Anaretic degree – dither and dash, packing a punch ++ more celebs

The anaretic degree from 29° to 29°59’59’’ was always deemed fated or problematic though it has also been associated with old souls who have reached a peak, with hints of the difficulty about being able to leave the past behind. The effect can be of the ‘dither and dash’ variety – unable to decide and then making an impulsive leap often in the wrong direction. It can bring a sense of urgency of unfinished business connected to the sign involved that needs closure which can lead to poor choices, difficulties or overcompensation.

  One astrologer suggests there is a “feeling of inevitability and ‘fatedness’ about the anaretic degree with a fascination with what happened before birth that cannot be undone.

 For those who don’t have a final degree planet in their chart they will still feel the effects from the changeover of Solar Arc Sun (every 30 years) to a new sign and Progressed Moon (every 2.5 years). Both of these herald a significant shift with the run up to the changeover being filled with uncertainty, indecision leading to hasty commitments and sometimes crisis – described as sometimes ‘packing a punch’.

  As with the transiting outer planets when they reach the final sign before the changeover there can often be a ‘swansong’ of unfinished business connected to the sign that is being exited which show up as crises.  Pluto leaving Capricorn – money, governmental practice, capitalism. Neptune leaving Pisces – weird ideas, conspiracy theories, religious zealotry. The theory being that a resolution must be found before it is too late – the Trump madness and the UK Post Office debacle being two examples to ponder.

  On a quick scan through examples:

29 Taurus Sun – Cher and Laurence Olivier. 

29 Capricorn Sun – Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Al Capone.

Not sure I would draw any great conclusion from those examples.

  Last degree Moons seem trickier:

29 Aries Moon – Celine Dion

29 Taurus Moon – Friday Kahlo, River Phoenix, Henrik Ibsen.

29 Leo Moon – Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher.

29 Virgo Moon – Jack Nicholson, Deepak Chopra, Betty White

29 Scorpio Moon – Jennifer Lopez, Melinda Gates, Ellen Pompeo

29 Capricorn Moon – David Beckham, Prince George Cambridge, Napoleon 1, Robert Kennedy Jnr.

29 Pisces Moon – Kim Kardashian, Hilary Clinton, Catherine Zeta Jones, serial killer Wayne Gacy.

  Interesting to hear from those who have final degree planets. 

PS Fun example. The Great Stink in London of 1858 – a stench that was so noxious from untreated human waste and industrial effluent that it led to a major overhaul and introduction of new sewage systems occurred when Uranus was at 29 degrees Taurus – and that’s an appropriate astro-signature. Taurus being earthy and fairly anal – and up-in-its-head Uranus moving into Airy Gemini wanting freed from the grosser aspects of city living.

Add On:

Rupert Murdoch – Venus 29′ Aquarius – making an impulsive leap, often in wrong direction.

Oscar Pistorius – Sun 29′ Scorpio (square Mars) and Reeve Steenkamp Saturn 29 Libra (conjunct Pluto and trine his Mars).

Peter Mandelson – Saturn 29’ Libra

Michael J Fox & George Clooney – Saturn 29′ Capricorn

Harvey Weinstein – Sun 29’ Pisces

Cillian Murphy  29 Aries Chiron in painful square to Saturn 29 Cancer.

Jerry Hall Jupiter 29 Leo conj Pluto 26 Leo

Sir Mick Jagger: Chiron 29 Leo; Neptune 29 Virgo

Chris Hemsworth 29′ Saturn in Libra conjunct Pluto  square Mars.

Kate Hudson has Sun at 29 Aries square Moon at 29 Capricorn opposition Jupiter 29’ Cancer.

Jeremy Corbyn –  Uranus 29 Gemini and Saturn 29 Leo. 

Chris Packham, naturalist – Mars 29′ Cancer opposition Saturn 29′ Capricorn.

46 thoughts on “Anaretic degree – dither and dash, packing a punch ++ more celebs

  1. I have to say that I am still on the fence and not really having a clear-cut way of interpreting:

    1. anaretic degrees
    2. eclipses
    3. lunar nodes.

