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  1. Another older actor passed away – David McCallum. Formerly co-starred on Man from UNCLE.

    B: 19 sept 1933, in Maryhill, Glasgow
    D: 25 Sept 2023.

  2. Hi Marjorie, if it appeals to you, I would love to see a reading of Nadiya Hussain, the TV presenter who rose to fame after winning Bake Off in 2015. My latest copy of the Radio Times describes her as “radiating joy, wholesomeness and energy.” Would be good to know if those lovely characteristics appear in her birth chart.

    Wikipedia says she was born on 25th December, 1984, in Luton (no birth time though, sorry).

  3. NASA’s space capsule, Osiris Rex, is due back on earth this weekend. It has a precious sample of dust from asteroid Bennu on board. It’s all about our origins, and what happened at our planetary ‘birth’.

    “When we get the 250g (9oz) of asteroid Bennu back on Earth, we’ll be looking at material that existed before our planet, maybe even some grains that existed before our Solar System,” says Prof Dante Lauretta, the principal investigator on the mission.’ BBC News website, 22 September

    Osiris was the ancient Egyptian god of death and rebirth. The Bennu bird is a phoenix-like deity, associated with the creation of the world, the sun god Ra, and Osiris. So it’s pleasing to see that NASA’s natal Jupiter is 4 Scorpio, conjunct Neptune, 3 Scorpio. There’s the October Lunar Eclipse opposing this from Taurus – Sun/Moon, Earth/Water symbolisim. And today there’s asteroid Osiris right on that NASA Jupiter/Neptune at 4 Scorpio. Amidst all the current chaos and mayhem, this somehow gives me hope.

  4. The torch of the Murdoch dynasty has been handed to Lachlan. What changes-or not-does this indicate for Fox given that Lachlan is a close friend of Tucker Carlson?

  5. On a lighter note, watching the news I saw Camilla in France wearing this gorgeous pink cape dress. And I thought to myself, I want it!

    My next thought was that, Oh God I’m turning into Mamie Eisenhower who was famous for decorating the private presidential apartment in that hue. Which in turn drove Jackie Kennedy into not only redecorating that apartment but the whole White House.

    My concern is that for most of my life I have loathed the colour pink. I sneered at women who not only dressed themselves from head-to-toe in pink, but also their daughters. So why do I find myself in the past few years have this craving for pink tulips which is bad enough but I even have a pair of sunglasses with pink lenses. Is it karma for having sneered at those women or can astrology influence our tastes?

  6. Marjorie,

    thank you for your response regarding the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. I did have one more request if that’s ok.

    HuffPost is reporting that the 2 far-right Arizona Republicans and Trump loyalists Kari Lake and Blake Masters will be announcing their bid for the 2024 U.S. Senate race. Blake ran for the U.S. Senate last year and lost to Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly. Lake ran for governor last year and lost to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs.

    I know you’ve probably been inundated with questions regarding U.S. elections…so, I’ve been trying to avoid this topic altogether.

    However, the only reason why I’m asking about the Arizona U.S. Senate is because this is expected to be the most unsual and the post unpredictable Senate next year.

    Senator Kyrsten Sinema (who was elected as a Democrat) surprised everyone when she changed her party affiliation to “Independent” at the end of last year. Now, the Arizona Democratic Party seems poised to nominate Ruben Gallego.

    As for the Republicans, it’s expected to be a circus primary given that both Kari Lake and Blake Masters, two hardline candidates who both claim to be perfect clones of Donald Trump, are expected to tear each other apart in order to get the nomination.

    Meanwhile, Kyrsten Sinema refuses to say whether or not she will seek reelection next year….so, it’s assumed she’s going to stay in the race and the general election could come down to 3 way race between an Independent incumbent, a Democrat, and a Republican.

    I was just wondering if you had any astrological insights or observations regarding Arizona’s U.S. Senate. Does the astrology suggest that Sinema (who will unlikely win reelection) will act as a spoiler?

    • @ Chris, I read some poll or another several months ago that implied that if Simema runs for re-election she will take more votes away from the Republican candidate ( more than likely Lake) than the Democratic candidate (more than likely Gallego).

    • All of that is far too complicated for a non-American – Sinema looks surprisingly upbeat now and through 2024/25 – with a few muddles along the way but in better shape than most.

  7. Rishi Sunak’s speech today U-turning on Net-zero commitments filled me with dismay. The Conservative party is divided and argumentative, the markets tetchy. What are the repercussions likely to be?

