Boris, Farage & Co – the undead walk

  An invasion of the undead, ghosts from a hair-raising past, appears to be upon us. Trump is riding high in the polls and Boris is being mooted for a triumphant return along with a jungle jubilant Nigel Farage.

  Although Boris according to one set of inside murmurs is happy earning gzillions and staying out of the front line for now. Tr Saturn is wending round his Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T square until March 2024 which will be downbeat and coincides with his Saturn Return – maybe a sliver of maturity will emerge. Following that he has an undermining and not ego-supportive tr Neptune square his Sun Venus in Gemini from April 2024 on and off till March 2025. He has one lucky blip in May 2024 but that coincides with another failed-plans influence – so ups and downs. In general 2024 to 2026 end looks like a discouraging slog.

  His standing with the Tory Party (apart from a few right wingers) is on a downward slide; and ditto with the UK.

 Nigel Farage, 3 April 1964 4.30pm Farnborough, England, has been buoyed up recently by tr Pluto square his Jupiter but that is now gone. Jupiter will move across his midheaven from mid 2024 for a year which is generally successful but that apart he looks stuck, facing setbacks and nothing else positive for three years or so ahead.

 Richard Tice, right-wing Reform Party CEO, 13 September 1964, is another destabilising Uranus Pluto in Virgo (plus Mercury and Sun) opposition Saturn with a Sagittarius Moon. He has all of Boris’s scattered, windmill-in-a-storm tendencies. He also has Boris’s over-hopeful, prone to bad judgement Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune. Saturn will damp his ardour over the next eight months and though he will get a maybe-lift from tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter in mid 2024 that will tug on his Neptune which could upset his optimistic showboat.

See June 11 2023  Conservative Party.

17 thoughts on “Boris, Farage & Co – the undead walk

  1. Rishi Sunak won the Rwanda vote. This from Chris Mason on BBC – “About an hour before the vote, one Conservative MP texted me saying: “It will go through – he lives to fight another day – but spring election looks more likely as party multi-factional now – not just factional.”

    Marjorie, what do you think of the chances of different political parties if it’s a spring election?

  2. Boris isn’t going to make a comeback. He’s not in Parliament! Neither is Tice or Farage! These “comeback” articles are wriiten by silly people who don’t know the rules. All seats for the next election already have candidates selected. As for a comeback via the Lords Cameron-style; that needs the current PM to nominate him, and pigs will fly before that happens.

    On the astrology, when Boris announced (in a huff) he was resigning as an MP on 9th June 2023, transiting Pluto was at 0 Aquarius 2 – exactly square his Moon. Transiting Saturn was at 7 Pisces 9, two degrees from his Saturn return.

    Transiting Pluto will square his Moon again next year. And transiting Saturn has moved direct, so he’ll get another bout of Saturn-return fun.

    Chances of a comeback are slim to none.

  3. There’s some action around 28 Gemini tonight – Betelguese is disappearing in parts of the world briefly – occulted, or eclipsed, by transiting asteroid Leona.

    • Beetlejuice! Fame and fortune, or danger and impetuousness in Orion the Mighty Hunter…..seems like both apply. And in this awful fever dream we seem to be enduring, there’s Tice with Nodes 28 Gemini, Farage with Moon 26 Sagittarius, and Boris Johnson with Sun and Venus 28 Gemini.
      Although blackshirted Fascist Oswald Mosely (16 November 1896) was a mega-ton Scorpio, he happened to have Venus 28 Sagittarius, and Mars 27 Gemini. Things didn’t go too well for him in the end.

      • You were ready with the Beetlejuice Jane 🙂 Seems to fit Marjorie’s ghoulish theme for these returning characters.

        Yes 28 Gemini, Betelgeuse and Boris. It’s weird he’s been at the Covid inquiry, covid coinciding with the strange dimming of the star a few years ago.

        It’s strange that they were only born in the mid-60s, they seem so much more tired old characters, with nothing new to bring

        • I eagerly await the supernova explosion of Betelgeuse, which could come at any time according to astronomers! And I wonder whether this might have some astrological significance…..

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