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  1. Hi Marjorie

    Could you look at the chart for the far right German party Alternative fur Deutschland as they seem to be climbing in the polls this year.


  2. “What is clear is that Russia is moving into considerable setbacks late this year and through 2024 into 2025/6. Both the 8 November 1917 and 8 December 1991 charts have Solar Arc Saturn square Mars in 2024 which is amongst other things assassination-prone.” Marjorie, 24th August 2023

    Prompted by Chris R to look at these charts again, and ask myself and others questions I can’t answer! I noticed that Putin’s association with Hamas goes right back to 2006, when he invited Hamas leaders to Moscow. They were elected on 25th January, 2006, with a t-square of Mars 19 Taurus, Jupiter 16 Scorpio, Neptune 16 Aquarius. Uranus has been transiting that for a while, along with Israel’s fixed planets and Chiron, 21 Scorpio.

    Putin became acting Prime Minister, on 9th August, 1999. This was just two days before the Solar Eclipse with it’s Grand Cross in the fixed signs – the eclipse 18 Leo, with Mars 16 Scorpio, Saturn 16 Taurus, Uranus 14 Aquarius and Nodes 12 Leo. That slots into Russia 1917’s own fixed planets, with the Scorpio Sun and Mercury square Uranus 19 Aquarius, Saturn 14 Leo. Putin’s own Fourth Term 2018 chart has Sun 16 Taurus, Jupiter 18 Scorpio, Nodes 9 Leo, Moon 8 Aquarius. Russia, 1991, has Pluto 21 Scorpio. The striking Grand Cross of 1999 that saw Putin’s ‘arrival’ on the world stage, has resonated right through to his 4th Term chart. Perhaps that signifies a conclusion of sorts?

    The Uranus/Mars/Nodes conjunction of summer 2022 at 18 Taurus may have been a signpost, and did point back to the 1999 Eclipse and Grand Cross too. Currently, Mars in Scorpio approaches the exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus at 21 degrees, and the Sun will be 18 Scorpio this weekend. A square between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus at 19 degrees next March, and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus in April, also appear to point to important, meaningful events in this tangled mess. I’m hoping the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction proves to be a positive, fortunate moment for the world.

  3. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you could provide an astrological update regarding Vladimir Putin.

    I remember you predicted that Vladimir Putin appears to be entertaining some personal troubles (like possible political destabilization) sometime in early to mid-2024.

    However, I’m curious to know how things are looking for him astrologically as of right now.

    Many people here in the U.S. have a sneaking suspicion that Putin had a hand in the Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians since various Palestinian leaders were reportedly in Moscow over the summer.

    And, after all, the Hamas-Israel War does appear to have worked to Putin’s benefit to some extent. Antisemitism and antisemitic attacks have taken place in many Western nations, mass pro-Palestine protests have been taking place here in the U.S. and all over the world, President Biden and Democrats are now unfairly being blamed for this war (despite the fact that it’s Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right government who are committing the war crimes), and Arab American voters in major swing states like Michigan are threatening not to vote for Biden / Harris again unless they demand for a ceasefire.

    Also, the Hamas-Israel War has been consuming most of the news coverage and Ukraine is getting ignored (which I’m sure Putin is very happy about).

    I’ve also noticed that Putin has capitalized on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and is now pretending he actually cares about the Palestinian people and other People of Color (despite the fact that he has no problem using Indigenous Peoples of the Caucasus and Siberia as cannon fodder…and he certainly doesn’t mind bombing Arabs in Northern Syria).

    In other words, is Vladimir Putin having some of that “undeserved luck” right now?

    Any thoughts, information, or insights you could share would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Marjorie, I have just watched the BBC Panarama documentary on the Madeline McCann abduction.
    I would be interested in your analysis of prime suspect Christian Bruckheimer, and the transits to his chart on the day she was abducted.
    A quick analysis shows that Pluto was opposing his natal moon. This can signify compulsive habits coming to an end.
    I appreciate that this is an ongoing investigation.

  5. BBC posted a short piece of “what if’s” for the 2024 election outcome. Interesting reading…


    Happy Coffee Sunday!

  6. Marjorie,

    Do you have any perspective and personal experience regarding the manifestation and vibration movement?

    Does your energy flow where your attention goes?

    Do you attract what you think about, how you feel about something, what your beliefs are about?

    When the Lucky Girl Syndrome exploded a few months ago, one of the advice was “Be delusional”.

    Is it all smoke and mirrors and really a huge delusion, courtesy of Neptune in Pisces, a deep and maybe dangerous superstition or is there something about it?

    Will Neptune in Aries wipe it all away as a huge hoax, together maybe with mcmindfulness and meditation, or will it just change it?

    I’m interested in the perspective of the readers here.

