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  1. Today is Justin Timberlake’s birthday, I just found out. He is in the AstroDB. He has a new single out, “Selfish”, so should you be interested to write about him, I would love to read it. Thank you so much!

  2. I just watched an incredible documentary about people trying to escape from North Korea (“Beyond Utopia,” which is currently on BBC iPlayer).
    If it interests you, Marjorie, it would be fascinating to have your take on the South Korean pastor who dedicates himself to assisting people to defect. I felt somewhat in awe of his selflessness and devotion to helping others. Seems so refreshing in today’s world of celebrities and self-serving politicians.
    I’d be so curious to see whether such an attitude of service to others is apparent in his natal chart.

    His name is Kim Sungean, and Wikipedia gives his birth details as January 2nd, 1965, Seoul (no birth time though).

  3. More BBC shenanigans with the release (somewhat grudgingly) of 3000 emails relevant to the notorious Martin Bashir interview with Princess Diana in 1995. In July 2023 Marjorie wrote:

    “Tr Uranus square the BBC Neptune at 18 degrees Leo earlier this year would not help and now tr Uranus is opposing the Scorpio Sun for another serious jolt, having just moved from the square to the Midheaven – both of these last two repeat into early 2024. It will continue to rock on its axis.”

    I notice that Martin Bashir has Mercury at 0 Aquariusand MC 3 Aquarius. Perhaps we’ll see if the upcoming Mars/Pluto conjunction in February at 0 degrees manifests in any obvious way.

  4. What is the UK economy showing going forward Marjorie? I’ve never seen such incomprehensible financial chaos and inflation like this, ever. A thing that puzzles me is that there is nobody on legacy media or independent media economists explaining the reason for all this contradictory bankruptcy then seemingly throwing money hand over fist into a new direction of military event almost every day. Beat me? What do the heaven’s say? Will it get any better?

  5. You know what else might be interesting – and I hope I’m not asking too much – today I saw Ed Milliband in The Times, and I’ve always wondered about his relationship with his brother, who I thought one day might return to the UK to head the Labour Party. But I thought that ages ago, and look how that turned out – he has found a much better post for himself, similar to Nick Clegg.

    Another thing I saw today is the obituary for Harry Connick Sr. in The New York Times, a controversial figure who is the father of Harry Connick Jr. I never knew that.

    Just in case you run out of topics – difficult! – and should it match with your interests and if you would like to write about it.

  6. Marjorie,

    If you find the time, will, and purpose, perhaps you could tell us more in a round-up à la for the countries for the tech giants, who seem to be on a layoff spree. Perhaps also with a brirf write-up on the main players: Tim, Satya/Sundar, Zuck, and whoever else might there be.

    Thank you!

    • If there is an article on this, it would be important to look at how these layoffs are often NOT a desperate bid to save the company from total loss, but are done when record billions in profits are not quite as enormous and fast-growing as Wall Street’s insatiability would prefer.
      The tech giants have some things in common, but they are different sizes and cultures. They have different approaches to personnel and to work at home or onsite, and different degrees to which the random whims of the Big Boss can whipsaw the company’s fortunes. For example, Musk and Zuck have unlimited control of their social media companies, while Apple’s and Microsoft’s boards and employees would likely both rebel if their CEOs made such erratic moves.

  7. Thank you for the Will Reeve ADD ON to the January 22nd profile of Christopher Reeve. Nothing like a yod. Or two.

    Also appreciate the Byron profile with all the deep quotes ~ edifying as ever, Ms Orr ~

  8. Can you check the chart of the International Court of Justice? Yesterday they decided that Israel must “prevent” genocide in Gaza, but they didn’t order a ceasefire. Is it ICJ another institution that will be brought down by pluto in acquarius?
    Their impartiality is appalling.

