Gaza charts – 1917 best on test

Gaza – I have waded through various possible dates for Gaza matching them against subsequent events – the 2008 Gaza War (Operation Cast Lead, also known as the Gaza Massacre) and the Hamas attack last October.

 The 9 November 2017 9am chart. The ceasefire after the Six Day War of 11 June 1967 when Israel took over Gaza amongst other territories. The Oslo Accords 13 September 1993 which had it not collapsed due to Arafat would have given the Palestinians some autonomy. Gaza given to the Palestinian Authority 15 August 2005. Hamas Government Gaza 14 June 2007. [Anyone has different dates do pitch in.]

  The chart which works best is the Gaza 1917 one – with 2008 showing up with disruptive, destructive influences (tr Mars Pluto in Capricorn).  The October 2023 attack had a peculiarly unpleasant yod of SA Mars sextile SA Pluto inconjunct tr Uranus.

 The Gaza 1967 chart shows up the 2008 massacre war clearly with tr Mars Pluto conjunct the SA Neptune and the tr Saturn opposition tr Uranus hitting the Sun square Uranus. But only a tr Uranus opposition Neptune for 2023.

 The 1993 Oslo Accords oddly, in despite of it never holding, does show up both clearly with ominous portents for 2027.

  The 2005 and 2007 charts are not showing much apart from a few tremors.

 Given that this recent debacle has virtually destroyed Gaza I would have expected to see more obvious astrology – but on this basis the 1917 chart is the best that is available so far.

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  1. I notice that the progressed Mars in the Gaza 9 November 1917 chart went retrograde in 2004 and will remain so until beyond 2089. Generally progressed Mars retrogrades in mundane are not the time to engage in acts of aggression as the instigator loses at great cost. This was certainly the case for Germany in the First and Second World Wars. Interestingly Gaza’s secondary progressed Mars retrograde from 2004-2085 mirrors that which the USA will be experiencing from 2006-2086. Both charts show Mars tracking back through Libra at the moment though US Mars retrograde ultimately ends at 0 Libra while the Gaza Mars retrograde continues to 13 Virgo.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I was fascinated to see Gaza 1917, on the same date as the Russian Revolutionary chart, and unravelling of the Russian Empire. The long history of the Soviet Union and the Arab-Israeli conflicts is complex and intertwined, but this astrological connection offers one way of beginning to make some kind of sense of it all. Plus, it is mirrored in current events in numerous ways I hadn’t really considered before. Thought-provoking, too, in light of the recent discussion about twins.

    Another thread I’ve been exploring is the beginnings of Islam in Jerusalem and Gaza. November 636 CE (JC) is the Seige of Jerusalem. June/July 637 CE is the capture of Gaza by the Muslim Army. These have astro links with the “First Intifada”, 9th December 1987, which began that November with two Palestinian guerillas infiltrating Israel from S. Lebanon, using hang gliders. A chilling echo of how Hamas ‘flew’ into Israel last October.

    Anyway – this is some of what I’ve noticed so far:

    June-July 637: Neptune 7 Libra. Nodes 20 Libra-17 Libra/Aries
    Gaza 1917: Pluto 5 Cancer, MC 8 Libra
    Night of the Gliders, 1987: Neptune 6 Capricorn, Jupiter 20 Aries
    First Intifada: Neptune 6 Capricorn, Jupiter 19 Aries

    Lunar Eclipse, March 2024: 5 Libra
    Solar Eclipse, April 2024: 19 Aries, Chiron 18 Aries

    The Spring eclipses seem to be striking a chord that begins with the events of 636 and 637, and with “religious” Neptune’s place in all this. Jupiter, also linked with religion and philosophies, and the Libra/Aries Nodes from so long ago, suggest the strong pull of history on the people in this region. There are other astro links, between these charts too, with Pluto in Taurus, Uranus in Scorpio in 636-7 that are also interesting.

    I continue to hope something can set these patterns free, and peace can be found at some point.

  3. I read somewhere Gaza was overseen/held by the Egyptians until 1967, and didn’t want to take it back afterwards the 1967 war. They still don’t judging by the way they’ve been acting ever since.

    • It tends to be forgotten that from 1948-67 Gaza was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank was part of Jordan. Although the UN has always wanted a two state solution with a Palestinian homeland the actual response of the neighbouring Arab countries in 1948 was actually to absorb parts of the former British Mandate of Palestine.

  4. Thanks Marjorie.

    I have been struggling to find useable older charts for Gaza

    I was surprised to read that the British wanted Egypt to administer Gaza as part of the post First World War settlement but the latter declined to take it on. It was not originally intended to be part of the Palestine Mandate

    • I am not surprised. It is complicated attempting to find out who ruled this land before 1917 on the net. So confusing. There were Turkish Battles with the British in 1917. So was it Turkey? Perhaps this is half the trouble, everyone is struggling to find the truth.

      • History tends to be understood backward which leads people to regard things such as the Balfour Declaration, the Sykes Picot agreement and the British Mandate as being part of some inevitable process leading to the current Israel Palestine conflict. The reality is that at the end of the First World War the situation was quite fluid. There were even people at the British Foreign Office who wanted most of Palestine apart from the key port of Jaffa put back under Turkish control.

        It tends to be forgotten that British Mandate in Palestine included both Israel and Jordan but the latter was effectively a self governing state from 1922 and became fully independent in 1946. Indeed for all the rubbishing of British foreign policy in the 20th century they actually helped create some of the modern Arab national states in the area including Iraq and Kuwait which still exist today. The issues with Palestine were not just down to Britain’s promises to the Jews but with the fact the region did not resolve easily into any of these areas. This was in part because Palestine had historically been a conflict area between major powers from the time of Egyptian Pharaohs and the Hittites right through the Middle Ages until the early modern period. In fact the struggles over control of Palestine seem to have gone on regardless as to whether European powers were involved or Jews were living there in any numbers.

        • Thank you for this information. Fascinating to read the backstory. We get so little balanced News now. As it all appears to be about feelings and pictorials tugging at heartstrings, rather than facts.

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