Leonor – Spain celebrates a Royal heir, mainly

Royal mania has hit Spain with the coming of age of Princess Leonor, heir to the throne. Banners with her photograph decorated lampposts and official buildings were festooned with bunting as she pledged her allegiance to the constitution though the ceremony was boycotted by republican government ministers and Catalan and Basque nationalist MPs. She will automatically become head of state in the event of her father King Felipe’s absence.

 Born 31 October 2005 1.46am Madrid, Spain, she went to school in Wales, took the international baccalaureate and began three years of military training in August. Princess of Asturias in the army becomes Cadet Borbón.

  She has a determined and confident Scorpio Sun conjunct Jupiter in the quick-witted 3rd house so she’ll communicate well. Her Sun is square a creative, hope-for-a-better-society Neptune opposition Saturn in Leo which in turn squares onto Mars in determined Taurus on her Midheaven. Very Fixed, stubborn and enduring. Her Libra Moon is trine/sextile Neptune and Saturn but otherwise unintegrated. Her persuasive, seductive Venus Pluto in Sagittarius in her 4th will tie her to family. Her 7th house Uranus hints at an unconventional relationship life and choices ahead and given her independent Aries North Node as well she may take time to settle down.

  Her childhood won’t have been a cakewalk with Mars square Saturn since discipline would be instilled early on and require considerable sacrifices.

 Her parents are not the easiest of matches with her mother Queen Letizia’s Sun Mars in Virgo sitting on top of King Felipe’s Pluto opposition Mars with Letizia’s Saturn in square. That is a teeth-gritting, monarchical scenario of stiff upper lip and suppress your needs for the sake of appearances.

 Leonor will have proved a challenging child for both with her Saturn in Leo opposition her father’s Aquarius Sun and her Mars in Taurus square his Aquarius Moon. And Leonor’s Pluto Venus in Sagittarius is square her mother’s Sun Mars in Virgo and opposition her mother’s Saturn for quite a clash.

  Leonor’s Scorpio Sun should resonate for Spain, 22 November 1975, since it has a Scorpio Sun and Mercury though the Spain Uranus in Scorpio is also conjunct her Sun which could suggest differing agendas. But despite the aggravations and political obstacles the relationship chart between herself and Spain has a composite Sun, Venus, Pluto conjunction which will create an emotionally intense bond.

  She has the feel of an individual who will make a considerable difference one way or another and instigate far reaching changes though there will be major pressures in the 2030s as tr Pluto starts to square that composite Sun, Venus, Pluto.

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  1. Hi, Marjorie!

    What can you tell us about Infanta Sofía – what is her future like and how does she get along with her parents and her sister?

    I am also interested in what the stars have in mind for Puigdemont, now that Pedro Sánchez is trying to form a government.

    Thank you.

  2. @Gnarly Dude, interestingly, just posted some pics of Leonor to my husband, because our daughter who is now 10 does remind me of her at that age, something about proportions between eyes, nose and mouth, but especially the expressions, and he agreed. Also, beautiful hair, in her case, in a strawberry blonde shade that turns very light with the sun. Leonor and my daughter share Leo Rising, and I think that’s truly one of the easiest to spot.

  3. I am surprised of what you say about the father. They always look so good together and you can tell the king prefers Leonor to his wife when they are in public. Shock here.

  4. Sorry no pictures allowed here.
    ‘Princess Estelle of Sweden, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Elisabeth of Belgium on Oct. 15, 2023.’
    + Princess Leonor and Prince George

    • This was 18th birthday of Christian of Denmark. Would have loved to see Leonor there, given her grandmother Sofia’s brother is married to Christian’s great aunt. I don’t think there’s ill will here.

      But Windsors setting themselves apart is different. There clearly is a sentiment among many parts of British Court that all the other remaining Monarchies are inferior to them.

      • Solaia, the Windsors setting themselves apart has nothing to do with Europeans = inferior, and everything to do with Europeans = enemies.

        George V renamed the family “Windsor” in 1917. He was distancing himself from the Kaiser as well as the Tsar. He also issued letters patent freeing his children/descendants from marrying European royalty.

        As a result, his son George VI married a Scot, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. His great-grandson Charles III married an English aristo, Lady Diana Spencer. Great-great-grandson Prince William married English commoner Kate Middleton..

        The two world wars plus Brexit mean Europe is firmly other/alien/enemy depending at which point in the last 100 years you looked at the continent.

  5. On a quick glance, I can’t help looking at that Venus-Pluto in Sag, Taurus Mars, Scorpio sun/jupiter and thinking she’ll be entitled and after the money like grandfather Juan Carlos. The Saturn in Leo and 2nd house Libra moon/SN could have expensive tastes too. But perhaps that drive may be for knowledge or reform or something else rather than money.#

    Interesting she’s called Leonor with a Leo Ascendant and Saturn. Very Royal!

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