Lindbergh kidnapping – questions remain

DNA testing could prove the guilt or innocence of Bruno Hauptmann convicted and executed for the kidnap and murder of aviator Charles Lindbergh’s baby 90 years ago. There has been no DNA testing or forensic testing of any kind in recent decades and the case largely rested on circumstantial – admittedly overwhelming – evidence. A group of researchers is pressing its legal fight to reexamine the case evidence using rapidly developing DNA technology.  Marked bills from the kidnapping ransom were found in his garage. Wood from the kidnapping ladder was found to be from his attic.  But there are queries as to whether he had an accomplice. When he went to the electric chair in 1936, he was still maintaining his innocence, refusing to sign a confession that might have saved his life. 

Bruno Hauptmann, 26 November 1899 1pm Kamenz, Germany, was a carpenter, an illegal immigrant who came to the USA after the First World War in which his father and two brothers died and he himself was gassed and suffered a head injury. After the war, he and a friend robbed two women wheeling a baby carriage and he served time for burglaries including one using a ladder.

  He had a stellium of six planets spread out through Sagittarius with Sun conjunct Uranus, Uranus conjunct Mars and Venus, Mercury, Saturn all conjunct. His explosive Mars Uranus was opposition Pluto and square a Virgo Moon which suggests a volcanic reservoir of anger against women, no doubt from his own infant experiences.  His Venus, Mercury, Saturn opposed Neptune and again squared his Moon – emotionally incredibly unstable. Plus his Mars was conjunct Chiron which can have problems controlling aggression.

  Tragically and ironically the baby Charles Lindbergh 111 also had his Mars conjunct Chiron, deeply buried in in Taurus in his 8th house. Born 22 June 1930 2.10pm Englewood, New Jersey, he may have had a lucky, expansive Sun Cancer conjunct Jupiter in his 9th house but he did not have an easy chart with an over-controlled 10th house Pluto square a 7th house Uranus and his Mars Chiron conjunct his Moon. Had he survived the kidnapping or even without it, he would not have had an untroubled life.

  His father, Charles Lindbergh 11, 4 February 1902 1.30 am Detroit, Michigan, was a super-determined Sun and Mars in Aquarius with a controlling Pluto in his 8th opposition Uranus and Neptune also in his 8th Taurus. His Moon in Sagittarius was conjunct Uranus and opposition both Pluto and Neptune – so not emotionally stable or calm. His Sun was square the baby’s 8th house Mars exactly so a connection that would tend to flare up easily.

  The baby’s mother Anne Morrow Lindbergh, another aviator, 22 June 1906 11.15 am Englewood, NJ, also had a revved up Mars with her Cancer Sun conjunct Mars, Moon, Neptune opposition Uranus – and that would have been explosive.

  There is nothing much on any of the charts to give any indication of involvement on 1 March 1932 when the baby disappeared.

  But there is an extraordinarily strong Mars theme running through all the charts.   

7 thoughts on “Lindbergh kidnapping – questions remain

  1. Sorry but you can try looking on youtube and googling Charles Lindburgh. I might have added something like Lindburgh involved in son’s death. I am not as tech savvy as I need to be. I am also full of cold.

    I only watched the youtube one out of curiosity. I used to feel sorry for the man. I didn’t know till now hiw awful he was. There us some thought that Hauptman was set up to take the fall. I don’t know what happened to the other man, other than that his name was I believe Walter Fischer-Dieskau o He died soon after returning to Germany. I hope that is right. Anyway I hooe you gave better luck.

  2. I too would love to have some references, since the astrology, although interesting, doesn’t point in any one direction. Thanks Marjorie for bringing this story back into mind.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. I suspect that the likelihood of any of the Lindburgh family consenting to any DNA testing or forensic investigations, that would require the exhumation of their family members would be extremely remote.

    I have recently watched a documentary on YouTube which gave some pretty compelling evidence of Charkes Lindburgh’s involvement in his son’s disappearance and death. I followed this up by reading some articles that actually indicated he might have attempted the kidnap of the youngest Morrow daughter. Indeed there were similarities.

    It has been said that Lindburgh’s son was mentally handicapped and had some sort of disability. Charles Lindburgh was a believer in eugenics and later on a known nazi sympathiser.

    He was an obsessive compulsive who planned everything down to the last detail. He always kept to a routine and was known to never deviate.

    On the night of the disappearance, he ordered his wife and the nanny to not go into their son’s bedroom between the hours of 8 to 10pm. He had been due to speak in front of a group, yet he never went and never cancelled. Which he normally would have done. He went out and returned by 8:30 pm.

    I believe at 10 pm he allowed his wife and the nanny to attend his son. They returned and said that the boy was gone.

    Now they weren’t initially concerned because three weeks before Lindburgh had played a prank where he oretended that the child was missing and had everyone searching for him. He had locked the boy up in a closet and he was there for hours. So you have to admit he is a little bit suspect.

    Anyway given that he took over the police investigation and refused any assistance from the FBI, who had been personally sent by J Edgar Hoover himself. Charles Lindburgh was considered a national hero and because of that he abused his position. There are reports that he refused to look into leads that might have actually have found the kid.

    In the end his body was found close by. He had died on the night he went missing. Amazingly there were quite a few people that suspected Lindburgh of being involved in his son’s death and murder. Yet it all seemed to have been covered up until recently.

    Of course it is all circumstantial. But when a man refuses the police access to his property and doesn’t answer or allow anyone else to answer questions, then you do have to wonder. You also have to wonder why being the first to fly across the Atlantic was more important than a little boy’s life!

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