Russell Brand – from comedy to conspiracy

Russell Brand, the anti-establishment comedian and hugely successful alt-right podcaster with a troubled past has been accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse. All of which he firmly denies and is being supported by Andrew Tate and Elon Musk.

  He was born 4 June 1975 12.01 am Basildon, England, with his parents separating when he was six and his mother becoming seriously ill with cancer when he was eight. In his teens he struggled with bulimia and started taking drugs. He has been open about his fraught relationship with his father whom he claims took him to visit a prostitute during a trip to Thailand. His autobiography My Booky Wook, details his drug abuse, promiscuity and sex addiction. His comedy career moved from the fringes to mainstream until he disgraced himself leaving lewd messages for Andrew Sachs which got him suspended from the BBC.

  He featured on a Royal Variety Show, later moved to Hollywood and is now an online influencer, wellness guru and conspiracy theorist, with six million subscribers. He shares Covid-19 misinformation, anti-vaccine talking points and pro-Russian conspiracies in relation to Ukraine.

  What is intriguing is he was born on the same day as Angelina Jolie, who had a similarly turbulent childhood with drug issues.

  Like her, Brand has a Gemini Sun with an Aries Moon conjunct Mars and opposition Pluto – which suggests an underground reservoir of volcanic anger. His Sun is trine an 8th house Pluto and opposition a 10th house shapeshifting Neptune, making him mega-ambitious and giving him the potential to exert unseen influence. His Saturn in the hard-working 6th is square his Jupiter, with his Jupiter conjunct Mars – so he’s a curious mix of exuberantly confident and downbeat. He’ll be very up and down in mood, swinging from highs to lows. His Venus in Cancer square Uranus which will make his feelings changeable. 

  At the moment tr Pluto is exactly square his Uranus and opposition his Solar Arc Sun for a hugely disruptive event. And tr Pluto is also exactly conjunct his Capricorn Ascendant hinting at Pluto’s destructive powers being brought to bear on his image. His Progressed Moon is also exactly conjunct his SA Midheaven and both are exactly opposition his Saturn for a discouraging setback of considerable proportions. [12.07 am looks remarkably spot on for a birth time.]

  The recent April Solar Eclipse at 30 Aries was opposition his Uranus and the two 2024 Solar Eclipses will rattle his Jupiter and Mars – the October 2024 one being the most aggravating.

   As ever caution is advised in commenting since the allegations have not gone to court or produced a conviction.  Though I can’t imagine the papers would go to town the way they have without rock solid evidence.

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  1. Yes, the entertainment industry, which has swallowed journalism to use for commercial and political self promotion, has weaponized the unveiling of entrenched sexual predations for its own(ers’) benefit.
    Yes, government’s persistent neglect of social issues and un(der)-addressed corruptions have driven people to seek alternative outlets for their frustrations, including self-serving despots and wanton attention seekers.
    At the same time, those issues cannot and should not be used to negate the veracity of victims’ accusations or as blockades to victims’ attempts of seeking justice.
    To use the corruption of the news media and the government as yet more excuses to restrict victims’ access to justice is simply another attempt to aide predators’ escape from taking responsibility for their wrongdoings, thereby adding to the very corruptions people who trot out these ridiculous and false cause-and-effect relationships claim to decry.
    If they truly cared about addressing corruption, then support legislation and those fighting to decouple news and entertainment, money and politics and for the widening of victims’ path to thorough investigations of the predations they report. For those who truly believe in innocent until proven guilty, including myself, try damn hard to apply that concept equally to the accusers, as well as the accused. (I know that requires us to fight the frailties of our human imperfections that cause us to have such a difficult time of holding two opposing convepts in our heads. At the same time, given the pervasiveness of sexual predations and minuscule conviction rate, achieving that balance can translate to saving someone you truly care about from falling prey, not only to being assaulted, but being tortured for daring to pursue justice in the aftermath.)

