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  1. “Colorado Supreme Court removes Trump from state’s 2024 ballot”

    “The Colorado Supreme Court removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot, ruling that he isn’t an eligible presidential candidate because of the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist ban.” The ruling was 4-3 and will be placed on hold pending appeal until January 4.”


  2. The Grindavik volcano in Iceland has finally erupted, 22.17 GMT last night, according to the BBC. Marjorie wrote an interesting post about it, the November 2021 eclipse, and other instances of delayed eclipse effects, in November this year.

    I noticed that Mercury is trine Jupiter at 5 Taurus – the degree of the Lunar Eclipse in October 2023. Jupiter will be at 5 Taurus until mid-January, turning direct there on New Year’s Eve. Could be worth watching?

    As for Iceland, 17 June 1944 – tr Mars in Sagittarius aligns with Iceland’s Solar Arc Neptune/Ascendant
    Pluto at 28 Capricorn is on Iceland’s South Node
    Black Moon Lilith squares Iceland’s Uranus in Gemini
    The transiting South Node in Libra has just passed Iceland’s SA Pluto at 23 Libra
    When the Icelandic volcano began to grumble and stir in October, the Moon’s True Nodes were 24 Aries/Libra. Pluto was 24 Capricorn for the Lunar Eclipse in November, 2021.

    • It might be worth noting that 5 Taurus, which is emphasised now for some weeks, is a sensitive degree in Russian history. Here’s some examples:

      Romanoff dynasty, March 3rd, 1613: Pluto 4 Taurus
      March 8th, 1917, Russian Revolution chart, Bk of World Horoscopes: Jupiter 4 Taurus
      March 15th, 1917, Abdication of the Czar: Jupiter 5 Taurus

      Also of interest is that Uranus was 19-21 Aquarius in spring 1917, so is currently squaring it’s position then.

  3. Finland? What is to become of them? They must be apprehensive kicking the sleeping bear that they have resolved all territorial and even timber processing difficulties with over the 20th Century. Finland had a beautiful little country and a lot of respect in the world. Then came NATO. This will end badly.

  4. According to Google News the King asked the Princess of Wales to apologise to Meghan. Which she evidently did. The conversation was emotional and teary. As I don’t know from which camp this news emanates, I don’t know whether to believe it. Either way, I feel really sorry for Catherine.

  5. Looking at Michelle Mone’s astrology, following her disastrous interview with Laura Keuensberg worthy of that of Prince Andrew, her chart is overwhelmingly Air with a Grand Trine in Air, an Aquarius ascendant and a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Fire (Sagittarius). As someone with a muddy chart, I was wondering how all that Air works in the chart of this businesswoman.

    • She is very Air-weighted with 8 planets spread around through all three Air signs. I would suspect it is partly to do with her heavily populated 8th house (= business finances) with Pluto, Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus there. And her poverty-stricken childhood giving her an obsession about making money. It may also be a lack of earth signs that drives her – one of those over-muscled Hollywood types who is all about body has no earth signs either. It can be counter-intuitive.
      Her strongest harmonic is the 14th – not often looked at –
      ‘Money, business and speculation is strong, but there is always a risk of loss connected to the constant movement in this number. Warns against natural disasters of all kinds.’

      • Thank you, Marjorie – most interesting regarding her 14th H. I don’t know if her time of birth is correct, but Mars rising conjunct NN in Aquarius would also add to her speculative, daring and high risk approach and Mars can be even more immovable than Taurus or Scorpio in Aquarius once it sets its mind on a course of action.

        • ‘Mars can be even more immovable than Taurus or Scorpio in Aquarius once it sets its mind on a course of action’

          Wow, you got that right @Virgoflake! I know someone with that aspect as well as 4 other planets in fixed signs and NN/SN, and even when the plan or thinking is being proven wrong or going to hell he will stick with his idea of it; in his head of course (he does have Air Grand Trine too). However, as a professional carpenter if he is physically working on something and it needs changing he finds that easier to do. Very bizarre and interesting at the same time.

          • Maddening, isn’t it? My Grandfather had it as part of a T-square, opposing Jupiter in Leo, square his Scorpio Sun. He was a merchant businessman. I never knew him, since he died before I was born but when asked what he was like, my older relatives would scowl, grit their teeth and respond with, ‘impossible!’

          • I meant ‘in Taurus or Scorpio’. Apologies for my mangled sentences, El Aznar – I have a crazy 3rd house, retro Merc/Mars and tend to struggle with writing.

  6. A little curiosity, perhaps.

    15th government of the Republic of Croatia, under the primer minister Andrej Plenković, has had its 30th minister leave it. The reasons are varied.

    Plenković, born on 8 April 1970, in Zagreb, Croatia, has a degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb and is wildly rumoured, even sometimes mocked, and even by the President, to have Brussels aspirations of the highest degree.

    Andrej Plenković first became prime minister on 19 October 2016.

    I found 25 June 1991 at 19:56 in Zagreb, Croatia, as the birth time for the Republic of Croatia (proclamation of independence). This chart has Sun quincunx Saturn in Aquarius, at 5°, and three planets in the middle degrees of Leo (Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) and Pluto in the middle degrees of Scorpio. Its 2nd house, if drawn according to Placidus house system, begins at 1° Aquarius, and maybe when Pluto dipped its toes into that sign, that had to do something with Croatia adopting the euro.

