The Trump Tribe forced to face reality

Donald Trump has brushed aside a judge’s seering comments about his company’s fraud in inflating the worth of his properties as he was landed with a fine of $350m plus interest. The frauds the judge said “leap off the page and shock the conscience”. “Their (Trumps) complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological.” His two sons face fines of $4m each as well.

  The Trump Organization LLC 27 July 1999 is certainly showing a meltdown over the next two or three years with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune, opposition the Mercury and then the Sun. With a complete meltdown later in the decade. The chart has an evasive Sun Neptune with a square to Jupiter which perfectly describes the over-hopeful (?), deceptive exaggerations involved – leading to a scandal caused by their own flakiness.

  As Sydney Blumenthal points out the giant fortune Trump was handed by his father Fred still ended up on the rocks due to his hubris.

  Fred Trump’s posthumous chart, 11 October 1905, is showing signs of extreme anxiety over the next three years, so wherever he is he’ll be cursing at his son. Fred’s controlling Pluto is conjunct his son Donald Snr’s Sun – and down the line it goes as Donald Snr’s Pluto is conjunct his son Donald Jnr’s Mars. Fear-based parenting.

  One complication of Trump’s chart which to some extent is a phenomenon that was shared with Maggie Thatcher is the astrology reflects the individual’s experience of the event rather than describing the event itself. Trump is so wrapped up in his pathological arrogance and derealization (= divorced from reality) that he does not react in a normal/sane way. Maggie’s chart on occasion did not record much when she was in danger since she in her own way protected herself against reality by not recognizing she was at risk.

  However Trump at the moment has tr Pluto opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint late this month and through March which can refer to loss of fortune and deprivation.  And his SA Pluto is square his Venus/Saturn midpoint this year hitting him where he is most wounded – only loved because successful. Take away the money and he’s nothing.  That rolls on through 2025.  He does have some blips of luck through mid March to early April, but is foully bad tempered through April/May.

 Oldest son Donald, 31 December 1977 5.20 pm West Plam Beach, Florida, has tr Saturn, bringer of chickens coming home to roost, sitting on his Midheaven, so maybe karma is working.  He looks shocked at what has happened exactly now and while he will have some cheer mid March to early April and in May and early 2025, he’s also facing a raft of downers and disappointments in 2025. He won’t be out of the financial woods until well into the 2030s.

  Eric Trump, 6 January 1984 7pm New York, like his brother has a few ups and many more downs and setbacks with a grinding run through till 2027.

  Ivanka appears to have charmed the judge and her fortunes are feather-bedded anyway via Jared’s sweetheart $2 billion deal with MBS of Saudi Arabia. But even she looks aggravated this year and more so with confusion on top through 2027/28.

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  1. As an outsider both Trump and Biden are showing cognitive failure.

    Trump was genuinely witty in 2016 – “Pocahontas”, “Low energy Jeb”, he was summing up his opponents weakness in a pithy phrase, something hard to do. Now he’s just rambling.

    And Biden was full of energy and vigor in 2016 (when he should have been the Dem candidate). Now he’s a confused almost comatose old man, and he’s botching; almost all the ills now in the world stem from the disastrous Afghan withdrawal. That was when the bad actors of the world realised, the President is gaga, we can do what we want.

    I don’t understand the devotion people are displaying towards Biden and Trump – are you really claiming non-senile people shouldn’t be president?

    On the astrology, Margaret Thatcher experienced Tr Pluto conjunct her natal Sun in 1979 when she got elected.

    In the American contest there are TWO candidates experiencing tr Pluto conjuncting their Sun – Nikki Haley and Dean Phillips.

    I’m guessing one of them becomes president.

    • @Candy, have you actually bothered to listen to Biden speak? He has never been a great speaker and his voice certainly has weakened with age, but, unlike the clearly mentally damaged and, yes, even deranged Trump, Biden is not “senile” or demented and still handles complex issues with great clarity.

      Dean Phillips’ campaign is on life support and has laid off almost all its staff; he is also wildly unpopular with Democrats. Nikki Haley is going nowhere as a Republican because she’s failed to kiss Trump’s ring and bowed down to King Donald.

