government in place. Two days after the election a prime minister must be announced. It is now seven days. The people do not want Sharif again – he was removed and jailed several times for corruption. People are tired of this. Twenty have already deaded in the election chaos already. If they attempt to install Sharif or any other foreign country government I do not know what the reaction may be? Imran Khan is the people’s choice. He has won even in such election rigging and illegal imprisioning. How does the astrology tilt on Pakistan?

    • See post 8th February – not looking positive for several years ahead, much confusion. I will do a longer write up when the dust settles slightly.

  11. does the fact Nikki Haley has jan. 20 the legislated day for us to install our president play into her stars at all ? thank you Nina

  12. Researching Gaza, it appears to be very complicated. Egypt has been a dominant player in the past where Gaza is concerned. At one point ruling the land for 350 years. Do Astrologers need to use strong leadership charts – such as Egypt/Gaza as well, when looking at modern conflicts where landmasses pass between leaderships often? Or even the country who first created a new country?

  13. I’m wondering Marjorie, when the outer planets are retrograde, do we see this in countries globally at the time? Is it visible that societies retrace over things that have happened in the direct phase?

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