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  1. “That recently, “many credible witnesses, often military aviators, have reported seeing objects they did not recognize over US airspace”.” BBC Website, 14th September

    NASA have just released their report into UFO’s. I’m obviously over-excited and curious to learn what they have to say! I have to be elsewhere this afternoon, so throwing this out there now. The NASA first day chart, 1 October, 1958, is in line for the two October eclipses. It has Jupiter at 4 Scorpio, and the Nodes 22 Libra. There are other transits, but I don’t know what the Solar Arc might show.

    • Just to add – the eclipses of 1958, the year NASA was founded, were:
      Solar, 29 Aries, April, 19 Libra, October
      Lunar: 13 Scorpio, May, 4 Taurus, October.

      It’s interesting to see how this year’s eclipses mirror those. NASA’s potentially secretive Scorpio astrology has Ascendant, 1 Scorpio; Jupiter 4 Scorpio, Neptune 3 Scorpio. The MC is 6 Leo, square those. They remain cautious in what they are saying in public, but I feel as if this could be a turning point of some kind this year, ahead of the coming Pluto in Aquarius transit. There have been other opportunities, and numerous thought-provoking sightings on film in other years.

      2004’s eclipses also resonate with this year’s eclipses.

      “In a 2004 case that was caught on video, two US Navy fighter pilots filmed a round object hovering above the water about 100 miles(160 km) into the Pacific Ocean.” BBC website

  2. Marjorie,

    Can you take a look at what occurred in the case of the Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho’s (14 January 1975, Madrid, Spain) son Daniel Sancho (11 June 1994, Madrid, Spain) and the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta Arriaga (13 March 1979, Lorica, Colombia)?

    I think The Daily Mail wrote about it.

    Thank you.

  3. Marjorie,

    On the topic of Pluto Returns, the US, France and the UK, in that order, will all be experiencing their Pluto returns in a 25 year period from 2023 to 2048.

    We have covered the US’s Pluto Return to death and probably beyond (fitting, given Pluto’s realm) on this site. But I’d like to ask you to look at the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland and possible Irish reunification in the late 2040s.

    It will be the UK’s first Pluto Return as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and (Northern) Ireland. And if, as you had said once, that what rises on one Pluto return falls or dissolves on the next Pluto Return, I wonder if that union (the source of the official name of the Tories as the “Conservative and Unionist” Party) will be coming to an end in that time-period.

    As an aside, if history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes, I would predict that the 2050s and 60s would be when the EU will reach their zenith and then crumble, mirroring the union of European states under Napoleon and its eventual downfall one Pluto cycle ago. It would be hilarious if it is brought down by Moscow at one end and the English at the other.

    • What’s interesting to me is that the 1801 UK chart is more or less the Pluto Return of the 1066 chart. I haven’t gone into this in depth, but 1066 had a Pluto Return in 1553 or thereabouts – start of Queen Mary, Mary Tudor’s reign, and the first Queen to rule England and Ireland in her own right. Certainly some difficult religious themes associated with her reign. Then James 1st had natal Pluto in Pisces (18) so perhaps carried that theme on? Witch hunts etc during his reign….Queen Victoria had natal Pluto in Pisces too. Playing with ideas here!

      • Thank you for that observation, Jane. I hadn’t noticed that.

        The Pluto Return for the 1066 chart would be 2058, so yes, it would be very close to the Pluto Return of the UK as a whole.

        It is interesting to observe that all the Pluto Returns at that point seem to suggest war with either France or with some part of France (1066 -Norman invasion of England, 1300s – Hundred Year War, 1550s – Loss of Calais, 1810s – Napoleonic Wars). Who knows what this Pluto Return will bring?

        Coincidentally, the Pluto Returns also saw long reigning English monarchs. Edward III (50 years reign in the 1300s), George III (60 year reign from 1760 to 1820). Perhaps William or Prince George may have an equally long or longer reign.

      • Thank you, Marjorie.

        I did remember that article. But it looks at the chart for England.

        I wondered if it would be worth looking at the charts of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the late 2040s, when the UK is experiencing its first Pluto Return. Is that when we will see reunification? And how will it work for Ireland as a whole?

  4. 10,000 people are missing in the aftermath of the storms, terrible flooding, and dams bursting, in Libya.(BBC website). And this on top of their inner turbulence and many years of chaos seems beyond devastating. Looking at 24th December, 1951 chart I can see watery Neptune at 21 Libra, Moon 29 Libra, and Pluto 21 Leo square Venus 18 Scorpio. A number of tense transit triggers, including the approaching eclipse in October, 21 Libra, SS 7 South.
    Brady writes:
    “The immense power, anger, and force of the Mars square Pluto is channeled into this family of eclipses via the trine….on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly.” The trine she refers to is Pluto trining the eclipse of 22 June, 1248, which began this series.

    I’m wondering about this eclipse, partly because Neptune will be triggered in numerous charts for individuals and nations born with Neptune in Libra in the early 1950’s, and also because Neptune was in Libra in 1789 and is at 20 Libra for the revolutionary National Assembly (17 June 1789) in France. Tr Uranus at 22 Taurus is quincunx this Libran eclipse too. Might be worth noting that UK 1707 has Neptune 22 Aries, trine Pluto and Jupiter in Leo, with the Sun at 20 Taurus. The 1801 Moon, the public, is 19 Cancer so may also be affected.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    would you also mind taking a look at the upcoming election in Slovakia? I reading that far-right, pro-Russia conspiracy theorist Robert Fico and his party are slated with the election. Many are warning that he is a carbon copy of Hungary’s Viktor Orban and will cause further disruption in the European Union as well as in NATO and EU efforts to help Ukraine.

