Heather Mills – vegan wave receding

Heather Mills, one time wife of Paul McCartney (briefly), has been complaining loudly about the collapse of her vegan food company which has gone into administration. She is blaming everything from corporate greed to mismanagement to gaslighting influencers supporting the meat and dairy industry.  There has been a fall in the sale of vegan products after an early surge with only 1-2% of the population being vegan and many put off by the price, taste and suspicion of additives in non-meat products. The plant based market will still be substantial but too many firms rushed in creating a bubble which has burst. Rebranding may help stressing sustainable and healthy rather than vegan or vegetarian.

  Heather Mills was born 12 January 1968 in London with a possible 8.04 am birth time which fits with what is known of her life to date. She had a fractured childhood and a track record as a compulsive liar according to wiki – which is worth reading; lost a leg in a traffic accident and continued modelling with a prosthetic limb. Her marriage to McCartney was fractious, produced a daughter and lasted four years.

  This birth time puts an upfront, ambitious Capricorn Sun on her Ascendant trine an 8th house Pluto Uranus in Virgo and sextile Neptune on her Scorpio Midheaven. Not short of ambition she will be opportunistic with Jupiter opposition a 2nd house Mars which squared onto Venus in Sagittarius opposition Moon in Gemini in her entertaining 5th house. Quite a whirlwind.

  Her Uranus Pluto at the moment has moved to conjunct her Neptune and her SA Neptune her Sun so a life-changing crisis. Plus tr Saturn damping her enthusiasm as it is conjunct her 2nd house Mars and opposition her Jupiter this year into next.

  Her VBites company, founded 20 May 1993, did not kick off on the most auspicious of moments with a Taurus Sun Moon opposition Pluto square Saturn so it was always going to be an uphill struggle though also enduring.  Tr Neptune is in hard aspect to that T square in its Solar Arc positions.

 Another with a relatively similar chart (birth times being accurate) is lingerie-queen Baroness Michelle Mone. She is presently being sued by the UK government for £122m plus costs for “breach of contract and unjust enrichment”. This follows a Guardian investigation which reported that she and her children had secretly received £29 million of profits to an offshore trust from government personal protective equipment (PPE) contracts, which she had lobbied for during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She has issued regrets about not being clearer initially in her evidence but basically denies everything.

  She was born 8 October 1971 4.55pm Glasgow, Scotland and has an 8th house Pluto as well as a Libra Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury and Venus all in Libra in the 8th. She has an assertive and stubborn Mars North Node in Aquarius on her Ascendant; and a Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius opposition Saturn Moon in Gemini. A heavily populated strong, secretive, erratic 8th house of business finances and a flurry of Mutable planets – both fixed and hyperactive.

  Tr Saturn at present heading into the nadir of her 1st quadrant is not a successful time either for ambitions or for money and that lingers for several years to come.  Along the way of this year and next it will also dent her super-optimism as it squares her Jupiter Neptune opposition Saturn Moon.

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  1. Eggs are the biggest problem for Full Monty Veganism for moi! I have been waiting with baited breath for this San Francisco mung bean product ‘Just Egg’ but EU/UK seem to be taking ages approving it. It is doing a bomb in USA. That would complete my Vegan-sformation ; ) I got used to soya milk and home made hemp milk =dead easy! = just third of a cup of hemp seeds – 4 cups of water – liquidise for a minute – through the sieve to a jug – into the bottle – Voila a liter of hemp milk! Even I can do that one! One problem is that hemp milk doesn’t have preservatives [I understand all the unwanted chemicals in vegan processed foods!] so it must be rapid chilled and then kept in fridge and used in 3 days tops! But Just Egg will be the final bit for me for veganism and it is a lighter nice diet. I feel like I can’t drink milks anymore – there is a feeling of ‘animally-ness’ in[ is it like hormones from the animals? Not sure?] that I no longer like the smell and taste of. Mind you, soya milk is an AQUIRED TASTE guys! But I have got used to it now…like arthritis!

  2. I have 9th house scorpio too. I love reading religion Christian books. I once was nearly brainwashed into Hinduism. I’m grateful to my friend who pulled me out of it.

  3. I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I don’t eat beef, fish, poultry, mutton, venison, etc. or animal byproducts like gelatin. I also try to avoid animal-based rennet and confectioner’s glaze….but I’m not overly strict about that. Anyway, I still consume dairy and egg product (preferably organic). I often purchase a lot of vegan product, make vegan recipes, and dine at vegan eateries and restaurants since they tend to be much easier to find instead over anything labeled “vegetarian.”