  2. Sigh. Why does the reporting of sex crimes always end up enveloped in a cloud of toxic gas with allegations and denials (bystanders as well as perpetrators) in a stand-off.
    The media is hardly perfect but consider:
    ‘The Jeffrey Epstein Case Was Cold, Until a Miami Herald Reporter Got Accusers to Talk.’
    The earlier sweetheart deal circa 2006 which got Epstein six months in a holiday camp open prison with day release would have been the end of it had it not been the relentless investigation by Julie K. Brown, of The Miami Herald. When he was eventually arrested in 2019 for a second time a federal prosecutor said his team had been “assisted by some excellent investigative journalism.”
    Jimmy Savile’s crimes might never have been exposed (after his death) had it not been for BBC tv journalists uphill battle against their own bosses to drag it all out into the open – eventually on a rival channel.
    The Cliff Richard debacle was the result of the Crime Prosecution Service and Police giving credence to unfounded allegations which led to the BBC being sued and the police heavily criticised. The police having ignored the problem of child sexual abuse (or been actively complicit in some cases), after the Savile scandal flipped the other way and blundered around egregiously.
    The media has a crucial role in the face of a craven prosecution service, under-resourced and none-too-intelligent police force and stonewalling establishment – to shine a bright enough spotlight on crimes that would otherwise be swept under the carpet.
    The Canadian Ghomeishi trial – read wiki for a full run down.
    Do mistakes get made? Sure, though less so nowadays given the tight UK libel laws.
    Ban ‘trial by media’? So you’re happy it all gets left to fester out of sight?
    I remember after the Welsh Care Home Inquiry (child abuse) was published, Paxman on Newsnight was interviewing the chairman and directing his usual sneer tactics at the supposed victims – what about lying for compensation etc etc? The response was that false allegations do occur but they are a small minority – the vast problem is that the bulk of those abuse/assaulted never speak up or are disbelieved.
    I spent most of the 1990s in a child abuse campaign battling against two groups. One were the perpetrators and their immediate supporters and a nasty bunch some of them were. The second even more impossible obstacle was the great congealed mass of ‘nice’ people who really did not want to know and hostilely so and would grab for any excuse – false allegations, professional blunders – to reassure themselves that nasty things did not happen and they could go on chewing the cud in their clean little meadow. The first bunch were scary, the second bunch deeply depressing.

    • Thank you Marjorie – and very well said. Perhaps, particularly when sexual issues are involved, it can be very difficult to accept what a victim says, and face the darkness in human nature?

      “By not being aware of having a shadow, you declare a part of your personality to be non-existent. Then it enters the kingdom of the non-existent, which swells up and takes on enormous proportions…If you get rid of qualities you don’t like by denying them, you become more and more unaware of what you are, you declare yourself more and more non-existent, and your devils will grow fatter and fatter.” Carl Jung

  3. The Ghomeshi case in Canada might be worth a comparison.

    The Canadian media spoke out so vociferously and relentlessly against him, I was certain they had it right.

    During the course of the trial, widespread collusion between the anonymous accusers was revealed. One prominent claimant, who later abandoned her anonymity, was revealed by her own torrents of email to be; at best a spurned lover, at worst an unhinged stalker.

    The case collapsed dramatically.

    Christie Blatchford’s court reporting was both startling and revealing.

    I am well an truly cured of “trial by media”.

    • Ah, the one case that can negate all the cases where accusations were proven to be true.
      With that logic, if you read about a brown person commiting a crime, do you also infer that all brown people are criminals or that the tiny percentage of scientists who deny climate change must translate to mass illusion of a climate crisis, which was a major contributing factor to more than 11,000 people’s death (but hey, they’re Africans, and your logic would dictate that they were criminals, so good riddance in your mind)?

      • Brown people, climate change, crisis, death, Africans, criminality?

        Ease up on the sweets. Fluctuations in blood-sugar can be tricky.

        A bowl of plain oatmeal can often be a comfort.

        “The strongest support for women against men who are accused of sexual assault is due process. Let’s grant him due process! Not trial by social media.”

        Ayaan Hirsi Ali

        • Lol. How “cute” you are with your condescension and your deflecting tactics.
          By god, did you honestly think a quote from a brown woman who’s actually fought for women’s rights can deflect from the epic logical fail in your first comment? What’s the matter, my satirical retort about your outlandish extrapolations causing other bigoted beliefs hit a little too close to home?
          Health advice now for someone who didn’t ask for it, and for which you’re likely unqualified to give.
          Clearly you have no respect for boundaries, neither that of others nor the limits of your own abilities–definitely consistent to the logic fail in your original comment.
          If you don’t like someone poking holes in your flimsy arguments, perhaps take more time to think through them before you commit the remedial victim-attack 101 comments on an online platform where most in the room have clearly followed and learned from all the insults and injuries victims who have dared to come forward have publicly and privately endured.
          Out of personal curiosity, I’d really like to see the dog-earred predator-defense manual from which, those who’ve been deflecting from the good work of years-long investigative journalism, are clearly copying to paste in this forum.
          Do you think anyone here who’s worked in the press or closely observed the industry haven’t notice the concerted efforts to defund outlets who were or are still doing these deep-dive investigations that the legal systems have failed to pursue?
          By all means, fight for due process, I’m right there with you. Of course, your “conviction” is less convincing when you disappear as the victims are robbed of their due process, then join the throngs trying to shut the door on victims’ attempt to address this robbery by spotlighting the glaring pitfalls in the judicial system via the fourth estate.

