Princess Catherine – retrograde Mars puzzle ++

Catherine, Princess of Wales, is 42 today as she juggles an increasingly hectic schedule, mothering three children and turning out in elegant style to state occasions as well as casual charity functions.

   Jupiter moving through her 10th house from mid 2023 to May 2025 will keep her popularity high and attract praise. Although tr Saturn through her 8th house from May 2024 for two years may put her under extra pressure and she’ll be left feeling under-supported. Saturn through the 8th does teach resilience and self-sufficiency.

  What is notable and happens within a day or so is that her Progressed Mars goes retrograde and stays that way for the rest of her life. Robert Blaschke in his book on Progressions remarks that a retrograde Mars affects vitality, will and energy, on occasion leading to a sense of not knowing what is desired. Sometimes the immediate phase of turning retrograde can produce an accident or other event which feels like a collision.  Though there is nothing else in her chart flagging up such an event so it may have a different effect.

  Where her life looks most disrupted will be 2026 to 2028 with her Solar Arc Sun to Uranus and SA Uranus to Sun and Moon becoming exact. Her relationship with Will will be going through a cool and then swampy patch from 2027 to 2029.

  Her relationship with King Charles, always notoriously prickly about others’ upstaging him whether by design or accident, will be hitting an uncertain and chilly phase from April this year into 2025. Though she will have fewer problems with Queen Camilla.

 Prince Andrew she dislikes as much as Prince William does. Prince Harry she will regard with sadness with no indication of the gloom lifting anytime soon.

 There could be an eruption over the Meghan situation with an explosive tr Uranus opposition their composite Venus, square the Mars and Moon and finally in 2025 opposing the Uranus. All of which sounds as if there may be more outbursts to come presumably from the California end. All of which coincide with Meghan’s midlife crisis as tr Uranus opposition her Uranus from July 2024 onwards for a few  months – which can bring impulsive and not always wise decisions.  

  Life in the Royal goldfish bowl – I don’t envy Princess Catherine one bit. She luckily has that steely Saturn Pluto conjunction square her Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon so does have stamina.

Add ON: After her hospital admission.

I don’t normally like commenting on health issues but three things come to mind.
Firstly if her 7pm birth time is accurate she has tr Pluto and her Progressed Moon just into her 6th house of health.
Secondly I would have expected to see Mars Uranus in some form for an operation – either the midpoint or transit/solar arcs etc – and there are none.
Thirdly she has Venus in Aquarius in her 6th which certainly makes her caring and helpful but can point to indulgences (less so perhaps in Aquarius). In fact she is under rather than over-indulgent perhaps because her Venus in a fashion-conscious square to Jupiter. When she was a student she was a normally healthy shape but for years has looked overly thin. The pressures of a public life with the camera adding pounds can lead to unhealthy restrictions on eating – ask any model or ballet dancer.
A mystery that will no doubt be uncovered. She says she wants her medical problems kept private but that seems a forlorn hope in the circumstances.

Add On: Apropos her long hospital stay after ‘abdominal surgery’ and long recuperation period I’m puzzled at the lack of any major health flags in her chart on a 7pm birth time. If the birth time is circa 2pm which there is a suggestion on ADB it might be (one among many) – then it would make more sense with her Solar Arc Uranus exactly opposition her Moon (and square her Mars/Saturn midpoint) and SA Mars just into her 6th.

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  1. Before today’s announcement regarding her cancer diagnosis, I’d wondered whether it might be cancer. If there are any astrological indicators, I would venture to say Pluto, conjunct Saturn, and forms a wide T-square with both her luminaries in her natal chart (with Moon is in Cancer, and William a Cancer)- transiting Pluto had been activating the square in recent years.
    Cancer can take time to develop, depending on the type of cancer, so this could have going on for some time; a recent interview with a ‘friend’ reported that she had been under ‘intense pressure’; combine with past rumors about infidelity, even if false, she could indeed be experiencing extreme emotional stress. While there are many causes to cancer, most unknown, anecdotally and intuitively we can recognize that emotional stress and imbalance can lead to one form of illness or another (as physicians are finally starting to recognize). The more emotionally repressed the stress, the more likely this illness may take the form of cancer.