  7. Just an add-on: Sir Paul Marshall is father of Winston, ex-lead guitarist and banjo player of Mumford & Sons, who has now left the band and has started a new career as a journalist and culture warrior.

  8. Hi Marjorie, would you take a look at Sir Paul Marshall, chairman of Europe’s biggest hedge fund, Unherd founder and a major investor in GB News. He’s now involved in acquiring the Telegraph and the Spectator. He’s a former donor to the Lib Dems and now donates (loads) to the Conservatives. He also donated (some money) to Michael Gove’s leadership bid (3 governments ago). I’m sorry I have no dates for SPM or Gove who might be worth relooking at as he has been so quiet in recent time? Thanks

  9. And now, for something completely humorous and trivial, Nikki Haley comments on DeSantis’ elevator shoes.

    “We’ll see if he can run in them”


    I may actually vote for her.

  10. I wonder about the young generation combination of aggressive/fuzzy knowledge (limited Vocabulary to describe the reality ) Specifically – I tried to explain some history and background for the Arab/Israel background. Nothing go through . They think about there own challenges in US as minorities or “brown” and think it is all going by oppressor/ oppressed . Colonization, indigenous.. what I called hash tag vocabulary

    • I think gen z / those in their early 20s have Pluto / Chiron in Sag, Nep / Uranus in Aqua. Signs which, to me at least, usually have fairly big opinions to share. Also both say something about global / collective matters and are more impersonal, opinionated and less detail oriented. Hopefully smart thinkers too. That’s a generalization obviously. I feel a little grateful to be an ineffectual Gen X, with all four of those slower movers are in separate signs, we look from a few different angles….

  11. A Celestial obervation I came across looking at a charts for possible job interview times (I never schedule these to dates with Moon Void of Course, if possible):

    We have a rare, ongoing and rather slow moving Envelope formation in the skies intensifying next week. Not much has been written on it, it seems, but I think there’s a karmic aspect to it, more so with so many planets involved retrograde ATM. Since it also is sextile heavy formation, (and Mercury is involved) there must be a communicative aspect. It could mean there’s something at works for peace negotiations in Ukraine and/or ceasefire in Gaza. I think the most auspicious day is November 7th/8th, with Virgo Moon forming a harmonic sextile to all the Scorpio, or early November 9th, with Venus ingress to Libra catching Moon conjunction.

    Could be wishful thinking, but I think we absolutely need a collective break for a moment, so hoping something good will materialize, for a change.

    • Solaia – good luck with your job interviews. The formation you highlight is very interesting, and I also hope something good will materialize for a change too. The massive storm here in the UK and Northern France seemed, inevitably, symbolic yesterday and last night. As it subsided, I thought about what peace and harmony might possibly look like.

    • Don’t be put off by void of course, it’s not always negative. Years ago I had an interview during VOC (unavoidable) and thought oh well, it’s practice then. What happened was they called me afterwards to discuss a better role that they thought I was perfect for and hadn’t been advertised yet. Good luck

  12. Marjorie,

    A vote was just held earlier tonight (Wednesday, November 1) to expel Republican Congressman George Santos (who has been engulfed in a litany of legal troubles and lies). Unfortunately, the vote failed….and 179 Republicans voted against his removal…while 31 Democrats voted against his removal as well (I have no idea what compelled them to vote in his favor).

    Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any further astrological thoughts or insights regarding George Santos – he’s been a complete joke for months now and he keeps getting caught in one lie after another.

    • There appear to be broader concerns about the precedent of expelling a member without a conviction or recommendation from the House Ethics Committee. Only five lawmakers have ever been expelled from the House and none have been removed without a criminal conviction since the Civil War.

  13. I’d be interested in your take on Manchester United’s woes. Despite spending hundreds of millions on players and managers, since Ferguson retired 10 years ago they have performed woefully (by their standards). They have become the club where players’ and managers’ careers go to die and are a by-word for mismanagement. And this year seems to be the worst year of all. Under their current name, MU were born on 24/04/1902 (no time). Currently Uranus is opp. the MU moon, and Pluto is square their Mars/Mercury conjunction.

    • When Ferguson retired tr Saturn in Scorpio was opposition the Taurus Sun and conjunct the North Node for a downbeat time. It is not clear without a start time why the last decade has been so lacklustre except that the tr Uranus square tr Pluto was hitting on the SA Neptune for a chunk of that time. 2022/23 sees tr Pluto conjunct the Saturn and square Mars Mercury till late this year which is discouraging, frustrating and stuck. Then the SA Neptune opposes the ManU Mars Mercury and squares the Saturn in 2025/26 – so I fear it’ll be a time before their regain their mojo.

