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  1. Taiwan elected a new president, which China “loathes”. Will this election expedite PRC efforts to “re-unify” ?

    Per a BBC article, “China has accused the US of sending “a gravely wrong signal” to those pushing for Taiwan’s independence after Saturday’s election result.”


  2. Marjorie, or anyone else, of course, do you have any experiences with the six-tome The Only Way To Learn Astrology by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers or with anything else any of these two astrologers did or wrote? Is it good?

  3. Annie Nightingale has died, aged 83. She was a true trailblazer for women at a time when DJs were all male. So sad to hear this. A groundbreaking Aries of course. R.I.P.

  4. Can you tell us more about Jo Koy?

    The Telegraph has an article about him, “The big Golden Globes question: was Jo Koy ever funny?”, which made me think that I’d maybe like to know more about him astrologically.

  5. Speaking of these recent French and Greek political goings on, perhaps Pluto in Aquarius will mean power (Pluto) to the LGBT people (Aquarius).

    But then, history is brimming with rulers that were gay, either openly or not, and Pluto was in Aquarius for only a fraction of that. Maybe it would be informative to see if during previous such sojourns of Pluto the percentage of such rulers was perhaps a little higher.

    • Speaking of another similar interesting person, how about the new leader of Syriza, who was elected a few months ago? I got it mixed up and thought he was elected prime minister, but then Google made it clear for me.

      Stefanos Kasselakis, 29 March 1988, Marousi, Greece.

      Maybe Marjorie can combine them in a post.

  6. Hi Marjorie
    Could you look at the Astrology of Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh?
    Her rise and fall was quite dramatic and even while exonerated from any wrongdoing, she’s died with a tarnished reputation.

  7. If you’re so inclined Marjorie, I’d be keen to hear your take on anaretic degrees. With Pluto at the ‘fated’ 29 degrees of Capricorn, can you see this transit toppling authority figures / controlling men in power?

    • I think Pluto is not done with that degree yet – it will enter Aquarius again very soon, but will retrograde back to Capricorn again this year.

      • Agrreed, then moves into anaretic zero degrees Aquarius. I think there will be push/pull until it finally leaves Capricorn. But I think some signs of what’s to come is already there. Perhaps fuller Epstein lists will be revealed. Post office masters/mistresses will be fully exonerated l(you can’t get a more Capricorn job than the village stalwart/pillar of the community Postmaster). Hopefully we’ll see some despots removed from power too but I think that is Pluto in Aquarius’s job.

      • Interested in this, with an anaretic natal Pluto and transiting Pluto’s final station in Capricorn happening exactly trine that point later this year.

  8. Comedian Katt Williams is creating a stir among celebs for allegedly exposing some closeted skeletons and seems to be getting mostly praises for it.
    Interestingly, he does have a history of mental issues and someone who claimed to be close to him, anonimously leaked some info about him years ago, supposedly seeking help for his alleged diagnosed schizo/bipolar problems. They also stated that he’s most erratic between the months of Oct. to Jan. each year. Funny enough its January now Lol. Right on queue!
    He does have a AA rated birth time so can you have a look at what’s going on with him Marjorie?

  9. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would take a look at Greenland. According to International Business Times, Greenland released a draft for a Constitution for future independence a few months ago.

    Various news sources are also reporting that relations between Greenland and Denmark have been on ice lately. For example, The Guardian reported a few months ago that an Indigenous Greenlandic MP named Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam gave a speech to parliament in the Greenlandic Inuit language and refused to speak Danish out of protest over recent revelations regarding Danish authorities subjecting some Indigenous Greenlandic Inuit women to contraceptive coils during the 20th century. Many Indigenous Greenlanders see this as a human rights abuse.

    Anyway, it appears there has been a growing self-determination movement taking place in Greenland for some years now and I was wondering if the astrology suggests the quest for independence will intensify now that Queen Margrethe II has abdicated.

    Aside from the independence issue, some news sources have reported that Greenland has expressed interest in pushing for closer ties with other nations here in the Americas and having less dependency on Denmark and Scandinavia in general.

    The Climate Crisis has become a pivotal issue for many Indigenous Greenlanders and many Greenlandic activists and politicians have expressed concern that Denmark hasn’t done enough to help the island.

    Astrologically speaking, how does the relationship between Greenland and Denmark look in the upcoming years? Does the astrology suggest Greenland’s quest for independence will gain ground in the near future?