    All of these at times seem too fluffy, having the same interpretations as other ppacements, and altogether very confusing and lacking clarity.

    But posts such as this one above help a little in dissipating the fog.

    • There are many paths to one goal. Sometimes different paths throw a spotlight on a different facet of situations.
      Astrology is enormously complicated and deals in potentials and possibilities. If you are looking for certainties, you will be disappointed, not only in astrology but also in life.
      The Nodes point to the developmental journey through life which not all choose to walk or are capable of following. Ditto the eclipses which are linked to the Nodes.
      The Anaretic degree either in a natal chart or Progressed or Solar Arc or in transit point up issues which occur either during a transition phase or are a lifelong experience for those with it in their charts.
      Usually when key events/experiences occur there are not one but several separate and distinct influences nudging the individual into change. One might not be sufficient. It needs a critical mass before significant movement occurs.
      Likewise in a birth chart there are always contradictions inclining the individual this way and that. Knitting together the conflicting and opposing strands to become an integrated whole is a lifelong exercise.

      • Thank you so much! That will give me a new push and motivation to pay closer attention to these three matters. Slowly what you say will come to me, and I will understand more. Your words are enlightening, as they always are.

  2. Hi Marjorie
    I read your site daily and find this topic fascinating althoughim no expert. I checked my chart and found my Gemini sun is 29 degrees, I’m Sag rising. I don’t know what this means for me but it may explain how disconnected I feel at times, I don’t recognise many gemini traits.

  3. I have Uranus 29’37 deg in 1st House Cancer square Neptune at 25’55 in 4th H. It is a generational aspect for all born mid-50s but I have always felt it personally and made certain choices because of it.
    I was always considered an ‘odd child’ as I did not have a child’s tastes in anything. I hated sentimentality (still do) and refused to have ‘childish’ wallpaper/curtains in my room. By choosing to live abroad as I have done for more than 40 years my ‘oddness’ becomes ‘normal’ because foreigners are inherently odd to the indigenous folk. Everyone accepts that you are odd and that enables you to fit in. I often wonder if that is why there are so many ‘ex pats’ in my Boomer generation.

    • I have Uranus at 29 Leo, and it’s conjunct NN, 12th house. I’ve always had this feeling of being out of step and a bit odd. Nor is this feeling helped by natal Chiron square Midheaven. But as life goes on, I’ve learned to embrace it.

  4. I was born one day after Cilian Murphy, – you may look out his chart. There is 29 Taurus Venus and Vesta, 29 Aries Chiron in painful square to Saturn 29 Cancer. Transiting Pluto now and earlier Saturn opposite natal Saturn and squaring Taurus all placemnts and now Sun it is soo challenging

  5. I have Part of Fortune at 29 Capricorn in the 6th H and it squares my 28 MH. I’ve never found much info on how to interpret. My comment here could also go in the Questions post as I’d be interested to learn more about Part of Fortune just in general.

  6. Kate Hudson has Sun at 29 Aries square Moon at 29 Capricorn.
    There are some modern astrologers who suggest the anaretic degree has great power – perhaps they are picking up on the impulsiveness which may exaggerate the qualities of whichever sign is involved.
    Jeremy Corbyn, who has joined the South African delegation at the International Court of Justice, has Uranus 29 Gemini and Saturn 29 Leo, which form a yod with transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn. He has a natal yod with Jupiter at 2 Aquarius which will be picked up by transiting Pluto, so it suggests he could be in news for one reason or another for a while.
    The case put forward by South Africa against Israel, seems to be an example of the global South challenging the outmoded hegemony of the West – a manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn.
    Interesting to see a TV drama on the Post Office scandal (Neptune in Pisces) wreaking havoc on a pillar of the establishment.

    • Chris Hemsworth (29′ Saturn in Libra) conjunct Pluto / square Mars.
      All stressed by transiting pluto in Capricorn. Reports in the press of marital strife (drifting apart).

