Erin Sullivan – a wise and knowledgeable Chiron

The highly respected and much loved astrologer Erin Sullivan has died.  Known as “the astrologer’s astrologer” she had an internationally-acclaimed career consulting, writing and lecturing. She was an integral member for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London for over a decade, edited the prestigious “Arkana Contemporary Astrology Series” of books and had a wide ranging career teaching and consulting.

  Her Classical Studies background and training in archetypal analytic psychology and cultural studies made her an activist thinker, and promoter of ecology, improving the power of women in the world, human rights and individual freedom.  Her six books include The Astrology Of Midlife And Aging, the best seller The Astrology of Family Dynamics and the recently reissued Where in the World? on astrocartography.

  She was born 9 November 1947 7.21 am Vancouver, Canada and died at 8.50pm on December 11th in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

 Her chart shows great strength and tenacity with a Scorpio Sun exactly on her Ascendant conjunct Chiron and Mercury in her 12th which squared onto a powerfully-determined Pluto Mars Saturn conjunction in the communicative, publishing, lecturing 9th house. Her North Node in Taurus sat in her 7th opposition her Sun and square her Saturn Mars Pluto.

  A Venus Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius in her 1st would lend her a charming and enthusiastic manner, masking some of the undoubted turmoil of her heavy Leo stellium and Sun Chiron conjunction. She also had a soft, intuitive Moon Neptune in Libra in her friendly 11th house. Her astrological Uranus was in her 8th house, giving her access to deeper realms of knowledge.

 She had a strongly aspected creative, ‘seeking and searching’ 7th harmonic; a powerful healer/victim 12H; and a notable leaving-a-legacy -for-history 17H.

  I only met her once at a party I gave when she came with Howard Sasportas and my recollection was she supported him towards the end when he was dying of AIDs. Like her, he had that tumultuous Pluto, Saturn, Mars conjunction in Leo and there was a strong karmic connection between them with his Chiron conjunct her South Node exactly and her Chiron exactly conjunct his South Node. His Moon was conjunct her North Node. See previous post on Howard Sasportas 7 August 2023.

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  1. Sold a number ov her books at UAC and NORWAC conferences, never met her but I feel like I know her somehow. I really wish I would have known her as we are both Scorpio suns with powerful Mars/Pluto conjunctions. Wish I could know more about Erin’s time on Earth.

  2. I had a few readings w/ her over the years, one when she lived in Tucson. She was honest and shared some of her life with me, which I liked and she so bright. Her books are amazing. Very sad news.

  3. I consulted with her a few times 1998, 1999 and she sent me to Boston, which changed my life for the better. I probably frustrated her a bit. My sun is conjuct her north node, so she had a hard time with me sometimes. She was so right about Boston. My Sun is exactly conjunct my MC there. May she rest in peace. I appreciated her help.

  4. Very sorry to hear this. I was impressed by her energy and humour when I met her. She sparked my fascination with eclipses too. An original soul indeed. RIP Erin.

  5. She was one of our lecturers at the CPA. It was just before the summer and someone asked if she’d be coming back to the UK to lecture next term. Her reply : ” I don’t do winter”! RIP Erin.

  6. What a shame. I’ve only read her “Saturn in Transit” book – but wow, what a book. Absolutely packed from start to finish with info and depth – I don’t think you could write a more comprehensive book. RIP Erin

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