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  1. Hmmm, let me be someone who posts that Nikki Haley won New Hampshire.
    GOP received no votes.
    Of course, only 6 people voted.

    Now back to transitive and intransitve French verb homework…;-)

  2. Could you please do a post on the consecration of a Hindu temple in Ayodhya on 22nd of January at the site of a Moslem mosque razed on 6th of December 1991? This is being viewed as India shedding its roots of being a secular republic. How does it tie in with India as a country and Narendra Modi’s charts? How does it impact the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi?

  3. “The company was originally established as Abercrombie Co. by David Abercrombie on June 4, 1892, in a small waterfront shop at 36 South Street in downtown Manhattan, New York. Wealthy New York businessman Ezra Fitch became one of the store’s regular customers.”

  4. Boeing remains in panic mode (“https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/boeing-ceo-were-going-to-learn-from-the-alaska-airlines-incident/1614545”).

    Pat Shanahan (known as Mister FixIt at Boeing on the 787 program) is now Spirit AeroSystems President. His presence on the 787 program to “immediately rectify any and all problems” incredibly overwhelmed even him. He was rescued by Trump after leaving Boeing, and is now an integral part of Boeing’s problems once again.

    Am I being too hard on the man? His wife left him because of too many hours at the office (rumors circulated about a certain female colleague at the Everett factory) and the 787 still has hundreds of “white tails”, sitting and unable to fly, due to serious mfg issues.

    Ho boy…wadda mess.

    • @larryc, I’ve thought many times of your comments about your later experience at Boeing — and shared them with my husband, who spent his career on the high tech side of the defense industry and agreed with your observations about their surrender to the MBAs and beancounters. I wonder if it ever was the great company it appeared?

      • Long ago and far away, I’m certain it was. The pressure to out-produce Airbus would be natural . How many mistakes will it take? I returned briefly this past year – and left after 3 months. The local factory hired a new crop of “managers” in their mid-20’s…but the abrasive, horse-whipping culture is bred into these managers just the same. Old-school, tough love.

        What will change if a door pops off at altitude? Steep window-seat discounts?

        • “What will change if a door pops off at altitude? Steep window-seat discounts?”

          Window seats built into to the detachable doors to have automatic life insurance coverage paid for by Boeing. All other travelers on any Boeing plane to have international medical coverage provided by Boeing.

          Business understands only money. It needs to hurt them in their wallets for them to change direction.

  5. Ron DeSantis dropped out of the Republican primary race today. Good to know astrology (and I) is sometimes very right about things! I remember telling fundraising Nationally would be his downfall – in a country of DJTs and MTGs, he is still too weird.

  6. Too bad we don’t have a birthday – all I found is December 1972 – for Molly Roden Winter (and her husband is even more of a task to pin down as for the birthdate), but she is everywhere today and these days, it seems. I bumped onto her on The Times’ start page.

    The other woman, and it seems to be that Marjorie’s blog through the years dedicated time and space to women who were pioneers in sexual and other feminist matters important for women and society as a whole, is Shere Hite, who is having some kind of docunentary about her being shown.

    Just a thought.

      • Great! Thank you!

        Roden Winter was interesting to me since I wonder if it is her particular psychology that is the cause of her polyamourous life events or is it something bigger than her, a societal shift affecting many.

  7. Current Astro-Weather:

    “Applying Pluto Square Uranus
    This may be a time of social upheaval, even revolutions. Geological and technical disasters are also possible. Intense conflicts between different factions of society will weaken the fabric of culture. Strikes, protests, and collective bargaining are manifestations of this impulse. Change will not come without some losses.”

  8. Biden clearly intends to run but, there is always a chance this year that he will have to step aside due to age related issues. It might be worth looking at the prospects for the democratic heirs apparent, namely Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan August 23, 1971, 8:51 PM, Lansing (MI), and Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, October 10, 1967, 5:13 AM, San Francisco (CA).

    • @ DavidW,

      Why does everyone keep overlooking Vice President Kamala Harris? I keep seeing names like Gretchen Whitmer, Pete Buttigieg, and Gavin Newsom being thrown around as possible successors to President Biden….but do people realize how disrespectful that might appear to many Black Women voters (who are the backbone of the Democratic Party – they’ve been the voting block to decide the nominee in many past elections)? After all, I’m active in my Democratic Party and I’m not seeing or hearing any of talking about abandoning Kamala Harris.

