Javier Milei – El Loco has landed ++ time

Javier Milei was sworn in as Argentina’s new president yesterday vowing to lead his country out of decades of “decadence and decline” but said its punishing economic crisis would intensify over the coming months.

Milei – a mercurial former TV celebrity known as El Loco or the Madman – compared his shock election with the start of the Soviet Union’s collapse. Far-right associates including Jair Bolsonaro and Viktor Orbán, were in attendance as well as Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Milei has called Putin a dangerous leader and appears to be positioning Argentina as Ukraine’s biggest Latin American ally.

The swearing in was 11.56am on December 10th according to a local astrologer. This gives a fiery Sun Mars in Sagittarius in the 10th so certainly loud and outspoken. But the Sun square an indecisive Neptune is not a progressive aspect for an administration. Pluto in the 11th sits midway between an 8th house Scorpio Moon trine Neptune – super ambitious. The Pluto is further emphasised sitting on the focal point of a T square to the Moon’s Node. The 11th house refers to government institutions and long term hopes. Pluto does represent transformation but can also involve over-control. Venus in an indulgent, superficial opposition to Jupiter will ooze charm but may prove expensive. The Moon opposition Uranus hints at a restive population. The 12th house Saturn a lack of realism or get-a-grip practicality.

 See previous post for details November 20 2023.

 There was nothing in the previous post to suggest he would swoop in on Marvel wings to accomplish a miraculous transformation.

10 thoughts on “Javier Milei – El Loco has landed ++ time

  1. Right you are:

    Anyone who hero worships Milton Friedman and his Chicago gang of economy wreckers is, by definition’ ‘loco’.
    There’s no more to add.

  2. I’m a center-left person…but I am pleased with Javier Milei’s support for Ukraine, his anti-Xi Jinping, anti-Russian Federation, and anti-BRICS stance. We need more nations here in the Americas (particularly in Latin America) who are willing to resist China and Russia’s influence.

    Milei has already removed Argentina’s pending membership from BRICS (which I’m obviously happy about) and he wants to adopt the USD / US Dollar as Argentina’s currency (El Salvador did the same back in the 2000s)….which is good for the U.S.

    Given that 40% of the general population is living in poverty and with an inflation rate of roughly 140%, I’m not sure if Argentina has resources to provide much assistance to Ukraine. However, just showing support and acting as a potential added vote in UN resolutions would be satisfactory to me.

    I’m curious to know what Javier Milei’s position regarding the Guyana-Venezuela dispute. This is another potential conflict brewing…and it could have a major impact on other nations right here in the Americas – including Argentina.

    • ElLitoral.com says:

      Javier Milei juró a las 11.56 como Presidente de la Nación ante la Asamblea Legislativa reunida en el recinto de la Cámara de Diputados del Congreso nacional.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. The reality TV mood of our current political world continues. There’s a curious cross-over between TV/media ‘celebrities’ and politics – thinking of Trump, Zelensky, and Berlusconi’s media empire and his fusion of entertainment and politics. I think there are more examples too. And then various UK politicians appearing on reality TV, the latest one being Nigel Farage, who came third in I’m A Celebrity this weekend. Argentina had their charismatic First Lady Eva Peron, 7 May 1919 of course. She had been an actress. The theme does go back some way – Ronald Reagan for example – but seems to be expanding at the moment. Perhaps Neptune in Pisces could be part of the current astrological answer?

    I also noticed this:
    “The UK/Argentina 1810 relationship chart has a composite Saturn Neptune conjunction at 18, 21 degrees Libra – again picking up that hyper-sensitive/trigger-happy zodiac. Carter has 21 Aries/Libra as ‘abscesses’ – a toxic eruption, which makes sense of a nonsense war.” Marjorie on the Falklands War, 26 November 2023

    So the October Libran Eclipse, and the upcoming Aries Eclipse in 2024 could be interesting. Not that I think any kind of Falklands War is brewing. But Carter’s “abcesses” at that degree of the recent eclipse are certainly visible! Curious, too, to see that the UK 1801 Nodes are 13 Aries/Libra, while Argentinia 1810’s are 13 Libra/Aries – another kind of mirror perhaps?

    • There used to be an expression that politics was showbusiness for ugly people. Very unPC nowadays but it always did attract egomaniacs.

      • Except that in recent years many intellectually and politically vapid people, at least in the US, have risen to power based on their physical attractiveness.

        • As an American that is probably the most distressing and depressing thoughts of my life. The good of the people devoured by the mere presentation of ones appearance as “substance”

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