  8. Hi, Marjorie, I must ask you about the Canada-India mess and whether it will shake up politics in Canada? Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has accused India of having an agent assassinate a Sikh separatist leader operating out of Canada to create an independent state called Khalistan — which India denies. Indian prime minister Modi has earlier accused the Trudeau government’s Indian relations being influenced by “domestic politics”. The background is that Trudeau and other Canadian politicians have indeed for years pandered to the disproportionately powerful Sikh/Indo-Canadian “voting block” (now numbering as many as seven million out of 40 million Canadians) with promises of “generous” immigration policies which greatly favour Indian immigrants. A lot of Canadians, myself included, think that this is unjust and socially divisive favouritism. When Trudeau came to power in 2015, I was shocked by his overt racism when he bragged, “I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than the prime minister of India has in his!” This meant four Sikh cabinet ministers out of 30 from a then-population of 550,000 of 37 million. (At the time, I worried that this might encourage attacks on highly visible orthodox Sikh men but I guess even the worst kind of bigot understood that Trudeau was solely to blame for this favouritism.) Trudeau also boasted, “My cabinet looks like Canada!” although it didn’t include a single Black Liberal MP (out of more than one million Black citizens) or a single East Asian Liberal MP (out of over three million East Asian-Canadian citizens). Almost as bad as this snubbing of citizens along colour lines was that no pundit, politician, editor or even religious leader denounced this cruel racism because Trudeau was then the newly elected Golden Boy. I wanted to write a letter of protest to a newspaper but knew it wouldn’t be published because it would have embarrassed that publication to be confronted with its complicit silence. Much later, the leader of Canada’s third political party, the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh, decided to prop up the now-minority Trudeau government until 2025. Singh is an orthodox Sikh who is sympathetic to Khalistani separatists. (Please note: I voted strategically for Singh’s party in the last election against Justin Trudeau. I will not do so now under his leadership.) Currently, the popularity of Trudeau and his government is abysmal. The latest poll — taken before the India-Canada clash — saw Trudeau’s government trailing the Opposition Conservatives by 12 points with 56% of Canadians feeling that Trudeau should step down.

  9. Hello Marjorie, I was told Solar Flares seem to be making humanity behave in extremes as of late amplifying either positive or negative.

    My entire past weekend was very rough which I thought was very odd, and I wondered if the astrology that past weekend had something to do with it + the solar flares.

  10. Marjorie,

    Would you take a look at what’s going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan? Apparently, Azerbaijan started a full-scale military operation today in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh territory (a region that the international community recognizes as being part of Azerbaijan, but has been under Armenia’s control since since the early 1990s after the first war ended).

    Armenian bloggers are claiming that Azeri forces are shelling residential areas of Stepanakert (Nagorno-Karabakh’s de facto capital) today.

    This could escalate into another major land war for the Eurasia / Caucasus region because of all the recent geopolitical alliances and agreements made. Türkiye and Israel are now supplying supplying state-of-the-art weaponry and full support to Azerbaijan while Armenia is being backed by the Russian Federation, Iran, Greece, India, and now the United States.

    Astrologically speaking, do things appear to be headed for another catastrophic Caucasus war?

    I read that Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has already stated that he believes the Nagorno-Karabakh territory should be rightfully given back to Azerbaijan and he’s also become frustrated with his country’s dependency on the Russian Federation. Pashinyan has been pushing Armenia closer to working with the European Union. conducted military exercises with the U.S. and even provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine for the first time. So, these are definite signs that Armenia is regretting its ties to Russia.

    • It is problematic finding charts which work for these countries – since they were all set free around 1918 to start with and then again in 1991. What I would say is the former Soviet countries will be in for a bumpy ride from 2025 onwards for a few years with a turbulent Uranus square Uranus on many of them – and the Uranus Neptune on others being rattled by tr Saturn in Aries.

  11. Hello Marjorie! I’ve just come back from a trip to Vienna where I came across the story of Sisi – Empress Elizabeth. There were some interesting similarities to Diana – married very young, grew to hate the restrictions of courtly life, much more liberal in her attitudes than her husband, withdrew into an obsessive regime of dieting/exercise/beauty , adored by the people and finally coming to an untimely, violent end. I wondered if there were any astrological similarities. Thank you!

  12. Marjorie, Can we look at the USA again? The media is not doing its job. So much of how we managed all these years were gentleman agreements – and now this rule breaker has put it to rubble. I am afraid we are going to have a government shut down due to idiots and hard liners. China, Russia and North Korea are all watching. It runs out at the end of the month. We are vulnerable. Our credit rating has come down because of Republican brinkmanship. Sane Mitt Romney is leaving. Trumps father was a front for the Genovese family in NYC, and Trump has a mind set. There are good people here in the USA, and there are crazy people. 45% of the electorate is independent – affiliated with Neither party. Do you think the USA is going to break apart? If it does what would that look like? What part of the country would be safe? I am a middle of the roader, and even I am worried. I am not sure what to do. I am not sure of the timing of all this. I am dealing with a serious life threatening illness, so the stakes are real for me. I am trying to figure out what to do if we do break apart. If the blue states stop sending the RedStates money – the Redstates would be in a lot of trouble. How would trade work? How would national defense work? I am just trying to figure out where to go.