      Harris IS Vice President – not Whitemer, not Buttigieg, and definitely not Newsom. If Biden, for any reason, cannot fulfill a second term in office, the torch gets passed to her Kamala Harris.

      And if for any reason, Biden decided before the primaries are up that he doesn’t want to run again (or if a particular circumstance were to inhibit him from running again), then most voters will choose Kamala Harris (who does, according to polling, have a strong support from Black women) in the primaries.

      I just think more people should be realistic about this.

      • I agree – I think Harris is impressive. However for some reason she is not popular while Whitmer and Newsom are very successful governors. This is especially so for Whitmer who is a popular female democratic governor in a Trump voting state.

  9. Just started watching a 1998 documentary series about Israel and the Fifty Year War. Obviously a complicated subject but David Ben Gurion who declared independence and was first Prime Minister seem to have set the tone for what followed in terms of always retaliating. There’s a quote that he basically said “any loss of Israeli life needs to be met with force so that they will know there’s consequences”.

    Perhaps next time you write up on Israel you can take a look at his chart. very interesting with Libra Sun conjunct Jupiter square Saturn in Cancer. But perhaps more importantly, Gemini moon-pluto opposite Sag Mars.

  10. This morning on LBC I heard a theory that if Trump gets the Republican nomination, Joe Biden will withdraw and Michelle Obama will step in for the Democrats. Hard to believe, but we so wilder stuff. In a way, Michelle is the new Oprah, who was constantly touted as a possible candidate, and, of course, Oprah knew better than to get involved into the presidency mess.

  11. Apparently, the American presidency is tied to 22° Gemini, which is in the constellation Orion, according to that astrologer. If anyone sees anything that might support this claim, let us know.

  12. Could you tell us more about Melania’s relationship with her parents and with her son?

    I remember an article on the Astro.com website from a few years back that talked about significant degrees for American and that Baron Trump had the degree presidents of the US have in their charts. It made me think whether one day he will try to somehow “avenge” his father or improve on his legacy by becoming the president in the decades that follow.

    Though it’s as if I remember that article being wrong in certain predictions.

  13. I see the Duke of Sussex has dropped his libel case against the Mail On Sunday publishers, ‘hours before the court deadline’ according to reports, just as Mars lands on his Capricorn ascendant, Mercury on his 12th house Jupiter and the current Jupiter/Saturn Sextile trines and opposes his 8th House Mercury in Virgo. It made me wonder if his father’s illness and that of his sister-in-law lies behind this decision. Indeed it appears to be one of the most sensible moves he’s made in recent years.

    • It was also when he was due to hand over relevant documents which may have had a bearing as well – since his recollections tend to vary frequently from the actualite. His flying instructor is quoted somewhere today saying one story about his helicopter days in his book was not accurate. His life is like a slow moving car crash – it’s toe curling.

      • Yes, he now has to pay £750,000 in costs, considerably less than he would have had to pay if he’d gone ahead with the libel suit and (inevitably) lost. All this brought upon himself through his lack of good judgment and determination to cling to perpetual victimhood.

        • Yes, seems sensible as you say. But there are four (I think) more cases scheduled. Interested to see if the Pluto/Mars conjunction in February produces any manifestations. It will square natal Pluto in Scorpio in his 9th house. And William’s Jupiter/MC. And Charles’ Moon/MC in Taurus. Potentially a powerful moment for the family?

          • As an aside, I notice there is a Chiron-NN conjunction on Feb 19th just days after Pluto-Mars.

            I took a look back at the previous conjunctions but the years tended to have an outer planet changeover going on as well so hard to pinpoint.
            – late Aqua – July-Aug 2008 which would have tied in with eclipses
            – mid-Libra – Aug 1996
            – mid-Gemini – July 1984
            – start of Aries – Feb 1969

            There was also SN-Chiron conjunction in March 2016 in Pisces.

