Jim Jordan – an outlier aiming for centre stage

Jim Jordan’s far-right supporters are putting on an intimidation campaign to twist the arms of reluctant Republican congresspersons before the vote for him to become Speaker on Tuesday. If he wins they will have elected a speaker who opposes Ukraine funding and wanted then-Vice President Mike Pence to reject Joe Biden electoral votes. In addition it means that Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s strategy will have been successful, as a small group (four percent) of House Republicans will have unilaterally ousted a House speaker — and replaced him with their chosen successor.

  “Several of Mr. Jordan’s supporters have posted the phone numbers of mainstream G.O.P. lawmakers they count as holdouts,” according to The New York Times.

  He was born 17 February 1964 in Troy, Ohio, was a wrestler in college, became a congressman in 2007 and recently has been an all-out, vociferously supportive pro-Trumper.

  He was born three days after John Gotti Jnr, (the convicted former mobster’s son), six days after Sarah Palin and 7 days after Glen Beck (right-wing conspiracy theorist jock.) All of them have similar charts – a ferociously hard-edged and aggressive Sun Mars Saturn in Aquarius with Neptune in Scorpio in square. Plus a Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (Moon) in Aries. A yod apex Jupiter can be influential  on social affairs but tends to be undone by self-aggrandisement. He has another Yod of Mercury in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries inconjunct Uranus – can be a trailblazer but is also divisive and tends to cause rifts.

  His Jupiter and maybe Moon (not known because no birth time) was opposition this week’s Solar Eclipse which could hint at wild over-confidence but there is nothing other than that showing on his chart for or against victory or defeat at the moment and ditto Matt Gaetz. What, however, is eye-catching is a considerable upset on his chart in July 2024 which he will regard as a cataclysmic disaster. His relationship chart with Donald Trump will also be seriously shaken at the same time by a devastating turn of events as their composite Pluto square Mars gets elbowed sharply by tr Uranus in hard aspect, continuing into 2025.

  That is also when tr Uranus squares Trump’s Mars in Leo over the 2024 Republican Convention which looks to be a shock n’ awe event with a Uranus Mars conjunction on the opening day.

  Jordan looks deflated in 2025, his confidence dented and ambitious plans undermined.  

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  1. This year has seen a number of those born in 1964 get their overdue comeuppance:the Long-Island serial killer springs to mind.
    I had wondered if it’s because they’re all nearing/going through their 2nd Saturn return, but JJ seems to have largely survived his. So, is this his “reap what you sow” poat-SR consequence?
    If him getting the speakership wouldn’t translate to such devastation for the country (and the world by extension), I’d be making popcorn.
    What are the cross-currents between his and the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and Israel charts?

    • I was born in early 1964, and have been going through the 2nd Saturn return for a few months now. With the retrograde motion it is currently almost exact and will move out of orb in the next 4-6 weeks or so I think.

      Since the first Saturn return I’ve made a simple commitment to an honest life and not try to take any shortcuts, etc. The 2nd return has been tasking but rewarding at the same time, mostly it is the realization that I am moving into another phase of my life and the work that I’ve done over the past 30 years is worthwhile. Saturn is a good friend, if one listens, but if not…..well, the Lord of Karma will let you know.

      • David,

        It’s great to hear from your personal perspective about your 2nd Saturn return.

        From what I’ve read of Marjorie’s analyses and those others over the years, I gather that astrological “morality” (if we can call it that) doesn’t necessarily align with human ones.

        Astrology also operates under a much larger time scale than we do. So, large swaths of populations can become “sacrificial lambs” for astrological lessons to be driven home.

        So, for those who are certain (and who really can be?) that they will not become part of the sacrifice, they can (via confirmation bias) come to believe that they’ve done what’s right.

        From a species/self-preservation perspective, we are each other’s keepers. Perhaps if we can truly embody the spirit of “live and let live” (across human and non-human communities) and keep in mind that some of us are more sensitive to (perceived) existential threat than others, we will have a better chance of surviving the global upheavals (socio-economic, political, climatic) we’re living through.

  2. A previous speaker of the House, John Boehner, called Jordan a “political terrorist.” He is a known bully who appears to have no interest in doing the difficult, boring work of governing; rather, he is focused on self-promotion, Trumpism, and punishing his perceived enemies. He’s like a throwback to Joe (not Kevin) McCarthy of the 1950s. He has also been identified as one of the possible architects of the January 6 attacks, and records show he was on the phone with Trump for 10 minutes on that day. He (Jordan) voted not to certify the 2020 election, and has refused to honor two subpoenas during the congressional inquiry into that horrifying attempt to overthrow the government.

    Also, it is well known that he was assistant men’s wrestling coach at Ohio State University during the 1990s and early 2000s, and during that time turned a blind eye to abuse being perpetrated on young men by the team doctor; he claimed “not to know,” even though many have testified that they confided in him, and of course as assistant coach it was his business to know. So far, OSU has paid out ca. $60 million in settlements over various lawsuits stemming from what went on in the wrestling program, with more to likely to come.

    In short, he is a person of extremely low character who is just about the last person anyone needs as second in line to the presidency. I sincerely hope that enough Republican House members vote against him to keep him from getting the speaker’s gavel. I also hope that his difficult astrology in July augurs his removal from a position of power and influence. Perhaps by then he will be indicted for his role in 1/6?

    • Exactly. He helped cover up the molestation scandal involving wrestlers at Ohio State University and lied that he knew nothing about it. And everyone knew that he lied. Former Speaker Dennis Hastert, another former wrestling coach who actually molested his wrestlers, ultimately went to jail in connection with the scandal.

      Insurrectionist, “legislative terrorist,” divider and demonstrated liar “Gym” Jordan is even more morally depraved than Hastert.

      What is it about these Republicans that they select such degenerates for their leaders?

  3. I read there were still 12 Republican holdouts…I’m hoping at least 5 remain holdouts. I do not want Jim Jordan getting this position.

  4. Maybe in July Trump feels desperate and cornered like a wild animal again then trigger his minions to give the GOP convention the Jan. 6 treatment!
    Or maybe it’s just a fantasy of mine.

  5. It would be interesting to see how/if this July 2024 astro-weather correlates with the obvious country charts around the world. I recall reading here that Ukraine’s fortunes are astrologically more upbeat in 2024.

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