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  1. Hello Marjorie
    The Sagrada Familia will finally be finished 2024.
    Construction began 19.3 1882 according to wiki
    Consecrated by Pope 7.11.2010
    Architect Antoni Gaudi born 25.6.1852
    Any thought in this magnificent edifice most welcome

  2. Ibram X. Kendi, Henry Rogers as was, has fired half the staff at his his ant-racism centre. Prompting questions over the 40 million he’s received so far and the precious little to show for it. Boston U has opened in inquiry.

  3. I am worried about the Royal Navy playing chicken with the Russians in the Black Sea. We do not have many ships and the most that we have done in recent years is play cat and mouse with a Russian sub who likes hiding in the Thames. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

  4. That Helen Mirren film is getting a slating already. People are appalled presenting this amongst the genocide and apartheid of Zionist secular Israel – only kept in place by violence. And the deportation of 60,000 Black Jews back to Ethiopia and Sudan of late that the BBC ‘forgot’ to mention. They are playing a game with Maureen Lipman diverting attention that “A Jewish actress should have played a part”…They have nothing to learn on attempts at mind control….Awful.

  5. Grant Shapps UK defence minister has just said that UK troops need to be deployed in Ukraine. I did pose the question a while back but it now looks like a point of no return escalation is envisaged and de facto direct war with russia (which presumably parliament will rubber stamp?). How long before mandatory draft is brought in to the US and UK given current low serving troop numbers-esp in uk. This would no doubt suit the Tories very well as under the prolongation of parliament they could suspend elections for several years (as they did in WW2).

  6. I was wondering about the felling of the Sycamore Gap tree this week. A nasty, vicious act of vandalism, made headline news by its iconic location. I remembered a similar event when another iconic UK tree, the Glastonbury Thorn, was chopped down by vandals in 2010. It’s always thought provoking to see symbolic moments like these. They make me feel quite upset and uneasy. Yesterday’s Full Moon in Aries was square the UK Sun.

    The astrology is interesting. The Glastonbury Thorn (8th December 2010) was felled with Mercury, Mars,Pluto and the Moon’s Nodes all close together in earthy Capricorn. Perhaps the intense Mars/Pluto energy found an outlet through the Nodes and their meaning of groups of people? Mercury, Mars, and Pluto together would be determined and probably very angry. Just Mars alone would represent cutting tools, such as the chainsaw used to cut the Thorn down. The Sycamore Gap Tree was also cut down by angry losers with a chainsaw.

    This latest symbolic act of destruction also has Mercury aligned with Mars, this time in Libra. They begin their journey towards squaring Pluto in Capricorn, and opposing the Moon’s Nodes in Aries. So a similar mix is in place, looking to broadcast itself through Mercury and the Nodes? Mars reaches the exact square with Pluto in about a week’s time. At the moment, Mars and Mercury are crossing the degree of the upcoming Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra in two week’s time. Does this trigger the eclipse point ahead of time?

    • Non-astrologically speaking I was just reading the police believe it has to have been an expert tree-feller. That the blade used is bigger than one you or I could buy at B&Q. And you can see from how they chalked the cut and its cleanness that stands to reason. They have arrested or searched the home of a 69-year-old former lumberjack who was evicted on Thursday after a 13-year battle to stay on the farm which his father had leased from Jesuits but who weren’t willing to let him continue it. That said, they gave him lease extensions while he looked for a new home.

      Further food for thought Jane is that the direction it fell means it hit Hadrian’s Wall. So that will allow a more serious charge than “felling a tree without consent” as HW is a World Heritage Site. Any astro thoughts on Hadrian’s Wall? Bit hard to date but symbolic for England/Scotland. Maybe Hadrian himself?

      It was full moon so perfect conditions for visibility but also astrologically significant as you point out.

      • Very interesting thoughts, GD. And those Roman Emperors are the subject of Mary Beard’s new book too.
        I looked at the Winter Solstice for 121CE, and there’s a Mars opposition Pluto in Aries, square Mercury at 7 Capricorn. I had imagined the planning of this wall must have been discussed by then. All close to our recent full Moon. And also resonates with that Mars, Pluto, Mercury mix we’re seeing now in the Cardinal signs. By the Spring Equinox, 122CE, the year Hadrian is said to have come to Britain, there’s Saturn Rx in Cancer 26, opposing Hadrian’s natal Jupiter in Capricorn. Sounds a bit large Wall-like to me! I theorised that the building work would have begun in spring, after the snow had gone? They were eager to keep out the fierce ‘Caledonians’, I think there’d been some violence in 121.

        Also, I haven’t checked the astro, but part of the Great Wall of China was knocked down recently by a man in a digger looking for a quick route…..also quite a symbolic event for them I’d imagine.

