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  1. Trauma overload – Ukraine war, Afghan earthquake with so little attention, now Israel starts its pogram against Gaza. So much hate, sadness. I watched a short cut of a young boy in Gaza running & crying with his injured cat.

    No help for anyone. Just death. Destruction. Hatred.

    I no logner read the news.

    “We will win.” Go for it, Netanyahu. What was won, really?

      • “But I learned from them, General Black. Oh, I have learned.”

        “You learned too well, Professor. You learned so well that now there’s no difference between you and what you want to kill.” — Matthau, as Groeteschele, debating O’Herlihy, as General Black.”

        Fail Safe

  2. For what it is worth, PH has the same protection officer with him that he had here in the UK. And while he is not entitled to protection over here, it is unlikely that he is not watched over albeit discreetly. The Home Office would provide protection should the security services feel that the situation warranted it.

    In any case you don’t think the King would let any harm come to his ‘Darling Boy’ do you? It isn’t an accident that Biden provides protection to the son of a king. Most of PH’s complaints are ludicrous and are really about him maintaining his status. Did anyone notice how in his last court case over here that he actually told the judge to use HRH when referring or addressing him. Something that he is no longer allowed to do except in private.

    • Yes, Scotland Yard will provide Harry (and all of us) protection as & when its needed. They just dont think it needed right now for Harry as he’s no longer working on behalf of the country so he has a lower risk & lower profile. Same for Princess Anne, Princess Edward, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, none of them get round-the-clock security Harry is asking for.

    • From all reports Prince Harry is none too bright. He’s also an entitled brat who wants the perks without the responsibility. The cost of maintaining a Royal Protection detail in California on permanent 24/7 duty would be horrific.
      But more than that he has this fixation on his mother and is paranoid about her death being caused by paparazzi. That ludicrous fuss a few months back in New York about being chased when no one else thought they were would have been black comedy if it didn’t point to an underlying obsession.
      He is still very much a work in process in terms of getting his inner tangles sorted.

      • Harry also seems to resemble his mother in so many of her less attractive ways, such as her self-acknowledged lack of intelligence and skill in manipulating people, including the media.

        • Trouble is, when you’ve got issues you don’t marry the person who is right for you; you invariably marry the one who doesn’t upset your status quo or challenge you. (Then invariably you complain because you don’t like the status quo)

          One of the sad stories about Matthew Perry was that he broke up first with Julia Roberts because he believed she would break up with him. Who knows whether they were a good longterm match but he bailed due to an emotional issue, not incompatability.

      • I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. As an American, I was extremely disappointed when Prince Harry decided to marry Meghan Markle. All of my friends were excited only because she’s an “American” and the prospect of an American queen consort of the UK one day was fascinating to them.

        I, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed. I got “Wallis Simpson” vibes from Meghan Markle.

        • Ha! Chris, I also thought about Wallis Simpson, eventually. I thought/hoped it was all going to be lovely, and was disappointed when it all unravelled. Meghan was unlikely ever to be queen consort though, unless William and his children all met with some terrible tragedy. Currently, Harry is fifth in line to the throne.

  3. The Republic of Turkey was founded on 29th October 1923.

    Tomorrow is its 100th anniversary/centenary.

    What do the next few years look like for Turkey and its leaders?

  4. Pence suspends campaign for president.


    Not that I think his decision will affect the 2024 outcome.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    If you have the appetite, could you look at the interaction of some of the other countries vocal about the Israel/Palestine conflict. I was interested to hear on a podcast (The Globalist) that Hamas visited Russia in April and September, and of course this last week, and overall how much the conflict benefits Russia for distraction and destabilisation. Also, the role Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia might have in the coming months? I did have a flick through earlier posts but couldn’t see this specifically.
    Thank you

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    I know I’ve asked too many requests for one week….but another world event caught just caught my attention. Yesterday (October 27), Al Jazeera reported that a massive counteroffensive has just begun among allied ethnic and tribal minorities in Northern Myanmar who oppose the military government.

    Apparently, The Brotherhood Alliance – which is made up of the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the Arakan Army (AA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) staged attacks in over 12 towns in Myanmar’s Shan State. Some of the towns included: Lashio, Kyaukme, Naungcho, Chinshwehaw, and Laukkain.

    Today, it’s being reported that all of Myanmar’s Northern Shan State has become a “battlefield” and rebel forces, like MNDAA have made gains and are even raising their flag in areas near the China-Myanmar border.

    Here in Jacksonville, Florida, we have a sizable Myanmarese community (most of whom are ethnic Karens, Kachins, and Chins) and I’ve gotten to know some of them personally (I’m friends with an Myanmarese immigrant couple who are my age). They all hope to see Myanmar as a fair and free society in their lifetime. I share their hope.

    I know what’s happening in Myanmar isn’t likely to attract as much international media coverage as the humanitarian crises in Gaza, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela. However, I am curious to know what the astrology suggests for Myanmar.

