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  1. The 19th century sexual purity law that some want to revive…”https://www.cnn.com/2023/10/03/opinions/comstock-act-abortion-first-amendment-ziegler/index.html”

    Could you compare this law with the natal chart for the US? Methinks it truly is over-the-top to revive and apply a law from 1873 to womens’ reproductive rights.

    I am avoiding comments for the Israeli “conflict” cuz I’m too overwhelmed from daily mundane events. Even news about Trump has diminished…

  2. Another Afghan earthquake – “More than 1,000 people are feared dead after the 6.3-magnitude quake hit villages in Herat Province on Saturday…The earthquake struck about 40km (25 miles) north-west of the city of Herat at around 11:00 local time (06:30 GMT) on Saturday.”

    Be prepared for more chaos in the world.

  3. Perhaps too graphic and terrible for viewers.


    Do the eclipses project a resolution?

  4. President Putin has claimed that Russia now has a nuclear powered cruise missile. In the late 1950’s, Project Pluto was created in the US which produced two functional ramjet prototypes. However, the project was cancelled as the ramjet blast was terribly radioactive. All human life under the flight path would be “affected”. But the ramjet cruise missile did have the capability of limitless flight until ICBMs became more cost-effective.


    Does Putin make the same claim?


    • The Age of Pisces lasted two millennia. Presumably so will the Age of Aquarius. Therefore the Age of Capricorn is not even worth contemplating.

      A simple way of thinking of the “Age of” is (and this is how I think of it) in which *sidereal* sign does the Sun rise on the verbal equinox.

      In the tropical zodiac, Aries always starts on the verbal equinox. But according to sidereal Vedic astrology, Aries starts around 15th April. So Pisces starts around 15th March.

      As the solar system moves slowly, over centuries, through the galaxy and space, the sidereal sign that the verbal equinox arises in will move backwards through Pisces into Aquarius.

      Other interpretations are available 🙂

  5. My humble question:

    Will Sunak win the next General Election?

    I’m quite angry with his blatant dishonest lying about using the HS2 cash in ‘improving transport links in the North’.

    If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. If this were really true, there would be no point in scrapping HS2.

    Such a damned liar is not worthy of election.

    • Unfortunately, if Tories are smart to use astrology to pick the right election date in 2024, they could stay in power.

      In April 2024, Jupiter will conjunct Sunak’s Sun.

      In fact longer they delay the GE better the chances of them losing it.

        • Yes, it is entirely possible. However, I don’t see any big transits for Starmer in 2024 which usually propel someone to position of power. He has transiting Saturn oppose his Sun in February, which is worrying.

          • Or you could see transiting Saturn opposite Starmer’s Sun being about him handed a responsibility to show he is capable.

            Donald Trump was inaugurated in Jan 2017 with transiting Saturn opposite his Gemini Sun.

    • I think Rishi’s luck will be landing something akin to Clegg in Cali or some other puffed up venture. As it stands surely you must see there is NO possible messaging that will win them anything. I even think hung parliament is a (potential) stretch. “Vote for us…more of the same” ooops , “Vote for us for change” really? Impossible.

  6. Hi Marjorie,
    Model Jodie Turner-Smith has filed for divorce from actor Joshua Jackson, with Joshua reportedly unhappy about the separation.
    Jodie has venus conjunct pluto in scorpio so at a guess, I’d say she blindsided him.

  7. The Speaker of the House of Representatives has just been removed. The republicans are blocking money to Ukraine until Biden cuts other spending.

    Meanwhile Slovakia has elected a pro-Putin govt. Together with Hungary’s Orban, they can block further aid to Ukraine.

    Would be interested in the astrological analysis of the above events.

      • But I think it could happen in, say, 10 years? What do you think?
        Do you see something like this happening from an astrological perspective?
        And do you think the UK could change the pound for the euro if they decide to rejoin? What do you see?

    • I agree that Europe wouldn’t currently have us back. Also certain EU countries are embracing nationalism/populism. Depending how that pans out, the EU we left may not be as desirable as the one we might to rejoin! My main issue about leaving the EU was never about leaving per se; it was more about the reckless knee-jerk way in which the UK finally left and the thoroughly distasteful and seemingly corrupt/untrustworthy politicos in the leave camp. They may well be biggest bunch of self-interested rogues as yet unhanged! They have certainly damaged not just the UK, but Europe as well.

  8. Ibram X. Kendi, Henry Rogers as was, has fired half the staff at his his ant-racism centre. Prompting questions over the 40 million he’s received so far and the precious little to show for it. Boston U has opened in inquiry.

    Apologies. I posted in an older Questions & comments.

  9. I am curious about Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her boyfriend shaman Durek Verrett. They are getting married next year. How will it all end?
    The princess’s parents are elderly and her father is not well. Her brother Crown Prince Haakon will take over the throne but his wife Princess Mette-Marit is also not well. She has cystic fibrosis. How does the future look like for Crown Prince Haakon, his wife and children Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus?

  10. Just a comment. I read yesterday that the Minister in charge of Crime and Policing intends to run the database of Passport photos through facial recognition software as a way to help police catch shoplifters. Seems like a Pluto in Aquarius solution to a problem.

    I think it would further undermines public trust in any government that does it. No-one submits their photo for a passport or driving license expecting it to then be run against a crime database. If they do this, I don’t see what then stops them submitting your blood test or medicals at the doctors for DNA testing against the crime database etc, etc. Maybe it’s this sort of thing that provokes a Pluto in Aqua change of government.

    • I think a DNA search/profiling may be more problematic.