    • Marjorie, there is a very well known astrologer who is predicting massive financial turbulence starting with the USA in October. Any chance we can get a second opinion from you? This person has predicted similar catastrophes before which have not come to pass.
      I’m out of my depth here but apparently it has to do with an eclipse in Taurus which falls in a T-square with the nodal axis of America’s natal chart (4th July 1776, 1710 hours, Philadelphia).
      The nodal axis apparently falls across the 2nd & 8th houses, hence, economic and financial troubles.

      • The US Fed Reserve chart is certainly under extreme pressure in 2024/25 and the October 2024 Eclipse looks financially very sticky located to Washington DC. The USA Node is a sensitive point being in Leo = pride. Whether a Lunar Eclipse this fall will be what starts the dominoes tumbling I have no idea.

      • Marjorie has consistently predicted global financial issues across the US, UK and the EU in 2024-25. See many of her past posts. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is the US leading the way.

        Apart from the US’s Pluto Return, it is also the US Dollar’s Pluto return. Who knows, it may be the end of that currency as the world’s reserve currency.

      • @ Curious,

        We are expecting a government shutdown soon…so, I imagine it has something to do with that.

        As for the US Dollar being used as a reserve currency, that is not as catastrophic as some are implying.

        I’m actually going back to university to study international relations…so, I’ve been keeping up with the reserve currency debate. Most experts are in agreement that it’s unlikely the USD will be replaced anytime soon. It’s simply wishful thinking on the part of the BRICS+ alliance and bitter nations in the Global South.

  13. Thank you Nicole, you are a very kind and thoughtful lady. And I love the photo of you and your cat! Sadly you are right about the rapist not being brought to justice. I just never wanted my family to know. And I blamed myself for my stupidity. By now the man is probably dead. I do not know if there were other victims.

  14. I appreciate your viewpoint Marjorie, And I am glad that the press has been instrumental in seeing justice done in the cases that you have mentioned, But my view is that if you let a braying mob decide guilt or innocence without at least hearing the other side, then justice has not been served.

    I say this as a woman who was raped as a child. It took me many years to realise that not all men were rapists. So I don’t even consider that I am the do-gooder that believes blindly in the goodness of others, I do not know if Russell Brand is a rapist or not,. But trial by the media is not a good thing. Nobody should be judge jury and executioner. But I expect to be in the minority here.

    • I agree, Linda. Trial by the media is not good. Many have suffered grave injustices as a result. But in other cases the media have revealed unreported crimes — which should be tried in a court of law and the perpetrators brought to justice.

      I hope your rapist was brought to justice, but I suspect not.

      • Let me add that responsible media require careful sourcing for reporting of crimes such as this and enormous vetting by attorneys to avoid violating libel laws. Where you find often undocumented allegations and irresponsible reporting is in tabloid-type pubs and on unaccountable social media.

  15. Sigh. Why does the reporting of sex crimes always end up enveloped in a cloud of toxic gas with allegations and denials (bystanders as well as perpetrators) in a stand-off.
    The media is hardly perfect but consider:
    ‘The Jeffrey Epstein Case Was Cold, Until a Miami Herald Reporter Got Accusers to Talk.’ https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/business/media/miami-herald-epstein.html
    The earlier sweetheart deal circa 2006 which got Epstein six months in a holiday camp open prison with day release would have been the end of it had it not been the relentless investigation by Julie K. Brown, of The Miami Herald. When he was eventually arrested in 2019 for a second time a federal prosecutor said his team had been “assisted by some excellent investigative journalism.”
    Jimmy Savile’s crimes might never have been exposed (after his death) had it not been for BBC tv journalists uphill battle against their own bosses to drag it all out into the open – eventually on a rival channel.
    The Cliff Richard debacle was the result of the Crime Prosecution Service and Police giving credence to unfounded allegations which led to the BBC being sued and the police heavily criticised. The police having ignored the problem of child sexual abuse (or been actively complicit in some cases), after the Savile scandal flipped the other way and blundered around egregiously.
    The media has a crucial role in the face of a craven prosecution service, under-resourced and none-too-intelligent police force and stonewalling establishment – to shine a bright enough spotlight on crimes that would otherwise be swept under the carpet.
    The Canadian Ghomeishi trial – read wiki for a full run down.
    Do mistakes get made? Sure, though less so nowadays given the tight UK libel laws.
    Ban ‘trial by media’? So you’re happy it all gets left to fester out of sight?
    I remember after the Welsh Care Home Inquiry (child abuse) was published, Paxman on Newsnight was interviewing the chairman and directing his usual sneer tactics at the supposed victims – what about lying for compensation etc etc? The response was that false allegations do occur but they are a small minority – the vast problem is that the bulk of those abuse/assaulted never speak up or are disbelieved.
    I spent most of the 1990s in a child abuse campaign battling against two groups. One were the perpetrators and their immediate supporters and a nasty bunch some of them were. The second even more impossible obstacle was the great congealed mass of ‘nice’ people who really did not want to know and hostilely so and would grab for any excuse – false allegations, professional blunders – to reassure themselves that nasty things did not happen and they could go on chewing the cud in their clean little meadow. The first bunch were scary, the second bunch deeply depressing.