        • I saw that about the man with the digger in China. Unbelievable what goes through people’s minds – as you say he wanted a quicker route. With the Glastonbury Thorn, I could make a case for it being attacked because someone is against all the religious/new age associations. But the Sycamore Gap – I just can’t begin to think what attacking a tree in the middle of nowhere was attempting to achieve.

          Knocking down walls – seems like something we might expect to see a lot of during the Pluto in Aquarius era. That began earlier this year, even if it has retro’ed back into Cappy. Aqua really lacks the sentimentality or regard for the history of why stuff is how it is. Just wants to replace it and start afresh.

          • I agree with you GD, but at the same time I’ve come across a number of Aquarians who seem to embody their traditional ruler, Saturn. But then Saturn is an odd mix in myth isn’t he? And the whole Saturnalia thing, all the partying and so on when his symbolic chains came off for the Roman festival. And that mad Goat-fish symbolic creature! Berlin Wall’s historic moment had Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn, Pluto and Sun/Mercury in Scorpio. Uranus square the North Node now.

            There’s been quite a bit of unwanted tree felling lately. Just when we need them the most.

          • It’s said every revolutionary eventually becomes the old guard!

            Every time I make this kind of statement I can always think of people who are nothing like the archetype, I’m talking about. A good few Aquarians have Pisces mercury or venus which can change that cold logicality.

            I have very little idea what to make of the fish/partying side of Capricorn as I’ve rarely seen it. But I think that’s a sign of the times we live in where most of the past three decades have been dominated by the outers moving through the societal signs of Cap-Pisces. Really feels to me like everything has become about putting on appearances for others rather than any personal depth.

          • Yes, keeping up appearances on Insta – status and illusions might be Capricorn and Pisces in partnership I agree. Interesting to think that last Neptune in Pisces saw the rise of Spiritualism, although that did continue into Aries. If Saturn is co ruler of Aquarius, then Pluto hasn’t finished its time in Saturn’s realms. Perhaps to transform the collective next? Make us all realise that everything living is connected? Aquarius is the only sign represented by a human being. Perhaps human beings have much more to learn about themselves and their place in the greater scheme of things. I can hope!

    • Sometimes these happenings do have a symbolic value. I remember years ago when a flock of the Queen’s swans flew into a bridge in early morning fog and killed themselves and thinking it was spooky. Her annis horribilis followed not long after.
      Given that Hadrian’s Wall was built to separate south from north Britain, it could be to do with the shift in Scotland with the collapse of Sturgeon/SNP. There is that odd upheaval on the Act of Union Scotland/England chart, 1 May 1707. Tr Uranus is conjunct the Taurus Sun and square Pluto Jupiter this year into 2024. See chart in post 9 October 2022. The North Node in that chart is at 26 Libra – so that is also being highlighted.
      I don’t mean whoever cut it down had that in mind they might just have been an agent of the fates.

      • Yes, an ‘agent of the fates’ is exactly it. That 1707 chart is interesting with its upheaval now. There’s more Uranus in Taurus a bit later on the Edgar chart, 973, with it’s Taurus Sun/Mars/Mercury and Pluto in Leo. I suppose Uranus square UK 1801 Saturn is hovering, but that could be a government/parliament upheaval, yet again. Given the state of the actual building, it might simply translate into bits falling off.

  7. Well,my head comment was deleted or lost.
    Who are these children born 2008-09.?
    At least some of them.
    Killing,killing.,Their parents seems to be lost or can’t handle.
    Sad times .

  8. Nota Bene.
    These are young shooters 13-14 years.
    They have not a clue of consequences.
    They really don’t know what they are doing.They don’t care if it’s an innocent person is murdered.Horrible.
    Orded by the Leader in Turkey.

  9. Good morning Marjorie, could you do an update on Rep Mat Gaetz. You have posted on him in the past but it has been a few years. He is currently orchestrating the Government shutdown, ousting Speaker Kevin McCarthy, just a bad actor all around and creating chaos and rumors are he is eying a run for Florida Governor, when Desantis is gone.

    • @ Anita,

      I’m from North Florida and it’s true, Matt Gaetz is considering a gubernatorial run in 2026. He currently represents Florida’s 1st Congressional District (which is around the Pensacola area) and it’s a heavily conservative / Republican district. The thought of him running for governor in this state is horrifying.

  10. Marjorie,

    I’m sure you’ve read the news that California Democratic U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein (of blessed memory) has just died at age 90. California is a solid blue Democratic state, so another Democrat will take that seat. However, Senator Feinstein cannot be replaced. Feinstein was the first woman elected Mayor of San Francisco and she was also the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in California. So, she was definitely a pioneer for her state.