          • An astrological comparison between the Ghomeshi case and any potential trial for Brand might indeed be enlightening.

            Both have been surrounded by a febrile response from the media and public.

            How it devolved to racial criminality, climate change and so much more, is for you to examine.

  4. Rape convictions are so low it has practically been decriminalised. Even where victims report it relatively few make it to court and the court experience is brutal which puts many off. Remember Frances Andrade who committed suicide a few days after having been accused by the barrister (only doing their job!) of outright lying.
    What is forgotten or not understood in complaining about trial by media is that the media lawyers are extremely careful nowadays about proof since the bosses are rightly wary of being sued. They don’t just chuck out sensational stories to stir up attention.
    Harvey Weinstein would never have been tried in court, convicted and imprisoned had Ronan Farrow’s New York Times piece not outed him first of all.
    The Independent in the UK years ago ran a front page headline series on child abuse in Welsh Care Homes – which got them sued but also triggered the subsequent government inquiry.
    Ex-police chief who won £375,000 libel damages after being accused of involvement with paedophiles was later jailed for 12 years for abusing teenage boys. Witness Mark Humphreys, 30, committed suicide two months after giving evidence against Anglesea in the libel trial, saying he couldn’t get over ‘not being believed’.

    • Rape convictions are low because the legal definition of rape was significantly widened in the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Consequently rape charges have increased but are more difficult to prove now. Without evidence of force, bruising etc, there is likely to be reasonable doubt, therefore no conviction. Convincing evidence and the presumption of ‘innocent until proved guilty’ is key to our Common Law in the UK and we should all be grateful for that.

      The chart for the start of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 -> 20th November 2003, 9 am, London <- is well worth looking at for it's repercussions on both men and women.

  5. Congratulations to HughFowler for his thoughtful and well considered
    piece . Whatever Brands sins in the past are a separate issue from his “ conspiracy theories “. He did by his own admission lead a very reprehensible life but he has had the courage to try to change that. I am not a particular fan but one has to credit him for trying

    His current questioning of some of the prevailing “ facts “ make him
    a target for MSM and a general witch hunt. Great astrology site.

    • Quite sure he knew his behaviour was reprehensible at the time… but didn’t care enough to change.
      Afterall, Brand’s been using the word ‘karma’ for decades-(since presenting Big Brothers Big Mouth).
      Did observing cancel culture in recent years lead him to conspiricy theories

  6. Brand needs to face to consequences for any criminality, no question.

    I wonder why the case of Tory MP Andrew Rosindell suspended for alleged rape and serious sexual assault is not more newsworthy? Or, does anyone really believe that Prince Andrew only had sexual relations with one underage girl, during his long friendship with a convicted paedophile? Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison, where are the investigations and charges against the powerful men she and Epstein procured underage girls for? Where are Dispatches on that?

    Im not spouting whataboutery, but there does seem to be one rule for media types and one for Establishment figures. Another manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn?

  7. Interesting that Russell Brand has a Mystic Rectangle involving Pluto, Neptune, his Sun, Mars (Moon) and Jupiter. As I understand it, a mystic rectangle indicates an increased likelihood of a personally positive outcome coming out of what can be very difficult oppositions.

    As Pluto conjuncts his Ascendant right now, it is also square his Chiron and sextile his Moon, which suggests, ultimately, transformation and emotional healing.

  8. I remember when he first appeared in the early noughties and there was something about him him which I just couldn’t stand, would literally switch channels whenever he was on the TV. He may be honest about his addictions etc but at the same time he’s a complete fraud. Actually not surprised that he’s now a wellness guru for alt right conspiracy theorists with his past now catching up with him. I feel the same way about Angelina Jolie too. Never trusted her transformation from brother kissing nightmare to child collecting ‘humanitarian saint’.

  9. Interesting comment piece in Times points to Brand’s anti-establishment rantings attracting a gullible audience, as being the key.
    “You are either with Russell Brand or you are against him.
    In Brand’s alternate universe there is nothing wrong with him, or any of his followers. Scepticism becomes a means of generating blind allegiance. No form of authority, other than Brand’s, is acceptable.”
    “He really does exemplify the problems of our culture.”
    “Russell Brand is the same man he was nine years ago. Then his cheerleaders were Owen Jones, Vivienne Westwood and Jemima Khan. Today they are Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk and Laurence Fox. The market for nonsense solutions to non-existent problems has always existed. Credulity is a fact of human life. The difference from 2014 is how large that market has become, and just how many people are prepared to lose themselves in it.”
    Whatever malignant wave brought Trump to prominence lives on.