    • The original International Court of Justice 30 December 1920 has Mars Venus in Aquarius which clashes with the Israel Taurus Sun and Mars in Leo. The Court of J Neptune is also conjunct the Israel Pluto Saturn in Leo which is an oil and water mix – or idealism v war.
      They were always on a hiding to nothing with this – and South Africa is hardly a shining example of good behaviour.
      But it is still true that under various codes of internationally agreed behaviour in war time that civilians should be protected as far as is possible. See post 14 October 2023 on War Crimes

  9. Just a quick comment, not a request.

    Jurgen Klopp, successful manager of Liverpool FC, has stated he will step down at the end of season because he is feeling tired. Born 16June1967, it puts his Sun at 24-25 Gemini. That’ll have been taking a square from transiting Neptune this past year or so. He also said part of the tiredness is because he’s been managing constantly for the past 24 years – that hints at either a progressed moon or Saturn going into the 12th.

    PS Good example that not all Sun Geminis are terrible

      • Indeed. I personally like Djokovic – usually very gracious when he wins as well as when he loses. I think Federer being six years older influenced him, Nadal and Murray in that respect. Djokovic is classic Gemini in that he speaks something like four languages and almost always does his speeches in the languages of the country he’s playing in.

        Think being born in 1987 he will have Saturn in Sag so perhaps that calms him down even though it’s not in direct opposition. There is still the element of the trickster about him as when he’s losing in a match, he starts to claim injuries or toilet breaks to disrupt his opponent. But overall I like him. I know there are others who don’t, particularly after all the Covid vaccine goings on.

        • The Chiron/Nodes alliance in mid Aries you’ve mentioned is drawing closer. Plus, Mars in Capricorn is now aspecting that too, 16 Capricorn today. What’s interesting is how that connects with Jurgen K – a natal Mercury 18 Cancer, square Mars 17 Libra, with Black Moon Lilith at 19 Aries. Saturn is 11 Aries. His Libran Moon goes from 0 to 14 depending on birth time. As far as his own career as a player goes, the Mercury/Mars in defensive Cancer and strategic Libra expressed through being a striker, and then a defender.

          Anyway, his career at Liverpool seems so fated. It began on 8th October, 2015. There’s Uranus 18 Aries, square Pluto 13 Capricorn, opposing Sun 14 Libra. Worth noting April’s Aries Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries too I think, activating all those Cardinal planets for him, and for his Liverpool career. And tr Saturn is about to conjunct 2015’s Neptune in Pisces opposing Mars in Virgo for the start of his Liverpool career, and Liverpool’s own renewal under his leadership. I think his timing is very interesting, and some of the astrology may throw some light on the role of Black Moon Lilith and Chiron too – here Chiron seems both ‘wounded healer’ and catalyst.

          • Nice indepth look Jane. His cardinal planets really do make a difference to that Gemini Sun. Will be interesting to see what he does with this downtime. It’s hard for cardinal-heavy people to just sit quietly.

            I just realised he has Jupiter at 4Leo … Thursday’s full moon (the day before the announcement) fell at 5Leo … so it brought his resignation, which the LFC board already knew about, into the light.

            I would assume this is just a period of renewal coming up for him, maybe a couple of years away from management. But it will be interesting to see if he ever returns to the touchline. Especially as he has Saturn return coming up in a couple of years time. Perhaps he moves to the international management as the next step.

            It will also be interesting to see what happens to LFC – good managers are hard to come by. They spent the past 30years, in the title-chasing wilderness where Man United have now been for a decade since AlexF left. Unwilling to accept rebuilding from a lower standard, they always sack a manager as soon as he can’t manage top 3 and even that may not be enough.

        • Thank you for this. I always wonder when someone is disliked, or peculiarly, very noticeably not liked, what is it in a chart that “causes” this? What is the magic touch of adoration in Federer’s compared to the lacking in Novak’s?

  10. I have been experiencing terrible difficulties with Microsoft based email over the past two days. According to the Downdetector UK website this is at least countrywide and may extend further. Usually when something like this happens it is reflected in a Mercury (communications etc) retrograde. Could it be that Uranus (electricity/technology) slowing to station ready to go direct tomorrow is reflecting these events?