    The current government was voted in on 23 July 2020 at 23:02, if I got it right from the press at the time, in the capital Zagreb, Croatia.

    The elections are probably next year, I presume, so I don’t know if it is too early to look at this country’s prospects.

    Thank you!

  7. Now that Prince Harry has won the first round of his phone-hacking case against MGN, could you have a look at the Mirror’s astrology, Marjorie? The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction next April looks quite favourable for his Moon/Ceres in Taurus whereas the Mirror (2/11/1903, London) looks challenged next year and catches the March 2024 lunar eclipse on its Aries Moon. Thank you.

  8. Hi Marjorie. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is 80 on Sunday. It was once said of The Grim Reaper that he looked like Keith Richards warmed up! How has Mr R survived the punishment? Does the astrology show anything?

  9. The Daily Mail is saying that the ITV bosses are impressed with This Morning’s new couple, Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley, chemistry. Is everything there as it seems? I wonder if we have the program’s chart itself that describes the recent turmoil.

  10. Harkening back to the recent post on Brenda Lee’s new (old) Top 100 hit….
    Here is a link to the newest more in depth article on her.. .quite the woman!


    I can’t help myself!! Maybe it’s that 1958 is my birth year. Maybe it’s her genuine and grounded presence.
    Maybe it’s just because we all really do need to touch in on stories that make our hearts open.
    She just makes me smile right now!!

    all the best

  11. Elise Stefanik 2 July 1984 in Albany, NY
    Claudine Gay 4 April 1970 in Bronx, NY
    Sally Kornbluth 3 December 1960 Paterson, NJ

    I couldn’t find Elizabeth Magill except 1966 in Fargo, ND.

    The dates above should be checked too.

  12. Elite American universities seem to be in the news lately. One president stepping down and another may have plagiarized extensively. Harvard president Claudine Gay, seems to have lifted without credit work of political scientist Carol Swain, among others.

    Might Pluto in Capricorn be a factor?

    Cheers and thanks your work, Marjorie.

    • I mentioned the goings-on below, but I believe each university’s chart will be hit differently. Just as with people – seemingly same events are lived thorough differently by different folk. Though I’m not excluding a theme going through the various charts.

      I presume that the founding dates are available and known.

    • I wrote a few weeks back about an interesting court decision against the US colleges which stated that family members were getting preferential admissions, as children of alumni. Thereby perpetuating a cycle of the rich and powerful getting better educations and contacts which would then get them better jobs etc, etc. Definitely a Pluto in Capricorn thing

  13. Just a comment … reading the story yesterday about the Turkish football ref who got attacked by a club vice-president. And the point was made that the authority of referees has slowly ebbed away over the decades. It got me thinking about how the Pluto in Capricorn era may eventually be seen as the ‘death of authority”.

    • I just quickly searched for some keywords describing Aquarius, and Dictionary.com says for the positives:


      The negatives:


      Another site mentions idealistic, individualistic, and intellectual.

      So – a scary thought – that’d mean an end to individualism, intellectuality, idealism, creativity, nothing would be unusual and unpredictable anymore, and open-mindedness and humanitarianism would also meet its ending.

      I was thinking about AI and all the decades that it would take us to get some sort of order and meaning in this area of our lives and also to finally know what it all meant and how it turned up.

      And I also wondered then, after AI, what is it that Pisces would bring, after all the high-tech, superinnovative stuff? New order and avenues in spirituality? But then Neptune (spirituality) into Aries (new beginning, back at square one) might bring that even before that time and Pluto would only transform it.

      • Prominent philosopher (and creator of very interesting NGO Sapienship) Yuval Noah Harari believes AI could write new religious texts and create a new religion. He is the eminence grise behind the globalization movement currently very much in charge of ‘the rules’ and has a good handle on direction of travel.

    • Interesting question. I occasionally watch Professor Sam Vaknin’s talks. He’s quite alarmed about the decline of public trust in experts and expertise in particular. Perhaps this was partly driven by COVID and the burgeoning of conspiracy theories surrounding it.

      • Why do I sometimes have the feeling that the experts themselves seem to doubt a lot of stuff and they themselves don’t know what to think…

  14. Many news on the rising infection number of pneumonia in China. Marjorie, would you please have a look at the possibility of another pandemic? Thank you so much!

  15. Mercury retrograde… To sign a contract for continuing education or not? I’ve just read that a person signed a job contract under this constellation and that she read it doesn’t mean things will go south, but that things will not go the way you expect it – and that might be in a good way! She advanced much more speedily than expected e.g.

    It’d be good to hear opinions about the dos and don’ts and general advice. On Youtube there’s even a reiki for this period.

    Another thing are these Ivy League goings-on and the Congress.

    • Mercury is retro three times per year and with some stuff you have no choice but to sign during it. The best advice is to check and recheck the details.

      • Good point! Of course. I have always been intrigued whether there is any value in planning with astrology – and what is the proper way to do it. We all know that a perfect election doesn’t exist – or maybe, to be more precise, it is very, very, very rare. And I know there is a Hindu encyclopedia somewhere online which quoted a sage who said something to the effect of – and I’d had to check – that if your heart and intention is in the right place, you are good to go and that is enough and all that matters.

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