    • That Times opinion piece does rather suggest that the paper thinks the problem with Brand is his scepticism and his anti-establishment posturing rather than his alleged sex offences. In the process they appear to be confirming the very points which some of Brand’s defenders have suggested about the motivation for the Sunday Times article and the Channel 4 Dispatches program. In particular that his true crimes are his opinions expressed online not his other behaviour. The Times also misses the point that there are a lot of people who don’t like Brand or are simply indifferent to him that think the proper place for dealing with the criminal allegations against him are through due legal process in court not trial by media whether it be mainstream or social in form. One might also wonder whether some of the problems Brand rants about are as “non existent” as claimed. If everything in the garden was rosey in the western world the likes of Brand, Trump etc would find fewer followers. As has been mentioned before these people are symptoms of an existing underlying political, social, economic and moral malaise as much as its cause. This is why no sooner has one been silenced others simply pop up to replace them. Maybe things would be different if the establishment in its various forms actually addressed some of the issues which have afflicted peoples lives in the past couple of decades rather than ignoring or exacerbating them. Ultimately those in positions of power only have themselves to blame for the crisis of trust in their authority since 911. It is their own behaviour which has done so much to undermine the publics confidence in their pronouncements and allowed charlatans like Brand and his ilk to flourish.

    • Russell Brand’s ‘cheerleaders’ are highlighted by tr Saturn square his natal Nodes and MC in Sagittarius. I think that might bring in an element of the past, and past associates as well. In October, Black Moon Lilith enters 0 Virgo, with Saturn 0 Pisces, both pushing on those natal Nodes, and RB’s own life path, or purpose. Those who support him, or who have supported him in the past, will be much in evidence I suspect.

      The Pluto square Mars in Libra of October creates a t-square with natal Venus, and could be tough for his relationships, or at the very least very intense.

      As you quote from the Times, he is ‘the same man he was nine years ago’. I’d be tempted to take that even further back, as I’ve suggested elsewhere on here. Here he is in 2007:

      “The need to find out what will happen if I don’t relent or moderate my actions has been a constant source of difficulty and discomfort in my life.” ‘My Booky Wook’, published 15 November, 2007

      And at the end of his book, he describes an overheard conversation while waiting for a rail replacement bus:

      “Eventually the bus appeared, on the distant horizon, and one of the women, with the relief and disbelief that often accompanies the arrival of public transport said, ‘Oh look, the bus is coming.’ The other woman – a wise woman, seemingly aware that her words and attitude were potent and poetic enough to form the final sentence in a stranger’s book – paused, then said, ‘The bus was always coming.”

  10. Those pouchy faced, elderly, remnants of BBC ‘light entertainment’ in the 1970s, didn’t seem to garner much public sympathy when they were accused of sex abuse – decades after the fact – thus opening the way for litigation and the confiscation of their estates and subsequent redistribution of the same to their accusers.

    But Russell Brand is garnering public sympathy, and a large part of it from young women.
    Basically it’s all down to ‘lookism’. Russell Brand is undoubtedly good looking and with sex appeal. The pouchy faced 70s TV personalities were/are not.

  11. The Sunday Time founded on 18 February 1821 has its natal Saturn at 10 Aries exactly conjunct Brands Mars and opposing his Pluto. It is posing some sort of reckoning, test or limitation on Brand’s energy, motivation and ability to start new projects. Channel 4 launched on 2 November 1982 has Mars in early Capricorn square Brands Moon indicating emotional conflicts and upsets. Its Pluto is conjunct Brand’s Uranus in Libra and is being activated by a Pluto square transit. Brands natal Mars is within orb of fixed star Algenib which is of the nature of Mars/Mercury. It is associated with “ notoriety, dishonour, violence, and misfortune”. Those with the placement can be brought down by headstrong conduct. Brands Neptune is within orb of Antares which can indicate both success and sudden loss.

    • That’s very interesting Hugh. You prompted me to look at The Times itself, founded as The Daily Universal Register on 1st January 1785. It’s natal Mars is 10 Sagittarius, sextile Pluto 10 Aquarius. Mars is conjunct RB’s natal Neptune, and Antares as you write. Sagittarius ruling the natural 9th house of publishing may be relevant. The deceptive actions of a Mars-Neptune combination, plus the ‘glamour’ of celebrity are there. I’m using ‘glamour’ more in the old sense of a bewitchment, or spell!

