Donald Trump – king of the beasts on a roll ++ election stats

Donald Trump rampages on, giving by all accounts a confused and repetitive as well as bullying 100 minute oration to himself over his New Hampshire win.

 This is only a snippet since the tedium ahead never mind widespread panic and disbelief will keep him centre foreground for the next ten months.

 He is on a roll right now with tr Uranus square his Jupiter North Node midpoint till mid March and then square his Sun/Jupiter North Node until early April. Both of those are lucky and confident. He then has one more milder Jupiter late April to May 10th. After that his Jupiter has fizzled out – except for tr Jupiter moving across his Midheaven and 10th house from May this year onwards until June 2025, which is usually successful – though in itself is not anywhere near as strong as the influences he had in 2016.

 Tr Uranus will conjunct his Midheaven (birth time being accurate) in May for a sudden change of direction and that runs on and off into 2025.

His Progressed Moon is within days of shifting into Scorpio to stay for two and a half years which will intensify his mood and his words giving them a cutting edge with contempt on show. It can be a time of cutting losses, submitting to destiny, accepting limits and accepting endings.

 Mid April to late May, and February 2025 he will be argumentative, foul-tempered and wound up.

  His relationship chart with the Republican 12 October 1853 chart shows uncertainty and confusion through this March and through October till March 2025 – across the election and inauguration. That is when tr Neptune squares the composite Saturn.

  His relationship chart with the USA has a sinking feeling September through to late November with tr Pluto trine the composite Neptune. Though before that there is a tr Uranus square Jupiter through July which will bring relief – though whether because he goes or stays is not clear. That is when tr Uranus squares his Mars which will be explosive, can bring health issues in seniors or extraneous events since Middle East tensions could escalate then which could make a considerable difference.

ADD ON: Stats from Gerald Baker in The Times:

Trump won in both states by energising his committed supporters which gave him a slight majority in each state overall. Lukewarm Republicans and swing voters rejected him.

In New Hampshire, Trump won 74 per cent of registered Republicans to Haley’s 25 per cent. Among the independents who voted, Haley won 58 per cent to Trump’s 39 per cent. This difference is far greater than in the past.

The particular challenge for Trump is that he motivates his opponent’s supporters to go to the polls as much as he motivates his own people. “And in those circumstances the small but critical band of swing voters in the middle matters more than ever. The message of this short primary season for Trump is clear: at least for now, the persuadables are not persuaded.”

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  1. My 2 cents.
    Trump will not be re-elected. Him being the GOP nominee is golden for Democrats. I base this on current data of GOOD polls(which are few), historical trends and I give some weight to good astrologers.
    I was very confident that a Democrat will win, but I was always curious about some astrologers alluding to a woman becoming President in 2025. So I wondered if maybe Biden was sidelined due to sickness and Kamala would be challenged and beaten by say…a Gov. Whitmer. Got readings on Whitmer from 2 Astros and they said not likely her. And Kamala is a hell no! So I’m like, ok…maybe there’s nothing to this notion and Biden will be fine and win a second term. Until I had a lightbulb moment recently. Nikki Haley! The current GOP will not elect a woman as their Dear Leader. So how could Haley win? By running as the No Labels nominee with maybe a Manchin or Liz Cheney as her running mate and beating both Biden and Trump.
    Far fetched you may say?! Well let’s see. But if this pans out, then bye bye goes the SCOTUS for Democrats for at least 25 years. Smh

    • @ Troy,

      I’m glad you have a more optimistic outlook on the upcoming election. Usually when I have questions about political astrology, I ask my dear friend who does political astrology (and uses dinurnal charts to shape her hypothesis). She’s convinced, based on her own interpretation of the astrology, that Kamala Harris is going be President by 2025. We’ll see if she’s right.

      Generally, I’m good at reading my own chart as well as the charts of people who are close to me. However, I don’t trust myself (yet) to make any predictions when it comes to political astrology – I obviously have a very strong bias and I have such an immense, seething hatred for Donald Trump…it would be extremely difficult for me to objective. I know I would (subconsciously) look for every aspect I could find that would indicate Trump either dying soon…or losing the election. I mean, I have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 3rd House…, I always believed that is what pulls me to the left.