  14. Germany has come clean over its role in Tanzania during the turn-of-the-century.

    “Germany asks forgiveness for Tanzania colonial crimes”


    England crept up to the line recently but didn’t apologize for its “colonial mentality.”

    Is there a movement in the stars (sounds silly) pushing toward atonement of these actions?

  15. Countries are moving towards authoritarianism for a multitude of reasons, particularly with inequality. Does Pluto’s move into Aquarius reinforce the populist movement? Appreciate anyone’s thoughts.

    • There can be many ways to interpret the move, like anything in astrology.

      Here is my super gloomy take.

      Aquarius is the sign of the collective, the groups. Depending on interpretation, Pluto is the planet of death, but also of a reformed rebirth. Pluto in Cancer led to the destruction, but also creation of new homelands/countries. Pluto in Scorpio was about the changes in sexual mores, but also the Aids epidemic, which impacted sexual behaviour and views on it as well, etc.

      My gloomy assessment is that Pluto in Aquarius will lead to more of group politics, of “us” vs. “them”. Those groups could be economic (if you are left-wing), but could also be ethnic/racial or religious.

      People have rejoiced at Pluto in Capricorn weakening the powers/ability of the state, but if the state fails at being able to provide what people want, they flee back to their tribe, be that ethnic/religious or religious. See pretty much any failed state, such as Afghanistan or Libya.

      I think (and I have asked a question here as well on this point) that Pluto also activates the sign in opposition to the one it is transiting. Both the sign it is transiting through and the opposition sign can share some patterns. The Holocaust and the Partition of India (which led to massacres in which more people died than in the Holocaust) both massacres that were purely on ethnic or religious grounds occurred when Pluto was in Leo.

      While I don’t predict massacres on that scale, I suspect people will group together in ethnic or religious groups to defend what they believe is theirs.

      Aquarius is reputed to be a scientific dispassionate sign. As I mentioned above, I believe that Pluto activates the sign across from it as well. The atom bomb and the thermonuclear bomb were invented when Pluto was in Leo, opposite Aquarius. AI has kicked off just as Pluto has started popping in and out of Aquarius. Who knows how wars will be fought when Pluto is in Aquarius? It may not be a case of killing people en masse, but of wiping out their collective/individual memories, for instance.

      The only thing that may help is that Pluto is in its fall in Aquarius (though some sites state that Pluto is in fall in Libra) and hence its impact may be weakened.

      So, to answer your question in brief, I think populism is here to stay for the timeline of Pluto in Aquarius, as it bases itself on an “us vs them” group narrative, which is very Aquarian.

      • As an aside, I also predict a civil war (or another wider insurrection/rebellion) in the US, as its Pluto Return and both the Uranus Return and Neptune Return of the Civil War coincide within this decade.

        The Aquarian “us vs them” narrative will likely play out visibly at that point.

        Marjorie had mentioned that the mood over the 2024 elections and the 2025 inauguration looks very dark and I expect that to be the trigger.

  16. I’d like to ask you about Cefin, a brand created by David Cameron ‘s wife that seems to be sinking as he allegedly invested 100000 into the business to save it from bankruptcy. Clearly the business was David ‘s idea. I don’t like her wife being in charge of it. There will be problems.
    What do you think?

  17. Marjorie,

    As Pluto changes sign, we have often discussed the implications of Pluto in specific signs (In Cancer at the time of WWI, when many new homelands/countries were created, etc).

    But how does it impact signs at sextiles, squares and trines, and in opposition to the sign that Pluto is transiting through?

    When you write about eclipses, you mention the impact that the eclipse would have on all the signs in relationship to that eclipse. I presume that Pluto and the outer planets likewise have an impact on the other signs which are at angles to the one that they are transiting to as well.

    Also, what impact does it have when exiting a sign? Are its actions in that sign undone?

  18. If criminal behaviour, corruption in high office for example, can be proven of course they need to face justic in the same way you or I might

    • Yes, if specific provable discrete instances of corruption or other criminal behaviour will have occurred.

      If they prioritise matters or expenditure that you disagree with, that won’t be a crime.

      Policy decisions should not be criminalised.

  19. Are there any indications of serious legal jeopardy for any of the main players in the Covid enquiry? I’d like to think so but Britain doesn’t seem to work like that for the elite. Johnson and Hancock banged up would be a real treat

    • Bad idea and bad precedent, if we start banging politicians in jail for political and policy decisions that they took.

      They would need to have committed a crime (which was a crime at the time that they were in office), not a broad “I find their behavior in office disgusting”.

      As it is, we are having a hard time finding any capable politicians. We will make it worse by criminalizing their behaviour in office after the fact.

      The punishment for politicians is to be voted out of office, and a worse punishment is to be ignored and forgotten (as Boris will likely be when he is on GB News). The more they stay in your head rent-free, the ore they have won.

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