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  1. Today I received a text from my GP Surgery inviting me to make an appointment. They addressed me as Female followed by my surname

    I cannot begin to tell you how offended I feel! Normally they refer to me as Mrs followed by my surname or Linda followed by surname. But this takes the biscuit.

    I suppose it is mildly better than them saying Dear Biological Female followed by my surname. How dehumanising! I have been a patient there since 1982.

    If this is the result of ‘…the dawning of the age of Aquarius.’ Then you can keep it. Has anyone else gone through a similar thing?

  2. Italy is full of goings-on, as always. There is the football betting scandal involving the famous paparazzo Fabrizio Corona, who had a colourful life so far, to say it that way, and now there is the sexist-comments scandal involving Giorgia Meloni.

    Giorgia was born on 15 January 1977 at 18:30 in Rome, Italy, and her partner, now ex, Andrea Giambruno, was born on 7 May 1981 in Milan, Italy.

    Can you take a look at their synastry and future prospects?

  3. Hi Marjorie, I have a question about term charts that’s been niggling at me for awhile and since you have used them so extensively I thought you would be the best person to answer it. I haven’t watched enough swearing in ceremonies and inaugurations in other countries like Britain and the US to know if the same thing is true everywhere, but here in Canada at the federal level at least we only swear a person in once when they come into office. So for example, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister on Nov. 4, 2015, and despite having won two subsequent elections in 2019 and 2021 he has not been sworn in again. After the 2021 election only new MPs and cabinet ministers were sworn in on October 26, 2021. Which is best treated as Trudeau’s term chart? Do you distinguish between his personal term chart and his current administration’s chart and use both, which is kind of what I’ve been doing? By the way, the next election must be held on or before October 20, 2025 two years from today. The SA Sun will be exactly square the event chart Saturn in the 2021 term chart which although just one factor seems like a clear indicator of the defeat of the Liberal government (there are others as you know). Trudeau’s chart seems muddier by SA. If the 10:45 time for his swearing in is correct then SA Uranus will be conjunct the IC next spring. SA Neptune exactly conjunct Chiron in Oct. 2025. Anyway, looking back I see you used Trudeau’s 2nd term chart in a couple of articles so maybe I’ve answered my own question. But still if you could comment on whether you think the original 2015 chart is still relevant it would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • I have been pondering the same thing in recent times vis a vis Putin. Looking back on Thatcher and Blair I would tend to use the initial first victory chart as the better indicator for them exiting the stage permanently – so for Trudeau 2015. The most recent term would give a flavour of events during that phase. The administration chart could be taken from the Cabinet/Government swearing in where the PM does not have his own personal moment as in Canada.
      Hope that helps.
      No country seems enamoured of their political leaders at present. More so than usual, I mean.

      • Thank you, Marjorie. I appreciate you sharing your informed opinion. I’ll continue to keep an eye on Trudeau’s 2015 chart, although he doesn’t show any sign of planning to quit as leader despite his approval rating being dismal in the polls. Some even speculate he will hang on to the Liberal leadership if his party loses the next election and wait for an opportunity to be PM again, much like his father did in 1979-80. Still, there is that upcoming transit of Uranus to his MC and Saturn…we shall see! Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

  4. MTV awards in Paris have just been cancelled due of a number of things, understandably, chief of which security concerns. How are things looking for the Olympics in Paris in 2024?

  5. The agony of England’s daughters:

    At long last, it appears some of the perpetrators of the Rotherham sex attacks are now facing a form of justice. Do you have a take on the cover up; the cowardice of the authorities, the motivations, or if the women can finally heal? Sorry if it’s a loaded topic for you.


  6. It’s too bad that maybe some interesting goings-on in the world might not have the appeal to the Anglo-American-centric audience of this great blog and thus you won’t write about it.

    For example, a very interesting personality that maybe only Solaia and I are interested in and following is the Italian Fabrizio Corona, again in the news, with the betting scandal and threatening to out some Serie A players.

    A few years ago it would’ve been fun to talk about another Italian, “famous for being famous”, Gianluca Vacchi.