    • The astro-thought about a women leader comes from the Saturn Neptune conjunction in Aries around briefly mid 2025 and again in spring 2026 – and in orb throughout this period. It has associations with women in prominent positions. Queen Elizbeth 11 was crowned on the previous one in Libra in 1953.

      • I acknowledge that Harris could become President by default at some point during a second term Biden admin given his age; which would be fine as that wouldn’t be a surprise. But I was speaking specifically about the election and Inauguration Day.

  2. The election day – the moon is void of course. Doesnt it mean nothing will change in White House, so Biden is the one who will win?

    • An event held during a VoC Moon means that the result will be unexpected, or will lead to problems later on. The last election to happen under a VoC Moon was 2016, when Trump won. It also happened in 1972, when Nixon won but later resigned in disgrace due to Watergate. It also occurred in 1948, when Harry Truman unexpectedly beat Tom Dewey, but left the White House with an approval rating in the low 20s due to the Korean War. It isn’t very fortuitous, likely points to some sort of crisis in the next term, regardless of who wins.

  3. Good to see the Add-on which chimes with my real world analysis.

    He won in 2016 as an unknown political force saying he would “drain the swamp”. Swing voters and some tired Democrats were willing to give him a try. But he only just won then due to the system – he won fewer actual votes than Hilary.

    In 2020, having seen what politics under him look like, fewer people voted for him.

    So what’s he done since to encourage enough people to vote for him in 2024? Nothing as far as I can see. There’s nothing positive there.

    The only way I see him getting re-elected is if there’s a low turnout by those opposing him.

  4. Marjorie – you perform a public service. Please continue that. I don’t always agree with you, but I learn things when I come here. So many in the USA have strong feelings about Trump, one way or the other. There is wishful thinking.

    I do think the Media is failing at their jobs, but there has been this amazing rise of independent journalism, people posting on Substack, pretty famous people. I just think we have what is reported, and we have what is really going on.

    I am just wracking my brain trying to understand what Trump did to earn all of his luck.

    I also know that if I had done what he did to classified documents, I would already be in Jail. So, he many never be held accountable. I just hope the world and the states survives all of it.

    I think a lot about the Europeans – who have destroyed themselves repeatedly until they finally stopped. We are a young country. There are risks associated with that.

  5. Brings to mind that quote from Aristophenes – “You demagogues are like the fishers for eels; in still waters they catch nothing, but if they thoroughly stir up the slime, their fishing is good; in the same way it’s only in troublous times that you line your pockets.”

  6. I tend to avoid other astrologers’ predictions not because I think I am right and they are wrong, more I get influenced into assuming they are right and it clouds my judgement.

    There is a difference between astrology working off charts and clairvoyant/psychic prediction which ‘sees’ literal future events. I have known some excellent clairvoyants but they are never always right and can be vague on timings.

    Noel Tyl had a snappy soundbyte at the 2016 election where he said the majority of astrologers’ predictions were based on what they wanted to happen (confirmation bias) plus one or two who by luck or happenstance landed on the right result. Anyone has the quote I would be grateful.

    When I started this blog it was with the thought in mind of exploring the possible uses and benefits of astrology while being clear about its limitations. There is a spectrum of meaning for any influence and different individuals will process the same transit in different ways. Plus what the astrology shows (in my view) is the individual’s reaction which is not always a straightforward guide to an event. Michelle Obama moving into the White House looked panicked and scared. A BBC producer gets an enormous promotion and his chart equally reflects luck and devastating confusion. In advance that is not always easy to interpret in terms of what will happen in outer reality.

    I don’t comment on other astrologers since it does not seem professional though I do recollect from long ago that John Frawley had the most amazing accuracy in predicting football match results off the start time and horary (I think). Not my area but v impressive.

    The reason I detail the astrological influences that lead to a ‘prediction’ or forecast is to indicate the process that leads to a conclusion – and leave open the possibility that there might be other explanations. For example Maggie Thatcher falls out with George Bush Snr – no, she was forced to resign which did not seem likely a year in advance and obviously their relationship parted company.