          • GD – I keep on forgetting about that one! It does aspect Harry’s Venus and Mars. I tend to see the catalyst in Chiron, alongside the healing or wounding meanings. And Chiron himself was a great teacher too.
            The other thing I meant to say was this upcoming Mars conjunct Pluto echoes the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Solstice 2020. So may we see things generally developing that relate to that time? That Christmas for H&M was their first one in sunny California. Here we were all having rather odd, tiny Pandemic Christmases with open windows! In spring 2021 the disastrous Oprah interview was broadcast, and the rest has followed on, and on.

          • The Feb 19 Chiron/North Node conjunction in Aries occurs on Prince Andrew’s birthday, close to his Midheaven from the 9th and at the same time squaring his Saturn in Capricorn and BML in Cancer.

          • Speaking of disastrous interviews, Netflix are making Andrew’s disastrous interview into a drama entitled ‘Scoop’ starring Rufus Sewell. What strange times we live in.

          • Thanks for that VF. I will be interested to see how the Chiron/Nodes symbolism works out. Not just for Andrew either. Perhaps the double dose of Aries symbolises the wounded becoming warriors – as we’ve seen with the Post Office scandal.

            As far as the Netflix thing goes, I am astonished! The blurring of lines between fact and fiction, AI and ‘reality’ seems to be such a strong theme. Some Neptune in Pisces there?

  14. Reading Melania Trump’s mother’s funeral took place yesterday. Noting that Jupiter must be sat on or around Melania’s Sun at the moment which is an interesting transit to have at the time of a parent’s death.

    I’d be interested in your analysis of the relationship she has with her parents and how that has contributed to what she has achieved/become. Hopefully we can keep it politically neutral and just focus on the astrology.

    Wikipedia states “Her father, Viktor Knavs (born March 24, 1944), was from the nearby town of Radeče … Her mother Amalija (née Ulčnik; July 9, 1945 – January 9, 2024)[7] came from the village of Raka “

    • Melania’s mother was just a year older than her husband! Interesting what you say about the Jupiter transit. We’ve sometimes discussed Jupiter transits when someone dies, in their personal chart. I’ve noticed that sometimes they are there in the charts of the bereaved too.

      • Astrologically an older husband makes complete sense for Melania. As I recall she has Taurus Sun-Saturn and Cap moon. Actually that means transiting Jupiter has been freeing up the Saturn reins possibly.

        • GD: But aren’t older husbands more the norm in eastern European countries?

          I hv 4 Italian uncles, all of who (whom?) started their families when in their early/mid 30’s. My 100 yr old aunt would announce “I’m FBI – full blooded Italian”.

          • FBI – ha ha!

            Good question as to how much culture plays into it.

            Melania’s parents would have been mid-20s when she was born. Her father is only one year older than her mother though.

            – Donald is 24 years older than Melania. She was 35 when they married in 2005.
            – Ivana was 3 years younger (1949) and they married in late 20s (1977). She had been previously married. First married at 22.
            – Marla was 17 years younger (1963) and she was 30 when she married him.

  15. Marjorie and All, your thoughts on Chiron in Princess Catherine’s chart?

    In her 10th House and tightly linked to (sextile) her 12th-ruling Moon, her Chiron is currently undergoing a conjunction from transiting Uranus. Looks like this could be a timing indicator for experiencing and ‘healing’ a serious (upsetting, intense) physical/health issue.

    I wonder if April’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be significant for her in some way. Perhaps a period marking her full recovery and resuming her schedule?

  16. Hi Marjorie,

    Could you take a look at Jill Biden. I heard on UK radio the other day that she was still very keen on her husband continuing being President for a second term.

    I know she is a respected doctor but she must see how frail President Biden now appears to be, at least from this side of the Atlantic, and really cannot understand her motivation in not influencing her partner to retire and allow someone else to be the Democratic candidate for the Presidency.

    • I’m not saying I agree with this, but I think the Democratic Party establishment’s view is that they don’t have another candidate who could stand up to Trump in a general election.

  17. Hi Marjorie

    What is the orb you use for transits to midpoints please? Next week’s full moon is going to hit my Venus/Pluto, and my Uranus/NN midpoints.

