Nicaragua – left-wing ideals turned corrupt

Nicaragua under its strongman ruler Daniel Ortega is being slated for cracking down on opposition leaders, universities and now the Jesuits, seizing their assets. UN rights panel warns Nicaragua is being ‘stripped’ of critical voices.

 Ortega, 11 November 1945 2.30am La Libertad, Nicaragua, a leader of Nicaragua’s left-wing Sandinista revolution in 1979, was credited with first bringing down a dictator, and then the US-sponsored rebels, who tried to block his move into legitimate power. Four decades later, he is the longest-serving leader in the Americas. But his critics, who include many former allies, say he has become a corrupt and authoritarian ruler, turning his back on his revolutionary ideals and coming to resemble the dictator he deposed. In recent appearances he has looked frail, and his speeches have been increasingly erratic.

  He has a mega-controlling Scorpio Sun square Pluto with a can-be-cruel Saturn Mars conjunction in Cancer opposition a Capricorn Moon square Venus. Plus Venus Jupiter in his 1st – a charmer on the surface with an exceptionally dark side. Tr Pluto has been conjunct his Moon and opposition his Saturn Mars in the past three years with the pressure not letting up till late 2024. So he may well be under immense physical and psychological pressure.

 His initial presidency chart, 10 January 2007, has a brutal and ruthless Mars Pluto conjunction and a Capricorn Sun inconjunct Saturn – so it was never going to be an enlightened administration. Tr Neptune is undermining the Mars Pluto for a whiff of failure this year and next with jolts and jangles from tr Uranus square the Saturn this year into early 2024 as well. Plus SA Saturn square the Jupiter denting enthusiasm. But there’s also a pushily-confident SA Jupiter conjunct Pluto this year as well. There is nothing too terminal in this chart for another five years.  Though Ortega’s relationship chart with Nicaragua hints at growing unease and tensions, peaking in 2025/26 when frustrations and rage will increasingly spill over.

  Nicaragua, 11 October 1821, has a Libra Sun opposition Saturn Moon Jupiter in Aries – all of which are catching the Solar Eclipses in 2023/24 so there could be a change of direction sparked by a crisis or several. That plus the Solar Arc Neptune Uranus square Pluto colliding with the Nicaragua Saturn (Moon) in 2023/24/25 will make for a high-tension, confusing and stuck three years ahead.

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  1. Comparable to Robert Mugabe helping to overthrow Ian Smith’s regime in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and becoming as bad if not worse than the governments they replaced. Very, very sad for the people of Nicaragua and Zimbabwe!!!

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