    Astrologically speaking, are there any signs that Myanmar’s oppressive military regime will start to fracture anytime soon? The Myanmarese people have had to live under that awful regime since 1988. I sincerely hope for a better future the Myanmarese people (especially for all of Myanmar’s many Indigenous ethnic and tribal minorities who’ve been persecuted and displaced).

    Any thoughts you can share about this would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I was reading about the sublime Karen Carpenter who died 40 years ago (!) and was wondering what in her chart pointed to such incredible highs and lows. I think her husband of 14 months also died this year and that failed marriage was the last straw for her.

  8. I’d like to know your opinion about vedic astrology Vs western astrology. Do you use both systems? How did that work out for you? Would you recommend any reliable website?

    • I have had an extensive vedic chart reading by my yoga master who recently passed away. The interesting part of the reading is that your lifespan is divided into dashas and antardashas highlighting different “time zones” in which better or worse things tend to happen in different areas of life. Very useful and accurate when i reviewed past events.i was born in India so i also had a chart cast at birth now long gone.

    • Vedic uses a different zodiac and I really don’t know much about it. Too confusing to try to handle both at once. It is wel spoken off but as ever will depend on the practitioner.

  9. Couple of notable items on the news as we head into this weekend’s lunar eclipse at 5Scorpio

    – Ivanka Trump (sun at 7scorpio) is being compelled by the judge of Donald’s fraud lawsuit to testify.
    – Boris Johnson (moon at 0Scorpio) joins GB News. All the dignity we could expect of him as ex-PM.

    I wonder what it has in store for King Charles given he has moon at 0Tau, Mercury 6Sco and he was crowned with the north node at 4Taurus and lunar eclipse taking place at 15Scorpio

    • And Prince William with his MC at 2 Scorpio. Also, following the news that Dan Wootton, having been sacked from the aforesaid GB News is going back to New Zealand, I looked at his chart and realised he has Saturn at 4 degrees of Scorpio.

      • Good spots VF.

        Have to say I wondered whether Harry with Pluto at 0Sco might make a reappearance – things have been very quiet in that direction for what seems like months. Which is a good thing on their part, I’d say.

        Noted below also the Melania Trump has her Sun at 6 Taurus so the moon will be on that.

        • Wot I reckon is that Melania will be getting her ducks in a row financially in case Trump is elected in 24, because she sure did not enjoy being First Lady the first time around and also if Trump is convicted.

          There’s been some reports about the reasons Charles removed security from Harry and Meghan and that it was done vindictively and about William’s Press Officer’s links to Dan Wootton. I don’t know if there is anything in these allegations, but the eclipse connections are interesting nonetheless.

          • Charles did not remove security from Harry & Meghan. Charles does not have this power.

            I know you are repeating what has been reported, so I’m not trying to make a personal dig at you, I always enjoy your posts.

            There is a separate, independent team that makes these decisions on security, its The Royal and VIP Executive Committee (RAVEC) Although Charles is a King, he doesnt have any power as Britain is a deomcracy.

          • Thank you Belle, I am uninformed on these details. It was merely a report in the Byline Times and elsewhere, though having recently read the story in the BN I must say it is all rather flimsy.

  10. “Ivanka Trump must testify at her father’s civil fraud trial, judge rules”. Donald’s little girl is being brought to court…finally. Any astro conclusions from this latest round of legal actions?


    • Must have been writing my post as you wrote your’s LarryC. While she’s obviously involved, I think it’s noteworthy to look back on her astrology and see that when transiting Uranus would have opposed her Sun in 2018-19, it led to her putting some space between her and Donald.

      Actually the eclipse I mention above must hit Melania’s Taurus Sun.

  11. I have a Gemini moon closely conjunct Uranus and Mars with Saturn nearby, all in Gemini. I have earned my living speaking and writing but as the ruler of my Gemini moon is Mercury in Capricorn, making Mercury and Saturn in mutual reception, I hope this subdues some of the negative traits mentioned above!

  12. People with planets in Gemini have been discussed extensively on this site.

    I’d like people’s thoughts on Gemini moons specifically.

    I’ve observed that people with (sidereal) Gemini moons tend to be highly opinionated and way too holier-than-thou (one of them was a priest who could pontificate more than the Pope) than the others I have come across. I can almost identify a Gemini moon even without a chart some time.

    A sidereal Gemini moon would, in a tropical chart, approximately be the last decan of Gemini or the first two decans of Cancer.

    • Obama
      Sigmund Freud
      Queen Victoria
      Gwyneth Paltrow
      Joan Baez
      Edith Piaf
      Pope John Paul 11
      Brigitte Bardot
      – and me.

      • I did put my foot in it, didn’t I? Sorry, Marjorie. I did not intend to offend you.

        The list of people with a Gemini moon is interesting. Pope John Paul II, Mussolini and Brigitte Bardot can certainly be called vocally opinionated.

        I don’t know enough of Kafka and Dostovevsky to comment, but they and Sigmund Freud had deep insights into the workings of the human mind and emotions.

        I am intrigued by Queen Victoria and Obama being on the list. Neither of them were known for being vocal in the same sense as say John Paul II.