  18. I don’t normally like commenting on health issues but three things come to mind.
    Firstly if her 7pm birth time is accurate she has tr Pluto and her Progressed Moon just into her 6th house of health.
    Secondly I would have expected to see Mars Uranus in some form for an operation – either the midpoint or transit/solar arcs etc – and there are none.
    Thirdly she has Venus in Aquarius in her 6th which certainly makes her caring and helpful but can point to indulgences (less so perhaps in Aquarius). In fact she is under rather than over-indulgent perhaps because her Venus in a fashion-conscious square to Jupiter. When she was a student she was a normally healthy shape but for years has looked overly thin. The pressures of a public life with the camera adding pounds can lead to unhealthy restrictions on eating – ask any model or ballet dancer.
    A mystery that will no doubt be uncovered. She says she wants her medical problems kept private but that seems a forlorn hope in the circumstances.

    • She had 3 hyperemetic pregnancies. I had 2 and I’d say she’s hard as nails for going through 3. I spaced them out by medical advice to recover (leave at least 3 years I was told), but I don’t think she did. I was 6.5 stone at 4 months pregnant and on a drip. I am a very normal weight now over a decade later! But some people are left with gastric damage, oesophageal tearing and all sorts of horrors which need later surgery.

  19. 10 to 14 days was usual for stays in hospital after an operation. Not every operation can be of the keyhole variety. Also too many people are turfed out of hospital far too quickly. Many end up having to be readmitted.

    It is also possible that she could have another condition that isn’t gynaecological. For example a grumbly appendix or a hernia or even problems with her gall bladder.

    And while Catherine has always been thin, just lately she has overdone it. Which would be easy to do if the act of digestion actually caused acute discomfort. Maybe that is the real reason she didn’t go to Singapore. Besides I seem to remember that a full hysterectomy can take 9 months to recover from.

    • This could also be complications from an eating disorder. She has appeared in public many times with bandaged fingers and only late last year has the palace commented on one such incident and called it a “trampoline” injury. Eating disorders cause serious injury to abdominal organs. The long hospital stay and recovery time could mean treatment. After all that happened with Diana’s eating disorder, would the palace admit to the same condition?

      Uranus then Pluto has been battering all her cardinal planets and nodal axis, including a Sun (ruler of her chart) conjunct Pluto transit. Outwardly, it looks like she has weathered the onslaught with her formidable will power but all that internal pressure needs to released somehow.

      I think for people with a Cancer north node, it is important that they not only practice self care, they need to allow others to care for them too. Otherwise, the universe creates situations where you are forced to slow down and be looked after.

      • Hi. If I were a member of a royal family, I would not want any piece of my medical history disclosed to the public. Are you suggesting that eating disorders should be exempt from privacy laws? It’s not our business.

        • If it’s not our business, why even make a statement? Notice how professional, transparent and to the point the statement regarding King Charles’s procedure was, even shedding light on a common male health issue. The statement regarding the Princess of Wales, on the other hand, was vague and designed to elicit speculation.

          Yes, she is under no obligation to share her medical condition, but it could’ve humanized her a bit, instead of the constant “Perfect Princess” drivel.

          • I’m guessing the palace had little choice but to make an announcement knowing that Kate would have to cancel engagemens for the foreseeable. William too, to care for her and their kids. I think she’s right not to disclose specifics but it will all leak out in time.

  20. Unmystic Mom
    Apparently it’s been told to journalists that Catherine’s condition is not cancer related. Like you I suspect a hysterectomy, perhaps due to fibroids? Gynaecological conditions can be draining in every sense and can affect mood and diet. Add on the stress coming her way from those with a spiteful agenda, it’s no wonder she’s been feeling the strain, bless her. Wishing her well x

  21. Hi Ms. Orr
    Please look into “ Dr. Laura Schlessinger. “ Dr. Laura is a radio personality who give advice to people. Some people think Laura is a hostile hypocrite. Schlessinger was born in January 16, 1947 in New York City. I cannot find her birth. L. S. Is an interest Character to say the least!

  22. It’s like the monarchy has shut down …
    – KC3 having surgery won’t be carrying out duties for a short period of recuperation.
    – Likewise Princess Catherine – long period of recuperation.
    – Prince William – off Royal duties too.

    That really only leaves Anne and Edward.

  23. Trump has become certainly full of himself after his “landslide” win in Iowa. “Trump responds to judge’s threat to kick him out of room: ‘I would love it’ ”

    In another article (BBC?), Trump’s base was described as mostly uneducated beyond high school. Impressionable, biased, bigoted, low-income.