    What is important is what the astrology shows not what the astrologer’s ego magically alights on. The need for certainty will push astrologers into being over dogmatic as will their narcissistic wish to be seen as a modern day Nostradamus.

    Though what I find irritating is being accused of slanting the astrology to fit my own bias. The glaring example of the moment is Nicola Sturgeon, whose pedestal has completely collapsed. When I think of the amount of aggressive criticism that came my way over the years when I made any comment that was anything other than laudatory it makes me want to ??? – go off on a Virgoan told-you-so rant.

    Prediction is a tricky business and best handled with care and without ego – and is certainly not a marketing tool.

    • Do you have any thoughts on the illusion, if there were one – if Nicola knew her whole act was bluster and bluff and if the numbers showed the state Scotland is in and common sense what secession would mean – how could she point-blank, absolutely assuredly carry on the way she did, as if it were nothing?

      • ‘how could she point-blank, absolutely assuredly carry on the way she did, as if it were nothing?’

        Because he/she who can or think they can does. Politicians do it all the time until they get exposed or not as the case may be. They are happy to take that chance. Is that in the astrology or just part of the human condition.

    • Thank you Marjorie, this is enormously helpful. As you say, the astrology shows the forces at work and not the outcome. With these types of issues I think it’s best to focus on what you hope for and not what you fear.

    • We are all biased, every human brain. In neuroscience it comes under “top-down modulation” – it has been observed empirically that other areas of the brain modulate visual processing, for example. We really do see what we want to see, or rather we don’t see what we don’t want to see. We evolved that way.

      However, what makes you a better astrologer is your meta-awareness of it. You are meticulous in showing your calculations for others to evaluate. Your journalism training nudges you to consider balance. You are then presenting what you think is plausible given the influences, but you are not dropping the gavel on it. None of us can ever have that degree of certainty.

      It’s not always possible to predict with the best will in the world. I remember in 2019, looking at that election and many of us agreed here that it looked likely Boris would win in reality, but why is it so bad for him? Look at those influences on his chart and why does 2020 look so strange? We all know now

      • Two things help me in my approach. One is I started as a journalist when it was not considered professional to hold political views. Newspaper journalists were the dispassionate observers from the sidelines.

        Then I went into commercial TV as a journalist where balance was obligatory – sometimes to a ludicrous degree. I once did a documentary about the ‘disappeared’ in Argentina’s dirty war and the managing director, who walked in constant fear of the regulatory authority, insisted I find a ‘balancing’ voice to speak for the government doing the killing and torturing! A businessman was fished out who shamefacedly muttered a few words of pseudo-justification and then fled.

        That sent me off to read Sir Ian Trethowan’s thoughts on balance – he was an eminence grise of the industry and he pronounced that evil did not have to be balanced. So there are exceptions. The BBC have never understood balance in the same way and were skewed even when I went to work there in the 1980s.

        The other is I have less of an ego than some, stemming from multiple planets in the 12th. I can be self-righteous and intellectually arrogant but I don’t have that need to beat my own drum – which is why I am a terrible marketer for myself. But it helps here since I don’t find it difficult to put the astrology first and foremost.

        Ego skews judgement and when you are balancing multiple, sometimes contradictory, influences a degree of intuition helps in selecting which takes priority, rather than worrying about how great I am going to look if I am right.

        • Your journalistic background explains a lot about your deep and wide knowledge of world events – something I appreciate as much, if not more, than your astrological observations.

          Thank you for all your do

    • Thank you Marjorie. Your ability to demonstrate the processes of astrology and interpretation is outstanding, and I’ve learned so much here. When it comes to divisive figures, like Trump, it is exceptionally challenging to describe what’s happening astrologically – whether for, or against. And there is always the wider picture to consider – when a person or a movement is an expression of the zeitgeist, and their effect on events shapes circumstances in the future. The astrology shows us this, I think, whether or not it fits our own world views.

