Armenia – defeat evokes bitter memories

Azerbaijan having launched a military offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh triggered a humanitarian catastrophe as Armenian refugees pour out of the region and has made its allegiance with Russia a priority. The US and EU are rapidly revising their view of Azerbaijan, a resource-rich country, which had been seen as a reliable security partner and vital transport hub.

  Russia blamed Armenia for flirting with the west and thereby being to blame for the loss of Nagorno-Karabakh.

  Astrology charts are useless for these two countries since they were liberated more or less at the same time in 1918 and again in 1991.

  It has raised fears in Armenia of a rerun of the genocide of 1915 which has left them understandably hyper-sensitive. The mass murder of around one million Armenians during death marches to the Syrian Desert and the forced Islamization of others, primarily women and children, was driven by a wish in the Ottoman Empire to systematically destroy the Armenian people and identity during World War I.

  That started on 24 April 1915 when the war-mongering, destructive Saturn Pluto conjunction was almost exact and squared Venus. There is nothing similar at the moment.   Chiron was conjunct Jupiter exacerbating the wound rather than presenting good news.  The February 1915 Solar Eclipse was in the same Saros Series as this recent one so there will be some similar vibes. But nothing like a destructive as the 1915 Saturn Pluto.

  The two country charts show much the same panicky failure and tough slog ahead so Azerbaijan will not be brandishing the victor’s crown without paying a price.

4 thoughts on “Armenia – defeat evokes bitter memories

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of mass hysteria from right-wing media around this issue. Right-wing news commentators and publications have been promulgating Islamophobia and the erroneous narrative of another “Armenian Genocide.”

    Azerbaijan is not engaging in “ethnic cleansing” and they’re not forcing the ethnic Armenian population to evacuate from Karabakh. Azerbaijan simply wanted to end the illegal separatist movement (which was backed by the Russian Federation – the same country that is backing the pseudo / de-facto states of Transnistria, Luhansk, Donetsk, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Crimea). After all, the “Republic of Artsakh” was not recognized by the international community. nThe 93,000 ethnic Armenians who’ve already evacuated from Karabakh, have left voluntarily.

    Reuters recently reported that Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Elin Suleymanov has stated that the Azeri government is not encouraging a mass exodus from Karabakh and that the ethnic Armenians who already live there are welcome to stay. Elin Suleymanov went on to say that ethnic Armenians who wish to stay in Karabakh will be granted Azerbaijani citizenship and they will be guaranteed the same liberties and rights as ethnic Azeris, Avars, Tats, Talysh, Lezgins, Udis, Ossetians, and the country’s many other ethnic groups.

    Azerbaijan has proven to be a secular nation that is tolerant of ethnic and religious minorities. For example, two ethno-religious groups: the “Mountain Jews” (part of the Mizrahim) and the “Molokans” (a Slavic ethno-religious group closely related to Russians and Ukrainians who live a lifestyle very similar to the Amish) have been living in Azerbaijan for centuries and they have their own villages, representatives, and everything. In fact, Azerbaijan is home to the world’s last remaining “Shtetl” (Jewish town) in Europe – it’s called Qırmızı Qəsəbə.

    All in all, I do believe reconciliation is possible between ethnic Armenians and ethnic Azeris – as long as they turn towards Europe and the West and make sure the Russian Federation stays out of their affairs.

  2. Poor Armenia – they seem stuck between a rock and a hard place. It also sounds like Russia is making it pay for seeking American help, whether intentionally, by neglect or because it is no longer able to assist anyone with its own resources & attention all in Ukraine. I hope the US will find a way to thread the needle between Armenia & Armenia’s enemies Azerbaijan and Turkey so as to keep the former from devastation & genocide – this will require the highest skills in diplomacy & foreign relations

  3. It was just reported by the Los Angeles Times that the “Republic of Artsakh” (the official name given to the Russian-backed de-facto state Armenian nationalists created in Karabakh) will officially cease to exist in January 2024.

    To date, more than 50,000 ethnic Armenians have already evacuated and left for Armenia. I do hope the Armenians who do wish to leave are able to evacuate safely and I hope that the Armenians who choose to stay will graciously accept Azerbaijani citizenship and learn to live among the ethnic Azeri people.

    I know the Armenians have antiquity in Karabakah. However, that didn’t give them the right to force the entire ethnic Azeri population out of the region between 1988 and 1994 and then form an ethnic-based separatist state (one that only the Russian Federation and Armenia recognized). The international community has always recognized Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan since the republic’s independence in 1991.

    It’s sad that Armenian civilians are now having to pay the price for the terrible decisions their own government over the past 30 years. Armenia became too cozy with nations like Iran and the Russian Federation (two countries with fanatical dictators and awful human rights track records) and they’re only now realizing their mistake.

    I think hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan could be resolved if they had a better mediator. Both nations should turn towards the European Union (like Georgia is starting to do) and NATO and tell the Russian Federation to take a hike.

  4. Thank you for your analysis. I hope nothing bad as a genocide will happen again. It will be interesting to know if Turkey will ever pay their karma for what they did to Armenians in 1915.

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