  11. I hope you enjoy reading The Art of Forecasting Solar Returns, Marjorie. This was one of my Christmas presents, and I’m still working through the chart examples. I like his clear writing, as some astrology books can be confusing. I’m currently experiencing a Saturn square my natal Uranus in Gemini transit, so this is one way I’m working with these energies!

    • Solar Returns: I’m a longtime fan of this site and the first one I visit each morning in search of current events.
      I’ve been practicing astrology for close to 40 years and using solar returns for over 20. For me they are spot on and I actually tested them out in the beginning by going back a few years with my own chart.
      Two great books I can recommend are Planets in Solar Returns by Mary Fortier Shea and Easy Predictions with Solar Returns by Deanna Rose.
      Hope they are of interest and even though I’ve been visiting for years, I want to thank Marjorie and everyone that posts for their time and insights.

  12. I was trying to remember – and it not an easy thing to find via search, either through here or Google – and I think it happened recently, that you either said Jupiter in the 12th or Jupiter in Aquarius is lucky. Or both. Can you tell which one do you think is lucky and why?

  13. good morning Marjorie,

    Yet again, Boeing is experiencing major mechanical issues with its planes. I looked back and see you posted something on Boeing in March 2019, describing the astrology nudging into 2023.
    Anything more showing up?
    Devastating for the company, I’m sure.

  14. Re: Solar Returns. I’ve just been reading Antony Louis’s excellent book The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns and this brings a whole new level to this subject. This author, an American psychiatrist, has spent years researching and putting into practice the methods of the twentieth century astrologer French Alexander Volguine who investigated the work on Solar Returns of seventeenth century French astrologer Jean Baptist Morin de Villefranche. Antony Louis writes in English in a very clear way and the many examples he provides to help understanding how to interpret Solar Return charts accurately are fascinating. Solar Return charts should always be seen as an extension of the natal chart, he advises. This is the best book on Solar Returns I’ve read.

    • Hi Thanks. Most useful, Have ordered. They can be tricky solar returns, sometimes spot on and sometimes not. So good to get a detailed look.

      • There are plenty of good books on solar returns. Too bad some of them aren’t translated into English. Yet. E.g. De solaar by Karen Hamaker-Zondag.

  15. Here is something pretty wild: a retired judge gaining serious traction with a theory on the Lindbergh kidnapping. https://www.sfchronicle.com/california/article/charles-lindbergh-baby-kidnap-oakland-judge-18510269.php I am not sure who it might be most insightful to look at, Marjorie, as there is the author, the suspect, the accused, etc. But I know I’ve asked before if there is anything that can be gleaned from looking at the future stars, so to speak, of someone who is deceased. Could looking at Bruno Hauptmann’s chart in relation to this book’s publication and future transits provide any sense of whether or not he might be posthumously cleared?

  16. Marjorie,

    Now that it is becoming almost certain that the 2024 elections will be a rematch between Biden and Trump (barring an unexpected visit by angels to either side), could you have a look at whether there are any parallels between the upcoming 2024 US elections and the 1892 elections, which saw the only other re-election of a former president who had lost the previous presidential election.

    Grover Cleveland had won the 1884 election, lost the 1888 election and then won reelection in 1892. He was thus the 22nd and the 24th President of the United States.

    Are there (a) parallels between the 1892 and the upcoming 2024 elections and (b) between Cleveland and Trump?

  17. Hi Marjorie

    I’m not sure how much importance you place on solar return charts when you are doing an analysis. I’ve seen you mention them in your posts from time to time. Do you use the birthplace of the person to cast the chart or if the person has relocated from their birth place, that new location? I once read of a woman who flew to another part of the country just for her birthday so her solar return chart would be more favourable, and I wondered just how much of a difference that would make.

    • I don’t always find them that helpful – fairly hit and miss. They can be a useful add on to other influences – and location for the birthday or the rest of the year can make a difference.