      And there’s also the issue of individual choices within the ‘menu’ astrology lays before us. How someone lives out their birth chart varies from one to another – the menu in the restaurant is the same, the choices differ. I’d love to know how individuals with, say, Trump’s birth chart are faring, and what they’ve done with their lives!

      The example of Jupiter transits is one that’s cropped up here, with Jupiter emphasised in some charts at the time of death. We think of Jupiter as fortunate, the Great Benefic, so how can this be? Yet Jupiter rules journeys, and tends to expand what it touches – so it makes sense (to me, at least!) that someone ‘passing’ is going on a journey, free from their earthly vehicle, the body.

      The psychic side of one’s nature can also be a battleground between what you want, and what messages are swirling about in the fog. I remember knowing with total certainty that Britain would vote for Brexit. As someone who wanted to stay in Europe, I was confused by this and resisted it. However, the feeling refused to go away, and proved correct. At some point, I hope I’ll be able to see this as part of a bigger picture…..there’s always more to learn.

      • Briefly – I looked for famous people with Trump’s birthday. Amused to find flamboyant musician and songwriter Noddy Holder on 15th June, 1946 – one day later, but still has a Sagittarian Moon opposing Gemini Sun, and early Leo rising. He’s a famous member of the band Slade. Their song, Merry Christmas Everyone, is still part of Christmas soundtracks in shops etc. His autobiography was titled “Who’s Crazee Now?”……

  7. @ S,

    The reason President Biden wasn’t on the ballot in the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary was because New Hampshire’s Democratic Party broke the rules by holding the primary on January 23 despite the DNC having decided that South Carolina would be the first state to vote.

    Many New Hampshire voters were actually angry with President Biden and the DNC over that decision – many said they felt overlooked. However, despite their personal feelings about the matter and despite the fact that Biden didn’t campaign there, majority of Democratic and Independent voters still turned out to write his name in. As a result, Joe Biden made history by becoming the presidential candidate to win a write-in vote campaign – and it wasn’t even close, Biden won by a solid margin.

    Anyway, I agree with you about Biden. Biden’s massive win (as a write-in candidate) kind of debunks the “unenthusiastic supporter” narrative the mainstream media has been promulgating. If Biden is really as unpopular as the litany of polls suggest, then it’s odd that anyone would take the initiative to go out into the freezing cold weather, write his him in on a ballot, and knowing the entire primary was just a symbolic “beauty contest.”

  8. “Trump is clearly the favorite at this point, but unfortunately his 2024 Solar Return Ascendant is again in 12th house of losses.” (As it was in 2020) written by Hermes Astrology 13 Dec 2023, found on Medium site.

    • As usual, are we any wiser? Half mention a win, half a loss. Even if the exact proportions are a little bit different, if there is no consensus, it’s difficult to make any sense of such disparateness.

    • Hermes Astrology has a paywall so I couldn’t read their entire article on Regulus.
      Regulus has been sitting on Trump’s ascendant throughout his life and continues to do so since it entered 0 Virgo in 2011.

      When he was first running for president (2016) quite a few astrologers focused on it and gave warnings that revenge among other negative character traits could bring him down.
      I haven’t read anyone mentioning Trump & Regulus in a very long time yet I’m still patiently waiting for it to make its move.
      Oh, well.

  9. On a related point, there are several reports that meetings of senior Republicans are becoming quite tetchy and not, as you might expect, all buoyed up and ready for the November election. This suggests that even if Trump does end up on the ballot, there may be Republicans who fail to endorse him or even openly oppose him.

  10. Most legal analysts expect his DC trial to start April/May once the immunity claim is thrown out. This seems to coincide with the transit of Uranus to his Midheaven. It’s possible he could be a convicted felon before the Republican Convention in July so goodness knows what will happen then.

  11. I sincerely hope that Trump’s Jupiter fizzles out very soon indeed, and somewhere that is very painful for him! The man is a liability for the whole world. I fail to understand how anyone in their right minds could consider voting for him.