    I know this probably isn’t an issue that’s on many people’s minds at the moment. However, since I enjoy reading about every nation and territory on earth, I was just curious and excited to see what the astrology has in store for the island.

    Any insights or information you could provide would be sincerely appreciated – as always, thank you for the daily write-ups on various topics. I do enjoy reading them.

    • The big handicap to independence is that the Danish state funds, via a block grant, a substantial part of the Greenlandic economy.

      “The block grant equals about two-thirds of Greenland’s government budget or about one-quarter of the entire GDP of Greenland.”

      If Greenland becomes independent, it could become dependent on China or Russia for funding, putting a lot of the Arctic at risk.

      • @ Unmystic Mom,

        I’ve read about this. However, I don’t think Greenland would turn to the Russian Federation or China. I think a likelier scenario would be for Greenland to turn towards Canada and the United States….and maybe even Japan.

        Also, I can’t imagine Greenland cutting all ties with Denmark or Scandinavia. After all, the vast majority of Indigenous Greenlanders are of multiracial heritage (Inuit and Scandinavian), they have a historical connection to Scandinavia that goes back to at least the 11th century, and some of the island’s closest neighbors are Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

        So, if I were to guess, chances are Greenland would maintain diplomatic and cultural connections with Denmark and Scandinavia….while seeking business ties with North America.

        • As predominantly an exporter of fish I struggle to see what business Greenland would transact with the Canadians (21% of their economy is exporting fish) or the USA (1.7 million jobs in fisheries, $253 billion in sales).

          • @ Virgoflake,

            I just finished reading that article you mentioned; it was published in The Guardian. Apparently, this business venture was started by a Greenlandic entrepreneur named Malik V Rasmussen – he’s the co-founder of a company called Arctic Ice.

            Rasmussen argues that he wants to sell glacial ice to the United Arab Emirates in an effort to diversify Greenland’s economy – which almost exclusively depends on the revenue generated from tourism and the fishing industry.

            Personally, I have mixed feelings about this. I know the article goes on to explain how ancient glacial ice has been used in Greenland for beverages and refreshments for many years. However, Greenland has a population of less than 60,000 while the United Arab Emirates has a population of almost 10 million. So, I would imagine there would be a much greater demand for this commodity if it’s to be used in exclusive hotels and resorts in Dubai.

            I sincerely hope Greenland achieves the future they strive for – whatever they decide independence or whether they decide to remain as a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. However, I also hope Greenland remains committed to combating the Climate Crisis too…and I just don’t see how selling rare Arctic glacial ice to a wealthy oil-producing BRICS+ nation like the UAE will help.

          • Indeed, Chris. I have my doubts about it too and I wonder how much greenwashing these companies use in order to persuade us their product will be of benefit to countries like Greenland.

  10. Could you have a look into Chiara Ferragni’s chart? She is the inventor of “influencers” and she is now losing contracts with different brands because of “pandoro” scandal. Could it possible be the end of the “influencers’ era”? Thx

    • I’d have to check what Marjorie wrote about Taylor Swift recently, but somehow today I thought, with The New York Times opinion piece controversy and her being unamused at the Golden Globes joke and leaving empty handed, this is the start of a turning point for her. It all had the aura of something changing, a shift in the energies.

  11. I opened the BBC website this afternoon, and one of the main articles is about the huge, £221m, payout Bet365 boss, Denise Coates, received. Money is just running after her, and she is immensely successful in her career. All well-deserved, it seems. The wealth is immense, keeps growing, and daily pay seems staggering. So I took a peek at her chart, a Libra Sun opposite Aries Saturn, Moon in Gemini or early Cancer, with a Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo and the generational Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo. She also has Mars in Sagittarius trine the Aries Saturn.

    So, without the birth time, I would ascribe her Midas touch to Venus conjunct Jupiter (Venus is the mundane ruler of money and Jupiter would just expand on it), and that aspect is also probably responsible for her driving an Aston Martin with personalized number plates.

    Second aspect is the Uranus conjunct Pluto (riches, wealth). Maybe she has unusual and original (Uranus) ideas about how to acquire wealth (Pluto) and is meticulous about it (Virgo).

    Then there is that Mars trine Saturn, which would probably make her hard working, give her great work ethic, and ability to seemlessly (trine) turn her energy (Mars) into something tangible (Saturn).

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