    I knew Heather Mills was a vegan…but surprisingly, I was unaware of her connection to VBites – a company I’m not familiar with. I went to their website after reading this write-up and it looks like they have a variety of interesting product. I’m disappointed the company isn’t doing well.

    In my area (and I live in Florida), most plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian meat and cheese brands that are readily available for purchase that I like to buy include: Beyond, Impossible, Sweet Earth, Gardein, Upton’s Naturals, Tofurky, Field Roast, Morning Star Farms, Daiya Foods, Follow Your Heart, Annie’s Homegrown, Amy’s Kitchen, Quorn, Violife, Chao, Miyoko, Jack & Annie’s, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Tattooed Chef, Deep Indian Kitchen, Daring Foods, and well….way too many others to list.

    However, I’ve never seen anything related to VBites here. I would’ve tried their product had they been available in my area.

  4. I’m looking forward to the day when lab-grown meat hits the market, which may be sooner rather than later considering the uranus transit of taurus. The cells of animals would be grown in steel tanks, producing everything from lamb chops to steaks to chicken, etc. No more horrific factory farms or slaughterhouses. More than 150 companies around the world are trying to develop this process. Until then I’m sticking with veggie dishes. Agree that Beyond Meat and other faux-meat brands are vile.

  5. Good heavens!!…. that wikipedia article on Heather Mills!!!! It was almost too much to wade through!

    I will offer something about that Neptune conj the MC into the 10th. I have the same Neptune location, but at 2 Scorpio. It’s a troubling location and also a blessing… it just takes awhile to figure that out!

    One day, in my early 30’s, I spent the afternoon wandering and shopping downtown with a good friend. She’s a wise one, she is! We entered a store that had posted a big sale on area rugs, but when we got inside, no sale to be found. She was ready to walk out but I said I would talk to the salesperson. I did and he helped us. As we were leaving, my friend quietly said, “You did that thing you do.”. I said, “what thing?”. “That thing you do?…. you did it in there”. And left it at that.

    Next we went to a restaurant for lunch. I had a lovely interchange with the server. Again.. my friend said, “You did that thing you do”. “What thing?”… “that thing you do.. you did it with that server.”. I had NO idea what she was talking about… but I bumped up my awareness and, sure enough… caught myself doing “it” in the next situation.

    I can “turn something on”… especially with my eyes… but with more, even. I was MORTIFIED at first!!…. but then realized that, if used well, it can be of benefit. People WILL project onto me who they think I am. It used to be very frustrating… “that’s not ME!!.. you are not seeing ME!”. But then I started to pick apart my part in this dynamic.

    Even so…. this Neptune placement can definitely mean the person is a blank slate for very harsh projections, judgments and accusations. I’ve certainly had that, starting with my Mother… “the gaping mah of need”, as Liz Greene says in her Neptune book.

    So, too, must Heather Mills have to deal with this. I wonder about HER mother!! Typically with Neptune, finding one’s way through these experiences is not straightforward… what is mine? what is theirs? what is the truth? what are my choices? how can this placement have integrity? It’s like getting out of quicksand!!

    I am forever grateful to my friend, though! She offered her insight up so gently that day, and with a bit of humour.. that by the end of the day?.. I GOT it!!! .. well got it enough to begin to own it more responsibly.

    Hard to know with Heather Mills… what a life of chaos, crises, and lies… and also good works too it seems.

    • Ms Mills didn’t really complain loudly. She posted a single instagram post which was widely reproduced in the press. Such is the interest in her. The press were horrible to her back in the day and she successfully sued them for printing lies about her.
      She was veggie long before she met Paul McCartney. Most of the settlement she received from her divorce was plunged back into the vegan business.
      The divorce figure wasn’t huge either considering McCartney’s wealth, were together 7 years and have a child.
      I know she’s polarising to many, but I like her. She’s charismatic, talented and a strong person.

  6. I tried the Beyond Meat burger…when I opened the package, I was overwhelmed with the stench of rotting…”something”. Bought another package, same thing. I emailed the firm…they responded that the rotting smell was their customers’ chief complaint.

    Even the cats winced after one sniff…Always willing to try but not that brand.

  7. How interesting to see Heather Mills and VBites charts. Yes, the Economist named 2019 as ‘year of the vegan’, and the market has shrunk since then. I’m sure many of the modern processed vegan foods were no healthier than any other processed foods. It reminded me of the commercial bandwagon that developed around aromatherapy, which I have studied. Suddenly, aromatherapy was a buzz word, with products that bore no resemblance to real aromatherapy, which with the right oils is a potent complementary treatment.