      Your DNA could flag up against the DNA of close blood relatives (siblings, cousins, etc) and could even unearth unknown siblings and family members. Blood speaking against blood, causing bad blood. A pot best left unstirred.

      Photo profiling by comparison sounds less troublesome. Perhaps new passport and driving license forms can contain a GDPR waiver to that effect and the scans would only be done against new photos submitted with those application forms

      • Genealogical DNA detective work is already used to solve mostly (I think) cold cases, with some success. There is a huge amount of DNA on commercial databases now available to use in solving crime, limited to violent unsolved crime as far as I know. A killer’s own DNA does not need to be on the database either, just a relative’s – a second cousin or whatever will do as a starting point.

        Not sure how accurate facial recognition software is. Police could catch shoplifters with ease if they actually showed up when shopkeepers asked for their help. Friends of mine with small businesses have had no luck at all when requesting police help with persistent shoplifting individuals, all filmed on the shop’s cctv……

        • The geneological DNA testing is also extremely expensive and time-consuming, requiring specialized expertise and analysis, limiting its use by law enforcement agencies.

        • Re Jane:
          Not just small businesses, but chain stores ( Marshalls Apple Target in NYC ) are ignored too. It’s open season for theft. I have seen Apple and Marshalls have uniformed police officers – that they hired – to stand at the entrance/exit.

      • Which is a response to the objection, not a solution to the problem.

        – The gangs behind shoplifting will find children who don’t have passports or can’t be prosecuted. Foreign nationals who don’t have British passports and, of course, probably organise more forging/theft of passports.
        – Do homeless/drug addicts/poor people who shoplift even have passports.
        – shoplifters will wear masks claiming Covid to avoid the recognition.

        Similar to how all the money-laundering checks now inconvenience the law-abiding public who want to open bank accounts / transfer money rather than stopping those who do it.

      • Hi Surchin – I doubt anyone under 25 would have a problem with it. It’s invasive feeling for older people who understood privacy differently.

        As far as misconduct or mistakes around data -for non raping unmurdering unstealing citizens – I’d guess anything is possible, by crooks as Gnarly points out or the enforcers, as history proves.

        I suppose it’s progress and would help, but it feels wrong and full of defeat. Maybe the meaning of victory has changed as well as the one for privacy…idk.

  11. I very much enjoyed the Supermodels documentary recently. All four ladies (Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell) have had vastly different life paths. Linda E. in particular seems to have had a very tough run. Would love to know more about them astrologically.

    • Hi ~ Linda E was profiled by Marjorie O around the coolsculpting debacle. Looking forward to catching the doc at some point.

  12. Interesting story on the BBC this morning about how trainee security guards are fraudulently obtaining licenses. Essentially paying for the qualification – being told the answers and not even having to turn up for the bulk of the course. “https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-66923084”

    Apparently the need for this qualification all came into being due to the “Private Security Industry Act 2001” which was enacted on 11 May 2001 – so I’d guess that is being hit by transiting Uranus.

    But it also seems an indictment of what education has become since the Pluto in Sag era monetized education. This is the extreme version of teaching to the test. In a classic Plutonian laser-focus, education has gone from a general education covering a range of material to only what you need to know. I’ve been on courses where the tutors will say “This is a very important piece of information. You might want to remember this for the exam.” … this takes it on another step.

    Also reflects the Pluto in Capricorn neediness for a piece of paper / qualification if you’re even to be considered for a job. Not just in the security industry.

    And of course, it’s just another example of the sham regulatory bodies we have in the UK. OFQUAL (8-Apr-2008 as part of QCA, independent from 1-Apr-2010).

    • ASQ in the US commonly offers training for engineers for its certifications using a variety of “helpful” methods. Unfortunately, hiring managers expect ASQ certs to convey a level of “expertise” and “thorough competence”.

      Totally agree with, “…the Pluto in Capricorn neediness for a piece of paper / qualification if you’re even to be considered for a job. Not just in the security industry.”

      • You said it nice and succinctly there Larry … the hiring managers think the certification conveys expertise and competence. Trouble is there are so many more aspect to a job than the ones that have been ticked.

        I’m sure you’ve seen the same things I have. I first worked in IT at the end of the 80s. I went on training courses run by small companies and only got a paper certificate to say I’d attended. By the time I left my job in mid-2000s, all the jobs apps I was looking at were beginning to expect you to have the standard certification that hadn’t existed a decade before when I was on the courses.

        I’ve noticed recently that’s another of the effects of Pluto in Capricorn. Everything has become so standardised and homogenous. Not just in business. People all want to see the same sporting events, music gigs, films, own the same things etc, etc. They’re too scared to be individuals. I guess we might expect Pluto in Aqua to start sorting that out …

        • In the same vein, I was told to “rewite your resume to show current job titles with six sigma, etc in the titles…” Problem is, those jobs didn;t exist even 5 yrs ago.

          Major challenge with headhunters knowing to keyword search but have no value/knowledge of the actual rqmts. So I still continue to step into the batter’s box and swing away… 😉 And move my head away from those wild pitches!

          • Sorry for the lack of astrology in this comment, please forgive


            Unsure where you are obtaining the info re:Six Sigma”; particularly with no citation.

            However, Six Sigma has been one of the premiere certificate based exams for process efficiency in many fields, including IT, for nearly forty years…

            “ Six Sigma (6σ) is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. It was introduced by American engineer Bill Smith while working at Motorola in 1986”


            Kind regards,


        • I still use a flip fone. Cannot justify the expense or trouble of lugging around that brick of a smart fone .

          For $20/month, I can afford.

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