    Constituents applaud yet confuse his “dictator” comments as “leadership”. I truly worry for this country.

    I know eventually you will touch on the subject of American elections.

    • @ LarryC,

      that landslide primary victory in Iowa you mentioned was actually 14% turnout for Republicans (in a state that has over 800,000 registered Republicans). Plus, he only received 51% of the overall vote.

      In other words, the news media appears to be exaggerating just a bit. After all, it pretty obvious he was going to win Iowa anyway.

      Also, there were many Nikki Haley supporters interviewed by CNN and many were saying they will vote for Joe Biden again if Trump gets the nomination.

      To through more cold water on all of the media’s Republican and Trump hype, we just had a special State House election here in Florida last night. I wasn’t expecting this, but the Democratic candidate managed to pull off a shocking upset by defeating the Republican incumbent in Florida House District 35 – which is a heavily Republican district. Despite Republicans having a 4 point edge in turnout, Independents went 60% for the Democrat…that almost never happens here in Florida (and this is pretty much a red state now).

      All in all, I didn’t intend for this response to sound like a political rant. I just wanted to inject a counter argument to all of the Republican hype (which can be exhausting).

      I have no delusions about the upcoming general election – I do believe the astrologers when they warn that this will likely be a contentious, volatile election. Hopefully, common sense will prevail at the end of the way.

      I thought Marjorie wrote an excellent post awhile back about the U.S. headed for a fraught election. I bookmarked it for reference.

      I didn’t realize Donald Trump had Jupiter acting as one of his shock troops back in 2016. I guess that explains why he really could have “shot someone on 5th Avenue” and still won.

    • Trump runs out of Jupiterian good luck from mid April onwards. He’s on a roll at the moment but it won’t keep going.
      Also Pluto going into his 6th this year could point to health issues.

    • There’s an article from 11 March last year. Gary Lineker retired from mere football 30 years ago, with Saturn in the same part of the sky as now, squaring his Sun.

  24. On the surface, Princess Catherine has been holding up under pressure in a superhuman way. Perhaps the stress of keeping up an idealized image was too much to bear. She is a lovely person who deserves to be rewarded with appreciation from all sides. Hope petty criticisms from the public or estranged family will stop, to give her a rest. Hats off to Marjorie, who saw this coming and was exact in timing. Brilliant astrological analysis.

    • Yes, hats off to Marjorie! Yes, brilliant astrology.
      All the “Astro-good” is very unfortunate for Princess Kate. The surgery / condition must have been very serious. Ten to fourteen days in the hospital is a very long time nowadays. Not to mention months of recuperation.

      • Another possible condition for princess catherine could be diverticulitis. If serious, it can mean needed removal of a portion of the intestine. That could explain her apparent recent weight loss.

  25. I saw that yesterday The Telegraph had an article titled “From ‘the next Spielberg’ to Star Wars pariah: why JJ Abrams stopped making films”. As someone who used to be interested in J. J. Abrams and once had high hopes for Lost (TV series born on 22 September 2004 at 20:00 in New York City, New York), maybe if you find the will, I would be interested to see what is written in the stars for him. No birth time for him, it seems, but the date is 27 June 1966 in New York City, New York, United States of America.

  26. Hi Marjorie,
    At the risk of being inappropriate, I wonder whether Princess Catherine’s “abdominal surgery” taking place exactly as Mars turns retrograde has anything to do with her apparently martial dedication to the “Dukan diet,” which seems to be extremely high in protein. Anything can be carried too far. In our current state of evolution, to maintain good health, human beings need complex carbohydrates, just not refined, processed ones. Queen Letitia of Spain maintains her similarly slender, fit frame with the more balanced “Perricone diet,” which seems to fall into the “Mediterranean diet” category. Both royals follow martially disciplined exercise regimens as well.
    Of course it could be something else entirely, but lifestyle is often a contributing factor to any ailment.

    • Yes, I came here to say the same after seeing a BBC news headline: “The Princess of Wales is to stay in hospital for up to a fortnight after undergoing abdominal surgery”.
      Marjorie you hinted at possible vitality issues for the Princess of Wales in your recent posting about her.