      Would I prefer a younger Democratic candidate? Yes, of course. But if we hope to preserve democracy in the US Biden currently is our only choice — unless you want to usher in an era of hard-right Christian nationalism as Trump’s followers promise along with Trump’s vicious dictatorship and vengeance against anyone who opposes his destruction of everything the US has stood for since the country’s founding.

      Marjorie’s astrological readings give me hope rapacious Trump will soon crater and disappear.

      • @ Nicole
        I wonder if Uranus opposing Biden’s sun in August means that the Democrats chose another candidate during the convention.

        Just my less than two cents.

        • @Roderick, that’s a possibility, if circumstances dictate that.

          @Candy, speaking as someone who’s spent a lifetime involved in or observing US politics, none of the candidates you mention has enough of a base to get them the nomination, although Haley has an outside chance if and only if Trump’s circumstances change enough by the time of the summer convention.

          Just because someone — like Philips, Kennedy or Pence — decides to run for president doesn’t mean they have the political or financial support or the political savvy actually to secure the nomination, which is a complicated process. Try watching an unedited speech of Biden’s and you might be surprised that he’s not as “doddering” and “senile” as the edited clips you’re watching make him appear.

      • Nicole, I have seen clips of Biden speaking – he came across as a doddery old man who should really be asleep in an armchair by the fire with a blanket over his knees. It’s straight up elder abuse to force him to go through the rigors of an election campaign.

        I also don’t believe that Biden is “the only person who will uphold the constitution”. Mike Pence upheld it by certifying Biden’s win in 2020, and I’m sure Dean Phillips, Kamala Harris, Nikki Haley, Robert Kennedy jr and a whole host of others will too, and it’s a slur on their characters to say otherwise.

        More to the point, Biden’s chart is not looking good. He has transiting Pluto square his natal Moon which is a negative aspect.

        Sinaed O’Connor had tr Pluto square her Moon when she died last year. Boris Johnson had tr Pluto square his Moon when he resigned as an MP, thus ending his political career. King Charles had tr Pluto square his Moon when his cancer diagnosis came through.

        • Candy, it is a known fact that many ‘clips’ of biden have been intentionally manipulated by his opposition to make him appear as a doddering old fool, which becomes clear when viewing the entire footage. Also, pluto square moon does not in and of itself mean ill health, but rather emotional challenges. Given where the world is today politically, I am not at all suprised with that aspect.

    • Candy, your posts illustrate why it’s so very dangerous to make claims and assumptions based upon singular transits alone, and without additional context.

      Phillips and Haley may both be under Pluto-Sun transits, but so are millions of other people on Earth at any given point in time. Just because two such individuals are running for US President doesn’t mean that they are both going to have Superhero-like powers and charisma granted to them by Pluto (when they didn’t before) that will “part the waters” for them to enter the White House.

      Pluto can and often does grant an extraordinary amount of willpower, but again, other factors still have to line up.

      Obviously both Haley and and Phillips are running on long odds. Phillips is a relative unknown in national politics, and his announcement that he was running for President as a protest against Biden fell on deaf ears. Hardly anyone knows who he is, or even cares to at the moment amongst the Dems, who may well have their concerns about Biden’s age, but nonetheless continue to donate to his campaign and vote for him in near-record amounts in primary, after primary, even as a write in.

      Haley has said she won’t fold in her campaign, even if she loses in a landslide, the Republican primary in her native South Carolina today, what would universally be seen as a devastating defeat by nearly anyone else. But she’s been consistently trailing Trump by 30-percentage points in the polls there. And this in a state where she was twice elected Governor. And she’s lost every other Primary race so far where the demographics and ballot process were arguably more favorable for her than those in her own home state.

      Pluto on her Sun right now may very well grant Haley the will and financial backing by powerful donors like Charles Koch to continue campaigning right up to the RNC, but it offers no protection against loss or foolhardiness.

      As for Uranus opposing Biden’s Sun during the DNC, who can say for sure what the outcome will be? He could very well have a major health episode then, or quite literally belt out an inspirational nomination acceptance speech for the ages. Time will tell.

