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  1. Hello Marjorie,
    I was wondering if you could have a look on the Hinduja family, ranked as one of the wealthiest family but also known for family feud (Hinduja brothers vs Hinduja sisters and father), multiple scandals and tax evasion.
    Prakash Hinduja (06.19.1945, Tehran, no birth time) and his son Ajay (12.12.1967, no birth time) both living in Switzerland are now under investigation for domestic servitude.

  2. Just noting that the charismatic Capricorn football player, coach, and England manager, Terry Venables, 6th January 1943, has died. Tributes are pouring in for this remarkable man. He’s known as an amazing tactician, so I had a quick look at his planets – Mercury in Aquarius trine Uranus and Saturn in Gemini, trine Neptune in Libra. There’s a Kite with Pluto in Leo opposing the Mercury. The ‘goal’ is Mercury, god of tactics and games playing….And today’s Full Moon in Gemini shines on that configuration, and with Mars in Sagittarius too. Seems appropriate somehow. RIP El Tel.

    • Interesting chart indeed. As I’m sure you know Jane, his interests went beyond football with nightclubs, books, lounge singing. Don’t know if there was a specific inconjunct between his Capricorn / Gemini planets but it seems like he wanted to be successful (capricorn) at many things (gemini). And managerially he never really stayed with one team for that long which could express an inconjunct again. As I recall he ended up leaving England because the suits wouldn’t give him a long-term contract because of some potentially shady business deals – so again Gemini-Capricorn rearing its head. RP El Tel.

      • Yes, the shady stuff is really well described by Gemini/Capricorn I agree. Also his dodgy fashion sense! There’s a Capricorn New Moon on his birthday, although at 15 degrees, opposing Jupiter, but not the early Gemini positions. Interestingly, Sir Alan Sugar has a fire trine of Sun 2 Aries, Saturn 2 Leo, S Node 5 Sagittarius that connects with Terry V’s Kite. A fateful clash at the time.

  3. The ‘bona vacantia’ exposure by The Guardian newspaper does not reflect well on King Charles, it states in an opinion piece today. Interesting in the light of the October 28th lunar eclipse on Charles’s Mercury in Scorpio and South Node.

  4. Harvard University has been highlighted for its admissions policy. What was initially a Supreme Court judgement against the use of affirmative action has shown that “The policy, known as legacy admissions, is practised by dozens of elite American universities, including the eight schools in the Ivy League, as well as many other private and elite public universities. It means if a close relative attended that university then you might be preferred to an applicant of similar strength whose parents did not.”

    It’s being couched as elites being allowed to skip the queue. This seems like a real Pluto in Capricorn dismantling of old systems.


  5. Today Oscar Pestotius was granted parole. He seems an extraordinary character. I wonder if you’ve ever done his chart, Marjorie? He got his freedom on the same day as the first of the Israeli hostages, and also some Thai hostages have been freed. Today Mercury is quincunx Uranus.

  6. I would like to know if anyone thinks it matters if Samantha Cameron didn’t wear formal attire to the State Banquet? And while she looked perfectly lovely in what she wore, it wasn’t part of the dress code.

    Why does it matter? Well as Lord David Cameron is Foreign Secretary, all those in embassies abroad have to adhere rather strictly to dress codes. They even have to take mourning clothes with them just in case some dignitary dies.

    Samantha Cameron is there at the State Banquet as the Foreign Secretary’s wife, who incidentally wore white tie. She is not there to promote her fashion brand.

    In the years that that DC was PM I can only find one time that she wore formal attire to a State Banquet and that photo showed her with Michelle Obama.

    Perhaps astrologically Samantha is a bit of a rebel. I took a glance at her fashions being displayed online and I came to the conclusion she is trying to redefine things to suit herself. For instance, all the clothes she defines as maxi actually end mid-calf and are what I deem as midi. Indeed as far as I can tell most would deem them as midi.

    This I know will not interest most of you. But it does make a difference. For one thing it shows little regard for the King and for all those ladies who went to the trouble of following the dress code. And what does it say to the foreign dignitaries about how little respect she has for her king, her husband or her country. Especially when the wife of the head of State of that country, in this case South Korea went to great lengths to comply with the stated protocol.

    • I did not see her but it does not surprise me as I did notice that what she wore for the coronation was also less than formal, funny thing is she did not look the best dressed.

  7. Hi Marjorie, New NZ govt coalition of National, Act & NZ First parties, signed their respective party agreement at 11.44am 24th nov, nz time. The official swearing in is planned for our monday (27th), not sure what time yet.

    • Thanks for the time. Will save and do in full when the government is sworn in – looks fractious on Monday with the Sun Mars square Saturn still in effect with two yods – one onto Uranus and the other Venus – be interesting.

      • Hi Marjorie, not sure if you’ll see this here. Just to add on to Jeanie’s post that the new NZ Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon, was sworn in at 11.18am Monday 27th.