  12. The pictures accompanying this post are hilarious, the hippo!! I’ve been laughing so much.
    Marjorie’s going to be writing for Private Eye next 😉

  13. I’m a little bit torn whether to mention another astrologer on Marjorie’s website – Marjorie has been a wonderful host for us here and I wouldn’t want to displease her – but I was curious and typed into Google to see if Joni Patry, the famous Vedic astrologer said something. And she did. There is a video from four months ago titled “Donald Trump’s Future!” on Youtube, in which she basically says, and I just listened to a few bits, he will have various Jupiter–Uranus and Venus on the Lights transits on election day. Apparently, it will all be going from bad to worse until then, and then a big surprise! Comments seem to mention Joni knowing, or realizing, more than she is revealing.

    One user summarizes the video this way: “So basically, what I got from this video was: Its gonna be a tough road for him until election day, but if he makes it to election day, he’ll probably win.”

    Another commentator mentions British medium Craig Hamilton Parker, who is also predicting a Trump win.

    • “Comments seem to mention Joni knowing, or realizing, more than she is revealing”

      Then the hammer falls…inviting you to sign up for extended reviews of The Narcissist and his Journey to the White House. For only pennies a day!

      More seriously, I tend to consider all sources of information, even off-planet. If a nuggest of proven truth exists, I’ll consider it. Lots of speculation on him taking the WH and becoming POTUS-Dictator. What seems to be overlooked is how the US fares following his “installation” as the new king in town.

    • I feel a little compelled to mention that Joni Patry, her vedic knowledge aside, espouses astrology from a pretty biased conservative lens. I stopped listening a while ago when she started repeating Qanon talking points and so it would give me pause and a need for further corroboration from other astrologers (looking for consensus basically) before I would take her analysis at face value. Would be ideal to leave our “wants” at the door when doing interpretations/prediction but some just prefer catering to an audience of like minds but that too can go off the rails.

      • Well, I have no idea what her leanings are, but she is from Texas, correct? So maybe I wouldn’t be surprised if she were a Republican. However, does this video on question show any leanings? She seems to have a very good astrological reputation.

        I’ve also tried to find if Komilla Sutton did any predictions, but it seems she isn’t really doing anything like that.

    • I also have followed a Vedic astrologer who has very strong views about Donald Trump’s future, and it’s not rosy. His name is Gurmeet Singh and his predictions have been very accurate about Donald Trump’s successes and failures as well as a whole range of other characters.

      • @ Patricia,

        Craig Hamilton Parker did indeed predict Trump would win in 2020. He also predicted Joe Biden would be defeated very early in the primaries. None of that came true.

    • Joni Patry? Oh for heaven’s sake, I dread seeing that woman’s name in my presence. Many of us here in the States are familiar with her. Many of her followers are MAGA people, BJP / Modi supporters, and QAnon. She’s not taken seriously here. Even my astrology teacher cannot stand her.

  14. Biden just won New Hampshire with 70-percent of the vote, all of them write-ins as for some reason he was not on the ballot. Trump’s support was under-represented in 2016. I think it’s exaggerated now, while Biden’s is being undercounted. I’d crawl over broken glass to vote for a can of paint to oppose Trump. Many millions here feel the same. By that measure, Biden is plenty to be excited about.

  15. Jessica Adams says Trump is going to disappear. She appears quite confident in that prediction. I certainly hope she is right, but do you see any basis for that?

    • JA has posted a tarot summary recorded on the air at a Fox studio. The psychic claims he’ll suffer many losses, and try to disappear and escape. Allegedly, he will not win the election.

      Tarot can be finicky. One has to be well-grounded and not to unduly influence what it is the cards are trying to portray.

      What kind of hang-over will most Americans suffer if he does not become dictator?

      • People were singing in the streets when he lost in 2020. We had to wait days for the definitive results and the people celebrated when they got the results–except for those stoked up online by the Michael Flynn/Putin psy-opps machine who went to “peacefully demonstrate on Jan. 6.

        His verbal stumbles lately are profound. He is unwell. As the court cases stress him out more and more he presents confused and strange verbiage wherever he goes. I doubt he’ll win another term. It’s ironic that he calls his conservative detractors RINOS (Republicans in Name Only), when in fact he is not a Republican and his followers are not interested in Republican philosophy or policies. They are Populists–like the ones that gather around strong men.