      And more Pluto in Capricorn arrives via The Times’ natal Mercury, 27 Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, 24 Capricorn. This serious, cautious combination sits on RB’s natal ascendant and suggests the need for realistic thinking, probably on both sides. I’m not sure what to make of the connection with the US natal chart, which has Pluto 27 Capricorn, Mercury 24 Cancer. At least one of the women contributing her story to the Ch 4 documentary was talking about what happened to her in America. RB’s natal Venus in Cancer square Uranus in Libra are also challenged. The ‘unusual’, erratic approach to women, plus potentially eccentric or innovative ways of generating income, are challenged by Pluto’s presence, and The Times’ own Saturn/Mercury persistence.

  12. I’m remember warning someone who also had Pluto opposing Moon in his chart that if he’s not careful, he might end up hurting women.
    He immediately went into “self-defense” mode.
    Since RB’s is an approaching opposition (along with the Mars conjunction), his misogyny (and aggression toward women) would increase, it seems, as he ages.
    As the moon will then leave Mars to conjunct Jupiter, I wonder if that means the women would then seek legal recourse, as at least two of the three accusers have done.
    The Mars conjunct Jupiter squaring Saturn in the 6th can be indicators of both his sex addiction and abusive work-place behavior.
    The Neptune in Sagittarius 10th house opposing sun in Gemini 4th house could mean that whole he projects an truthful image (or that of someone fighting for justice) to the public, he’s two-faced at home (or his place of residence, where the victims said the abuses took place).
    (Interestingly, Chis Evans has the same opposition, but in his first and 7th houses, respectively.)
    Have you noticed a marker for Narcissism, Marjorie? I seem to recall you mentioning Pluto squaring Jupiter as overly confident, but RB doesn’t have that.

  13. You can add his Cardinal 17′ Saturn square the Uranus-Pluto midpoint and MC to the mix.
    Chiron is moving in (retrograde) at 18 Aries – opening up unhealed injuries adding to his innate hatred.

  14. Very interesting to read the last paragraph. I am not a fan of Brand, yet normally accusers go to the police, not a Saturday Night TV programme to state their opinions and accusations. They can make the effort to go in front of a camera, yet not to a police station or a solicitor?

      • And the victim in LA went to a rape crisis centre and had evidence taken.

        From the BBC:

        One woman alleges that Brand raped her against a wall in his Los Angeles home. She was treated at a rape crisis centre on the same day. The Times says it has seen medical records to support this.

        A second woman alleges that Brand assaulted her when he was in his early 30s and she was 16 and still at school. She alleges he referred to her as “the child” during an emotionally abusive and controlling relationship.

        A third woman claims that Brand sexually assaulted her while she worked with him in Los Angeles, and that he threatened to take legal action if she told anyone else about her allegation.

        The fourth woman alleged being sexually assaulted by Brand and him being physically and emotionally abusive towards her.

      • I think you have missed my point. I dislike this method of going on TV and accusing people. Many of us have suffered sexual attacks, yet many do not go on TV. In fact, I think it undermines the severity of it. As it was on air at 9 pm on a Saturday night. Normally entertainment night. It may be sensational TV. Yet people who have been badly treated and sexually abused, normally struggle with what happened. They may well use the argument it helps people. Does it really, as one could argue that the media trivialise a very important crime against women. Adverts in between – really? Were well qualified people involved who handle tragic and painful circumstances? Trial by Media takes away a very important part of our underpinning values of Law and Order. Once lost, it could go forever. Brand has not been in a Legal Court, yet the Media Court has tried him! Who will be next?

        • While at first glance, your argument seems to support taking women’s accusations of sexual assaults and predations seriously, your underlying motive continues to prove itself to be undermining the veracity of these accusations by (deliberately?) conflating the accusers’ lack of recourse for their violations with the entertainment-media conglomerates taking advantage of this very same problem to turn a buck from tragedies.
          If you truly cared about sexual predations being taken seriously and justice for victims and the accuse alike, then decry the corrupt judicial system and contribute to a better one by demanding that the government leaves no stone unturned until those who commit these predations accountable.
          Yes, the entertainment industry, which has swallowed journalism to use for commercial and political self promotion, has weaponized the unveiling of entrenched sexual predations for its own(ers’) benefit. At the same time, that in itself offers no evidence of the veracity of victims’ accusations.
          To use the corruption of the news media as yet another excuse to restrict victims’ access to justice is simply another attempt to aide predators’ escape for taking on responsibility for their wrongdoing.