        As larryc states, it comes down to signs and house placements.

        It’s just that a well-read and knowledgeable work colleague gets on my nerves with his emotional and opinionated outbursts and it dawned on me that he was a Gemini Moon. I have two family members like that as well and I have to physically get away from them before I am flooded with their emotions and opinions.

        The bit that larryc mentions about constantly changing their emotional focus may to true to some extent. One of those family members mentioned above can start their sentences in one context and can end the same sentence on a completely different and unrelated topic or sbject without any explanation of what the link between the two is. Drives me nuts!

        You can see that something about Gemini moons triggers me badly 🙂

        • Chuckle. Always as well to grasp one’s flaws. I own up to being opinionated and self-righteous but I always thought that was more my Virgo slant. Overly emotional? Don’t think that is a Gemini trait – I get irritated but that is my Mars in action. Emotionally detached – sure. Restless – very.
          It will depend how Gemini or its energy impacts your personal chart.
          I have a problem with egos – other people’s, I mean, when they are in overdrive – too much of my 12th house maybe.
          We can’t all get on with everyone. But always interesting to see what presses your buttons and why.

    • Gemini moon observations:
      – superficial
      – headstrong when cornered
      – constantly changing their emotional focus/partners
      – never satisfied
      – “words are stronger than action”
      – intellectual to a degree.

      Of course, Gemini moon house location does definitely color the outcomes, as well as relations with other stars/planets.

  13. Given world events this is somewhat irrelevant but I have always been fascinated with the Beatles (and their relationships). There was an article about George Harrison, having an affair with Ringos wife Maureen and then Pattie Boyd leaving George for Eric Clapton. I’d love to know your perspective!

  14. Heads up for Friday. Big exposé coming to the CBC, The Fifth estate.
    Buffy Saint-Marie may indeed be Italian, not Indigenous.

    “An icon’s claims to Indigenous ancestry are being called into question by family members and an investigation that included genealogical documentation, historical research and personal accounts,” the description for the October 27 episode reads.

    • Marjorie it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on Buffy Saint Marie’s lifelong deception. She was born 3:15am Feb 20 1941 in Stoneham Massachusetts. For years she has claimed that she was born Cree in Saskatchewan but her birth certificate was “lost”. Now outed as a pretendian.

  15. Just noticing the Online Safety Act was given Royal Assent today – 26Oct2023. Scorpio Sun/Mercury/Mars conjunction trine Saturn in Pisces. With Pluto now direct and headed for Aquarius, where our lives are expected to increasingly move online. I wonder if this is a final bid for control by the existing authorities or a genuine Aquarian move made with the best of intentions. It seems like the latter but only time will tell whether it is enforceable and/or misused.

  16. Marjorie,

    I don’t mean to inundate this Questions & Comments section with excessive requests.

    However, we just breaking news this morning of a horrific mass shooting (more like a domestic terrorist attack) in Lewiston, Maine.

    An unidentified White male with an assault weapon managed to murder as many as 22 people in multiple locations of the city.

    The story has made international headlines and even a friend of mine in Tamil Nadu contacted me.

    This was a rather shocking event because Maine is a sparsely populated state and known to be relatively safe…at least compared to most other states.

    Astrologically, is there anything that stands out with regards to this tragic event?

  17. Marjorie,

    House Republicans finally elected a new Speaker – Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson. He’s a fundamentalist Christian, an election denier, and he refused to certify the 2020 election results.

    According to CNN and Bloomberg, the so-called normie “moderate” (if you can really call them that) Republicans decided to vote for Mike Johnson because he supposedly agreed to their demands to continue sending aid to Ukraine (something Johnson had previously had been skeptical about doing). And it was also reported that Johnson has decided to meet with Biden about the aid packages to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and the U.S.-Mexico border.

    If it’s true that Johnson has agreed to approving aid to Ukraine and other other allies, then I suppose that’s the one silver lining in all of this. However, it is deeply concerning that he is extremely conservative on many issues like: LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and climate change (which he believes is a hoax). Johnson is also in favor major cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (which Senate Democrats and Biden will obviously block if he pursues this).

    However, the most alarming thing about Mike Johnson is the fact that he is in second in line (Kamala Harris is first) to the Presidency…and his loyalty to the MAGA cult and his refusal to acknowledge that Biden and Harris won the 2020 election, have many of us on edge.

    Astrologically, how to things appear to be shaping up for Mike Johnson as House Speaker? Are there signs that he and the Republican Party will be in lock-step with regards to public policy? Will he and his associates succeed in sabotaging the rule of law and the system altogether?

    We have another government shutdown looming….many are bearish on the possibility we avoid this under Johnson’s leadership.

    Anyway, any thoughts or insights you could share would be greatly appreciated. As always, thank you for taking our requests.

    • @Chris Romero, interested in him too. Apparently, he is a January 30th 1972 Aquarius Sun, born 2 days after Amy Coney Barrett. Obviously of the same zealot kin. And interestingly, he too flaunts adopting/fostering a Black kid

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