  2. @Jeanie and @ Carson thank you for the info re the Constitution, I can only think that it is time for people to think how to safeguard and improve what they have by way of institutions, at the moment the moon will move into Virgo on the 24th whilst the fixed star Sadachbia in the right arm of the Water bearer is conjunct the sun, this star is helpful to see things clearly, whilst the right arm is considered to be connectewith the will.
    Besides this Formahaut, the Keeper of the south, connected with the Archangel Gabriel of the nature of Venus, Mercury and Neptune is standing behind the sun, to give us an impluse to bring warmth to human feeling.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. I miss the Walter Cronkite type of news; as you state dispassionate that allows for objectivity. The divisive tone of so many media ‘discussions’ is nerve rattling for me and seems to accomplish so little in the way of informing.

    • @Gina
      The fact is that most people get their ‘news’ from social media than the MSN and the only way that the MSN can be relevant is to give analysis of the news instead of just repeating basic facts that are already known.

    • Hi Marjorie 36 posts and only 4 mention astrology! Feels like the main purpose of this site is being lost. I know that people’s non astrological opinions/ replies can be relevant but is there any chance that this in- balance on a great site can be rectified a little? Thanks.

      • Trish, I take your point. It always happens with US elections and to a degree with UK. Some context is helpful but unvarnished political opinions add little to illuminate the issues and turn into a fan fight.
        Will get a grip on it.

      • Always happens Trish – any mention of certain topics – e.g. US politics, Brexit, Israel, Harry/Meghan – and there’s a ton of opinion, very little astrology. I think it’s okay when it’s a short comment but some posts tend towards long diatribes that I agree are out of place here. Marjorie does a good job of moderating what gets posted, I trust in her to know when to pull back on these things. I’d prefer to see her continue posting on the hot topics so I can read her astro insight.

        • Yes, I’d much rather see Marjorie’s posts too. I can scroll through the non-astro opinions – and on some subjects these can be interesting, enlightening, or heartfelt too. Yes, the big rants and arguments are out of place, but we don’t have to read them!

  4. Adding to the comments from @Janet, @Chris Romero and others regarding support for Biden: In addition to being a wise elder statesman, he surrounds himself with wise advisors, and has a competent person as his “understudy,” should one be needed. This is in sharp contrast to Trump, who we know will allow only sycophants, criminals and fools in his orbit, and will purge anyone who dares to tell him the truth or try to limit his indecent behavior; he’s done it all before, and continues to do it.

    @Gina, I note that you claim to follow “independent news” and not the “mainstream.” I’m not sure what you mean by that, exactly, but I note that in America, “I do my own research” has become an ironic joke for a reason–it means the person making that claim likely rejects reliable reporting and is being conned by conspiracy theories and doctored propaganda videos on social media. Please don’t fall for that foolishness. Also, please don’t try to persuade others to your hopeless, ageist, unwittingly skewed view. We can’t afford to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    • I guess I am going to yield the field because my comment about not liking EITHER choice for the US election has caused some over reactive comments. I don’t like either Trump or Biden for different reasons which feels dismal to me. Remember as a US citizen, I and many others have to live with it. The US has been on the downslide for a longtime. I won’t defend my choices of where I get my news. There are many very good journalists who don’t work in the mainstream news. I wish political discussions didn’t cause so much frothing at the mouth but it seems to. I apologize if my comments offended anyone. That was not my intention. I merely expressed MY opinion, which is just that, not sent down from on high. Have a nice day everyone.

      • Gina, Do not apologise. I am with you. I am knocking on in years and think both Biden and Trump are well past the age where they should be contemplating the White House. I also did not take your comment about reading news away from the mainstream as in any way sinister. I read everything and get increasingly irritated when the right wing media punt their own line and the left wing the opposite. I remember the days when the media mainly was dispassionate.

        • Thank you Marjorie and Gina, your comments are polite and informed, what I sense is a deep well of anxiety from everybody about the future ,not surprisingly.

