Nicola Sturgeon – living a dream, ignoring reality ++cartoon

All political careers end in failure, so goes the accepted wisdom, but none more so than Nicola Sturgeon. In her day hailed as a paragon by the press at large (mainly) and protected from criticism by phalanxes of her rabid Nat-trolls, she strode on, a shining example to other lesser leaders. Murmurs in the background about the shocking deterioration in educational standards, policing, NHS etc since the SNP took over were shot down in flames. Then came an investigation (still ongoing) into SNP finances and her husband, CEO of the party, her resignation and now the covid inquiry.

  The Times writes today: “The gulf between the Scottish government’s myth-making and the reality of the country’s Covid experience is so great that it cannot survive even a January-in-Scotland level of sunshine.”

   What is always a mystery when monumental lies are exposed is to what degree were they believed by those who spieled out the shining-white marketing guff. Has Trump always lived in never-never land where he creates his own road-runner fantasy of invulnerability? Did Tony Blair not look closely at the nonsense he was spouting about Saddam Hussein being capable of bombing Cyprus? Or do the slick-ass used-car salesman excuses just effortlessly flit into mind as a smokescreen? In which case did they ever face reality square on, with a prayer to their guardian daemon to fish them out of the mire as usual? A life not just walking on water but walking on thin ice and hoping it would hold up?

  Nicola Sturgeon, 19 July 1970 3.16pm Irvine, Scotland, has her Sun in patriotic Cancer conjunct Mars in flashy Leo in the 9th square Jupiter and trine Neptune, sextile Pluto. An effective and opinionated communicator with a strong 9th house with expansive dreams from Jupiter and stratospheric ambitions from Neptune Pluto Sun. Not a shrinking violet for sure. She also has a talented Half Grand Sextile from Neptune opposition Saturn sextile Sun and sextile Pluto.

  Two aspects catch my eye. One is the chart-dominating Saturn opposition Neptune which can be creative, working for a better society or neurotic or all three. Individuals with it tend to mistrust others and defensiveness (a Cancer trait anyway) will make them avoid confrontations and therefore go for underhand methods to achieve their aims. Can be cunning and deceitful.

 The other is the Mars square Jupiter. Sakoian & Acker are damning about this aspect – “one of the most destructive because the natives use collective power and even social sanction for self-aggrandizement.”  Can be fanatical about their beliefs, not necessarily honourable or reliable in their dealings, with a tendency to hypocrisy. They will whitewash their real motives and have a tendency to cosmeticize their actions as holier than thou. When in reality it comes down to ego or avarice. Clearly this is Mars Jupiter at its most negative and there will be other ways of living it out.

  The other chart key to significant existential questions is the North Node. Hers is in Pisces in the 4th house giving at tendency towards pride and the assumption she is superior to others, stemming from a demanding parent, who left the impression that her destiny was to achieve great things. Whereas in truth her spiritual journey is to come off her high horse and solve her emotional problems. Organising for others is a displacement activity when in truth she needs to be putting her own house in order. Sliding back into putting on a performance for others is the pull of her South Node which is the ‘road to nowhere.’  The North Node in Pisces can be manipulative if there is insufficient development with the Virgo the South Node overly active.

  She does seem to operate at the negative, undeveloped end of her chart. What brought her to a grinding halt was tr Pluto opposition her Mars last year and through this year (and her Sun before that). And that Pluto transit would reverberate around all the planets tied into the Sun – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter.

  The harmonics which caught my eye – and are similarly marked for Trump and Tony Blair – are

5th harmonic = capable, inventive, can be irresponsible, self-indulgent, deceitful.

10th harmonic = the wheel of fortune, prosperity and abundance, it contains the seed of both rise and fall, of the good and the bad.

15th harmonic = A magic number, rules magicians, alchemy, black magic, actors and eloquent speakers.

16th harmonic = warns against catastrophes, disappointments, humiliations, accidents. Life as you know it might change completely. Sometimes this is self-inflicted, sometimes it is not.

18th Harmonic = strength, material success, but also conflicts and enemies, “war & revolution”, fire and explosions.

Blair has strong 5th, 10th, and 15th harmonics.

Trump has strong 5H, 10H, 15H, 16H.

  I would hypothesize she started out in life with a belief that she was destined for great things and her messianic mission was so ingrained she could not admit to any shortcomings, possibly even to herself.

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  1. What is this red herring about with this innocuous woman? How odd. I look at these events going on like soap operas day after day that seem to have no rhyme or reason what they are about apart from distracting attention from the economy? I could understand a snatch of the news that it was about the Scotland lockdown. I could not say what. And she had exchanged information with advisors on her phone then deleted in case the phone were hacked or stolen. How is this a big story? Flummaxxed by all this nonsense.

    • I suppose Sturgeon’s behavior exemplifies a lack of transparency and accountability, contrasting her public statements of openness with her actual actions. This is sadly not unusual amoungst today’s politicians, but the difference here is that so many people thought she was different to them, an exception. If you put this in the context of Marjorie’s recent analysis of British politics as a whole, the overarching theme is a critique of the political culture, suggesting that politicians are often self-serving, disconnected from the public, and not fully accountable for their actions – and Sturgeon was no different even though she was lauded as such. Marjorie, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • The media do love human interest stories over issue stories – look at Alan Bates v Post Office – it only got traction when it was dramatised.
      As far as Sturgeon goes, she came across as sanctimonious and holier-than-thou so there is a sense of (admittedly petty) glee about her astonishing tumble off her pedestal. If she wasn’t such a tedious person it could almost be a Greek tragedy – hubris brought low.

  2. For Nicola, Reykjavik is Moon on the IC place.

    Jupiter on the IC is Eugene and Portland, West Coast of the United States.

    Abu Dhabi great for career, if everything else fits into place – Jupiter on the MC.

    Venus on the MC – Milan, Italy.

    • I think indeed she did.

      I am so curious about this, and it is a question similar to the one we had a few weeks ago about fate and one’s own limits in shaping one’s life.

      Are these people seriously deluded and act subconsciously, not knowing what they’re doing, or is it all very planned?

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