    And then there is one more thing, in a way connected to Corona: the world of hidden gaydom. I was wondering if astrology might shed some light on this particular facet of human existence, given the constant stream of outings, some personal, some forced, the stream of rumours that never ends and so on. But I am torn: is it ethical and moral to talk about it? I am strangely intrigued and drawn. Are some of these people hooked on the adrenaline of keeping it a secret and are they drawing some benefits and aware of it by having a wife and children, leading a heterosexual, heteronormative, life? Is it two-faced or legitimate? Do the wives know, are they accomplices, aware of it, do they not know it or pretend not to know? What are all the factors in this game? I’m curious, and I’m so torn to be prying and inquisitive about the private lives of others. It’s understandable that the older generations hid it and married the opposite-sex partner, given the persecutions, criminality, shaming and all the rest, and some of these things are very much alive even today, yet a whole lot changed too.

    Is it disingenuous or absolutely allowed and OK to hide it and pretend a heterosexual life?

    I think you wrote about the pointers of being gay in a chart and I think you said there really are none, and I may be inventing it all. Alice Portman has an interesting theory about what can be seen in a chart, a conclusion she reached in her researches, and she wrote about it on the Astrodienst forum some years ago.

    P. S. Funny, as I was thinking about posting this, a post about Rock Hudson popped up. Must be something in the air, some societal change maybe helped by the changes in the sky and planetary cycles that is driving all this interest in this…

    Other types of double life are also fascinating and maybe, just perhaps, in the end a matter of a concrete individual and his life path and without a final answer as to why men and women cheat in marriage and elsewhere. And in certain, or such, ways. For now, at least, without an answer.

  7. Marjorie,

    We just had breaking news today that far-right conspiracy theorist and former attorney and federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, who participated in Donald Trump’s plot to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, has just plead guilty and accepted a plea deal in Georgia. According to MSNBC, Powell may be required to testify as a result.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights or observations regarding Sidney Powell. Does the astrology suggest she will be playing a prominent role in testifying against Donald Trump?

    Any information or thoughts you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    • And Kenneth Chesebro just flipped today. Interesting….I’m curious to see how all of this influences Fani Willis’s case in Georgia.

  8. Joran van der Sloot, admits to killing Natalee Holloway

    Well, it’s finally concluded. He was born 6 August 1987 (age 36) in Arnhem, Netherlands.

    Any closing astro comments available?

    A terrible way to die.

  9. Just reading the golf merger between LIV and PGA Tour which was announced on June 6th is turning out to unworkable.

    Not so interested in the impact on golf …

    … interested to hear your astro wisdom on the chart and why it isn’t working out.


  10. Marjorie, have you written anything on this site about house systems? I did a search but didn’t find anything.
    I’m asking because a friend of mine just drew up my chart using whole sign houses and I was astonished to hear the insights that were thrown up as a result.
    Do you see any obvious advantages/disadvantages to using whole sign houses versus Placidus?
    Many thanks.

    • All astrologers in the early days of learning play around with houses and usually choose one that makes most sense of their own and charts of others close.
      My understanding is that the calculations behind the house systems are beyond complicated and I have always gone on the theory what works works and I don’t care why.
      I use houses a great deal both as temperament/talent indicators and for predictions. Koch suits me – a middle of the road system. Looking at equal house on my own chart I could see interpretations that made sense of both it and Koch in terms of temperament and experiences. It may be one shows one facet of a life and another system another.
      But you have to make up your mind for one that makes sense to you and stick to it otherwise you’ll get confused.

  11. After Percy Fawcett another courageous adventurer whose chart might be interesting is that of Phyllis (Pippa) Latour Doyle, the last surviving female Special Operations Executive agent from WWIi who died in New Zealand last Saturday aged 102. DoB given as 8 May 1921. An extraordinary person whose unncanny intuition and remarkable survival skills were exceedingly patronised by the establishment both during and after after the war.

  12. Hello!

    Was there something ‘misaligning’in the cosmos yesterday – the 16th October 2023 – which meant that things just went wrong for people? For many and varied reasons, myself, my husband, two good friends of mine and my mother in law all had a bad day of it. Nothing serious, but things where it just turned out to be ‘one of them days’

  13. It’s looking more and more like Jim Jordan is going to get the House Speakership….we’re now entering a dark period of white supremacy, conspiracy theories, and fascism.