  2. It’s been reported in the Spanish media – including the more ‘serious’ publications – that Kate was put into a medical coma; this tallies with your explanation of her chart, and would explain why her children didn’t visit her in hospital, both her own and William’s engagements have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, and also why she left hospital unseen.

    While I appreciate the principle of medical privacy, this – if true – has now come to light in the foreign press, and yet again, it’s the British public who pay for the Royals and attribute status to them, who are left in the dark about those who rule over them.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    You said on her birthday that her progressed Mars was to go retrograde in a day or so. Today, the 17th, it’s in the news that she’s having abdominal surgery.

  4. MHO I always thought Catherine’s rising sign waS pisces?! Something about her weight, love of wedge shoes, and her sportiness comes fom mars. I admire her tho. She socks.

    • I thought there was some uncertainty about her Catherine’s birth time. She is so regal and has such beautiful hair that a Leo rising seems suitable though I would put it at closer to 29 degrees so the fixed star Regulus is conjunct the Ascendant. Other than the proximity of her lights (Sun, Moon) to the Nodes, I don’t see in the chart a commoner who became the wife of the future King.

      Sun in the fifth is perfect for a woman whose children will be her greatest legacy. I’ve no doubt her family’s party planning business set the stage for a creative upbringing. In addition to her impeccable sense of style, I’m sure Kate has other artistic talents.

  5. My Mars went retrograde by progression about 20 years ago and will also remain retro for the rest of my life. I think the only tricky bit was the stationing part, I went through a series of major bereavements and a relationship breakup. I ran on autopilot for a few years, no real ambition or anything, then it went progressed retrograde and things picked up again, in a totally new direction. Then suddenly I worked like I’d never worked before in a new job, which lead to a whole new life pretty much. Maybe for Catherine the stationing period was getting used to becoming a royal and leaving the old life behind(it does last a long time in a progressed chart). Now she’s ready to take off again.

        • Thank you 🙂

          El Aznar, the true station of prog Mars lasted about 3 years. However it was very slow moving and stuck at 11 degrees for a long time and that was felt. Although, during those 3 years there was a point where I had prog Mercury, Mars and Saturn all station Rx together.

  6. Yesterday, the British movement Republic claimed that a new poll had support for the monarchy in the UK under 50% for the first time, a drop of nearly 30% in the last decade. One effect of Mars retrograde for the rest of Princess Catherine’s life may be the increasing realization she will be the last Queen. That may leave her unfulfilled, particularly in relation to her children. A strong and reform-minded Labour government may deeply transform the House of Lords and then turn its attention to the royal family. Charles’s reign will no doubt encounter major difficulties during the coming Saturn-Pluto square in three or four years. I don’t think Meghan will be at the top of Princess Catherine’s mind at that time. She will increasingly reflect on her own and her husband’s place in history, which may be disappointing. She will have done everything right but may ultimaly fail at her self-appointed lifelong task.

      • Prince William. King Charles and Diana’s son. There is a growing movement against the monarchy in the UK, which is why some people are predicting that William may be the last king.

    • A Yougov poll showed around 25% UK support for a presidential head of state last year. Republic hit a high of 9000 members in 2023, they have a good PR team and the tabloids like nothing more than using them to bash the royals. Personally, I think it’s very unpredictable. Most British monarchs start their reign with dire predictions they’ll be the last, so all this is par for the course. What interests me is if W&K or their kids say stuff it, being monarch is too much pressure, too much complexity, too much relentless work, too much media harassment and intrusion, too much for any individual to reasonably bear. Wouldn’t blame them.

  7. Marjorie

    Progressed personal planets turning retrograde can be trickier than when those planets may be natally retro, and are their effects felt differently? i.e. Retro Mars natal vs Retro Progressed Mars.

    Many thanks

      • My Mars in 4th, Pisces. Went rx August 1984. My 6 month pregnancy aborted, spontaneously. I already had 2 boys. Daughter in law born at same time less than a mile away! Truly the worst of the worst years.
        Catherine Mars 3rd house, Sagittarius immediately my thought was travelling to education place. Crash? But I think the degree matters opposite Gemini too.

    • I have retrograde Mars in the natal chart – when progressed Mars turned direct it certainly helped, but it was in the middle of all the middle age transits that Catherine has looming and it’s quite difficult to seperate influences.

  8. Meghan Markle is completely finished, she’s played all her cards, and has no power to disrupt anything, or anyone except Harry.

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