    • Victims are often too traumatised to come forward. Sometimes it takes years to process what has happened to you. The conviction rate for rape in the UK means that victims will likely fail to get justice. The court process can take years, leaving victims feeling at threat from their attacker. The victim is then made to relive the attack, not to mention undergo intense cross questioning. As with Savile, sometimes journalists are the only way victims can get justice.

      • I should add that all of the above plus going up against a powerful media name who can also afford the best lawyers (and Brand is highly litigious) makes it even less likely a victim will obtain justice.

    • The story is 4 years work of investigative journalism. Sunday Times journalists have produced a thorough and commendable article which leaves no ground for defamation by Brand.

      One of his victims tried to challenge Brand but was threatened by his lawyers in a very aggressive email. It’s not easy for an ordinary person to report against a rich, powerful, influential celebrity who has the fiercest lawyers at his disposal. Also who used his abuses to joke and make money out of it. Brand was protected by the system or the higher ups for too long, despite everyone knowing what he was up to. He was their ‘hero’. This all can be very intimidating for his victims.

      This particular case highlights how investigative journalism can be highly effective and how important it is in addition to law enforcement agencies. I think Sunday Times journalists should be applauded for their work.

    • Helen – if you watch the documentary, you’ll see that some of the women are represented by actors and are still afraid to ‘go public’ completely. Others may come forward now. Transits and eclipses to his natal chart suggest a pattern, as I said, and it has yet to fully play out.

      Going to the police can be a very traumatic experience in itself, and is most certainly not always the answer. The people who employed him knew, to a greater or lesser extent, that there were significant problems with his behaviour. However, they continued to give him work, money, and publicity. He, himself, has been open about his mental health, drug abuse, and sex addictions. I am not arguing his case – when someone tells you who they are, believe them. I am trying to step back, see the bigger picture, and suggest that sometimes ordinary people are damaged by the system that has prevailed for a very long time because the ‘talent’ is always protected. As we know, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

      • I completely understand your post. Addicts do not function the same way. RB has been very open about his addictions. My argument is about the Court of Media. All participants were victims in my view. To treat someone who has taken all manner of mood altering drugs as normal; is wrong, as an addict is not normal. Most people will not see this, as addiction has never really been covered in an extensive and exhaustive way. Drugs alter brain patterns. I am not sticking up for RB, I am just pointing out that people who have used many A Class drugs have been affected. Alcoholics can get wet brains. Damage is done. What Chanel 4 and The Times did was treat RB as a normal functioning person – addicts are not.

      • Jane, I remember when Brand and Ross played that grossly unfunny prank on Andrew Sachs when they were at the BBC. I was listening to BBC radio 5 at the time, the presenter was Richard Bacon, no stranger to the Columbian Marching powder himself (I wonder how much coke use goes on behind the scenes even now – it’s a drug which notoriously turns users into jerks) and his general gist was that those of us who didn’t think the prank was hilarious were most likely to be sad old prudes who weren’t hip and young. Richard Bacon then provided a litany of popular voices from to back up his implication that Brand was just indulging his youthful high jinx (Brand was 35 at the time, so hardly young). It’s this kind of enabling and rewarding of vile conduct that is really appalling and those people behind the scenes who facilitated his behaviour need to be held accountable.

        • Yes, VF, I remember that horrible episode too. It was so cruel.
          And re cocaine – it is simply everywhere these days. Reports over the past few years reveal very high use in the UK, notably amongst professionals. Who knows what it is mixed with, and what it might be doing to society?

          • I hate cocaine with a vengeance, Jane. Never used and never will. I’ve seen how it turns people you thought were reasonable into preening, entitled twits. I’d like to see every gram of it banished from our world forever.

  15. I don’t mind Russell. I met him once, he was electric.

    I figured this would go the same way as Noel Clarke, Kevin Spacey and the young Man U footballer. Then I came on here and read that Pluto is supposedly conjunct his Cap Asc right now in transit.

    Not good. Either way everything changes for him. Opposition Venus might help.

  16. “The recent April Solar Eclipse at 30 Aries was opposition his Uranus and the two 2024 Solar Eclipses will rattle his Jupiter and Mars – the October 2024 one being the most aggravating.”

    Thanks Marjorie. Russell Brand has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and ADHD. He is very open about this, and spoke about some of his addictions and mental health struggles in his successful 2004 show at the Edinburgh Festival.

