Torvill & Dean – a fiery Leo calming Libra mix

Ice dance skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have announced their swansong tour in 2025 which will be the fiftieth anniversary of their partnership.  They got together as teenagers in 1975 and rose to become British, European, Olympic, and World champions. Their sizzling Bolero routine which won them a gold at the 1984 Winter Olympics was watched by over 24 million people.

 Despite their sultry numbers on ice they are both in committed relationships to other partners. Jayne, 66, has been in the same marriage for over thirty years and Christopher, married twice is now in an established relationship for over a decade. Since turning professional they have been involved in a variety of ice shows and coaching activities.

  Christopher Dean, 27 July 1958, no birth time, Nottingham, England, is the more volatile of the pair with an excitable  Leo Sun conjunct Uranus on the point of a Fixed T square to  Mars in Taurus in a showbuizzy opposition to Neptune. His stubborn Mars is trine an intense Mercury Pluto in Virgo though marginally softened by having Venus in Cancer sitting on the midpoint. He does have a steadying Saturn in Sagittarius sextile his upbeat Jupiter in Libra. Oddly enough his North Node is in Libra hinting that partnerships and cooperation don’t come easily to him.

  Jayne Torvill, 7 October 1957, n birth time, Nottingham, is an equable Sun Libra in a lucky, successful conjunction to Jupiter and high-energy Mars with her Mercury also in Libra. Her diplomatic skills will come in handy when he gets out of order. Her Moon is Pisces/Aries and her Venus is in seductive Scorpio.

  Their relationship chart has a tight, controlling composite Sun Pluto conjunction with a helpful Jupiter which is on the focal point of a mini Grand trine of Saturn to Uranus, and square Mars. A strong Jupiter in a relationship chart can smooth out rough edges, lends mutual support and act as a morale booster to each partner. Equally a strong Saturn can be a steadying factor giving endurance and practicality – here it is square Venus, sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus.

5 thoughts on “Torvill & Dean – a fiery Leo calming Libra mix

  1. Another long running duo that began in the 80’s – Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, born the same month/year, how strange. There was an interview with them recently talking about their retirement

    • Good spot. Actually that summer of ’58 is the one that gave us Prince/Kate Bush/Madonna/Michael Jackson. Jackson incidentally is the astro-twin of French’s former husband Lenny Henry!

      • A key shift in the astrology happened in early summer of 1958. The north/south node moved from Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries. Mars was in early Aries, marching towards that south node in Aries and opposite Jupiter in Libra. Plus the Libra N. node had conjunctions with Jupiter and Neptune. By August, that Mars had moved into Taurus and was dancing with an opposition to Neptune.

        It’s a crowded nodal path for sure!!!… I am born in early July of that year…. with Moon tucked into that Aries bundle. It most certainly feels like a VERY focussed life, with so many planets conjunct the nodes. A kind of “do or die” life.

        Those singers you listed (my fave is Kate Bush), each seems to have used that Warrior S. Node to create new directions in music. Decades ago, at a group psychology workshop, I tossed my pens aside to wrestle with someone (for fun!). Someone asked my friend what my name was and, without missing a beat, she said, “Her?… That’s Threw Down Her Weapons”.

        If ever there was a description for an Aries S. Node with Mars, opening to a Libra N. Node flanked by Jupiter and Neptune (in Scorpio)… that’s it!! It seems each of these singers did that. I certainly can feel the Aries in each of them… and then the Libra. Another person of note would be the journalist Suzanne Moore… Outspoken and often blasted for it.

  2. Good for them.

    Wasn’t he a policeman while they were amateurs? Or am I misremembering. Think that would go well with his Sag moon-saturn, virgo mercury-pluto trine taurus mars and a Sun-Uranus Leo.

    It occurs to me that he is probably very thoughtful, precise and reliable with those placements which would work well for her potentially indecisive Libra planets.

    The are-they, arent-they love story which bubbled would have been powered along by both having venus in water but an airy quality with his Sun-Uranus creating distance to her Libra Sun etc.

    I had to look it up but Daley Thompson – another great Olympian of that era was born three days after Dean on July 30th. But with his moon in Aqua opposite that Leo Sun-Uranus – he has always been one to stir controversy! They rarely let him on TV for more than 5 mins at a time in case he says something eye-rolling.

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