  7. PS: I went through a divorce when my sec progressed Sun was at 29 Capricorn which squared my now ex husband’s natal moon 29 Aries.

  8. My son has natal Jupiter 29 Cancer in the 10th house with his sec progressed Sun about to change signs from 29 Aries (7th house) within the next few months. Natal Jupiter is in opposition to 5th house Venus at 3 Aquarius. Huge shake-up in his career at the present time, very stressful, but I’m sure it will all work out well eventually. My daughter has a 29 Capricorn Sun in her 10th house sextile a 29 Scorpio Uranus. Her career path has been very successful thus far. I have Jupiter 0 Pisces in the 12th and have often seen this position described as a guardian Angel watching over. Not that I believe in Angels, but over the years I have been very fortunate in having assistance and protection at extremely difficult stages of my life.

    A great discussion Marjorie. Thanks for opening it up for people to contribute.

  9. I have my Moon at 29°11’ Aquarius in my 2nd hse opp Saturn at 29°36’ Leo in the 8th formed into a T square by my Sun at 28°31’ Taurus in the 6th hse. Complete procrastinator, always making plans to do things then leaving them too late and missing out. I want to do things but I’m always waiting for that “right moment” which never arrives. It’s a wonder I’ve actually completed this comment for posting! I live my life thinking…if only I’d done such and such when I thought about it. I have always felt it’s a Saturn control effect…..something always seems to hold me back even when I do push hard to move forward with a plan. I also have Uranus at 28°47’ Gemini, conjunct fixed star Betelgeuse. Not sure what to make of that.

  10. Thanks Marjorie. One thing about Janis Joplin is that she was great with money. She left her family a very large amount of money and it just keeps growing. I read in a book about her that when she was hanging out with the Grateful Dead, Janis always had her finances together, and was pretty savvy, while they would be broke and not very good with their money

  11. A friend has her moon at 29 Cancer in her fourth. It is unaspected in her birthchart. I can’t comment on her background/ childhood, but she seems to have a good relationship with her mother. However, Pluto has made her home life an ongoing crisis for 2 years now in terms of her actual house and her children. I’m hoping 2025 will see the end of it for her.

  12. Marjorie, looks like prospective US Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina Governor, has a 29 Cap Sun also. I’ve seen some other astrologers portray her in an Aquarian light–even as a sort of “chosen one” for Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius–and she could indeed have a 0 Aqu Sun without a known birthtime.

    Yet what I’ve seen of Haley seems very Capricornian. She’s a calculating and ambitious political and social climber to the nth degree, down to shedding her Indian birthname and downplaying her Sikh/Indian heritage to fit in, rather than owning it and appealing to the American mythos as a daughter of immigrants, hated as they are of course in the Republican Party.

    I don’t gather the lasses-faire libertarian vibe from her, even in the preservationist right-wing sense noted in Conservative Aquarians in the US like Dick Cheney, or even from the proto-Trumpian sect midwifed by Fox News host Glenn Beck and Sen. John McCain’s notorious VP pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

    I suspect Haley is symbolic in a sense of the overripeness of Pluto in Capricorn at this point. Someone relentlessly driven to achievement, like the goat climbing to the top of the mountain, but without bringing others along with her and ultimately finding itself alone with no place else to go but downward again.

    She’s all-in, but lacks the base or following of Trump and isn’t remotely about to win that away from him.

    Haley seems to be getting the benefit of notoriety at the moment with Pluto on her Sun, which lasts through the election. Maybe she comes out as a VP pick by Trump.

    If somehow she edges out Trump and Biden/Harris for POTUS, I forsee a 4-year forestallment of the sweeping Aquarian/Uranian energies the US desperately needs to renew itself. She’s far less a harbringer of change than the last gasp of the old, stodgy elements and their relentless grip on the present, anchoring the US in a past orientation that doesn’t serve its outlook.

    The only Aquarian aspect of her in this instance may be the sheer irony of a non-white woman becoming the first Female POTUS, yet under the label of an increasingly Reactionary GOP.