        • As a news and politics junkie — and journalist — I too am so disheartened by so much that I read. I’m finding myself turning increasingly to favorite sources of wisdom, Love Meow and The Dodo, for bits of encouraging, upbeat news! (Please note the understated laugh, too!)

      • @Gina, I don’t believe that Al22 meant any disrespect but this election isn’t any normal one.

        It isn’t even a choice between the lesser of the two evils.

        It is the difference between relatively normal democracy and someone who has repeatedly stated that he wants to use the power of the federal government to seek vengeance on his political enemies.

        The dysfunction of the current Republican-controlled House is an object lesson as to how the GOP has created gridlock over the past several decades to prevent a functioning government which has led to the decline of America to which you were referring.

        • I’ll second this comment Gina. I’m 69 so Ive seen all the slimebag politicians and their machinations. i’m male white Veteran and moderate independent voter. I grew up in Chicago so that should clue you in on corruption in America that I have witnessed. I too am a bit worried as Biden and Trump both are at that age when things can go awry in their capabilities. But you must consider what each candidate has actually done and stands for. Biden might not be someones cuppa tea but he isn’t openly attempting to overtly create a personality cult ala kim jong in korea. And destroy democracy. Read a copy of our Constitution. Nowhere in it is there any power given to a political party. It set up a system for representation of the people in Congress. And more importantly it was intended to have the 3 govt branches as well as the states balance each others power as defined by that Constitution. Trump has flouted that on Jan 6th at a minimum. He has not shown any indication of his responsibility to represent and support the democratic basis of our nation. He is a spectacular indication of failure of our political system to bring forth candidates to burnish democracy while governing in (our) interests. Do not vote Trump or we will all suffer.

  5. Marjorie – interesting that you use Margaret Thatcher as another example of someone able to avoid reality. Trump has Mars conjunct Leo Ascendant, a couple of degrees into 12th house. Thatcher had Saturn conjunct her Scorpio Ascendant , also a couple of degrees into the 12th house.

    As a fixed ascendant myself (but no planets on it), I would say that for many years I was able to avoid what was going on around me and dig in. It frustrates other people until they give up. But there is a cost to oneself of their disengagement – they conclude you’re too much hard work and start to avoid.

  6. Read an astrologer on FB who said “Trump’s unique full moon eclipse allows him to profit and gain from attacks against him. He just made a $3 billion deal with his social network the same week he lost $350 million in the court case.” Have you heard this about full moon eclipses?

    • @ Maggie,

      Well, Trump doesn’t appear to be profiting or gaining much. He’s now resorting to selling pairs of shoes with his ridiculous logo on them for $400 AND Trump isn’t paying the taxes on those ugly shoes…so the fine print states apparently that costumers have to declare the purchase and pay the tax themselves.

      And…it gets worse: customers are literally not being guaranteed they’ll receive those stupid shoes and all purchases are non-refundable.

      I’m sure none these stipulations or red flags will inhibit Donald Trump’s idiot supporters from purchasing them….so, perhaps that astrologer is right; maybe he will profit in some capacity. However, I haven’t come across a single analyst or financial expert who thinks Trump will walk away from a half a billion dollar debt unscathed. This is going to hurt him.

  7. From a 2021 article by Rachel Mabe on Tara Brach in The Guardian:

    “It was there that she realized where societal change needed to come from – not from courts, not from politics, but from our consciousness.”

    What is shocking, and also not, here is that people will easily, with no regrets, absolve their favourite for a matter they would viciously attack that person if he or she were their opponent.

    That’s what might be a little grating.

  8. Thank you for this write-up, Marjorie. I didn’t ask in the questions and comments section because I figured this would be a topic you would touch upon soon enough.

    Going back and reading some of the previous write-ups about Donald Trump, I remember you mentioning that the astrology suggested Trump could experience some financial losses or setbacks around this time. That’s definitely panning out.

    Whether or not, Donald Trump faces any prison sentences in his future trials remains to be seen. However, I personally think losing his assets, his business, and watching his finances dwindle (I believe Trump now owes close to $550 million [not including interest and legal fees] as a result of all of these court rulings) is more traumatic for Donald Trump than the actual prospect of him serving time in a prison cell. After all, money, wealth, and fame seem to mean everything to him.