        I hope that some states escape and continue as democracies. That big hunk of brain-washed, low-information, Q-Anon, end-of-the-world believers do not understand what they are getting themselves into.

      • I have found JA to be full of beans for the most part. She makes predictions so far in advance that you forget all about what she said and she also talks in a word salad, slippery indeed. If you read her astrology blogposts, they contain a large illustration, taking up a lot of space, and then cherry-picked anecdotal evidence she chooses from the past to validate her prediction. I once asked her who benefits from her ego-driven predictions? Yes, she does and the scandal sheets she posts them on. Sorry, but I’m no fan of the shady Jessica Adams

        • I agree, she also claims he has no correct birth time even though he released his birth certificate in 2016. The word salad is also what I’ve noticed.

          • I agree Maggie. I pointed out in one of JA’s blogs that I had written to Astrodienst and conversed with Alois Treindl, founder of Astrodienst, who confirmed that they had a copy of Trump’s birth certificate, it has a AA Rodden rating, but she didn’t want to know anything about it.

            “What is the AA Rodden rating?
            Of high utility is the included Rodden Rating which tells us the accuracy of each chart. An AA rating is “Data as recorded by the family or state”. The expectation of many researchers is that AA data is of the highest accuracy possible and can be used freely.”

        • I got banned for calling out her ludicrous predictions. So, no, I don’t give credence to her claims of psychic anything either. If she would just stick to the astrology. I think she may once have had a gift but has squandered it chasing ego dreams of fame and fortune.I feel sorry for her.

    • On what basis? The danger of making such specific predictions in astrology is that they invariably tend to be wrong.

      Jessica Adams predicted that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley would emerge triumphant over Trump as well, with the New Hampshire primary proving to be pivotal. Instead, Haley was easily defeated by Trump, and the Republicans are now calling for her to end her campaign, with NH perhaps having been her best opportunity to even up the odds in her favor.

      Adams seemed to believe that Haley’s Pluto conj. Sun transit through this year and various links to the US chart would propel her forward, arguing that Pluto into Aquarius supports female and nonwhite minority individuals–Haley is both–moving into power.

      I think she misses a lot of the context of US politics though, as well as the highly nativist, sexist, and racist nature of the Republican Party, which has increasingly been tilting over to the far-Right fascistic-Reactionary end of the political continuum.

      Quite frankly, it’s difficult to imagine that the U.S. Republican Party was ever going to get behind a brown-skinned Indian daughter of immigrants as a serious candidate for the White House, versus someone like Donald Trump who represents their id so well. So many of them still can’t grapple with the reality of Barack Obama being elected not once, but twice, and their outrage literally fueled Trump’s improbable initial rise.

      On top of it, Haley seems to lack any kind of moral or ideological core. She seems every bit the anaretic 29 degree Cap Sun, overly ambitious for its own sake, but lacking any moral core to stand on, calculatingly changing her stance to fit the mood of the moment, it seems.

      I’m no Trump fan whatsoever, but I think there’s a reluctance to be clear-eyed about who he is and what he represents. His rise wasn’t an accident, but the inevitable consequence of nearly unbridled corporatism in the US, including corporate consolidation and dominance of the US media. The same system that chews up and spits out so many people, then offers up one of their own to pull them back up–and they follow him of course. Say again, what’s the definition of abuse?

      • Clarence you are correct about others being complicit, but there is a danger in assigning blame and cause away from the one in power. Trump is litle more than a nasty little fascist, fuelled by narcissism. This might be used by the corporate influencers in question to achieve their far right ends, but it is a two way conversation between them and the candidate.

      • @clarence To Marjorie’s point and the tendency to read astrology in a bias way. Note that Adams writes that the “next president will be Aquarian in nature, so diverse” and “the overall picture of the US in 2025 is about diversity: women, men, black, gay, straight etc.” all pooled together”. She also writes “Haley lacks a birth time therefore the angles of her chart are missing so her chart is a “personality guide” based on a natural house system. I would hardly call that a that a win prediction for Haley by Adams.

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