    Astrologically, how things look for California’s U.S. Senate situation? Governor Gavin Newsom promised that if Feinstein were to retire before her term was up, he would replace her with an African-American woman (since many of his constituents were disappointed that he didn’t fill Kamala Harris’s seat with another African-American woman after she was elected as Vice President).

    The U.S. Senate race will be coming up next year….but now that Feinstein has passed away, that seat will need to be filled right now.

    U.S. House Representatives Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee (who is African-American) are vying for Feinstein’s Senate seat. Adam Schiff is the Democratic Party’s preferred candidate…while many progressives are rallying behind either Katie Porter or Barbara Lee.

    I’m sure you’ll write something about Diane Feinstein’s passing…..but I am curious if you could take a look at Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee’s charts to see which one of them seems to hold the strongest chance of getting that seat.

  11. Hi Marjorie,

    I just saw that you wrote about Nicaragua (which I’m going to read in a few minutes). Thank you for writing about that.

    This evening, The New York Times reported that the iconic Sycamore Gap Tree near Hadrian’s Wall in the UK was cut down in an act of deliberate vandalism on September 28, 2023. The suspects are believed to be 2 idiots – a 16 year old male and a 60 year old male and they’ve since been arrested. The iNews UK interviewed a few tree experts and some believe it’s possible the tree could be saved – although nothing is anywhere near certain. The National Trust manager believes the tree could be coppiced but it would take up to 200 years before re-growth would resemble anything like the tree that was cut down.

    I understand that the Sycamore Gap Tree was considered a landmark and was beloved by many British citizens, artists, photographers, nature enthusiasts. The tree has even been featured in a number of prominent feature films and television series (like the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and the 2011 British crime drama television series, Vera).

    I was particularly upset to read about the destruction of the Sycamore Gap Tree because I’m an environmentalist but all an art and cultural heritage appreciator – the tree symbolized all of that.

    Anyway, I was wondering if the astrology could offer any insight to the surge in vandalism of artworks and cultural and natural heritage sites around the world. The Sycamore Gap Tree is just latest example. Astrologically speaking, have we entered an era where a large segment of the world’s population has lost admiration, respect, and interest in art, cultural heritage, and natural heritage?

  12. GB News seems to be imploding with the departure of Dan Wooton, Lawrence Fox and now the Reverend Callum Robinson. With 12 investigations by OFCON, is anything showing up on GB’s astrology? Thank you Marjorie.

  13. @ marjorie ….Just reread your posts and outlook on Biden from April and July 2923, and the challenges are starting to pile up on cue. The Hunter Biden mess, the US house started the Biden impeachment inquiry yesterday, surely irritating, the Budget fight with implications for Ukraine funding, the looming Government shutdown mismanaged by McCarthy along with the autoworkers strike both bad for the economy, the death of CA Sen. Feinstein and indictment for corruption of NJ Senator Menendez and the ongoing media coverage of the chaos surrounding Trump ect ect. All worrisome for the country.

  14. I’ve never understood how to interpret the effect of someone else’s planets landing in your houses. E.g. their saturn lands in your 5th; their mars lands in your 8th, their sun in your 9th or whatever etc, etc.

    Obviously there are too many combos to cover them all but is there an easy way of understanding?

    • Know what you mean – I have to stop and think.
      Your Saturn in their 5th – think about what Saturn means which is work-oriented, critical, rigid, chilly and you dump that onto their romantic, playful 5th and put a damper on their spontaneity. It can bring loyalty and a sense of responsibility but is not a recipe for passion.
      Your Mars in their 8th – you put your go-ahead, pro-active Mars energy into their financial affairs and confidential concerns. Can turn nasty.
      Your Sun in their 9th house of beliefs, education and communication. Your high-vitality approach will make them think and persuade them to improve their knowledge and broaden their horizons etc.
      Your planet is what you bring to the table which you land in a specific arena of your partner’s life

      • Thanks Marjorie – that’s useful – got me thinking while I mowed the lawn! I need to go off and apply it to a couple of my charts to get a feel. But’s it definitely helpful.

      • In the past, I’ve read never date people with Sun in your 12th because they’ll lie or dupe you. Could never understand it.

        But your template is useful. if I read the 12th as being the house where you let go of stuff and get ready for the next cycle it becomes a little clearer. My 12th is Aries and I find they seem to get wound up about stuff which I shrug about. Their impatience to ‘push the river’ when things cannot be changed is eye-rolling to me. They seem to take everything as a competition or personal affront. It’s all a bit mysterious because, while I am very competitive and will compete if we agree there’s a competition to be had; I make a big effort to keep things cooperative and give lots of applause to others when they do things well. I can go for a friendly round of golf rather than needing to turn it into something more. All very mysterious and unnecessarily wearying to me.