  9. That Trump walks out with a pair of MAGA gym shoes after the trial means…what? He can simply change shoes and continue running from the law? Better buy yours today! By Xmas, they’ll be unaffordable.

    My cousin follows him like flies to roadkill. It is a shame as she has taken on many of his personality traits. I stopped speaking to her a couple of yrs ago – it was pointless whenever she went down that MAGA hiking trail.

    “complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological.” Spot on.

    • Moving on, the recent post for Vlad the Putinator (16 feb 2024) shows Vlad’s astrology is not too good. “Putin’s initially Presidency chart from 31 December 1999 might be an indicator. It will receive a shocking jolt leading to over reactions come this August and on and off into early 2026 with tr Uranus square the Mars. It already has a panicky-failure SA Neptune conjunct Mars at the moment and is facing devastation/confusion and worse judgement calls through 2025/26 with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune. ”

      “The 1991 chart indicates 2027 as a year of cataclysmic change with a major setback at the moment and increasing gloom and hardship in 2025/26.”

      Liz Cheney is broadcasting about the Putin-Wing in the White House, should Drompf somehow win. Even if these unthinkable events happen in the US, wouldn’t the astrology simply short circuit “les mauvaise evenements “?

    • Trump trying to flog his poundshop sneakers in Philadelphia really wasn’t on my Trump 24 bingo card to be honest, but there was a kind of sad symbolism about it – those $399 trainers were the embodiment of the man – are cheap, tacky, overpriced and covered in gold laminate.

  10. I remember when a whole group of people I knew could not bring themselves to vote for “that woman” their words not mine. We know what those 4 years were like. A friend of mine who just died ( she is 98) said it was like the 30’s all over again.

      • The US has done pretty well economically under Biden’s leadership, unlike Europe which is struggling post-Covid and here in the UK we have entered recession. The fourth quarter of 2023 in the US saw growth at 3.1% plus the creation of 2.7 million jobs. We in the UK can only dream of that right now.

        • @Virgoflake, indeed! For what it’s worth, Germany is struggling, too, and since I’ve worked in very export driven industries, here I am, facing the 4th month of my unemployment. The job market has had a 30-50 per cent drop compared to the same period in 2023, not to mention 2022, when everybody was hiring.

  11. Sorry that my comment is not astrology related, or is it? As someone who is not an astrologer, I am not sure what the astrology indicators are that point to the United States state of woe, but we seem to be drowning. We get the ‘choice’ of voting for a crook or a senile old man. We are screwed.

    • Gina, your ageism is showing. You have swallowed hook line and sinker the right wing propaganda that Biden is senile. Speech impediment, yes; experienced, yes; wisdom, yes; is 81 older than most? yes. But keep in mind for the age comparison thing, that Warren Buffett at age 93 is still considered the ‘oracle of omaha’; QE2 was still sharp as a tack at 96; as well as other over 80 notables, too many to name. Biden is the most experienced candidate relating to foreign affairs to have ever been elected. This election is about who can wisely and effectively govern, oversee the executive branch, interact on the world stage. It is not a beauty contest or about ‘big daddy’ worshop. That the country is falling apart is not the fault of the president, that lies squarely at the feet of the legislative branch.

      • Jeanie perhaps my ageism is showing but I don’t swallow the party line of anything. I tend to follow independent news not the mainstream. I used to consider myself a democrat but now I am neither out of sheer disgust. Speaking of ageism, this 57 year old remembers when Joe Biden was at his sharpest and the consummate politician when he debated vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The difference is night and day. This opinion comes from my own observation and not from the headlines. And yes, the US is a mess for several reasons and not solely because of the president. But, the election of any president is a reflection of the country and we are a mess!

        • Gina, my analogy is – if one is on a sailing ship far from land with no other seaworthy vessel in sight, it is folly to initiate a mutiny while in the middle of a hurricane.
          Most people don’t know the framers of the Constitution did not want or expect political parties to emerge because they considered them divisive. Yet here we are.