    “I hit rock bottom in 2003 with an addiction to heroin, which had cost me a job at MTV, a radio show, friends and girlfriends.” Over the course of his addiction, Brand’s abuse saw him arrested 12 times. (Oprah, 2014)

    Astrologically, it’s curious to see that in April 2004 there was a Solar Eclipse at 29 Aries, opposition Brand’s natal Uranus. This was the year of his Saturn Return. Tr Uranus in Pisces began that year by squaring his Nodes, as “karmic” Saturn is doing now. By April 2005, he said that he was in a sex addiction clinic in the US.

    “I was on the brink of becoming sufficiently well known for my carnal overindulgences – with lapdancers and prostitutes, to say nothing of all the women who didn’t sell sex for a living – to cause me professional difficulties.” Guardian, November 2007

    October, 2005 had the Solar Eclipse at 10 Libra, as does October 2024. Chiron had just entered Capricorn that autumn, so squared natal Uranus, and assuming correct birth time, was on his ascendant – echoing the path Pluto has taken recently, and the Pluto/Aries/Libra Nodes formation of this summer. Chiron in Aries now has been transiting his Aries planets, and is currently close to his Jupiter square Saturn.

    Patterns are echoing and repeating all over the place it seems. But times have changed (slightly), and those who turned a blind eye in the past may also be asked “difficult” questions now. The current allegations span 2006-2014. By then, little of what’s being discussed today was in any way a secret. That’s what I find the most disturbing aspect of this story.

    • This is what made me write my comment above. Addiction to Heroin does not go away overnight. In fact addiction is a struggle for those who have had a drug problem all their lives. The problem with TV programmes is they don’t tackle the underlying cause. I am not commenting on the women, I will comment on addiction, as I know people who have struggled with it all their lives. Brand has admitted he is an addict. Those accusing him, would have been better going through the proper channels. His behaviour was seen as great programme making and entertainment before he went too far. Like a journalist wrote today, Racism, and transgender is seen and judged as real problems. Somehow drugs, sex addiction and struggling with a personality problem, is either seen as great entertainment or terrible behaviour. Double standards by TV companies in my view.

      • Again, Helen, your comment makes you seem like you haven’t bothered to read the article.
        While RB’s addiction-related struggles make him relatable to all who’ve struggled with consistent hardships throughout their lives, they do not absolve him of the crimes and transgressions he’s committed.
        Moreover, even if the victims went straight to reporters instead of pursuing the judicial route (as some of them have done–again, read the article), that is absolutely within their prerogative, especially considering that they had beed robbed of their right to chose when he assaulted them.

        • Drugs are mood altering substances. They remove inhibitions, they give extortionary highs and lows. They make people feel invincible. The brain becomes distorted. Alcohol and drugs, especially drugs as the work far quicker, can become an addition for some people, so much so, they do nothing without them. I can’t comment on a drugs user, yet I can say that anyone who has lived with or knows an addict, will tell you, just because they have stopped, that the addict is still not functioning properly. It can take years, depending on the Class of drug used. I didn’t watch it. That is not to say I don’t understand it, as I do. Many of us in life have experiences. We know from suffering. All I am pointing out, is that the programme was a Media Court. Drugs are acceptable in many realms of life and seen as a normality, in fact they are far from a normality; they are dangerous and ruin many a family’s life.

          • Helen,
            1st, let’s not conflate RB’s drug addiction and its long-term effects with the need for him to be held accountable for his victimization of the women in his lives.
            2nd, let’s not throw every debatable issue onto the already very well fortified defense for predators (especially those who are rich and famous) to once again escape their responsibility for their wrongdoing.
            3. let’s not speak in the same breath your own victimhood and the nit-picking of other women’s choices for pursuing justice, an already extremely narrow path that you seem gleeful to block by any means necessary.

  17. Russell was on air at the BBC with Matt many years ago and they talked about Russell’s birth time — I wrote it down as 12:07 am because I’m an astrology geek and you never know when you’ll need a birth time. Just for what it’s worth. It was long ago but I thought Russell’s mum confirmed it. Definitely those first few minutes after midnight.

  18. Pluto moving to Aquarius doing it’s thing – bringing down rich, powerful, untouchable men for their past misdeeds.

    Pluto moving to Capricorn in 2008 brought Russell Brand bullying Andrew Sachs and his poor family back then. Karma coming back.

    • It is interesting that there has been an entire raft of individuals exposed over the last few months, starting with Schofield and Huw Edwards.