      • My Sun is 29 Capricorn in the 4th house and I don’t have the ambitious Capricorn energy. I actively dislike the climbing the mountain thing, maybe I’m more of a sea goat! It is also conjunct Capricorn south node 29 degrees and they say you feel comfortable with your south node but I don’t. My Sun is also opposite the Midheaven. When I was younger I used to feel I might have more of an Aquarian energy but having had an Aquarian child I’m not so sure now. I am a ditherer though, that’s true.

  13. I have an 11th house Pluto at 29 Virgo trining the Sun within two degrees.

    I notice that the final Pluto station this year is exactly trine this position to the minute, and wondering how this will bode with tr Neptune opposing it aswell.

  14. My moon and ascendant are both at 29 degrees Pisces and my MH/IM are also at 29 degrees. I know I have a purpose in this lifetime having to do with spirituality and mastering the true nature of reality.

  15. Thanks Marjorie.
    “Making an impulsive leap, often in wrong direction” – Rupert Murdoch (Venus 29′ Aquarius)
    Others to ponder:
    Oscar Pistorius (Sun: 29′ Scorpio)
    Michael J Fox & George Clooney (Saturn 29′ Capricorn)
    Harvey Weinstein (Sun, Jupiter & North Node ’29)

  16. I have the Sun at 29.12 Aquarius and also Uranus at 29.11 Cancer. I’m unsure how this may have affected me. I have always been something of an outsider, often bemused, bewildered or sometimes appalled at the current social or political trends. So I have a feeling of being out of place and time – is this the anaretic degree at work?

    • I have always felt out of place and time, or ahead of my time. I could be your Uranian energy interacting with you Sun- the inconjunct. Marjorie would have to answer you for sure. I have a lot of Uranian energy as well as Capricorn energy. I found the mythology surrounding the father Son stories of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter very helpful.

  17. A lot to think about here, thanks Marjorie. And thanks for including the Great Stink, most appropriate for current times I feel!

    The information about the progressed Moon prompted me to look at recent times in my own chart. Pr Moon changed signs in the winter of 2020, coinciding exactly with a stressful and often frightening phase in my life. By June 2023, when it changed again, things were beginning to ease a little, although still fraught and tense. I am still holding my breath, but as the Pr Moon approaches my natal Sun, it looks as if the problem may finally be solved. It’s interesting to see the timing unfold. Certainly, with Pr Moon at the anaretic degree, very bad things were brewing back in 2020 erupting further at the change of signs. I don’t have anything at 29 or 0 degrees natally, and often forget to look at my own progressed chart. I’ll pay more attention to the Pr Moon now!

    • Now take a look at the house your progressed Moon was going through – have you noticed change (Moon) in exactly that area of life (house it was passing through)?

    • Progressed Moon shift does make a difference – not only over the transition but in terms of the sign meaning. So does Prog Sun but happens less frequently.

      • Thanks Marjorie. Checking a few pivotal events and times in my life, I can see how they appear to line up with Pr Moon approaching the anaretic degree, at around 27 degrees usually. Then the change of sign phase for me is about what results, and what choices I made, from those events, both positive and negative. The hit and run accident I had, for instance, had Moon conjuct Pr ascendant at 27 degrees. But in coping with the injuries I sustained, it led to a lifetime devotion to yoga and then Pilates. And that’s made all the very positive difference. I even began Pilates when the Pr Moon was quincunx that accident Moon, exactly.

  18. Hi Marjorie, thank you for this post. I am Sun Taurus at 25 degrees and have always been fascinated by The Great Stink story, and public health in general.

    I have Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn -reversed-. My dad had Saturn at 28 degrees Capricorn. My uncle, my dads brother, has Sun at 29 Capricorn. My Saturn is in the 6th house, and I have had some health issues since mid 2022. Because Saturn is trine my Sun I have for the most part been mentored by authority figures, helped along as I am willing to work my rear end off. I went into engineering, and have worked in all male environments mostly. It has been good to me. I have always been held to a higher standard than my siblings. And if I do anything to step out of line I hear about it.

