Edward Said & Barenboim – music bridging the gap

Celebrated as a moderate Palestinian twenty years after his death, Edward Said, the American academic, literary critic and political activist who co-founded with Daniel Barenboim the West-Eastern Orchestra composed of young Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab musicians, has been extensively quoted recently.  ‘His ability to articulate a moral position with a sophisticated historical sensibility’ according to Moustafa Bayoumi, has been a moderating influence on the heated rhetoric since the Hamas attack and throughout the tortuous diplomatic negotiations during his lifetime.

  Said described the Palestinian people as “the victims of the victims”, showing how Palestinians have become inexorably part of Europe’s Jewish history, even if Palestinian “life, culture, and politics have their own dynamic and ultimately their own authenticity”. “I do … understand as profoundly as I can, the fear felt by most Jews that Israel’s security is a genuine protection against future genocidal attempts on the Jewish people.”

 “For Zionism, the Palestinians have now become the equivalent of a past experience reincarnated in the form of a present threat. The result is that the Palestinians’ future as a people is mortgaged to that fear, which is a disaster for them and for Jews.”

  Edward Wadie Said born 1 November 1935 5pm Jerusalem, was a US citizen through his father, who had served in the American Army in World War I. After the 1948 Palestine war, he relocated to Egypt and then to the USA. After Princeton and Harvard he became a professor at Columbia University. He initially supported a two state solution but eventually came to believe that sustainable peace was only possible with one Israeli–Palestinian state.

  He had a Scorpio Sun opposition Uranus in a Half Grand Sextile linking Mars Moon in Capricorn to Saturn in Pisces,  with his Uranus square Pluto on his IC and his Pluto trine Jupiter in Scorpio – a talented outsider, original thinker, adept at balancing complexities. He had a compassionate and creative Neptune Venus in Virgo with his Venus falling midway between Jupiter and Pluto. His 9th house Moon would send him to live abroad in a country not of his birth and also stimulate his love of books, learning and communication.  His Pluto on the IC hinted at his attachment to his roots and his fear of being trapped.

  An interesting man.

Daniel Barenboim, the pianist conductor, who shared Said’s hopes for the Palestinians and brought music to Gaza and the West Bank, was born to Jewish parents in Buenos Aires on 15 November 1942 11.35am. He is a Sun Scorpio conjunct Venus square an Aquarius Moon and trine Jupiter; with Mars Mercury in Scorpio square Pluto.

 Relocating his chart to Gaza puts his formidably charming Sun Venus on his Descendant his Moon in the 10th and his Pluto in the 4th giving him a sensitivity to the occupation.


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  1. Thank you so much Marjorie for introducing me to Edward Said. It’s the first time I’ve really been able to understand something of the Israeli/ Jewish mindset. It seems to me he describes Israel/the Jewish people as still traumatised. And as such unable to see the Palestinians as people but just as an existential threat to their existence. So the ‘over-the-top’ acting out is justified in the face of in their minds their survival. It explains so much but is so dangerous to them, the Palestinians and the world. Is there any astrological signature that indicates trauma especially extreme trauma in a chart?

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