  18. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would take a look at the Miss Japan beauty pageant controversy.

    A 26 year old Ukrainian-born model named Carolina Shiino made HerStory by becoming the first foreign-born, the first naturalized Japanese citizen, and the first ethnic Ukrainian woman to be crowned Miss Japan.

    Even though Carolina Shiino has been living in Japan since she was 5 years old (her mother re-married when she was a child and she married a Japanese man) and she obtained full Japanese citizenship in 2022, Shiino’s win has, unfortunately, ignited some controversy among the racists, xenophobes, and nationalists.

    The controversy has brought up a new debate over “Who is Japanese?” – while some critics have acknowledged Carolina Shiino’s beauty and grace, they struggle to see her as a Japanese woman.

    I know Japan, a once seemingly ethnic and racially homogeneous nation (although, Japan has long been home to the Indigenous Ainu and Ryukyuan peoples as well as many descendants of Chinese, Filipino, and Zianichi Koreans) has struggled with multiculturalism in recent decades, I’m curious to know the astrological outlook in all of this.

    Anything you could share about this would be greatly appreciated, I would really like to see your astrological interpretation on this issue.

    As for Carolina Shiino, I wouldn’t find her birth date or birth time. I read that she was born in 1998 in Ternopil, Ukraine…but no birth day was listed.

    • I believe that the Chinese migrants have been treated quite badly for many years. I once saw a Japanese film about this. But that was many years ago. You would expect over time for the situation to improve. The more interesting question is why when most Chinese are very antaganistic to the Japanese is why they would choose to live there?

      Strangely the beauty contest issue mimics the French one inasmuch that many objected to a Tahitian woman winning it, despite the fact that Tahiti is considered a part of France.

  19. Interesting report from John Ivison of Canada’s National Post:

    “Federal Court Justice Richard Moseley ruled on Tuesday that the Liberal government did not have reasonable grounds to use the Emergencies Act to clear Freedom Convoy protestors in 2022, and doing so was an unreasonable overreach that infringed Canadians’ Charter rights.”

    As always, I’m keen to see what your impressions are. Please and thank you.

    Cheers to you, Marjorie.

  20. How will my city, Los Angeles be doing in this, and the coming years? We will be hosting the Olympics in a few years and the city is looking at providing increased mass transit to tame traffic congestions. (The traffic was very light during the Olympics in the 80s as many people who live in the city left out of fear over traffic jams! So no traffic problems – and it was a fun, fun event.)

    We had a hurricane last year and floods to the north of us and floods to the south AND continuing warnings of a big earthquake. Politically, we have a great new Mayor working to get unhoused people off the streets AND one of the city’s biggest businesses settled two entertainment strikes.

    So…what’s up for L.A.?

  21. Just thinking and speculating – no particular question.

    Seeing the Tory party descend back into “we need a new leader” mode, I wonder if Pluto in Aqua might create splits and eventually more parties.

    One aspect of Aqua is to find likeminded people who are part of your group. People who aren’t part of your group, Aqua is typically “live and let live” … “you do you, I’ll do me”. Pluto might bring an edge to that likemindedness – are you really with us or not?

    I saw something about France’s Reign of Terror, which took place when Pluto was last in Aqua, and the impression I got was there was no room for sitting on the fence. You’re either with us or against us.

    The current political situation is so stuck, the universe has to find some way to move it on. I wonder if this might be how.

    • Interesting, perhaps. Pluto was in Gemini when the Labour Party was officially founded, but of course its union roots were much older. I was also curious about how Pluto was interacting with the other outer planets during its 20 year stay. It was must trine Uranus in Gemini at some point and perhaps a sextile to Neptune. But compared to it opposing Uranus (at the time of the French Revolution) it seemed quiet in terms of outer planet interactions unless I am missing a big one. Not sure how that impacts. Thinking even further ahead, if Pluto in Aqua sees revolutions and harnessing the power of the mind, Pluto in Pisces is sure to bring chaos in terms of water which fits with climate predictions.

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