    • Sorry to hear about your health problems, my natal moon is also in my 6th house at 29 degrees and like you, I have had health problems since 2022 (it can’t be a co-incident!)

      I keep hoping that as Pluto moves the spotlight away that I will start to transform, and at least start to walk better. This Pluto transit has been cruel in the extreme.

      • Thank you – I hope you get better as well. I have certainly cleaned up a lot of habits I had, and I eat better. It was all forced on me due to the issue. For me it all kicked off when the eclipse conjuncted my Hygeia which is oppose my Sun. Not sure if you know the Asteroids Hygiea and Asclepius – but you might look into it. Jessica Adams has written about them.

      • My cap sun is at 25 degrees and since 2022 had hip problems and gut inflammation. It’s easing off now.
        My Venus is at 29 aqua conjuncting my moon at 6 pisces. Thirty years ago I lost my first husband to mental illness.
        My current husband has Venus at 28 aqua. He’s been ill since 2022, diagnosed with a terminal illness and severe drug resistant depression.
        Saturn is about to oppose his natal Saturn in Virgo aged 74 and Pluto is crawling to 3degrees to oppose his Leo asc.
        What fresh hell.

  19. My post was in moderation, but seems to have disappeared, so here’s a more coherent version. I believe I have a Grand Cross of the Cardinals at 29 degrees. With Mars 29 Capricorn, 29 Psyche Gemini, 29 IC in Virgo and 29 MC in Pisces. I was adopted at birth and definitely find leaving the past behind difficult. The dither and dash comment also resonated as I often panic after making a decision and then dash to make a different one. Marjorie, you gave me a wonderful reading about 18 months ago, time for me to ask for your guidance once again. Thank you for all you do, I am such a novice in this area, but fascinated and trying to learn more. Your site is a font of knowledge and insights.

  20. Thank you Marjorie. I have my natal moon at 29 degrees Capricorn and Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio. Your explanation about ‘hints of the difficulty about being able to leave the past behind’. My problems started before I was even born, my father was 19 years old at Dunkirk, most of his regiment was killed and he joined another regiment after the war – meanwhile my mother was a nurse at Hasler Naval Hospital in Gosport, Hampshire. My mother fell in love with a German Prisoner of War and left the hospital in disgrace.

    When I was 7 years old my father told me that the Matron of the hospital who made my mother leave was his Aunt Marjorie – of course she was married and had a different surname.

    I’ve tried to piece together what happened, but it’s pure speculation. Father was still in the Army when I was born, somehow, he learned the truth and their marriage went through a very difficult patch. I mean, you couldn’t make it up, could you? Family used me as the ‘scapegoat’ for most things – but it’s made me the person I am today, kindness to others has been my greatest strength and saving grace.

    • “…kindness to others has been my greatest strength and saving grace .”

      A good year start reminder, Pamela. I used to feel it was a strength and balm, but have doubted, too. Your share helps me root myself back to that. The flip flop between using compassion gained via cruelty versus feeling like a wimp or just rebelling back with anger can get slippery.

  21. I have Pluto in Virgo at 29 retrograde in the 1st square Venus at 29 Gemini in the 10th.

    I have always had people who liked me but I didn’t like them sabotage my relationships by bad mouthing me to others and I have never fit in with any particular group but I thought that had to with my natal sun being in the 9th house of the foreigner.

    • I have 29 Moon in Pisces in the third house trine Saturn and trine Uranus
      and also 29 Neptune in Libra ninth house square Sun. Not quite sure how to approach other than some years after my father passed away, my half brother and stepmother decided to cut off the relationship in 2001 3th house=siblings etc. As far as 29 Neptune Im not sure. It’s moving into Aries in 2025 when my husband is retiring

  22. Theresa May has four planets at 29 degrees, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. I thought it probably explained her delusion that the UK could both leave the EU and yet stay in it at the same time, which was what she seemed to be aiming for.

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