          • Jeanie what an interesting comment, would you care to elaborate on what it was the framers of the Constitution had in mind, as we know political parties anywhere are divisive, many thanks.

          • Virginia, this is one quote from the library of congress: Political factions or parties began to form during the struggle over ratification of the federal Constitution of 1787. Friction between them increased as attention shifted from the creation of a new federal government to the question of how powerful that federal government would be. The Federalists, led by Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, wanted a strong central government, while the Anti-Federalists, led by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, advocated states’ rights instead of centralized power. Federalists coalesced around the commercial sector of the country while their opponents drew their strength from those favoring an agrarian society. The ensuing partisan battles led George Washington to warn of “the baneful effects of the spirit of party” in his Farewell Address as president of United States.

        • So, Gina are you saying you prefer the chaos, viciousness, vengeance and authoritarianism of would-be dictator Trump, whose incoherence demonstrates his growing dementia and ignorance, because Joe Biden is “too old”? You’d vote to destroy democracy — Trump’s goal — because the highly competent Biden is “too old”?

        • It’s not “ageist” to say that Biden is getting too old for the job. Ageism would be to toss the cv of a 50 year old with the same qualifications as a 30 year old solely on the basis of the year they were born. Having the courage to admit that Biden is slowing with age and having a concern about how he could cope with another five years in the post, despite tremendous fear of the opposition, is actually showing courage. I do believe that he is a good and capable man and I do believe he can make very good decisions based on his experience and wisdom for many years, but elections are popularity contests and he is not performing on the stage the same way he’s performing in his office. And sadly people vote in gut instinct not always on policy. A president that’s “perceived” as senile by many (justly or not) puts a country in danger. Think of putins bold navalny’s “move”. It’s also handing maga an attack on a plate. Like many Americans (and I’m European so my skin in the game is indirect) I would rather a potato won over Trump, but Biden is sadly making the job of the democrat campaign harder. Is it fair? Of course not. Any way, many astrologers are suggesting that with regards to the election we should “expect the unexpected” and a growing number think it won’t be neither Biden nor trump on the ballot!

    • @ Gina,

      I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think Biden is senile. His speech impediment has gotten worse as he’s gotten older – but that’s about it. As long as he’s able to function, interact with people, and stand between us the right-wing white supremacist apocalypse, then that’s good enough. Besides, we’re lucky to have Kamala Harris as backup.

      You said you’re 57 years old. Well, I’m a Millennial now in my early 40s and I’m voting for Biden again. It’s ironic people my age and younger are the ones reminding those who came before us (like yourself and others of previous generations) about what’s at stake in this election. This isn’t a “beauty contest,” it’s decision between normalcy and the insane. So, if your only grievance with President Biden is his age, then I hope you won’t allow that alone to inhibit you from voting for him this November.

    • Nothing Biden has done has displayed that he’s senile. Faulty memory at times, you bet. I am much younger than Biden and know few people with perfect memory. I have the luxury of voting for a wise, elderly statesman.

    • I cannot think of an election since I started voting in which the main candidates appealed to me (money needs to be removed from campaigning-then elected officials might work for people instead of for “money bags”).
      I did like Obama initially but he sold out many people by the way he resolved “the Great Recession”
      The choice now requires staving off fascism -we know how that turns out. Also Trump is obviously insane. Probably not good for anyone’s safety.
      I do like what Biden is doing more than I liked what Obama or Bill Clinton did.

      It’s tough though when the choices don’t appeal to the voter & it’s choosing between 2 evils (but Biden isn’t evil! Can’t say that about Trump)

      • Agree with you. Money is such a huge problem! My inbox is always flooded with requests from Dems and it is highly irritating. After all, they can’t be that badly off. Also have similar opinions to you about Clinton, Obama etc. No, Biden isn’t evil. At his prime, he was a consummate politician who made decisions that they all them make; good and not so good. He is also charming like any good politician. I wish we had a monarchy in the US so we can place our respect on an institution which is above it all so to speak. All politicians don’t deserve that kind of reverence.

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