Hugh Jackman & Deborra – surprise split

Australia’s showbusiness power-couple Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness have announced a surprise separation in their 27 year marriage after years of proclaiming eternal bliss. They met in 1995 on the set of the Australian TV series Corelli, with Deb, already an established actress, and Hugh, then an actor fresh out of drama school and married less than a year later. They have two adopted children.

 He was born 12 October 1968 and she 30 November 1955, both in Australia neither with birth times.

  He is an amiable though downbeat and hard-working Libra Sun opposition Saturn in Aries, while she is a confident, upbeat and independent-minded Sun Sagittarius trine square Jupiter with an ultra-determined Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto.

  Various matters of Astro-interest. Both have a pushily confident Jupiter Pluto conjunction which then reappears in their relationship chart – classic for a power couple. Togetherness they exude self-assurance and success.  Both have a Gemini Moon and both have Jupiter in Virgo – so have certain similar traits and will understand where the other is coming from.

  Less helpful is her Saturn conjunct his dreamy Venus Neptune conjunction in Scorpio – she will bring him down to earth and will be the stronger of the pair. Her Mars Neptune is conjunct his Mercury so there will be at times an argumentative mood.

  Like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell their relationship chart has a ‘finger of destiny’ yod in their case from a  composite Sun Neptune sextile Jupiter Pluto inconjunct Saturn.  Sun Neptune does suggest a relationship designed for a creative business but can suggest lack of commitment at some level, wanting perfection and feeling the reality doesn’t match up.  Jupiter Pluto works well while there is togetherness, less well when they start to follow individual agendas. The yod would make their relationship feel ‘meant’ though would involve hard work and take maturity for it to hold together.

  She has tr Pluto square her Mars in Scorpio this year and next as well as tr Saturn square her Sun, Mercury and opposition her Jupiter so not entirely contented. He’s been through tough times recently with tr Pluto and Uranus rattling up his Sun opposition Saturn – with several surgeries for skin cancer. His North Node in Aries which is being triggered by the Solar Eclipses through into 2025 hints that independence and even a time in isolation is what he needs for spiritual development.

4 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman & Deborra – surprise split

  1. Guess they grew apart, youngest now 18 so they (Hugh?) can move on with less guilt.
    Their vibe seemed out of step when I watched their tik tok video this summer.
    Must feel challenging edging towards 70 and newly single, but money and connections would cushion that. I wish them both well.

  2. A nice post. It is sad when couples break up. Yet the way they handled their announcement and separation, was from a mature stance. Not an uncoupling or vexatious joust, just a couple moving on and recognising what they have given each other. Which in a way, makes it even more sad. Or perhaps it is because my Jupiter conjuncts their composite Moon I feel for this way about them.

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