    I notice that Heather Mills’ Venus/Moon opposition sits with the Nodes for VBites, and connects with the Venus in Sagittarius opposing Uranus in Gemini for the founding meeting of the Vegan Society, 1st November 1944. Ist November is celebrated as World Vegan Day. Meanwhile, the Vegetarian Society, 30 September 1847, is having its Saturn in Pisces return.

    • I was wondering in the end what did you decide were the best practices for aromatherapy, what is it indicated for, and what are its effects when used properly?

      Do you suggest only natural essential oils?

      Do you advise on using electric diffusers and what about candles and incense sticks (do particulate matters from the smoke harm the lungs e.g. and what sort of candles pose no threat to health)?

      Thank you so much!

      • Hello El Aznar – lots of questions! You can have aromatherapy treatment/massage for insomnia, tension of mind, body, and spirit, digestive problems, and some skin conditions – amongst other things. Some oils are antiviral or antibacterial. Others clear the mind, and aid work or study. The quality of the oils is vital. They have been shown to penetrate the skin, and enter our bloodstream. Only natural, preferably organic, oils work. The others have a lovely scent perhaps, which can be uplifting, but no physical effects. Diffusers are nice to use if you want to lift the atmosphere, or relax. No idea about candles, I think in a reasonably sized room they are fine. I sometimes just put a few drops directly onto a radiator for a quick hit!

        • Great, Jane! Thank you so much for the very informative answer! I was just also wondering do you believe aromatherapy can have any effect similar to, say, perhaps affecting your abundance or removing negative energy? Anything metaphysical like that, to put it that way.

        • On the whole it is recommended that you heat the oils using a flame rather than electricity, as electricity is a fallen medium but if you cannot access a small burner then electric power is better than nothing, the same principle applies to cooking food.

  8. The whole meat replacement market is collapsing for the very reasons you mentioned. Investors have had their fingers burned jumping on the bandwagon. The few products we’ve tried were very disappointing and indeed worsened my IBS, undoubtedly due to unlisted ingredients (not required if they amount to less than 5% of the total).

    • Indeed. When all these products came out, despite being vegan for many years they had zero appeal, because those products are made to look and taste like meat and many vegans simply don’t like the texture or taste of meat. Let alone products that look and taste like meat but in fact taste like a very bland meat. Yuk.

      Meantime, while Heather’s vegan products have failed to capture the market, Linda’s vegan sausage rolls are still going strong.

      • @ Virgoflake,

        Yes, but these plant-based products are not only meant to cater to vegans and the raw-diet crowds. They also cater to vegetarians like myself.

        I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian…so, I don’t eat meat or animal byproducts that contain animal tissue. However, I still consume dairy and egg product.

        I actually prefer plant-based meats to taste like real meat….I take comfort in knowing that I can eat something that resembles the taste of meat without actually eating real meat. For this reason, I love Impossible product…and Beyond comes in at a close second…while Garedin comes in third for me. Also, the Butler’s Soy Curls (which I soak in plant-based vegan chick’n bullion) are delicious because they taste very much like real chicken…but entirely plant-based.

        I can see why many vegans might have an aversion to plant-based product resembling the taste of real meat considering many abstain from meat and dairy for ethical reasons (usually pertaining to animal rights). That’s perfectly fine. However, I have often wondered why some vegans purchase these plant-based products if they’re strictly opposed to any resemblance to meat or daily in the first place.

        I’m an environmental conservationist and my reason for becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian some years ago was, in part, related to my concerns about deforestation related to the beef industry. However, I also become a lacto-ovo vegetarian for health reasons – I have many food-related allergies and since becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I’ve seen improvement.

        • My husband (who has been vegan for decades) is vegan, but I am vegetarian and like you will eat dairy, but catering for my fussy Mars in Virgo husband means our main meal is vegan. I can rustle up a tasty vegan meal anytime and we usually avoid the faux meat products because of their resemblance to actual meat. We both stopped eating meat because we didn’t like it (despite my Mars in Scorpio, I loathed the smell and display of body parts in butcher’s shops as a little child, though we lived near to a slaughter house which greatly disturbed me) and beef used to give me awful stomach ache when I had it as a child, though we both came from agricultural areas and grew up in the countryside. I have tried the faux meat products, but they don’t really agree with me. Having said that we’re both big fans of Amy’s Kitchen and some of the other brands you’ve mentioned above. One of my friends is even stricter and will even buy vegan wine! My city now has several vegan restaurants whereas ten years ago there was just one. It’s a young city with a high student population so the vegan thing has taken root.

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