  15. Hi Marjorie, would you be able to take a look at the Chinese property company Evergrande? Things are looking very very dicey. Do you think they will be the drivers of the next big global financial meltdown, in a similar way that the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers triggered the 2008 crash? Thank you!

  16. Marjorie is that new law that Parliament, or I should say the House of Commons which seeks to deny free speech if it disagrees the government come under your radar yet?

    • Marjorie.
      What a World…
      My concerns,Sweden has become The Wild West.Murders everyday.
      The Drug Gang Leader sitting in Turkey ordering murders every day in Sweden.
      Erdogan doesn’t seems to bother.
      It’s like a CivilWar.
      The Laws of Sweden doesn’t fit to this world.Has to be changed immediately.
      Will this ever stop? Sweden is a small country,perhaps of no interest.
      I would like to know the planets positions.
      You are a hard working astrologer. Astonishing.
      Do you ever have a time off?
      Take care♥️

  17. You have looked at the refugee issue recently, but how about looking at the person in the centre of it.. suella braverman? I think she has aspirations to become leader of the Conservative Party. Will she be the leader of the opposition?

  18. Good Morning Marjorie. It is inevitable that someone is going to ask about the latest legal decison in the seemingly never-ending Donald Chump saga; it might as well be me! Are there any astrological insights as to the affect on his path to power, purgatory, the pit or Palookaville? Thank you.

    • Great question Charlotte,
      I keep saying I am going to ask also.
      Possibly, a breakdown of the planet’s dominance over the location would be especially helpful.
      Marjorie, am sure this would be a popular one.
      Much respect

    • Interesting question, especially with relocation charts. My current abode is only about 30 miles from my birthplace so (other than for fine tuning) I wouldn’t really expect a relocation chart to be vastly different. However, my eldest brother lives 10,000 miles from his birthplace – could be a load of factors involved.

  19. Hi Marjorie,

    Would you mind taking a look at Nicaragua’s dictator Daniel Ortega? He’s been making the news lately. According to Vatican News, Ortega recently declared the Jesuit Order to be “illegal” and in addition to banning them, he’s begun the process of confiscating their properties. It gets worse.

    Various news sources for the past few months have been reporting that Daniel Ortega transforming Nicaragua more into an “isolationist state” by limiting freedom of the press and arresting a number of journalists who he’s deemed to be too subversive.

    The New York Times reported that Daniel Ortega has also begun the process of confiscating the homes of political prisoners and is revoking Nicaraguan citizenship of the “enemies.”

    The Havana Times reported that, last week, Nicaraguan women political prisoners even began staging a hunger strike at the “La Esperanza” women’s prison in protest of the deplorable and inhumane treatment they’ve received. The article went on to describe the conditions these women are living in – they are being held in isolation without access to sunlight and medical attention.

    Another article from The Havana Times reported that 2 Nicaraguan women political prisoners, Anielka Garcia and Olesia Muñoz, have been condemned to 8 to 10 years in prison for promulgating “fake news” about the Ortega Administration.

    I’m also learning that Daniel Ortega’s own stepdaughter, Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo (who is now in her early 50s) has been an outspoken critic of him and his government – she even accused Daniel Ortega of sexually abusing her as a child. Zoilamérica currently lives in exile in neighboring Costa Rica where she has devoted her life to feminist, humanitarian, and human rights activism.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had any astrological insights or thoughts you could share about the very distressing situation that is unfolding in Nicaragua. Are there any signs that Daniel Ortega (given his age) and his hold over society will come to an end in the near future? After all, Nicaragua is now being described as the most oppressive state here in the Americas. I worry about the nation’s future.

    I will say that I am in awe of the activism that Nicaraguan women women have been devoting themselves to – they have been the country’s leading voices in demanding change. They want a truly free and egalitarian society.

  20. Could you please comment on the meteoric rise of Stefanos Kasselakis into the Greek political limelight? Kasselakis has just been elected leader of the Greek left-wing opposition party after appearing from out of leftfield (pun intended) and running a short, three-week campaign based on Tik Tok and YouTube videos. He was practically unknown in Greece before September, and his past is anything but traditionally left-wing: he used to be a Goldman Sachs golden boy in the US. Kasselakis, who is openly gay, became popular overnight, in great part thanks to his movie-star good looks. He was born March 29, 1988, in Athens, Greece. I have seen his time of birth stated as 10 in the morning but it could be incorrect.

  21. Hi Marjorie – thanks for your interesting writings. I thoroughly enjoy them. While you have mentioned in the past that you don’t have Michelle Obama’s birth time, could you please take a look to see if there’s a possibility that she’ll throw her hat in the ring next year in lieu of Mr Biden? She has said in the past that no way would she run but there’s definitely hope that she would. Thanks.

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