  8. Hello, Unmystic Mum!

    Regarding your interest in long lasting marriages and Grand Trines with Jupiter involved in composite charts, I’ve been married for 55 years but we have no Grand Trine with Jupiter, but have our composite Sun in the seventh house opposite Jupiter in the first house, with Jupiter sextile a Mars/Saturn conjunction and Sun trine this same Mars/Saturn conjunction which is in the eleventh house. We’ve spent years together running group social projects with spiritual values (Jupiter) and met each other at a spiritual group (eleventh house).

  9. BBCs Top Gear being shelved – never been a fan but noting we have Saturn in Pisces, it changed presenters after the Clarkson furore in 2015 (Saturn in Sag) and got reimagined in 2002 when Saturn was in Gemini.

    Original series aired on BBC Midlands – 22 April 1977 – Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Jupiter just into Gemini. Seems to have been more of a consumer affairs programme in the early days. Think the 2002 revamp occurred when transiting Uranus in Aqua opposed the natal Leo Saturn. It all became more childish with Clarkson, May, Hammond doing their sixth formers act.

    But fast cars – very gemini

  10. Johnson’s next career move should involve an orange jump suit and becoming a big armed robber’s girlfriend for a couple of years…balmy, haha….

  11. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would take a look at former Bolivian President Evo Morales. Back in September, he made a very early announcement that he would seek reelection in 2025.

    Evo Morales, the first Indígena (he’s of Aymara ethnicity) President of Bolivia, was once very well loved by many Bolivian citizens for helping elevate the living conditions and socioeconomic status of Indígena, Mestiza/Mestizo, and Afro-Bolivians (many of whom had been living in extreme poverty) by implementing a number of successful social programs ranging from healthcare to housing. However, things changed by the mid and late 2010s after Evo Morales was caught in a number of political and economic scandals. He eventually resigned and was exiled for a period of time.

    Upon returning to Bolivia, Evo Morales appears to have become more delusional, egoistical, and simply unbearable. He’s now at odds with his own political party, Movement for Socialism (MAS), and he’s been feuding with the current President Luis Arce (who was a member of the same party until recently).

    Other disturbing things that have recently been attributed to Evo Morales include his praise of Vladimir Putin and justification for the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine (while the Movement for Socialism actually condemned the invasion)…and a 2020 report from BBC that Morales has been accused of rape and human trafficking.

    Earlier this year, highly acclaimed Bolivian journalist Raúl Peñaranda Undurraga wrote an excellent piece for the America’s Quarterly Magazine (a magazine that focuses on current affairs here in the Americas) asking if Bolivia was on track to becoming the next “Nicaragua” here in the Americas. I provided the link to the article below.

    Anyway, I have a few friends from Bolivia here in Florida and we’re all hoping for a better and brighter future for that nation. It’s a bit concerning to think Evo Morales could come back to power.

    Astrologically speaking, what does 2025 suggest for Evo Morales?

  12. The most consistently accurate U.S pollster according to 538. Over 90% accuracy since they’ve been in business. They identify as republicans by the way, and they have Biden still leading in their latest poll despite the other polls saying opposite. They seem dedicated to accuracy instead of herd mentality or hidden agendas!
    The link below is to how they performed in the 2022 midterms.

  13. Sam Altman + Greg Brockman vs Ilya, I’m so curious who’s pro safety and who wants money in this saga
    It might be also interesting a look into various cult predators: the Twin Flames perpetrators ( Jeff and Shaleia Ayan) + Keith Ham & the Hare Krishnas

  14. I have never done composite charts so far, tending towards synastry charts for relationships.

    Today, out of curiosity, I had a look at the composite charts of two (successful so far) couples that I know of and I noticed an interesting detail.

    Both of them have a Grand Trine with Jupiter in them. One with a Grand Trine of Jupiter-Mars-Venus (which I can only imagine is great for their sex life) in water signs and the other with Jupiter-Pluto-Chiron/Mercury in fire signs.

    In both cases, the Jupiter is activated by outer planets in opposition (the former by Saturn, the latter by Neptune).

    Has anybody else seen such a pattern to successful marriage? I presume that having a Grand Trine (of any planets/points) harmonises at least some of the energy within the marriage and so helps it last.

    Thoughts invited.

    • On a separate note, I am also looking at the chart of a person who has the Southern Node/Ketu (in the fifth House) as the focal point of a Yod, inconjunct Mercury (in the first House) sextile Pluto (in the 11th House).

      I can interpret the planets relatively easily, but not sure how to interpret the Southern Node at the focal point. Given that the Southern Node is by definition opposite the Northern Node, is it always counted as a kite formation? And what is the significance of the focal point being in the fifth House? That person is expecting their first child.

  15. Marjorie what are the chances of Boris Johnson coming back as prime minister? Although he is balmy, he has a sort of charisma that makes things seem better. Rishi Sunak & Co doesn’t seem to be working or convincing. Boris may be just what the doctor ordered with this Gemini charm

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