  6. 1. What about the 11th of September? Fifty years ago Pinochet took power in Chile. 9/11 US. Twenty years ago Swedish Secretary of State Anna Lindh was killed.
    2. Why is 9th and 11th of November so significant in German history?

  7. Francois-Henri Pinaut, one of the world’s richest men and current spouse of Salma Hayek, has recently bought a majority shareholding in the Creative Artists Agency, who represent her among other A listers who, with the Hollywood writers strike, have become increasingly reliant on hook ups with big brands to maintain their income and public exposure. With the takeover of this agency he further widens his business empire showing how the worlds of luxury, fashion, art and entertainment are becoming increasingly interwoven. I wonder how this move will play out and indeed what Salma’s part was in this acquisition. How does their relationship look? TIA Marjorie

  8. So, we’ve had a few examples this year of the effects of transiting Pluto squaring the natal Moon.

    Example 1: King Charles. He has his Moon at 0 Taurus 26. On Coronation Day (6th May 2023), transiting Pluto was at 0 Aquarius 22, making an exact square to his Moon. Transiting Jupiter was at 27 Aries 31, within 3 degrees of conjuncting his Moon.

    He’ll experience the square from tr Pluto again in early 2024, but without the helpful Jupiter transit.

    Joe Biden has Moon at 0 Taurus 59. He too experienced the above transits, and will catch the square to the Moon again in early 2024.

    Example 2: Boris Johnson. He has his Moon at 0 Scorpio 36. He resigned as MP in a strop on 9th June 2023, ending his political career. Transiting Pluto was at 0 Aquarius 2 square his Moon. He was also within 2 degrees of his Saturn return at the same time.

    Example 3: Sinead O’Connor. She had her Moon at 26 Libra 2. She died on 26th July 2023, when transiting Pluto was at 27 Capricorn 31, square her Moon.

    • I had tr Pluto squaring my Moon (and tr Saturn conjoining it) during 2011. This coincided with a serious illness and a generally unpleasant year all round.

  9. Former cricket player Andrew Flintoff has re-emerged this week after his car crash last December. He looks like a broken man, reports are that he struggled emotionally as well as physically. This unofficial role with the England team, seems like a good way to try and get back into life.
    Is he going to be okay?

  10. There appears to be a movement gaining speed and traction to use the 14th Amendment in the US Constitution to truly disqualify Trump.

    Some factions insist that “we can no longer listen to voices from the past about the present”. Yet the Constitution is supposed to guide America, does it not?


    “The 14th Amendment plan to disqualify Trump, explained”

    • I don’t get constitution literalism. It smells like fundamentalist Islam which has not changed its mind since the 7th century.
      Life evolves, moves on, change is inevitable if there isn’t to be stasis and stagnation.

  11. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would take a look into the latest scandal embroiling Elon Musk. Apparently, it’s recently been uncovered that Musk denied Ukraine’s request to activate the Starlink Satellite network in Crimea’s port city of Sevastopol last year when Ukrainian forces had planned to attack an invading Russian fleet.

    Elon Musk openly admits he refused Ukraine’s request and he’s offered a litany of weak excuses for it. Mykhailo Podolyak, a top adviser to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, offered a strong condemnation and criticism of Musk on Twitter (or “X”).

    To make matters even worse, Elon Musk is also receiving heavy criticism and questioning after a Pentagon official named Colin Kahl divulged that Musk openly admitted to him that he had spoken with Vladimir Putin personally sometime last year regarding SpaceX (the internet service provided to Ukraine’s Military).

    Ukrainians are furious and so are many Americans. Ukraine was paying for that Starlink service and Musk’s unethical actions have likely contributed to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had any astrological insights or thoughts regarding this matter. Are there any signs of a possible connection between Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin? What does the astrology suggest as a possible outcome in all of this?

    Anything you choose to share on this topic would be sincerely appreciated – this story has been making top news nationally.

  12. Hi Marjorie, at the risk of generating understandable political teeth gnashing/fatigue, are there any prospects to focus on in regards to a UK general election? Tory party, UK charts, Sunak chart, and others will, I assume, give some pointers? If you’re jaded with the whole business, no worries I understand.

    • I’d ask the same question in a different manner?

      Assuming that Keir Starmer forms the next government (unknown whether majority, minority or coalition), what do the next five years look for him? What about other members of his top team (Angela Rayner, Rachel Reeves, etc)?

      Also, how do their charts sit with the UK’s?

      As an aside, I was going to ask Marjorie for a chart of the Home Office, but then found it in the search results. Interestingly, the Home Office was created in 1782, which means that its Pluto Return is around 2030. Will we be seeing the end of the Home Office or its reorganisation into separate units? Perhaps, like Canada, a dedicated ministry for immigration and citizenship, hived off the Home Office?

      • Yes that works.

        Also the vast legacy of Covid corruption fraud and debt left by Tories. £13.9b just announced to be written off and not investigated, by Sunak. Will these grotesque crimes, undertaken with the evident connivance of government and when thousands died during the pandemic ever be properly examined and responsible parties jailed? It’s real banana republic stuff.

    • Hmm no way of pinning down when an election will be held – and the astrology much as it was in previous post 11 June 2023. I know everyone is desperate for certainty at the moment – but there isn’t much around. All of a mush.

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