    • Not to be alarmist, but you can see the trouble in Prince George’s chart. He has Sun at 29°59′ Cancer and Moon at 28°17′ Capricorn.

      Transiting Pluto is at 29°53′ Capricorn sitting right on that Moon. Tr Mars is at 9 Capricorn, moving towards that Moon.

    • Wow – big up to Marjorie ,,, she did a post on Catherine’s birthday last week and wrote …

      “What is notable and happens within a day or so is that her Progressed Mars goes retrograde and stays that way for the rest of her life. Robert Blaschke in his book on Progressions remarks that a retrograde Mars affects vitality, will and energy, on occasion leading to a sense of not knowing what is desired. Sometimes the immediate phase of turning retrograde can produce an accident or other event which feels like a collision. Though there is nothing else in her chart flagging up such an event so it may have a different effect.”

        • It’s spot on isn’t it?! I hope she’s ok. Seems like a long stay in hospital, even taking into account her status, and private medical care.

          I also wonder about the eclipses in Libra and Aries. Catherine is an eclipse person, born on the day of a Lunar eclipse at 19 Cancer. Her natal Sun 19 Capricorn, Moon 18 Cancer, Nodes 22 Cancer, Saturn 21 Libra. The tr Nodes are 19 Aries at the moment. Last autumn’s Libran eclipse 21 degrees, April’s will be 19 Aries. Quite a bit of tension there for her to deal with in the aftermath of her surgery, and during convalescence.

          I see that Prince Charles will also be having surgery soon, for an enlarged prostate.

          • That t-square (with Pluto not too far off) … the missing leg in Aries suggests she doesn’t know how to be ‘selfish’ or impulsive. Everything is deliberated over and considered. Cancer moon is an interesting placement because it wants peace and lack of upset (and to be nurtured) but with the Saturn square and life circumstances I doubt she gets it.

            I wonder why that didn’t blow up during the Uranus-Pluto transits of recent times. Perhaps it did in ways we don’t see, after all she has moved up the hierarchy, had to deal with the Meghan saga and then her own family (parents and children) come into the mix. So there has been some change.

            But simplistically, it feels like being in hospitable for an extended stay is her body’s way of getting her the peace and personal attention she hasn’t been getting.

            Little bit of doomsayer in me but with that mars turning retro, there’s a part of me wondering whether if she ever regains her ‘vitality’ – whatever that means.

          • Marjorie’s recent piece was remarkably accurate. Mars is related to health and vitality, and she is normally such an active and fit person. Apologies for being a bit of a Chiron bore, but the centaur will be impacting Catherine’s chart in the coming year as it squares her nodal axis, Sun and Moon. I find Chiron transits coincide with health problems in my own chart. Pluto pops into Aquarius next week, so will be triggering a number of Royal charts, including that of Charles.

            Catherine is a great asset to the family. I wish her a full recovery.

          • If she’s anything like me she’ll be fine. Just as well, a few years after my progressed Mars station Rx I was running around after a toddler.

    • I am so surprised that she would follow something proven to be bad, such as the Dukan diet. I didn’t know that. She can afford an army of top-notch health and nutrition specialist who would create a plan for her to stay healthy and keep the admirable weight.

    • This is purely vibes, not astrological, but the general wording of “abdominal” and the secrecy around it makes me think a hysterectomy or (stomach or uterine) cancer treatment was what happened.

      I have absolutely no source for this, merely a feeling based on the secrecy surrounding the event.

  27. Hi Marjorie,

    Voice of America (VOA) reported that Ethiopia has officially recognized the break-away de-facto state of Somaliland as a sovereign state. While I thought this would be welcomed news…apparently, Somalia is furious and is now threatening to go to war with Ethiopia over it.

    To make matters more alarming, President Biden’s administration has expressed serious concerns over the Ethiopia-Somaliland agreement.

    I must admit, this particular world affair I have little emotional connection too. However, I am a bit curious to know what the astrology suggests. Will the world finally recognize Somaliland’s self-declared sovereignty (the way Ethiopia has)? Does the astrology suggest another unnecessary war as a result of it?

    Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated. As always, I look forward to the daily astrology write-ups.

    • Somaliland is of course on the opposite side of the red sea to Houthi-occupied Yemen.

      Marjorie, is there an astrocartological line/event that crosses both those locations?

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