      More importantly in terms of power, Danny Masterson has also been found guilty recently of drugging and raping women, and the tin-eared (to victims) video in support of this convicted rapist by Ashton Kushter and Mila Kunis which has irreparably damaged their acting careers. Not to mention the damage done to the reputation of the church of Scientology which enabled Masterson and gaslit his victims. All very anaretic Pluto in Capricorn – I always associate mountaintops with the sign of the goat, and when you fall from such a height, you fall hard.

  19. He never hid his nastiness and contempt. And he’s been promoted and petted from one controversy through another over his entire career. This is yet another man whose bad deeds seem to be coated in Teflon and positively enabled by others further up the chain of power. Because why oh why would a production company put a 16 year old female in a position as a runner for a known 31 year old rogue?

  20. With Andrew Tate and Elon Musk behind him he is not really off to a good start. I don’t understand what people see in him, nowadays I find him really creepy, a snake oil salesman. I think he is/was a great comedic actor but since he cast himself as some kind of spiritual guru I really cannot stand to listen to his ramblings. Seems some chickens may be coming home. Accountability after all is a cornerstone of spiritual maturity.

    • To me it’s quite clear that he doesn’t actually believe the stuff he spouts. I wonder if he knew that one day his accusers would come forward. Fact is, he was enabled, like Savile.

  21. Is Pluto more potent (I don’t know the correct astrological term. Perhaps “dignified”?) in the eighth House, even if it is not Scorpio?

    • With millions of followers on twitter and YT, you are right; they were only going to come after him. I don’t necessarily agree that he’s a conspiracy theorist either. Perhaps the powers that be do not like people pointing out what’s going on re covid or corruption especially to millions of people, and free speech is definitely under threat.

    • He has fame, money,public profile, connections & these all place him in a position of power compared with these women. They are speaking out bravely, despite that. These women and their stories are important and should be heard.

      How do you think he got away for that long? Because he was the big wig.

  22. Hi Marjorie,
    Russell Brand’s mum had uterine cancer followed by breast cancer when he was 8, but she didn’t die. He went to live with relatives during that time.
    She also had a car accident at the age of 71 in 2018, suffered life threatening injuriees and was not expected to live but made a remarkable recovery.

  23. Both jolie and brand have physical beauty. Is physical beauty shown in a chart? I always think Virgo is refined beauty, Scorpio a kind of sexual magnetic beauty, and Libra a soft prettiness. Pisces can also lend a dreamy ethereal beauty.

      • I’m not seeing it either and never have. Flamboyance is also something life has taught me to be wary of, since it’s almost always a mask. And as someone with a Virgo Venus, call me picky but cleanliness and looking clean in a man is important to me.

    • If I remember correctly, Angelina Josie’s Venus conjunct her ascendant (in his case, descendant). Venus on the ascendant gives beauty for sure, but quite frankly, I am not sure about his…

    • I know four Virgo women and I think only one is a beauty. All four are earthy, though. I think Taureans, hands down, are the most beautiful—Sun or Rising. Michelle Pfeiffer and Andie McDowell spring to mind. Personally, think that earth signs age the most gracefully and tend to not look their ages. But, I’ve heard that Saturn has some influence??

    • Agree, although I don’t find Brand attractive. But he has even, symmetrical features which constitute the basis of being good looking. He has an angular Venus. Venus in Cancer can confer good looks – think Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Keanu Reeves etc. I think the Oxford Astrologer picked up on this and has written an article on it. Venus in Virgo, Scorpio and Aries (detriment & fall) shows up in the charts of ‘good looking’ people with surprising frequency even though Venus is in detriment or fall. It is a bit like Mars in Cancer (fall) shows up in the charts of successful sportspeople – Federer and others.

      • You are right that Russell’s features are symmetrical and some may consider him attractive. . .
        I have always been interested in the relationship between astrology and beauty and here are my completely subjective observations: Mars or Venus in Libra people are the prettiest. Many models have Mars in Libra placement. Mars in Sagittarius or Gemini people are usually tall, athletic and look much younger than everyone else. Mars in Virgo gives a lean body, darker features, but not so much beauty. Venus in Taurus people are also very pretty. Mars in Cancer or Pisces people do not age well in my opinion. Venus in Leo gives good hair, although they have very flamboyant way of dressing up. Capricorns have the best bone structure. Aquarius is very difficult to fit into any norm, as they all look very different.

        • Such an interesting subject, thank you for sharing your observations. I had a mother who was a great beauty with Jupiter conjunct her Libra ascendant, Venus in Cap for the bone structure. Many commented on how much she looked like Greta Garbo. If you look at Garbo’s chart she has Jupiter conjunct her Gemini ascendant. It seems Jupiter gives many gifts, but can also denote a blowhard — LOL.

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