Lady Sarah Chatto – an unassuming Royal fixture

Lady Sarah Chatto, the daughter of Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth’s only niece, has managed to stay under the radar despite being a Royal family fixture and on parade at key events. She had a close relationship with Charles growing up, was a bridesmaid for Princess Anne and Mark Phillips wedding and again at the Charles Diana nuptials and is godmother to  Prince Harry and Lady Louise Windsor.

 Her upbringing was less restrictive because of her father the photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones. She and her brother David attended Bedales, a co-educational school tilted towards arts and crafts and she graduated onto art schools, spending two years in India with her father when he was production photographer for the 1984 film, A Passage to India. Which was where she met her husband Daniel Chatto. He is an actor turned artist from a theatrical family and they have two children. She continues to work as an artist, painting expressive landscapes.

  Born 1 May 1964 6.20 am London, she has a friendly 11th house Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Taurus, one reason she was close to Queen Elizabeth, another Taurus. In her case her Taurus Planets are in an Earth Grand Trine to a Capricorn Moon on her Descendant trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo in her 4th. The last element is indicative of her stormy childhood home with her parents’ fractious marriage which eventually split where she was 12. Her Grand Trine is formed into three talented Kites with Uranus Pluto opposition a 10th house well-organised Saturn which will see her increasingly respected the older she gets. Her Moon opposes her North Node in Cancer on her Ascendant with a suggestion that she has struggled to build a strong sense of identity but could be all the more helpful as a result. Out of her experiences others could benefit. Her Sun opposes Neptune in her creative 5th house.

 Her father Anthony Armstrong Jones, 7 March 1930 6.15 am London was a key influence on her chosen career with his Sun Venus in Pisces falling in her 10th and his Mercury Mars in Aquarius being conjunct her Midheaven.

  Her mother Princess Margaret, 21 August 1930 9.22pm Glamis, Scotland, was a trickier relationship with Princess Margaret’s Neptune and Leo Sun being in opposition to Sarah’s Saturn in the 10th and worse Margaret’s attention-demanding and controlling 5th house Moon Pluto in Cancer being square Sarah’s Mars.

  Lady Sarah does look in a hard working, responsible phase with Saturn moving through her 10th at the moment and her upper quadrant for some years ahead into the early 2030s. And her SA Moon is just into her 10th house of career and reputation also for years to come for similar.

6 thoughts on “Lady Sarah Chatto – an unassuming Royal fixture

  1. Thanks Marjorie, she certainly resembles her father! I remember at Charles and Diana’s wedding where she had the unwelcome task of dealing with Diana’s train. She was a beautiful young woman then. I will have to Google her art work.

  2. It would be intriguing to see what is her relationship with her children, given that they were occasionally in the media, mostly because of looks, I think?

  3. Thanks, Marjorie. Good to learn more about Sarah and see her chart for the first time.
    She has a beautiful smile and eyes, which radiate kindness. A naturally striking woman.
    Would love to see her taking on a more prominent role now that her sons have grown up.

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