    • Brand was fully aware of the ongoing investigation by the journalists for past 4 years.

      Is it a Wonder why he switched his narrative to ‘anti-establishment’ in the last 4 years to create a cult that would scream witch hunt when his past deeds catch up?

  16. Roderick, while I can understand your frustration, justice should be more about a fair trial, rather than allowing the press and social media to be judge, jury and executioner. And while every alleged rape and alleged assault victim in this is allowed to be anonymous, they are also allowed to waive their anonymity. So far none has.

    My personal view is that this is becoming a witch hunt. If you were accused of such crimes, wouldn’t you want to face your accusers? Wouldn’t you want a fair trial? Or would you prefer to be tried by a judgemental predisposed pack of wolves who aren’t interested in the truth? It is better to be innocent until proven guilty, than to be assumed guilty and lynched by a mob.

    As for Marjorie’s assumption that the press would never do this unless they had proof, one only has to look at the way the BBC behaved towards Cliff Richard to know that is not true. At one time they would print their accusations without naming names. That time has passed.

    And lastly, if you were ever accused of rape wouldn’t you be desperate for somebody to at least think you might be telling the truth?
    There was a case some years ago that concerned a young man whose life was nearly ruined. Because his university didn’t believe him, the police didn’t believe him and the press didn’t either.

    It was only proven when her mobile phone was subpoenaed and there were texts of her bragging about how she stitched him up. She and her friends thought it was really funny. Guilt has to be proven, not assumed just because you don’t like that person. That is what justice is all about!

  17. Marjorie can you have a look again at the astrology of the Post Office’s Horizon scandal now that victims have been awarded £600,000 compensation each? It seems a paltry sum considering the years of agony that the accused postmasters and their families went through. Some were jailed, others took their own lives, many were shunned in their communities. The scandal has been called ‘the most widespread miscarriage of justice in UK history”. Thanks.

  18. Marjorie, we have seen Russel Brand’s chart, now may we see some of his accusers in the interest of Astrological fairness. This is not meant to be provocative, it would be fascinating to see the interaction from an Astrological perspective. The man has been rightly or wrongly vilified. His wife is pregnant and must be suffering. We have had the Court of Media, now the justice of Astrological interaction, which gives planetary form.

    • Helen, You trip over yourself backwards to be understanding about addicts and have frankly zero understanding of either the media or rape allegations. He has not been ‘vilified’ – the papers/TV spent as I understand four years dredging this up and believe me they really do not wish to be sued – they wouldn’t put it forward if there was not proof.
      And I am sorry I do not see a moral equivalence between a predatory jerk like Brand and those who suffered in his presence. Clearly you do – fairness is not a word that springs readily to mind in this swamp.

      • I will never ever understand women who defend men who are accused of SA/rape and blame the victims
        I guess that is why women will always be second class citizens..not due to men but because women will never stick together or allow men to stand on their own while men understand that their power comes from being a cohesive group right or wrong.

  19. Hello Marjorie, I wonder if you would look at Coco Chanel’s chart given that her life was not only extraordinary in itself, but spanned world shattering events. She and her work have left a lasting legacy so integral to women’s lives that we hardly notice it. She seemed to pick up the essentials of changing needs at just the point that mattered, not too soon or late.
    It would be interesting to know what elements in her natal chart enabled her not only to do it, but to sustain and continue.

    • Did you see the recent documentary, Coco Chanel Unbuttoned? Fascinating. She also appears to have been a member of the French Resistance, documents have just emerged apparently. She was very interested in astrology, and her symbolic Leo lion was represented everywhere in her life, and on her tombstone.

      • Yes I did, it was very good, and made me wonder if analysing her chart would show why she had the life she led and how she achieved so much. Clearly she was a bit of a bulldozer, but charasmatic with it!
        Btw always read and learn a lot from your posts. Thank you.

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