    Jordan is an election denier and he’s going to block all legislation. However, astrologically speaking, is there a chance Ukraine will get the aid they need?

    Without U.S. support, Ukraine could fall to Vladimir Putin and his cult of imperialists…and soon, most of Central and Eastern Europe could too.

    Astrologically, does Ukraine appear to be headed towards major setbacks and does Vladimir Putin appear to be headed towards luck and success?

    Any thoughts you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    The news from The Wall Street Journal this evening was just devastating and it feels like apocalypse has arrived.

  14. I’d like to know about the accuracy of online compatibility reports for couples. I heard Liz Green’s are the most accurate. What do you think?
    And what if many reports coincide but the relationship is different in reality? What is your explanation in this case?

    • To be honest I have no idea since I have never used them. Liz Greene is usually good.
      If many reports coincide and the reality is different? All astrological aspects have a spectrum of meaning from negative to positive and it is not clear from the charts which end is operating.
      Though I might tend to the view that ‘the reality’ of the individuals’ concerned is somewhat shy of what is actually going on.
      In my experience people are often blind to the underlying cross currents in relationships – and if they can get along together without it rocking their boat that is fine. But if you ask questions of astrology you need to be prepared to at least chew over the answers you get. Which is best done in a face to face consultation.
      But if the relationship doesn’t seem broke to you then don’t go digging would be my advice.

      • I met someone and I knew how the relationship would be, I had an idea. Then, to double check, I used many compatibility reports including Liz Green’s and they matched what I knew. I wasn’t surprised at all and Liz Green’s was the most accurate.
        Then, I was confident enough to approach this person but the relationship wasn’t even close to what I knew or the compatibility reports said. What do you think?
        I think the answer is that he was highly unconscious in the relationship so it turned out to be different. But what a torture for me to be in touch with reality whilst he lived in an unconscious bubble. Any clues for me?

        • It takes two to tango – relationships are not just about compatibility – they are about two individual people and the time they are at in their lives. They may not be capable of having a relationship at all or be at the wrong time.
          Also what shows up as compatibility might match me with thousands of different people as their Venus matched my Sun etc etc.
          I would question the ‘me realistic’ and ‘they delusional’ thought.
          In my personal experience doing compatibility readings too early on in a relationship is not helpful. Be in the moment, make friends or not, let it develop organically so to speak. If you hit problems down the line then get a reading.

          • Don’t you think it’s a massive red flag that most compatibility reports agreed with me, with my view and not his?!
            Nah!!! In order for this to happen, he was highly unconscious in the relationship and the proof was his behaviour. He wasn’t himself with me.

    • @Charlotte, while yes, I think other methods may be somewhat accurate, my personal favourite is the midpoint method. There was – still might be – a calculator at Cafe Astrology took these on account that I used during my last round of dating. And while my husband and I have pretty opposition/square heavy synastry and a friendly, but not necessarily “passionate” composite, it was the midpoint calculation that set our relationship apart from any previous one I’d had, even the 6-year one where I lived together with the guy for 2 last ones.

    • This is more a comment about the quality of Liz Green’s work in general. I have an extremely Saturn-influenced natal chart and gained much understanding from her “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” book. Astro.com offers a psychological natal report based on Green’s work. I purchased it, feeling confident since I’d learned so much from her Saturn book. I was honestly stunned at how insightful that report turned out to be.

  15. Hi Marjorie, thank you for your thoughtful content over the past 10 days. It helps me to see it laid out astrologically. The only thing that has struck me from the planets is how the archetype of the Libran attempt to balance opposing points of view, and the Aries associations with war have been so prominent as the nodes transit those signs.

    In a separate request might you look at the natal chart, perhaps disappearance and astrocartography for explorer Percy Fawcett? 31/08/1867 8am Torquay. Disappeared 29 May 1925, Mat Grosso, Brazil. Late to the party as ever I am only just watching a biographical film of some of his expeditions – The Lost City of Z (2016) and have found him quite interesting.
    thank you

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