Monaco Royals – the Pluto in Aquarius years

Aquarius rules the Monaco Royals may be stretching a point but Pluto will undoubtedly have a noticeable effect on this generation of Prince Albert, sisters, wife and the House of Grimaldi itself.  Albert’s former accountant continues to spill out embarrassing information about the royal finances, upkeep of mistresses, illegitimate children and even the sad Charlene’s overspend. Details continue to seep out into the media with Le Monde being the latest. According to The Times “Albert comes across as a feeble monarch being pushed around by the women in his life, including his two sisters, Princess Stéphanie, 58, and Princess Caroline, 67. Both are said by Palmero to use the crown jewels as personal fashion accessories.”

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  Albert, 14 March 1958 10.47 am Monte Carlo, has a 10th house Pisces Sun square Saturn in his 7th with a secretive Mars in Capricorn in his financial 8th house. Despite his playboy reputation his chart hints of low self esteem and a troubled life. What will catch transiting Pluto in his case is his Jupiter North Node Neptune in early Scorpio square Uranus opposition Venus in Aquarius. Jupiter Neptune certainly points to him being scandal-prone due to his instability and that T square will be under pressure for the rest of this decade.

 His sister Caroline, 23 January 1957 9.27am has a 12th house Aquarius Sun opposition Uranus  square an 8th house Neptune Moon in Scorpio. She likewise will be bearing the brunt of tr Pluto in Aquarius for several years ahead.

  Princess Stephanie, 1 February 1965 6.25pm Monte Carlo, has a New Moon in Aquarius square an indulgent Jupiter in Taurus on her midheaven opposition Neptune – like her brother (and Boris Johnson) a tendency to being careless, over hopeful and inclined to trip up through bad judgement. She won’t get the effects of Pluto for a few years but it will turn her life upside down when it comes.  

  The House of Grimaldi which took over rule of Monaco on 8 January 1297 JC has a late Capricorn Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius with Pluto Mercury in Aquarius. It has been though the grinder over the past three years and will continue to be pounded right through till 2030.

 And Charlene, 25 January 1978 12.35 pm Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, has a Sun Venus in early Aquarius opposition Mars at zero Leo so she will catch the effects now and through till 2027.

  No great conclusions as to why Aquarius is headlined and it wasn’t true of the previous generation but be interesting to watch.

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